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“IRS? Tea Party Intimidation? I Knew Nothing. Nothing.” — Obama

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2013

President Obama says that he only learned of the IRS’ persecution of Tea Party groups late last week.

For those of us who were big fans of the TV sitcom about a German POW camp, Hogan’s Heroes, this sounds strangely familiar. It sounds like Sergeant Schultz.

He says that the accusation, if true, is “outrageous.” The people who did it will be held accountable, he said.

You may remember Abu Ghraib. They got to the bottom of it in a hurry. They got to the top of the bottom of it. Several people went to prison, or at least the brig. The highest ranking ones were sergeants.

Then there is personal responsibility.

“As I have said many times since September 11, I take responsibility. Nobody is more committed to getting this right. I am determined to leave the State Department and our country safer, stronger, and more secure.

“Taking responsibility meant moving quickly in those first uncertain hours and days to respond to the immediate crisis and further protect our people and posts in high-threat areas across the region and the world. It meant launching an independent investigation to determine exactly what happened in Benghazi and to recommend steps for improvement. And it meant intensifying our efforts to combat terrorism and support emerging democracies in North Africa and beyond.” — Hillary Clinton, Jan. 23, 2012

So, I have no doubt — none whatsoever — that those who were responsible for this IRS intimidation — if there really was intimidation — will be held fully accountable. And when I say fully accountable, I mean fully . . . accountable.


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67 thoughts on ““IRS? Tea Party Intimidation? I Knew Nothing. Nothing.” — Obama

  1. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Of course Obama knows nothing about this it was a Bush tactic. Obama who ordered it knew nothing of it being done because he did not ask those who were doing it anything. I mean he told them to do it but not to tell him they were and how it was going. It is just like every other DIRTY trick pulled by his Admin he told them to do it but not to inform him of results. He used the same attitude in Libya. He gave weapons to the people who killed OUR men and attacked OUR who were planning the attack but he was not to be told when the attack was to take place. He was the one who did not want to make the people of Libya unhappy by sending the right people(Marines) over to protect OUR people. It was Obama who wanted to hire locals who he knew had ties to terrorists. It was Obama's policy to use nothing but LIES since he first took a public office. He had the press to help him and they have by getting him into office twice when he is not qualified to hold office at any level. He is guilty of all the things he blames on others and are harmful to this Nation. He needs to be thrown out along with his entire Admin and those who support his IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.

  2. Obama has to be the least informed political leader of the worlds greatest power. Unless it is something positive sheathed he had a helping hand into the positive occurrence. Then Obama rolls in it like a dog rolls in something dead or stinky to hide its own smell.Obama is starting to worry me though he actually believes we still believe what he says.Not!

  3. Randolph Rivers says:

    president obama is a Liar. It is time to wake up and put the bong down.

  4. rebecca doe says:

    Does anyone remember the Obama White House website and his encouragement to Americans to report the activities of friends, relatives and neighbors who might have "anti-American" ties? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, all you ostriches out there.

  5. King Solomon wrote, "If you say, "But we knew nothing about this," does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?" Proverbs 24:12

  6. If you listen to Obama during these news conferences regarding these scandals, he says the same words like a robot. We have to wait until we know all the details. What a crock. They knew immediately that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. As Commander-in-Chief, he had to give the order for the military to stand down. He went to bed that night and let those people die when help could have come. He got up the next morning and went to Las Vegas on a fund raising expedition. The only thing he cared about was being re-elected, and nothing was going to stand in his way, even four dead Americans.

    We all know that the IRS investigating the Tea Party and other freedom-loving organizations did not come from some low-level employees in Cincinnati. Can you imagine them sitting around and one of them saying: "Let's investigate the Tea Party." This had to come from the top, and Obama was afraid of the power of the Tea Party after the 2010 elections. Another notch in his belt regarding the 2012 election.

    Now, the only mistake they have made is going after the AP reporters. This group has always been friendly to Obama,and now the other groups may wonder if they are being investigated. This is an administration who feels they are outside the law, and is tramping on the rights of American citizens. Obama is sounding more and more like a dictator, and watch out for those groups who still want gun control. When they can take away the citizens guns, we have no way to defend ourselves.

