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Good News: Obama Spends More Time Golfing than Attending Economics Meetings.

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2013

President Obama prefers golfing and vacationing to spending time in economics meetings. I regard this as good news for the nation.

If the President wants to get his golf score down and his bowling score up, I say more power to him.

If we could get Congress out on the links instead of in hearings for bills, the economy would be better off.

The more time the government’s legislators are not legislating, the less the executive bureaucrats have to work with.

I wish Congressmen would spend more time going to meetings to raise campaign funds and less time voting to fix the economy. Congress is incapable of fixing the economy. When Congress is in session, our wealth and our liberties are at risk.

If Obama would spend more time on the links and less time trying to get Congress to hike taxes, we would be far better off.

Compared to paying for bills he signs into law, let’s pay for more vacations. Better to encourage him to accompany Michelle on shopping sprees than to stay home and validate Congress on spending sprees.

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7 thoughts on “Good News: Obama Spends More Time Golfing than Attending Economics Meetings.

  1. Jerry Morgan says:

    The American people did not hire a Golfer or a Bowler. We hired a President
    …….but we got a Golfer, Bowler, Vacationer, World Traveler, World Class Liar and a JOKE.

  2. One can only imagine where the economy would be if he had spent the same amount of time on it as he did on golfing! Perhaps there's something to praise God for in this!!!

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I doubt Reagan and Bush2 ever attended economic meetings. They have staff for that.

  4. I’m thinking Obama will throw in the towel (head) within the next 1.5 years. He has the attention span of a 10 year old.

  5. The neo-Chic Fashion is to announce that one is 'Gay Today'. It seems to be foreplay on the forecourt, maybe our Democratic Islamic-Marxist Leader will announce that he is the new "Gay Golfer" – nothing like solid Presidential Credentials.

  6. Pete0097 says:

    I wish he would take ECONOMICS classes for capitalists. Maybe then he could attend the meetings and understand.

  7. let him continue to golf. . .because while he is golfing, he has less chances to mess things up! ! !