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U.S. Government Forbids Ammo-Making Equipment from China.

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2013

I received this note yesterday.

I just spoke to a good entrepreneurial friend. When he read about the ammo shortage he saw a business opportunity. He began researching what is involved in opening and operating ammo manufacturing. He found out that since he is not a felon he just needs a $30 license from the ATF. He contacted that department. He has waited over 2 weeks with no reply. In the meantime he found the manufacturing equipment in China. He contacted them. He heard back through their broker and was informed that just 3 days before, our government made it illegal to export that equipment to US citizens. I’ve not read anything about this in any news source.

There is a concerted government effort to keep ammunition scarce in this nation.

Buy it when you can.

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82 thoughts on “U.S. Government Forbids Ammo-Making Equipment from China.

  1. Just as well. You will never get a permit from the ATF.

  2. Not at all surprising. Having done business in China, both governments restrict virtually anything that could be considered a military application. No question that ammo manufacturing equipment would fall into that category.

  3. If he can't ban the guns, he wages a war on the ammo.

  4. What about pressure cookers from China. I have not read where any of the recent mass killers (who all acted in "gun free zones") made their own ammo. But then, only people who believe in liberty read this site, so why do I bother?
    All the libs are too filled with hate for freedom to bother actually reading truth.

  5. ncbill12 says:

    Export the equipment to Canada or Mexico then re-import from there.

  6. Billy Goat says:

    you know Obammmie and his Communist Muslims will never let Americans up from the bottom where he has us. We will never be the Free Country we once were

  7. Just as well. The Chinese eqt is shoddily made and in most cases defective. It is mostly made from inferior pot metal and the tolerances are weak. There are plenty of American made products… the problem is finding the components at an affordable price. Costs for all components as well as loaded ammo have nearly doubled. A box of 50 Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm that I bought for $10.95 in January is now $18.95. Primers which were $28/1000 are now $40/1000… if you can get them. Bullets… you can't get them… powder, ditto.

    The problem is NOT the government. It is the panicking people who line up at the stores waiting impatiently for ammo and components they'll never use. That's okay; in a year or so when the market rebounds and normalizes I'll be able to buy stuff at half-price.

    If I need it.

  8. Dan in NH says:

    Obama is giving us no choice but to go to war. The first step would be to take DC especially the White House. Get the leaders first. And try them for treason and execute them. Our representatives don't seem to get it that they work for us no visa versa. Obama is my employee not the king of the United States. We should cut all their salaries because they are doing such a rotten job. They don't deserve what they are getting paid. We need to demand Obama step down. He's not qualified to be President it was a conspiracy on the left that pushed through his acceptance. He has no proof he was born in the United States. That birth certificate wasn't typed on a typewriter like it would've been if he would have been born in Hawaii. They use typewriter then. Only one of his parents was a citizen that right there disqualified him. There are 4 Supreme Court Decisions that state the Law of Nations is where the term Natural Born Citizen is found. It says a Natural Born Citizen is one who is born of citizen parents. Notice the plural form of parent. That means both parents must be citizens. Obamas father wasn't a citizen and therefore Obama wasn't qualified to be president.

  9. Oh yes we will. It may take a revolution of some kind but it will happen soon. I suspect that the alternative is a military coup but they have been purging conservatives from the millitary leadership ranks of the Pentagon for 5 years. It is a concerted plan to take ove the power of the US and subjugate the American people. I see the same history occurrences happening from many events over the years since 1842 and one can see history repeating itself. I don't like what I see but it is happening and very heavy consequence is probably going to be the result. Not a pretty picture for the US and the World as the Islamist will jump all over it and then flex muscle and money from the West through the OPEC. It has been in the planning and steering for over 25 years.

  10. Everything with military connotations may have been restricted in the past, but this treasonous regime I would bet have sold us out as part of decimating our military and making sure they have us where they want us. Whatever is the worst that you can think of, multiply that times 10 and you're almost in the ballpark.