  7. shorewater says:

    Obama has the rhetoric of non-involvement. But realize that he came from Chicago, and that is in his DNA. He has hired enough czars to do the dirty work for him and then swear he knew nothing. It is very convenient to profess ignorance and have your cronies do the dirty work for you. Clinton did the same thing. Surprisingly, Clinton had the IRS audit a grandmother in California, who spoke against him and she was no big deal financially. Just wanted the country to know that Clinton was a scoundrel. Get use to it. As long as there are democrats you will have tires slashed at election polls, cars keyed to scratch the paint off, thje black panthers at elction polls with baseball bats and election fraud and all kinds of other nefarious activities.

  8. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It's the leftist mantra: It's not my fault. That d*** Bush made me do it."

  9. Wolfman says:

    The Obama IRS hired more government section 8 workers for the purpose of checking your Taxes

  10. Steve_G says:

    Oblamer is the biggest lying, cooked individual I've ever seen and Hillary runs a very close 2nd. Clinton's list of dead people is longer then Oblamer's is……for now. I doubt that his list is near complete though with the truth of his criminal actions finally coming out and the MSM reporting on some of it. He's got the muslim brotherhood in the white house and the country ready to strike blows everywhere. Congress needs to bring criminal treason charges against him and all others involved in supporting terrorists and ignoring our constitution.

  11. Yet another blatant "LET'S BASH OBAMA BECAUSE WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE" article. Yawn. It's getting pretty old and tired…you know, just like you.

  12. cbanalyst says:

    I wonder what the Liberal's reaction would be if it was Reagan who ordered the IRS to spy on them? Oh, I forgot, it was Reagan that quietly cleaned up that Bureau. When he was young, they hounded & threatened him when he had done nothing. When he became President, the entire philosophy of the IRS took a 180 degree turn and became a kind, understanding agency. Now, apparently under Obama, they are again a bunch of rats.

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sounds alot like Reagan and Bush during the Iran Contra scandal!

  14. Bryon Carolina says:

    You're wrong,in Iran contra Reagan took the blame for that,didn't LIE to US and nobody died,this is worse than WaterGate and nobody died in that either.

  15. jwill555 says:

    This is bigger than Iran Contra. We are living in a time that can be compared to George Orwell's 1984. Big Brother is watching you (and listening to your phone calls and reading your email). The IRS can share your tax information with anyone it wants to, and it will soon be able to control your healthcare. Better wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late.

  16. How can WE THE PEOPLE get him out of OUR HOUSE and now?????? he is destroying this country. He will stop at nothing to do it. can a person file a lawsuit against a president [ not mine] ?????

  17. This behavior, that rebecca is talking about, is the very thing I was told about in the 50's . When I was growing up, to spy on your neighbor and to tell all you could about anybody was the Communist Way in RUSSIA! To be a good comrade of the people, you had to turn in somebody! I was told that that way of life would never happen here in the "Good O' USA". Well its here and the government is telling all of the blind, stupid and the ostriches that this is the right thing to do. To use the very technology ( that you are paying for ) to spy on your neighbor, who has done nothing wrong except maybe play his music too loud, That's right; for you to be "somebody" ( because your nothing unless you help the government ) you need to turn in your neighbor for doing nothing wrong!
    You bet that's the USA I want to live in! NOT!!!!

  18. rmekrnl says:

    I thought the same thing about Hogan's Heroes and Sargent Schultz just the other day when I listened to part of Obama's latest disclaimer (I just can't listen to him for very long anymore) as the most "brilliant" president ever, once again claiming not to know what the heck's going on in his own administration. He's not only a lame duck in his second term, he's becoming a laughable lame duck.

  19. This is all to protect clinton for the run in 2016. Now here's the kicker; Her running mate will be michelle O!
    If you Think about that for a minute you will come to the conclusion that as long as they (democrats) have control of the ballot box they will put in office who ever they want!
    One more reminder; the true patriots are awake, its the young that have their heads in the sand or should I say in their cell-phones! They're not paying attention to what's happening to their country because somebody on their cell phone told them it doesn't matter!
    but did you see that outfit Jenny was wearing last night?

