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The Government Steals Raisins

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2013

Why does the federal government steal one-third to one-half of the raisin crop every year?

Why aren’t the farmers paid for the stolen crop?

Why does the government then sell the stolen raisins to foreigners at below-market prices?

Why has this been going on ever since 1948?

Why haven’t you heard it through the grapevine?

Ray was right. It’s a sweet deal . . . just not for American consumers.

There are at least 29 other programs just like it. These programs, once begun, last forever. They make no economic sense. They never did. But they continue, despite making no economic sense.

How many government employees spend their entire careers enforcing laws like this one? No one knows. Congress does not care.

A story like this never makes it into high school civics textbooks. Stories like this one make the federal government sound like a loony bin.

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5 thoughts on “The Government Steals Raisins

  1. The insurance discounts might be a benefit to Alberta drivers but the InsuranceComparisons.org website does not work in Canada. It does not accept Canadian postal codes in the forms. Looks like a bogus story to me as I cannot even verify the information.

  2. Nothing surprising here. There is a need for a law recall system ex cathedra the legislature. Like politicians laws should be recallable and these are prime candidates for recall and expungement.

  3. Wow, this is a switcheroo–the gov not paying farmers for a crop. Usually they pay the farmers NOT to grow, or pay them above-market prices!

  4. Doug Rodrigues says:

    "…sound like a looney bin?" Washington IS a looney bin!

  5. Margaret jacobson says:

    Think of this : the government pays people not to work : welfare ?? Pay people o get sick without health insurance :think Medicaid ?? What's new?? Foreign aid ?? We have given untold billions to foreign countries !! Still millions f those do called poor people !! Think foreign welfare ??