  11. Dan Braun says:

    Hornady,RCBS,Dilon,Mec,Ponsness-Warren,Lee to name just a few. Buy American,Keep it Local,

  12. Bob Rice says:

    I expected oreo to do this,to stop us from getting ammo,A SHORT ROPE,HANGING FROM A TALL TREE,will take care of OUR problemmm,,NO MORE OBAMA PHONES,or WELFARE..AND NO AMNESTY….

  13. queenforb says:

    any ideas who would sell these that would be legal?

  14. Paul Brown says:

    Where exactly is all the hording going on. Do you know anyone that has more than 10K rounds of anything? Imagine that. except the government (not military) has millions more than they need.

  15. queenforb says:

    It took great determination to stop all ammo like this and for what reason?? Did you know our Congress has the right to call up militia if we have any insurrections or to REPEL INVASIONS? ART.1 SECTION8, CLAUSE 15. I HAVE BEEN LEARNING THINGS FROM A WOMAN LAWYER CALLED PULBIUS HULDAH! She says we are going wrong the way we do our laws, that by OUR CREATOR is how the Constitution was made and NO other religion can take over.Article6, clauses6,2,4 & 3. n Just thought we should all know more about our Constitution & Dec. of Independence. Our children haven't been taught any of this for years! so they do not know much in the younger groups.

  16. queenforb says:


  17. The Duck says:

    Yes, it is time to remove all the collaborators of evil that have crept into our society. Remove all of them like the garbage they are and put them and the rest of their followers in prison or send them to Isreal – they know how to take care of them and for a few bucks we will never see them again.

  18. queenforb says:

    THAT is a great idea! I know my husband's relative makes ammo, does it take a license?.

  19. GodBlessTheRepublic says:

    There are a lot of unstated got'ya's. Firstly, it is not just a $30 fee. Although that is what they tell you. When I applied for my FFL and ammo production license I had to file a complaint after 4 months that the BATF were not meeting their legally required 60 day decision/response time… they acted promptly after that… but then told me "yes, it is only a $30 fee to the BATF but you also have to pay an annual $2700-$2900 fee to the State Department to manufacture ammunition…. then they told me that although the law allows for a non-commercial based production and business location site for dealers wanting to operate at gun shows and on the internet only (i.e. no retail sales on site to the public) they were making a new rule that all applicants had to have commercial space regardless of what the law states… this was explained to me as an update because the law was written before the internet and this was needed to help update the regulations (I have no idea how that correlates but what the heck)…. so, no boot strap start up here. Only deeper pocket startups allowed. In a nut shell, No license.

  20. queenforb says:

    You are what everyone should be saying and doing but it can't be accomplished w/o Congress1 WE must GET A HOLD OF THEM & TALK TO THEM JUST WHAT YOU SAID. IT SEEMS IT IS ALL TAKEN OVEER SO WHERE IS EVERYONE THAT CARES?

  21. You Must be a Dream Act Person!-Keep on Dreaming! In a Year or so, we'll All be Bowing to Mecca, and Speaking Arabic, and Spanish!

  22. i know people with more!

  23. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Does Obama really want to ban guns or are you a victim of lowbrow Right Wing Propaganda?

  24. All Welfare will CEASE, when Obama openly declares himself Supreme Dear Leader. No dictatorship Ever pays Slugs and Leeches to stay High and Out-Breed the Workers.

  25. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Scary dumb are you are your ilk!

  26. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Turn off Fox News and Talk Radio and call me in two weeks!

  27. trackfodder says:

    It only takes 1 bullet

  28. If you state that you're One of the 'Golden-Ticket Minorities' on the App., I Bet the story would be Different! Try claiming a 35 yr. old Minority Female, w/6 Kids,on AFDC, with 6 different Baby Daddies, that have disappeared!

  29. shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  30. not prison, no tax dollars should support this garbage

  31. also, say you are a black lesbian in a wheel chair with add, adhd, and have had a sex change, it should all help!

