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Obama, McCain Shot Down on Gun Control

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2013

Obama vented his wrath at the Senate yesterday. He said his gun control measure went down in flames because of — you will not believe this — “politics.”

Yes, my friends, politics is alive and well inside the Washington Beltway. Will wonders never cease?

Obama had pulled out all the stops. He had assembled Newtown victims’ parents for a victory photo-op. Then the bill failed by 4 votes to get the necessary 60 required to prohibit filibusters.

I said this would happen on March 29. It has now happened.

John McCain had climbed on board the Obama Express bus. So had Pat Toomey. They now sit at the side of the road, out of gas.

Obama and Biden vowed that this was only round one. But Drudge’s headlines announced the truth.


If Obama could not get this through the Democrat-run Senate, he is not going to get it through the Republican-run House of Representatives.

Gridlock is grand.

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32 thoughts on “Obama, McCain Shot Down on Gun Control


  2. I called and faxed my senators yesterday to remind them who they really work for. The lines were so busy I had to leave a message for callback.

  3. Razorgirl says:

    They keep tossing around the "90% of Americans want gun control" basketball. Obviously, the Senators have been hearing from their constituents and voted for what their state wanted. I know Senator Pryor from Arkansas got an earfull and was reminded many times of the fate of Blanche Lincoln when she supported Obamacare. East coast and West coast liberals need to remember the rest of the country doesn't agree with them on most things. As a matter of fact, we look upon them with contempt and disdain. As a whole, they are vile human beings.

  4. Maybe now people will quit panic buying ammunition and let the market settle. I hate see what the opportunistic gougers have done to these people.

  5. Robert Seddon says:

    They WILL be BACK .. with more encroaching ideas than this one, be assured. I sent over two thousand dollars to different Gun Groups (NAGR, NRA etc.) and I will keep the donations coming. If you want to keep your gun rights, you should do the same. This is but ONE BATTLE, in a LONG WAR.

  6. robert seddon says:

    The gougers have done nothing but follow the laws of supply and demand. The HHS Government placing contracts for BILLIONS of HOLLOWPOINT cartridges have created a virtual demand spike .. they will NEVER buy all of those rounds, but they have placed ammunition out of the reach of many due to the on demand contracts that they give. Those billions of rounds are just sitting there, so the contracts can be filled immediately. Wait until the contracts die, and the prices will die .. OR, their reserved ammo will pass it's use by date, and will have to be dumped at 6 cents per round open market.

  7. Beware of more tragedies like the Boston bombing…..false flags provide them with an excuse

  8. G. Kuhns says:

    Ineffective, feel-good legislation lost. Liberty won. The fact that McCain doesn’t realize that is still disturbing.

  9. N. Gaskins says:

    To under estimate the tenacity of the liberal mindset is sheer folly. This victory is only a small battle in the larger war to retain our constitutional rights. We must continue to be vigilant and forwarned in order to continue the struggle for freedom's cause for the sake of our beloved country and our grandchildren's future.

  10. I doubt the gubmint will be selling the ammo back no matter how old it gets.
    It will just be destroyed and more tax $$ flushed down the toilet.

  11. 1_Eddie_1 says:

    I dislike surveys that intentionally use manipulative questions that can actually twist the outcome of the survey to suit the surveyors agenda. Example: that 90% of Americans want gun control survey that the left loves to wave around. No more gun laws, there are enough on the books already that do not get enforced. Our laws are more than reasonable and sensible and to add more laws would be on the way to confiscation.

    Actually, I feel that we have too many laws on the books in regards to firearms. Laws have unintended consequences. We probably have too many inmates due to gun control laws, this puts a drain on the economy. How many inmates would be in the cemetary instead of jail if their victims were armed? Dead crooks do not need trials, nor incarceration, therefore saving the state money. A well armed society would suppress the criminal elements intents just by being armed and causing fear of victims fighting back. Criminals like easy targets, nobody wants to get injured or killed.

  12. 1_Eddie_1 says:

    President B.O. is the best gun salesman ever! 70 million guns have been sold since he is in office. 70 million guns, that is a whole lot of firearms that need to be fed. 70 million firearms in addition to the millions upon millions of firearms already in circulation that need ammo to be fed. Yes, the government is not helping the ammo situation by buying a lot of ammo, but citizens are also consumers and buy ammo. There are more firearms in American citizens hands than in our military. We the people of the U.S.A. are a formidable force. We need our ammo. Our ammunition manufacturers just can't keep up with our demand. I think that it is the American citizens that buying up all the ammo, caused by the President and his radical ideas.

  13. I appreciate the truth of what you say. However, I got a tip from a member of my gun club to go to Gander Mountain early on Thursday mornings, because they stock the ammo on Wednesday night. I arrived and had number 30. I got to the counter. They were out of regular .22 long rifle, but had some " high end " target ammo. The clerk told me there was a restriction of 2 boxes per customer. I ordered 2 boxes.You can imagine how shocked I was when the clerk said: " That will be $52.98. " I politely told him I was sorry to take up his time and that he could keep the ammo. He laughed and said: " Sir, I am not laughing at you.I just work here, and I have to do what I am told if I wish to keep my job."

