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Same Woman Interviewed on TV, New Identities: Boston (Twice), Sandy Hook

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2013

This lady gets around.

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54 thoughts on “Same Woman Interviewed on TV, New Identities: Boston (Twice), Sandy Hook

  1. Whats it matter says:

    This isn't the only actor to be caught on film at both events. Fox news ran the Sandy Hook school principal and a woman named Donna two blocks away from the Boston Bombing, both are the same person, even the same photograph. If you really want to see proof of even more actors and how this is all staged for your entertainment check out Doc. Marquis's website. its a god thing productions 777 dot com. The list goes goes on and on with pictures and write ups showing people with no blood on them one minute, than covered in blood lying on a gurney in shock minutes later. The guy that lost both his legs without any blood loss who looks a lot like an army guy who loss his legs in the war. when you go to Doc's website go down the left side of the page to Illuminati Card Game and select Boston Marathon. You may find it very interesting.

  2. Terry Masters says:

    Sandy Hook……….Beautiful Little Blonde Girl in Red Dress is Killed, Father gives Speech about her, She Shows up on King (Hitler) Obamas Lap for a Photo Op a few days Later. I Report, You Decide.

  3. mscott says:

    Hmmm….that guy that lost both legs has a FB page dedicated to him. I know because he works at Costco and my friend is an employee too (different location), and his co workers set up a page. His parents were updating the page with his progress. Appears legit to me.

    I agree its all very suspicious but how do you know what to believe?

  4. Tom Current says:

    There is a lot of strange activities going on with this new class of professional "victims " here are a few observations .
    A ) They are all very confident and on message on camera . Try talking to a real victim at a time of crisis and see the difference.
    B ). Their story's have few if any contradictions between the accounts . ( eyewitness are notorious for conflicting testomony )
    C). The Newtown families show up at every gun grabber hearing , it seems. ( They sent a contingent to New Jersey on Tuesday)
    D ). They seem to have substantial resources for their new lives work.
    Decide for yourself.

  5. Auto Spengler says:

    Oh my Lord………. Not knowing a person… claim that a very private individual doesn’t share her life …. have a few beers to……… understands her every emotion and the topic of gun control comes out for discussion.

    Live in CT travel to Boston a lot… does Red Sox, Marathons, Elementary School visits for LUNCH (?)………….

    How dare you (whoever you are)….. by the way who is the female with a male voice holding the microphone next to the movie camera…….. Who is IT ??



  6. Andrew K. says:

    The government is herding us like sheep. Most people will just ignore what's right in front of them because it's easier than acknowledging just how corupt our "leadership" really is. For those of you who haven't seen this take the time to watch it. It was aired on PBS. It's called "911 The Blueprint for truth" You can find the full lenght documentary on You Tube. They don't accuse anyone, they just expose the truth using facts and science and then let you decide (not too much thought required when it's over). So if you think that these last acts of violence had been staged then this should just really wake you up.

  7. We are experiencing Alinsky / Marx beliefs and training everyday now. We, Conservatives, Libertarians, Republic-ans and American Liberties are under an assault unmatched in our history. As bad as our Civil War was, Americans – the South and the North- could identify the enemy.
    We have a media problem! We have a message problem! FOX is not enough!
    What's next?

  8. OregonMuse says:

    Some people are very, very adept at inserting themselves into news stories and getting face time on camera. Look at the wikipedia entry for one "Greg Packer" for a good example of this.

  9. SoWhatBubb says:

    Liberals beware, I use the term "muslum terrorist", beware liberals.

    Let's see,

    1. A squad of cops moved to arrest muslum terrorist #1, without securing muslum terrorist #2, and almost got run over, because they didn't notice that muslum terrorist #2 had a car ?

    2. A platoon load of cops let muslum terrorist #2 get away ?

    3. A battalion of a thousand cops point their weapons at old white men and families with children in their arms, and drive them out of their homes and into the street ?

    4. A battalion of a thousand cops failed to find muslum terrorist #2 ?

    5a. The battalion of a thousand cops, assuming muslum terrorist #2 had left the search area, told citizens that they could come out of their houses, while the armed muslum terrorist #2 actually was still in the area ?
    5b. The battalion of a thousand cops, having failed to find muslum terrorist #2, told citizens that they could come out of their house, and used the citizens as bait to lure out the armed muslum terrorist #2 ?

    6. A citizen found muslum terrorist #2, in his back yard, which had already been searched by the police ?

    Apparently, this is good police work ?

  10. I'm shocked!!!! Imagine a "lamestream" media, news whore operation like CNN faking interviews with "hired"? plants such as the woman interviewed multiple times in relation to similar tragedies. When your ratings are in the tank as is CNN's and your leadership is part of an international cabal intent on destroying the sovereignty of our once great nation, why would we ever expect INTEGRITY in the likes of CNN, MSNBC and the NY Times and their ilk?

  11. And some news organizations are not above ginning up faux news in order to try to "steal" some favorable ratings (at all costs including their integrity).

  12. Since 911, cons have found a new source of free money and untraceable theft. That is the root cause as there is no qualifying background check of these people. The leftwing bleeding heart media is the instigating tool for many of them.

