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Prices Are Falling (CPI) or Rising Slightly (Median CPI)

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2013

This press release confirms the falling price of gold, silver, and copper: inflation is not a threat at this time. This was released on April 17.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the median Consumer Price Index rose 0.1% (1.1% annualized rate) in March. . . .

Earlier today, the BLS reported that the seasonally adjusted CPI for all urban consumers fell 0.2% (-2.2% annualized rate) in March. The CPI less food and energy increased 0.1% (1.3% annualized rate) on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Over the last 12 months, the median CPI rose 2.1%, the trimmed-mean CPI rose 1.7%, the CPI rose 1.5%, and the CPI less food and energy rose 1.9%


Does this look as though the economic recovery is on its last legs? Yes.

Does this look as though the public is spending wildly to buy consumer goods? No.

Does this look as though the Federal Reserve is likely to stop buying $1 trillion in government bonds this year? No.

Does this indicate that the federal deficit of $1 trillion a year is restoring prosperity? No.

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4 thoughts on “Prices Are Falling (CPI) or Rising Slightly (Median CPI)

  1. Tired of the Lies says:

    Just like a government schill…. Nothing to see here…. Move along sheeple….

    I don't know what alternate universe these stats make sense in, but anyone who has bought gas or food recently, or just about anything else, knows that inflation is here.

  2. Prices are funny and bouncy in our real world.
    Gasoline will be going back down soon with the recent $10+ decline.

    Milk is hanging in there, maybe a little higher over the last year.
    Commodities ALL recently dropped on world markets.
    Home Insurance costs continue to creep up.
    My home heating bill with gas continues to go up but the funny weather, super hot AND cold make this one hard to see.

    If only John Williams, the shadow stat guy ,would publish his algorithm with plugged in data, we might be able to see where he is getting his 10+% estimates. These seem too high to me.

    In any case Bernanke believes his CPI numbers and will continue to print $85+ billion per month -likely until we get a new Fed Chair in 2014. This will push up the adjusted monetary base 40-50%.

    If inflation is not here, just wait a bit………it will surely come.

  3. ncbill12 says:

    Food price inflation over the last several years is very real:

  4. Have you considered that price indices usually do not include taxes. For many people taxes are by far their single largest expense and taxes are definitely growing by more than 2% per year.