  32. Saltporkdoc says:

    Yeah, It does get tiresome "preaching to the choir" doesn't it? I pray the Koch brothers purchase the Tribune assets so we can begin to make inroads into the mainstream!

  33. Yoda much?

  34. Rattlerjake says:

    Stop worrying about stockpiling! You only need enough for the initial 'assaults'. When the war starts you'll be able to confiscate all the weapons and ammo you'll need from the 'enemy'. Government agencies (DHS, TSA, IRS, and even most law enforcement – notice how they fire SO MANY ROUNDS to try and hit a target, etc.) are generally made up of half-azzed individuals at best. When SHTF there will be availability.

  35. Rattlerjake says:

    Stop worrying about stockpiling! You only need enough for the initial 'assaults'. When the war starts you'll be able to confiscate all the weapons and ammo you'll need from the 'enemy'. Government agencies (DHS, TSA, IRS, and even most law enforcement – notice how they fire SO MANY ROUNDS to try and hit a target, etc.) are generally made up of half-azzed individuals at best. When SHTF there will be availability.

  36. Rattlerjake says:

    Yeah and don't forget the inspections by departments for safety due to explosive material (OSHA), or for storing chemicals (EPA), or how about zoning issues (can't have ammo manufacturing in a residential area ya know), etc. Guarantee there are dozens of additional requirements and fees.

  37. Rattlerjake says:

    Talk much? Sounds like you need another bottle of Wild Turkey!

  38. Rattlerjake says:

    One point of this article is that "The government" is deciding who can buy what and where they can or can't buy it from. Our government has NOT RIGHT to dictate this, PERIOD! This is a perfect example of how government has overstepped their authority.

  39. Gerald Barber says:

    Your joking right ? If you can’t see what Obama is doing you have to be blind!!!


  41. Stuff we CAN use the gov't doesn't want us to have, but junk that is toxic is OK to ship in.

  42. dan, I k1
    now that all you say is true but what good does it do. seeing that the men don't have courage to do it maybe we should let the conservative women do it –jan brewer,sarah palin,Michelle bachman,ann coulter etc.clean the wh? just a thought

  43. I don't recall when Internet sales were freely allowed but I suspect that it was a LONG time before this year. ATF isn't that slow on the uptake. I suspect that SOME ATF staff may be delaying approvals because they wish to avoid a "rush" on grandfathering existing manufacturers.

    Could also be someone at ATF whom GBTR talked to was "using their thumb" on regulations. Sometimes it's their "preference" but they don't couch it in those words. Since they don't put it into writing they don't have to "exactly recall" what they said. Had GBTR called a week later they might reach someone who had a different opinion.

    Consulting a good Attorney is money well spent when dealing with any bureacracy. In addition politely ask for a refusal in writing with specific sections that concern the Reviewer. A reasonable ATF agent will directly address what bothers them and can cite "chapter and verse".

  44. I would be VERY LEERY of selling ammunition to the public because of Direct and Indirect Liability costs. It's one thing to insure against defects, quite another to cope with being sued in another State by some Activist who wants to make a point "about gun violence" by taking your scalp.

    The "fee" to the US Dept of State? Unless someone is exporting ammunition abroad the only thing I could see causing a need for this fee would be Executive orders mandating enforcement of the UN ATT. Pretty cheeky considering that the Senate hasn't ratified it.

  45. Great article. This is exactly telling of how to discern BS from the real thing. You are hitting the correct nerve when they bitch so much, Mike.

  46. F.N. ignorant says:

    blh, do you actually have experience with Chinese ammo manufacturing equipment? Do you know from experience that the "eqt is shoddy", etc.? Or are you just spewing ignorance?

    From what I have seen, Chinese goods are of high quality and you generally get what you pay for. If you pay $2.99 for something, expect to get something worth $3. That ammo making equipment would make fine ammo IMO and it will be a LOT cheaper than American made gear.