  13. HadEnuf says:

    Like I've been saying for many moons: We no longer have a free press as "C-ommunist N-ews N-etwork" just proves! We haven't had a free press for some time now but a Fifth Column, state-run propaganda maghine – they make the news, not report it! We no longer have a free country, it is just that most of the sheeple haven't figured this out yet. I know this much, the sheeple had better get their heads out of their asses quickly because total TYRANNY is at hand!

  14. Whats it matter says:

    The guy that lost both legs as stated by doc my or may not be the army guy, they do look some what the same, but everyone needs to decide things for themselves. I have a background in caring for trauma victims, mass casualty drills, and such and all I can say is this sure doesn't look like even a good drill. Anyone ever hear of triage tags, never did a drill without them. Didn't see any in this event, did you? Have you ever seen blood from someone that was bleeding out, I have, I had a guy die in my arms at a plane crash that didn't look anything like the guy with both legs cut off with no blood all over the woman he was entangled with as seen in the pictures, and so on. But like I said, everyone must decide for themselves, just remember your looking at pictures and the time line from the event. No blood on the woman one minute and than covered in blood and lying on a gurney the next after the fact. I would say something is wrong or someone beat the *rap out of her before they loaded her up.

  15. Old timer! says:

    Actually YES! I HAVE seen this happen! While I was in the hospital in D├áNang Vietnam! I’ve seen guys missing legs below the knees NOT be pouring blood! The medical reason given to me, was that the trauma caused the muscles and blood vessels to contract, shutting off the flow of blood! Again that is what I was told, I’m not a doctor so I don’t really know, but I did see the torn bloody stumps where the explosion tore the kids legs off!

  16. Whats it matter says:

    I have never seen a case without bleeding but I understand it can happen as you are stating, only I don't think you would see it with no blood at all, as is shown in the pictures. As I stated everyone needs to make up their own minds on this, not what I think, just look at the pictures and see what you think. I don't make a conclusion based on anyone picture, I draw my conclusion based on the whole event.

  17. You, me, the nation and perhaps the entire world are subject to the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC ! If you don't know about it ….educate yourself . WE are being played like a fine tuned fiddle, and we don't know who's playing us or the name of the song …. well perhaps some of us do !

  18. pennypincherpersonalfinance says:

    And then they claimed there was another sister, after the fact.

  19. pennypincherpersonalfinance says:


  20. Animalaura says:

    The feds can orchestrate incredible multiple False Flag operations, or enormous incidents — where hundreds of people will be killed (or have been)… –remember the Fast & Furious gig?? How many people died from that?? Does the federal government care?? ****NO!!**** Get a CLUE!! All for propaganda and the agenda (which may stretch worldwide btw). They don't care who gets injured or dies… as long as it fits in with their agenda… and they have PLANS WITHIN PLANS…. It is like playing chess. You have to move about… and lose pawns… but the means justifies the end according to the CIA and the Feds.

  21. DoctorBob says:

    We're being deceived and duped by the Lefties and the Media? Really? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. I would never have suspected the Lefties as being deceitful, lying liars. Oh, wait – yes, I WOULD believe that. In fact, it would be a surprise to me if they ever actually told the TRUTH.

  22. I have never agreed with "sting operations." Anyone can be tempted to do something wrong if they are set-up. Sting operations should be outlawed. As for the lady, anything this government does is not much a surprise.

  23. What horrible acting…she phoned in her performance.

  24. Sutekh says:

    When foreign policy and domestic security decisions are made based on propaganda from fictious "reality" TV, we are all in trouble.

    It will not be too long before CNN gives the happy news that Mr. Slate has created 20 new jobs at the Bedrock Quarry, and that the continent of Atlantis has been discovered, filled with artifacts of an advanced liberal civilization.

  25. Kind of like those Documents about George W Bush shown on CBS that were made with Microsoft Word – False but Accurate.

  26. Jsmith says:

    When I was in the Army I was wounded with grenade shrapnel (luckily a much more minor wound than losing one or both legs) and didn’t bleed until the doctor forced it to bleed to clean the wound.

  27. Whats it matter says:

    That's understandable depending on what was hit or cut by the shrapnel. Again it depends on the circumstances involved with the injury. But as I stated, I am not here to convince you one way or the other, if that was the case I might offer more on the subject of each item offered by Doc Marquis. I only offered a few of his finding and stated you should check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusion based on all of the findings, not just one or two things. It is an interesting study and some of it is hard to displace, while other parts may or may not be.

  28. Simon Jester says:

    Looks like Alex Jones isn't so crazy after all…

  29. All governments lie to their own people. Since the military-security complex is our biggest growth industry it makes plain sense that these agencies would be staging and carrying out false flag attacks reported as such by a pliable media, so the bogus threat of terrorism will result in even more funding.

  30. Rattlerjake says:

    Let's just hope that these supposed "professionals" are as inept when the civil war starts. These cops can only work in large groups with someone giving instructions, they are totally inept when working alone or in pairs. They are like gang members, shooting dozens or hundreds of rounds to subdue one suspect and often fail to do so. America's patriots will make short-order of these jackazzas when the SHTF.