  20. LOL. Speaking of ignorance and stupidity, do you ever bother rereading what you post?

  21. Obama pushes for full investigation of IRS "intimidation":

    I guess your theories are all pretty much dead in the water now. Have fun trying to spin that one.

  22. Awesome, does this mean you will start bothering to reread your posts Shane? If true that means I will be correcting less of your errors.

  23. Psychologically projecting again Shane?

  24. Yes Obama is getting right on it. Totally on top of it. Just like he has been on top of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp…just like he promised. Any day now…yup.

  25. He is the laughing stalk of the world We hate him here in america and all most every country hates him when he gets kicked out of office by we the people he better run and hide I think he will be the most hated man in america when they find out all the thinks he has done to us and all the people he has murder clinton is a murder to and she thinks she will lie and steal the electin in 2016 we must stop her from ever running for any goverment office again and we mus have a Investagation on her and Bill for the deaths of all they people they have had murderd There days are comeing to a end I think more people are going to wake up and It will be over for Hillery and Ovmit and the Demacrap libs

  26. PATRIOTMAN says:


  27. Don't listen to what he says, watch what he does. Which is, play golf. Nothing is his fault, he knows nothing. "Its just this war, and that SOB Johnson." If you don't know that reference, perhaps you shouldn't write comments. I am listening to Carney now spin wildly while the fed-up White House press asks why no one in the White House knows anything.

  28. livyrene says:

    If you are at the top, and it happened on your watch……

    (I was told that's how it works in the military.)


  30. Because we have nothing better to do???!!….really. We're not democrats blindly backing empty ideology like its cool and all our friends do it. We're patriots genuinely concerned about our country and the future of our children. Dont you have a soap opera to watch…or maybe spongebob.

  31. gadfly32 says:

    Obama has lied since he entered congress. He is not a "natural born citizen" therefore not eligible to be president. Obama lied, the democrat partylied, the news media lied/lies. . congress shoud impeach Obama, they won't neither the democrats or the republicans will fight for the constitution. both parties are getting what they want. MORE POWER, At the expence of the Americcan people. VOTE!

  32. gadfly32 says:

    God! How stupid can you get?

  33. Shane's two personal lows on this site were when he insisted I didn't prove Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone because I didn't post a link for it, and when he insisted that North was wrong(about a decline in gun violence) because Shane argued the equivalent that the glass was not, in fact, half-full, but, in fact half-empty.

  34. joe bob g. says:

    well, yeah. laughable.

    sadly, the laugh seems to be on the rest of us.

  35. joe bob gonzales says:

    Well, when your owners also own the media, its not really an issue, now is it?

  36. Virgil_Hilts says:

    OBAMA makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Nixon might have said "I accept all the responsibility but none of the blame. I have turned my resignation in five times….and five times I've turned it down."

    On the other hand is FUBAR-AK…who says, Clintonesque, "I won't rest until these perpetrators are brought to justice." Of course, he never includes HIMSELF as one of the Perps, when he is , in fact, the Perpetrator-In-Chief, and responsible for EVERYTHING which occurs on his watch. The words Dereliction of Duty, and Malfeasance and Non-feasance come to mind,

  37. You Lie, Lie, and Lie. You are proud of the lies you speak that others actually believe. You are a Disgrace. A Liar that the media needs to keep on telling and proving that you are the LIar in Chief. I believe in Government and not at all opposed to it. I am so opposed to you, your lies, your deception and fraud. That lying smirk on your face you cecieve others with. One day, you will be brought to your knees in submission to the Creator of this Universe who has allowed you the position that you gained through your deception, lies and fraud. One day, the truth will be made known, even as now, the truth is being made to come more to light and even make those, who don't even want to believe it, to have to face the facts, that yes, you and your admiinistration are liars, taking advantage of the American people in so many shameful ways. You are such a disgrace!!

  38. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Wrong! Regan claimed he "new nothing" but took blame. No one died? He gave Iran MISSLES and the Right Wing Contras money for weapons which helped to continue the killing! Both moves were illegal and very deadly.

