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Blind Church, Idiotic Law, Great TV News Story: Dumped Food

Written by Gary North on April 2, 2013

An Atlanta store went out of business.

Before it closed, it called a local church. Did the church want the store’s inventory to give away to the poor? Sure, someone at the church said. But no one showed up to haul it away.

So, the church offered the food for free to the public. The sheriff showed up. He said that it was not theirs to give.

There was already a crowd to collect the food. So, to keep order, the authorities tossed all of it in a dumpster — not just food.

This made a great TV news story.

This is bureaucracy run wild. This is America today. It will not stop until the governments go bankrupt.


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30 thoughts on “Blind Church, Idiotic Law, Great TV News Story: Dumped Food

  1. RivahMitch says:

    What do you expect from government?

  2. The absolute stupidity of government never ceases so amaze me. This is like having law enforcement shut down a kid's lemonade stand. One would think catching criminals would be a better use of time for them.

  3. barb patton says:

    This sort of craziness has got to end sometime – but when???

  4. Link to news story?

  5. luckyk351 says:

    As long as we have a self serving criminal in the white house, the government will continue it's childish and ridiculous ways. Unfortunately GOP and even the TEA Party are falling in line with Obama's big government ways. Probably because they all manage to get their share of all the government money which is supposed to go for running the government not lining their and their friends pockets. Until the power is returned to the people, away from the politicians, America will continue to sink down into the mire of corruption.

  6. The Duck says:

    Just did a search on ajc.com Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Tribune and turned up nothing. Wonder where this article originated from.

  7. It was an Augusta, GA store: http://onlineathens.com/local-news/2013-03-26/off

    According to a few articles I could find, the store was evicted by a bank. The owners contacted a church who never showed up to take the food. The Sheriff and owners went their under direction from the bank to dispose of the inventory, which was now owned by the bank, in the manner the bank wanted. It wasn't the owners or their sheriff's property any longer. There are many people who seem to have missed a chance on this one to do good, however from the details I found online, not sure bureaucracy run wild is the issue. For once, they seem to actually be honoring a contract. Of course, they do it when it would make more sense not to, haha.

  8. Just the kind of sheriff we need defending our rights!…NOT!

  9. This sounds like Obama's doing!

  10. swmcphrsn says:

    Joe K is correct, it did happen in Augusta, not Atlanta. The non-perishable food was donated to a local food bank. http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/metro/2013-03-2
    If you want to blame someone in all of this, blame the tenant who did not notify the food bank directly in enough time that most of the food could have been salvaged.

  11. "third brown shirt from the left… GET BACK IN LINE" !! …
    we're re-arranging deck chairs folks… our fate was sealed last November…


  13. By a Republican came the freedom of the slaves, by a Democrat comes the enslavement of the free. If you take a quick look at history you will discover that the Democratic party has always been pro -slavery and the Republicans have always stood against it – imperfectly maybe but they have been against it. The only problem we have now is that Democrats are like anarchists of 50 years ago and Republicans are like Democrats of 50 years ago.

  14. My black friends need to learn who their real friends are – Allen West knows the truth, Ben Carson knows the truth, as well as some others.

  15. allosaur says:

    Hi, me dino. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. And anyone who disagrees with me is a species racist.

  16. After reading the news story at http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/metro/2013-03-2… this teapartyeconomist story is a little mis-represented.

  17. jheasler12175 says:

    Your link to the article is a dead link.

  18. jheasler12175 says:

    Gary North's reporting is usually more accurate than this. I'm wondering if perhaps he put his name to something a staffer wrote. After reading North's article and the one from the Atlanta paper, I'm thinking the whole thing was a hastily done screw-up starting with the idiots that were in such a rush to empty the building that they threw food and merchandise out into a big pile. At the bottom of all this, is a landlord's and bank's love of $$ greater than their concern for the less fortunate including the merchant who obviously lost his inventory.

  19. awkingsley says:

    The food probably belonged to creditors, but even so creditors usually do not want perishable items, so they needed to be given to the poor. Most of this problem comes from Too Big to Fail Banks that are out of touch with borrowers and the community in general.

  20. Sweetsuzee says:

    Joe – Sorry but even with an "eviction", the store inventory did not become the property of the actual "property owner". The inventory was not LIENED by the bank and there was no such court order. The Sheriff was wrong and that's all there is to it !!!

  21. Just more proof that we have WAY too much government , and there are similar incidents across the country EVERY day , and worse .

  22. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    What a stupid sheriff!!!!!!!! Also, very uncaring.

  23. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    I have not seen anything that seems as tho' the Tea Party is "falling in line" with big government. We must read different reports. I read directly from Tea Party posts.

  24. livereater says:

    You don't get it, these days we are ALL criminals so they are doing their job enforcing the bureaucrats "laws"

  25. Okay, let me clear it up for you. Just ask yourself if, in todays society, is there a chance that even one person would "claim" to have gotten sick from said food and found a "shark" to represent them in court? That is the reason it was destroyed and a sad testment to our society!!!

  26. victorbarney says:

    P.S. Perhaps this coming October 5th? Again, WATCH!

  27. Does the term agravated stupidity come to anyones mind? After all thi is Atlanta

  28. thanks for clearing that up!! it makes a big difference doesn't it??

  29. very, very soon. We are headed toward house arrest for minor every day offenses that pop up as whims from the govt.
    Our constitution is being shredded, we are allowing people into this country without being able to stop them from bringing drugs and weapons (that the govt. gave them), Big Brother is here now and watching our every move.

  30. Civil War II will be the end we're all looking for. Lot's of gummint weasels heading out of the country, to join their under-the-table money, lots of welfare moochers looking for Mr Goodbar, lots of disgruntled libtards, looking for a new nanny state to tell them when to breathe. Life's gonna be hard for losers like that.