  31. Rattlerjake says:

    Does no one find it strange that the Feds were able to find the remains of the fireworks, the gunpowder of which was used in the bombing, that were thrown into a dumpster and later located at a landfill. Ever hear of a needle in a haystack? These landfills are hundreds or thousands of acres in size and receive hundreds or thousands of dumpster loads (tons) of trash daily, yet after a week of dumping, these "small" items were located, by a handful of searchers. Figure the odds.

  32. Rattlerjake says:

    Does no one find it strange that the Feds were able to find the remains of the fireworks, the gunpowder of which was used in the bombing, that were thrown into a dumpster and later located at a landfill. Ever hear of a needle in a haystack? These landfills are hundreds or thousands of acres in size and receive hundreds or thousands of dumpster loads (tons) of trash daily, yet after a week of dumping, these "small" items were located, by a handful of searchers. Figure the odds.

  33. Warren Long says:

    Look at footage of people camped out in New York as part of the Wall Street protesters a few years back and you will see these same people. If I am not mistaken, this woman in the 3 clips identified herself as being from SEIU in support for the causes of the protesters.
    Thanks to others that are not fooled and are sending the alarms of government created crisis to subdue the American citizenry.

  34. She is probably a government agent and was actually involved with the whole plot at Sandy Hook and even had a role in the Boston bombing .

  35. I think the wheelchair guy is as phony as a $4.00 bill. I am in no way a medically trained person, but I knew the first time I saw the photos that there is no way he would have been put in a wheelchair in his condition! Uh-uh…not buying it. All of the victims from Sandy Hook and Boston had donation pages set up in their honor…some even before the date of the event. Wheelchair guy had donations of almost $700,000.00 in less than a week's time. That's some motive I would say. Just saying………

  36. Bull57 says:

    Nothing I mean nothing this administration would do could surprise me!

  37. guydechaussee says:

    I'm all for conspiracies, but I don't think the three woman are the same woman. For one thing, the woman from Sandy Hook has a line, almost like a scar on her right upper lip that is quite noticeable and a similar line on the crease of her nose on the right side–I do not see these features on the other two. Noses do not look alike nor are voices pitch or accents alike.

  38. Granny says:

    What else do expect from the Communist News Network (CNN)?

  39. msjallen says:

    My question is: Have they found out who she is and why she is doing this? It all seems like she knows what is going to happen, makes sure she is there for the interview to tell her side of the story. Is she part of the government or the terroist?

  40. msjallen says:

    Interesting information. Thanks.

  41. Need any more proof this was all a set up by the Obam ass administration to gain fuel for the attack on the second amendment ? She even hinted at it at the Sandy Hook interview when she said she and the shooters mother often went to Boston together .

  42. Bob Marshall says:

    Since George Soros has ties to 30 major news organizations and internet site such as Huffington Post and Daily Kos, it is no wonder President Obama has control of the media. George Soros and his Open Society Institute fund over 152 left-wing organizations. Although last year Soros's net worth was estimated to be $ 27 billion, he is an expert when it come to getting others to spend their money.

  43. fedupwidit says:

    wake up America, our government is corrupt! A dead bloated stinkin Cow and it ain't sheeeeit!

  44. MI Patriot says:

    @Rattlerjake, Your observation is spot on. The FBI “found” Timothy McVeigh in less than a week. They also “found” a little tiny piece of metal with a number on it and were able to identify the truck used and where he bought it. They “found” some ashes and knew what kind of fertilizer he bought and how the bomb was made?

    This whole administration thinks we’re a bunch of rubes who will believe everything they tell us. And you know what? The majority of the rubes do. After all, they re-elected him.

  45. These events are fraud…

  46. BULL CRAP!!!!!! BULL CRAP!!!!!! BULL CRAP!!!!!!



    I could go on but please don't let these asshats spread their lies.

  47. Come one folks. If the government or CNN were planning on doing something like this, they wouldn't use the same people!

    They know there are folks out there just looking for anything to prove a conspiracy. They ARE stupid, but they're not THAT stupid. I have no doubt there is a small army of people ready, willing, and able to pop up during any interview, on any issue, in any town and say what they want them to. Why use the same people and give us ready evidence to prove our point?

  48. They have to use the same people…..it's not easy to convince someone to lie to your own country. These people all betrayed us and if you double or triple the amount of actors that means 3 times the people have to stay quiet.

  49. Terry – Yes, the lie was unbelievably obvious, too! The little girl, now in Heaven, is the identical little girl sitting on Obama's lap! Every curl and dimple has been analyzed by skeptics: How did she keep her red dress ready for a party, so that after being killed, she could politically correctly chat with Obama. One reaches for one's airplane sick bag when reading such nefarious propaganda from one's own government. Urgent research is required to confirm the truth the US government has been seized by Zionists (not to be confused with genuine Sematic Jews, who, like Christians, are slated to be destroyed by these fake Jews, all ot this mentioned in Revelations:: "You who say you are Jews but are not Jews"

  50. You mean they are cops? I had thought they were actors.

  51. You are on target! Write on!

  52. chrisblack1 says:

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