  47. Dr. Death says:

    I prefer out-of-production ammo and guns that use them. Like .32 rimfire. or a Springfield Trapdoor in 50/70. Of course the .38/.357, and the ever present .22 short, long and long rifle shot through a 120 year old Winchester pump is good, along with the 12 gauge shotgun round run through an 1897 Winchester pump. Black powder conversions are great, like an 1858 Remington .44 that can chamber a .45 long colt, given the correct cylinder. Owning antiques that are "off the books" so to speak is the way to go. If there is no record of it with the ATF, because of advanced age, or black powder, that is a "safe" firearm in my book.

  48. Let's find out where the gov't ammo is going, so that if necessary, the people can confiscate it later as needed.

  49. edodaniel says:

    You are right about stockpiling BUT you still need enough to do a bit of practice as precision skills deteriorate without practice. Your own words demonstrate how many rounds a non-proficient shooter requires to POSSIBLY accomplish the goal.

  50. profitup10 says:

    Come join the fight to KEEP THE REPUBLIC . . are you mad enough to take action . . email this link to all your list and ask them to do the same – VIRAL – the politicians will stampede as million of we the people contact them with this project in hand . .

  51. James vC says:

    No big problem , build the equipment to do the job. There are many small shops around that have the ability to build whatever you may need. Free people cannot allow a government to get away with the crap that this government is trying to pull. It is really time to pull the plug on the whole lot of the wannabe dictators that are intent on enslaving all of us.

  52. I miss the Rogue Sci web site. On its Forum there was a long thread on do-it-yourself ammo manufacturing, to which I contributed some research on making cartridge cases (the weakness of reloading is that, eventually, cases become unusable). Then it vanished and I hadn't saved my research results off-line…

  53. COMMUNIST B–T–DS !!!

  54. Germans sat by as Hitler destroyed Germany. Americans have been duped. Communists control the American Govt.
    Communists never went away. They only changed Location.

  55. That is why all of my equipment all 30 of rhem come from dillion precision mfg and all my powder has been stockpiled for ages as well as componets bring on the blue hats we need the burms. Obama is a fag

  56. iiiiiiiitttttttttt, John.

  57. Amen! Just be patient. let the idiots buy buy buy lol

  58. Mort_f says:

    Need to take a lesson from Israel. In the 1940's, when both USA and Great Britain did not allow the Israelis to have weapons, they created underground armories. Well hidden and well disguised. Also, the largest manufacturer of rifle cartridge brass, in WWII, was Revlon. The same equipment to make lipstick tubes will make those brass cartridge cases.

  59. blh557 says:

    Yes, I do. In fact one company, Natchez Shooters Supply has stopped ordering one company's products due to the number of complaints. Go on You Tube and see for yourself.

    Have you had any experience with Chinese manufactured ammo making eqt. I dare say not.

    American made eqt is far and away better with higher tolerances. Again, the equipment is NOT the problem. Even government contracts, that are ordered out over up to ten years and comprise just a bit over 2% of all ammo orders, are not the problem. Hoarders are the problem.

  60. blh557 says:

    Look on Gunbroker.com and you'll see what's happening. Go to a local big-box chain store, Like Walmart, on ammo day (it's Wednesday, here) and see what happens at about 4 AM. Long Lines! Most of these people don't shoot more than a few rounds a year. People who shoot competition and PDs are having problems finding enough ammo to practice or compete with.

    I have a friend who shoots competitively who routinely has 20K+ 9mm ammo plus about 50K brass for varying guns… but he's a constant shooter. He goes through about 1000 rounds a month just for practice. He and those of us like him, are not hoarders. We use what we have. Hoarders are those panic-stricken people who have bought in to the conspiratorialists.

  61. Nomen Nescio says:

    Yo, Buddy! The guy is not looking for re-loading machinery. He wants to MAKE new ammo with about a million dollars worth of mass production equipment .

  62. SoWhatBubb says:

    Riddle me this…

    If Iran were to detonate a small thermo-nuclear device in the center of Washington DC,
    would that be a reason to go to war ?

  63. Perhaps your entrepreneurial friend should try finding domestic sources. A simple web search turned up several domestic sources for both new and used equipment.