  39. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Didn't the Conservatives block him?

  40. Sadly 90 senators, Democrats and Republicans, blocked funds in 2009 for transferring(to US for trial) or releasing prisoners there. Obama pretty much gave up at that point and hasn't tried to fight to close it.

  41. “He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to cause in violation of the Constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits and income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.”

    Article 2, Section 1 of Articles of impeachment against Richard M. Nixon, adopted by the House Judiciary Committee July 19, 1974

  42. spin that one is easy.He is a liar.. he will never take the blame..whats he gonna do fire himself fool..

  43. other countries think we are a fool for electing this muslim..they all know he is one…what a huge laughing stock we all are..

  44. So it looks like we get what we voted for…or what we got if we didn't vote….

  45. bill sexton says:

    i am really getting a hate going on toward liberal thinkers. they are so different from my way of thinking that i feel we are from different worlds. how can they be so damn stupid? Obama is a complete ass! he stinks like week old shit! in fact i think he has shit for brains. the people who voted for him have shit for brains too. How can people not see that Obama is a liar and has absolutely no transparency in his administration. He is a fraud, a liar, and cares nothing about America that George Washington helped to create. Of Course George was a white man, so very dangerous in the America of today. I will miss you America. I think you are changing to the point i want no part of you or your liberal views. I am a white man. so of course i dont count in Obama's circle of friends. my words fall on deaf ears of the so called news media.

  46. Oue No Nothing President is a Marxist. Nothing else needs to be said.

  47. Seymour Kleerly says:

    All Conservatives.

  48. DaleHogue says:

    It appears to me that the Obama administration is coming apart at the seams and the Barack Hussein doesn't have a clue on how to repair the damage to his kingdom. I was told by Barry Soetero's teachers at Punahou Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii, that not only was Barry not brilliant, he could honestly be described as lacking in common intelligence and common sense. He was a moderately poor student – and that was being generous. He was not only lazy, he appeared not to care about anything except taking care of his own desires at the moment they overwhelmed him. These 'desires' proved to be irresistible to the young Mr. Soetero and he allowed them to pretty much control his daily life. It now appears that president Barack Hussein Barry Soetero Obama has not grown out of being controlled by these overpowering urges and/or desires and/or impulses. How does that old saying go "you can take the boy out of the academy but you can't make him growup"

  49. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Obama's use of the Sergeant Schultz Defense is inexcusable. His use of the Captain Renault Defense, "I AM SHOCKED! SHOCKED THAT THE IRS DID THIS TO THE TEA PARTY!" is criminal.

  50. Two words. Plausible deniability.

  51. profitup10 says:

    The Article V project is now more important than anytime in the history of our Republic – we have a USURPED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THAT IS TO BIG TO GOVERN – the thousand and thousand of agencies act on their own without direct supervision so they become very political as is evidenced by the actions of the IRS, the EPA, the Attorney General, the State department.

    Agencies are used to delay and destroy or damage the enemy – it is all about intimidation by force of usurped powers . . We the people must now deconstruct the Federal government by returning powers to the States while forcing the Courts back under the actual LIMITS of Article III which in effect will cancel all Federal Case law precedent and eliminate the concept of Stare decsis . . there is no language that allows the Federal courts or government to use the British Common Law system. It is just flat out not in the Constitution.

    Do this project and restore Liberty.

  52. Re: Shane,
    — Obama pushes for full investigation of IRS "intimidation" —

    "I'm shocked, shocked! to find that gambling is going on in here!"

    Yes, he sounds so resolute. Like a true statesman.

  53. Re: Seymour Kleerly,

    — Didn't the Conservatives block him [in his effort to close Guantanamo]? —

    Poor, poor president Obama. He was "blocked", you see.

  54. Well, if you dont get the big picture of what Obama is capable of, you never will. Myself, I would rather live in a free country that I could feel safe that the government wasnt trying to tear it down to a third world country. This is exactly what happens when a person who is elected hates America so much, he/she will do anything in their power to take it down. No system is perfect because of human behavior, but this one is doable if certain protocols are followed. ie: The Constitution and the Bill of rights. This administration will have none of this, they feel they are above the law, and us peons better get used to it. You Shane, will fit right in. Have a great day….