  14. The left never sleeps. You should view the DVD entitled AGENDA. It is very informativa as to what is currently going on. The left can never be openly honest about their real intentions. Every tyrannical government in the history of mankind has had the disarmament of the general populace high on their agenda. That way, they can pass any draconian policy or law, and the people have no way to resist. GUN CONTROL is NOT about GUNS; it is about CONTROL.
    “Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless.” — Vladimir Lenin

  15. icaworld says:

    The narcissistic ideologue, Obama, is once again exposed and perhaps more eyes will be opened, more brains awakened, regardless of political affiliation. This is a man (?) who calls those who oppose him, "Liars". This is the rant of a demagogue. He has no respect for Constitutional processes and no respect for the institutions set up in the Constitution. Let's be clear, this is a putative President who is at war with the very foundation of the freedoms we struggle to maintain, namely, the separation of powers and the concept of checks and balances. Given this dangerous fact, presidential powers, and for that matter the powers of executive branch, have virtually no legitimacy.

  16. As long as Homeland Security has the ammo contracts, ammo will be hard to come by and expensive. Obama had Homeland Security and other agencies use the "Unlimited quantity Indefinite time Contracts to keep a very limited supply available to gun owners until he could push his Gun Ban Bill through. While reloading supplies are also pricey and getting harder to come by, let us not forget the power of American Ingenuity. Contrary to what the liberals would like everyone to believe, American Ingenuity is not dead and gone. Americans have not remained free this long because we cave in the face of tyranny. Granted we were looking the wrong way for to long. We took what we were blessed with for granted. God has given us a heck of a wake up call. Tyranny is also alive and well in America. It always has been. Tyranny believes it has the upper hand. But it doesn't unless we allow it to. Let us all remember where our many blessings came from and put the American Ingenuity back into full swing. Ammo supply drying up and too expensive? Reloading supplies hard to come by and pricy? There are other ways. Turn that American Ingenuity and Will back on and remember who we are.

  17. Allen Runyon says:

    Senator Burr voted what the people of NC wanted. Kay Hagan will be in the unemployment line if there is anyway possible. She voted with obama. She got to go.

  18. I have said this before Obama is just like gangster Al Capone. If he gets his hands slapped he is ready to kill the world, Just a little boy talking BIG!!

  19. McCain is a statist. He can not be trusted. The reason it is disturbing to you is because you have not yet awakened. When you do, you will understand.

  20. For the past two or three years I've been buying a brick (I assume that's what you mean by "box") of .22s every time they were on sale. Just figured it might be nice to have them, and also thought that the time might come when .22s were a form of currency, like cigarettes in Germany after WWII. I didn't expect my purchases to pay off so quickly! So now I've got a drawerful of .22s at an average price of under $15 a brick. What to do, what to do…guess I'll go hunt gophers.

  21. I'm reminded of the adage, "The right won't tell you what they really mean, for fear you'll misunderstand, and the left won't either, for fear you will understand"!

  22. McCain is just Don Rickles without the sense of humor.

  23. Where's Elliot Ness when we need him?

  24. matt smith says:

    Don't you understand that the gun makers are behind all this gun scare BS? Works every time for them!

  25. truthbeknown says:

    numb nuts.. of course politics is alive in Washington. Who should know better. Obama uses it more than anyone else and now when he gets it in return he cries foul like a little baby… Get used to it fool. We the People are coming.

  26. pghpatriot says:

    nice post! many good thoughts and points! I hope all who read it take the part about ; "Contrary to what the liberals would like everyone to believe, American Ingenuity is not dead and gone. Americans have not remained free this long because we cave in the face of tyranny. Granted we were looking the wrong way for to long. We took what we were blessed with for granted. God has given us a heck of a wake up call. Tyranny is also alive and well in America. It always has been. Tyranny believes it has the upper hand. But it doesn't unless we allow it to. Let us all remember where our many blessings came from and put the American Ingenuity back into full swing."

    When we work together we cannot lose! Just as we, as a nation, must remain constantly vigilant against terrorism in light of what happened in Boston this week, we as a 'conservative party' MUST remain constantly (daily) vigilant to those whose goal it is to take our freedom(s) and control us. The beauty is, when we work together, NO ONE PERSON has to do a lot. A phone call, an email or two, a fax, AND A VOTE! BGROS you were correct, we have had our wake up call. I PRAY ENOUGH OF US ANSWER THE PHONE!

  27. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Obama the USELESS Slug in the WH does not care what the American people want, it is ALL about HIM and what he wants to RAM / CRAM on the American people, BEWARE of Wolves (Liberals) in Sheeps Clothing.

  28. My Senator Richard Burr failed us in this bid to secure our 2nd Amendment rights.. I will remember this on election day.

  29. mrsgunnut10 says:

    You got it Razorgirl, I remember Lincoln, and "Fence Setter" Pryor(the Old Man), not this younger one (Son I think). I went to a Political Rally in Jacksonville, AR once for all Candidates that was running for Office and the Subject of a Pay Raise came up. Pryor said that a Pay Raise was needed so they could get qualified People into Office. My question to him then was : Do you have any idea when they are going to start getting "Qualified People". He got mad and left the rally, never did answer my question. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAFRetired.


  31. standtallall says:

    You can real tell that he didn't want for much while he was growing up! (Even though we don't have actual records to go by) He goes all pouty when he is challenged or loses. Time for McCain to retire before his good acts of the past become lost in his current misguided positions.

  32. WhiteFalcon says:

    And I hope a lot of your friends and neighbors do the same.