  64. blh557 says:

    Maybe you, Shamu, but I have plenty of ammo, I made myself, to assure that will not happen.

    Unless, of course, you live in California.

  65. blh557 says:

    The eqt is called Smart Reloader, BTW.

  66. shamu10 says:

    Nope, Fl. Used to live in Texas. Every Rancher hand-loaded there. I will not post any info on my supply or lack thereof, we are monitored by Obamabot Leech/LibTrolls.

  67. This endevour would create jobs… of course this administration would be opposed to it.

  68. Bobby Ell says:

    Right on Rattlerjake- remember the Wolverines…..jest u wait OB

  69. He wasn't born in Hawaii either. I believe his paternal grandmother in Kenya.

  70. How bout you turn off MSNBC and CNN for once and quit drinking the marxist koolaid?

  71. Its time a resistance movement be formed, in secret and thru word of mouth between friends. No doubt there are enemy agents in the tea party and gun clubs, militia movements and everywhere. By enemy agents I mean operatives of the Obama regime-LEO types that blindly follow orders -like the GESTAPO. We must pray the Armed forces would stand beside the people and defend us from the Obama police and hunter killer teams. The time is getting near as Obama continues to pursue his Marxist plans for the USA.

  72. well said

  73. Machinery for Bullet and Case manufacturing has been available in the U.S. from Bliss, BCN Technical Services, for over a hundred years. The factory is in Hastings, Michigan and 90% of ammo is made on Bliss presses. See our equioment at http://www.blissmunitions.com. New, used, turnkey we are your source. Be American, Buy American.
    PS> We can not sell our equipment to China!

  74. Margaret jacobson says:

    Obama would not go to war . We would say it is just a need for foreign aid !! They weren't any Muslims or terrorism involved !!

  75. olesarge says:

    China is long on loose tolerance and things failing, I would not want to depend on anything that came from or was made on their equipment, it is junk. I own one of their farm tractors and it stays broke.

  76. olesarge says:

    The ATF has always been against the American people, as Ruby Ridge or Waco or the other thousands they worked over during that period.

  77. olesarge says:

    Life can be so disappointing some times.

  78. olesarge says:

    just in case you all don’t remember, we went through all this during the rein of bjklinton back in the 90’s. As long as bummer is unable to take over the nation and not outlaw everything, it will return to normal.

    right now the left in their glorious ignorance is supporting all the left believes in, probably a product of their education for the most part, and the stealing of elections. If you can get a handle of the ballot stuffing electronically you can will it all back. Don’t depend on the youth, most have not got a clue.

  79. olesarge says:

    just in case you all don’t remember, we went through all this during the rein of bjklinton back in the 90’s. As long as bummer is unable to take over the nation and not outlaw everything, it will return to normal.

    right now the left in their glorious ignorance is supporting all the left believes in, probably a product of their education for the most part, and the stealing of elections. If you can get a handle of the ballot stuffing electronically you can will it all back. Don’t depend on the youth, most have not got a clue. Just stop the ballot rigging and all will work out.

  80. olesarge says:

    bummer is an illegal alien and he was allowed to run for office, those who failed to do their job and expose this scum should be tried for treason.

    His birth certificate has been proven to be a forgery every time this come up, but getting any action out of the do nothing R’s is hopeless and if they did the senate would just reject it all so, just have to make the next election he shows up in an honest one and get rid of him.

    Also, his SS# is from Connecticut, so that is also fake, the guy it belongs to has been dead for a while. His draft registration is also bogus, their is nothing legit about bummer, he is an illegal criminal who has committed treason and should be tried and jailed for life along with his wife and assorted other henchmen, won’t happen though, dims always slide out of it.

  81. LoneGunmen says:

    uh, no. the main intent behind purchasing 2.2 billion bullets has been to make them scarce, not to equp the DHS. You can do a Startpage search and see reports of local agencies complaining about lack of access to these supplies. They are instead being stockpiled in a few hightly secure locations , probably MUD's.

  82. Interesting article