  55. Are you that naive? What else can he do? That by itself does not mean he had nothing to do with it. Do not worry Shane, they will back down from the "Great Deceiver". Someone lower will fall on the sword like Hillary supposedly did. You know that, we kinow that.

  56. Bob Marshall says:

    Barack Hussein Obama used Saul Alinsk'ys tactics to become, first a senator for less than three years. Then, to become president of the United States twice while carrying out the dreams from his father Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

  57. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They hounded Reagan because he was a Liberal Commie at the time! Also, didn't Nixon use the IRS. for illegal purposes?

  58. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Do you want him to be a dictator?

  59. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Which was mastered by Bush 1 regarding Iran Contra. "I never was at those 16 meetings"!

  60. Vietnam Vet says:

    WE THE PEOPLE have to replace Democrat Senators with Conservative Senators (Republicans – not RINOs).

    The House has all the information they need to proceed with the charges, but as long as there is a Democrat majority in the Senate, why bother? To send the Impeachment Articles to the Senate requires only a simply majority.

    They certainly won't convict because of the number of Democrats in the Senate. There may be one or tow, maybe as many as three, Democrats who would vote for conviction. However, Conviction requires a 2/3 majority (67).

    Even with the help of 3 Democrats, we are far from the number required to convict.

    However, as the Administration has now pissed off the AP reporters and editors, the way the main stream media keeps ignoring the President's policies that defy the Constitution may change.

  61. Vietnam Vet says:

    I am really pleased at your comments. It shows there are still a few people of faith (?).

    I have a bridge in Arizona that I can make you a good deal on. Good condition, rebuilt not too long ago.

  62. What do YOU have ? A lame ,liar , Marxist "president" who is knee deep in scandal . Yes it is getting old and tiring . The apologists / denialists like yourself are shooting blanks here . The Libya set-up and virtual executions only call Obama's actions to question in an even more serious manner . Add to that the near apologist attitude and immediate denial of muslim involvement in the Marathon bombing and it becomes even more obvious what the Obama voters have done . A pitiful lot they are .

  63. No , not at all .

    Reagan made a commitment , when the Democrat Congress cut off funding , Reagan found a way to follow through with the promised support . This is nothing like using the IRS to limit the activity of a legitimate group of people . This had a profound effect on a national election . We now face the prospect of allowing the same , perverse group to maintain CONTROL of health care . To think they would not use that power to their advantage is nievete' . Obama is simply revealing his extremist / marxist roots . A product of the Bill Ayers school , Obama no doubt carries a huge sympathy for terrorists , this fact is belied by his very recent actions / inactions in Libya and Boston .

  64. When Hussein Obama calls for a full investigation , he intends a full cover-up nothing more . Romney asked Hussein Obama who gave the orders to stand down in Libya during the terrorist attack on the embassy , when and why . Hussein Obama responded that we would have a full "investigation" and get to the bottom of it . Hell ! He lives on the bottom ! He cannot even tell us where HE was and what HE was doing . Another "I didn't know " . Obama Lied , AMERICANS DIED ! He has continued to lie ever since and Hillaryous is right there repeating the lies .

  65. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Reagan made a commitment to a brutal Right Wing regime who denied the masses even the basics of life. He broke the LAW and undermined any progress the new regime could make. The Contras were the bad guys, paid to protect the fabulously wealthy few.

  66. WhiteFalcon says:

    It does not matter if Ovomit knew anything about the IRS thing or not. He is still responsible because it was his people who did it. His people are in effect his representatives, therefore they represent him in all they do in their jobs. That being the case, Ovomit is responsible. The question is what is he going to do about it? I expect the answer will be, nothing. The whole cesspool of Ovomit's heeds to go to cesspool prison.

  67. Obama's speach to Congress:
    It may now be revealed that my wife, Michelle, single-handedly planned and directed the illegal IRS attackon the Tea Party. I knw nothing about it because, as you all know, Michelle and I have never spoken.