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Senate Republicans Filibuster an Anti-Gun Lawyer. No Judgeship. Obama Throws a Tantrum.

Written by Gary North on March 7, 2013

In 2011, President Obama nominated an anti-gun activist lawyer for a federal judge position.

This woman believes that the courts should hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with guns they made. This is judicial activism on a scale rarely seen.

It take 60 votes to stop a filibuster. Democrats could muster only 51 votes yesterday.

This is the second time she has had her appointment blocked. The first time was in December 2011. The Democrats could muster only 55 votes then.

She is falling behind.

This nomination was DOA in 2011.

People For the American Way is outraged, as we can see here. That’s politics, boys. Win some, lose some. They lost.

This defeat has so outraged Obama that he threw a public tantrum. We read this on the White House website.

Statement by the President on Republican Filibuster of Caitlin Halligan

I am deeply disappointed that despite support from a majority of the United States Senate, a minority of Senators continues to block the nomination of Caitlin Halligan to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Nearly two and a half years after being nominated, Ms. Halligan continues to wait for a simple up-or-down vote. In the past, filibusters of judicial nominations required “extraordinary circumstances,” and a Republican Senator who was part of this agreement articulated that only an ethics or qualification issue – not ideology – would qualify. Ms. Halligan has always practiced law with the highest ethical ideals, and her qualifications are beyond question. Furthermore, her career in public service and as a law enforcement lawyer, serving the citizens of New York, is well within the mainstream.

Today’s vote continues the Republican pattern of obstruction. My judicial nominees wait more than three times as long on the Senate floor to receive a vote than my predecessor’s nominees. The effects of this obstruction take the heaviest toll on the D.C. Circuit, considered the Nation’s second-highest court, which now has only seven active judges and four vacancies. Until last month, for more than forty years, the court has always had at least eight active judges and as many as twelve. A majority of the Senate agrees that Ms. Halligan is exactly the kind of person who should serve on this court, and I urge Senate Republicans to allow the Senate to express its will and to confirm Ms. Halligan without further delay.

Sorry, Mr. President, but it’s all over for this nominee. Her supporters cannot muster the votes. This means that you cannot muster the votes.

Lesson: “If at first you don’t succeed, quit while you’re ahead.” When you go from 55 votes (failure) to 51 votes (bigger failure), it’s time to Move On.

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100 thoughts on “Senate Republicans Filibuster an Anti-Gun Lawyer. No Judgeship. Obama Throws a Tantrum.

  1. karel Eekels says:

    Keep pounding away!

  2. It is always interesting when people nominate a person for judgeship who have no intention of following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights yet then rant about the audacity of those who block the nomination. President jughead is a liar and thief yet worse he is an oath breaker. It shows how low the American psyche has sunk to.

  3. I urge Senate Republicans to allow the Senate to express MY will and to confirm Ms. Halligan without further delay.

    there, that's better

  4. Poor babe. Someone give Obama a little cheese to go with that whine.

  5. ccfonten says:

    They should just put president crybaby in a room by himself, walk away, and let him has his little tantrum all by himself.

  6. Carl Benander says:

    A judge that has expressed views that far from the Constitution could not possibly be fair.

  7. Howard Reeves says:

    Go Ron Paul, you have won my respect. Where do I send my donation? Howard Reeves

  8. jerry h holloway says:

    way to go senate repubs it's about time you got a spine


  10. It is the will of many closet nazis to want to take away the rights of other Americans. It's the same mindset that inevitably ends with to gulags, mass executions and genocide.

  11. It's Rand Paul …. but I'm with you! (Ron is his dad)

  12. Jackspraat says:

    Caitlan Halligan is one the most liberal/progressive/ communist in the court system today. It would only get worse. Already every member of every party takes everything to the scotus even when someone as ignorant as myself knows that the matter is unconstitutional, they do so in the hopes of appealing to their political agenda, their PC attitudes, their popularity concerns, their invites to washington parties, their treatment by the MSM, etc. But as always these infantile courtroom junkies wouldn't want a ruling of unconstitutionality, because it is most of the time, and they don't want to be told about it! Every thinking individual knows it. Someday, a complete overhaul of SCOTUS may occur, DOJ is long overdue!

  13. Obama is no Spock!
    Logic be damned. If he hits his thumb with a hammer maybe it will feel better the second time he tries.


    It has come to my attention that you may have failed to consider the effect of your laws and regulations recently passed on the economy. With so many small businesses forced to close the number available to be robbed by street gangs for their survival and pilfered by drug users to be able to buy their drugs will put extreme pressure on these citizens to compete for the sources of their income.

    As a result,they might arrive at the conclusion that the government is responsible for their dilemma and take appropriate action to remedy the situation in their favor.I can only guess what that action might be.Do you have any idea what action that might be?

    The gangs already control most of the major cities and have a ready supply of weapons superior to those of the police including Washington,D.C. Do you really think a gun law is going to have any effect on this situation?

  15. IMPEACH the PETULANT FOOL!! Way to go REPS, for once! Keep up the PRESSURE!!

  16. Not sure what you are stating here Sue. Should we appoint someone who is willing to bend over backwards and ignore the Constitution? We think not. However, everyone is allowed their own opinion, as long as it does not violate the rights of others as set forth in our Constitution.

  17. After reading the article, I might just faint. Someone finally said no to the President. You think Americans really have a chance to regain and keep our Republic.

  18. vietnamvet1971 says:

    It makes my day, makes me happy to see Obozo LOSE at any thing, golf, his Jet Setting money wasting may be stopped for a while.

  19. GO RAND………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally, someone with BALLS to lead the way……..
    RAND is a LEADER to join behind………………….he's a true American………….

    RAND PAUL….PRESIDENT 2016…………..

  20. TAKE THAT you liberal commies!

  21. Loretta Layman says:

    Fortunately, the nation's laws do not depend on the will of one person, regardless of Mr. Obama's apparent belief that they do.

  22. Insanity is doing the same failed thing over and over again,expecting a different result.

  23. Calvin Sibert says:

    Darrell,her point was that obama is upset that HIS will was not done,she was being sarcastic.

  24. You totalitarian summabeech. The lesson which you refuse to learn is that when you nominated extreme people it is difficult to gather widespread support. Thank God.
    Anyone else would put up a lesser idealogue but, not you you red.

  25. Calvin Sibert says:

    You mean Rand Paul.

  26. I will vote for Rand Paul It looks like he and some tea party congres men have any balls the rest of them are chickin and are rinos kissing butt with Ovmit they all need to go Mcain and Graham is two of them

  27. You got commie wrong. He is a liberal Muslim. he still needs to return to Kenya.

  28. Obamsky's a Marxist scofflaw, who hates -HATES- our Constitution. Marxist is, Marxist does.

  29. Sorry…. I meant RAND PAUL

  30. Don't need a cry baby president. Run him off to Kenya where he belongs.

  31. Calvin Sibert says:

    I thought I saw a clip of obama claiming NOT to be a DICTATOR…….how then does he explain his childish tantrums every time he doesn't get his way? Too bad it doesn't happen more often.Keep the pressure on,he will snap and show his true colors…maybe wake a few people up.
    As a sidenote,how does this president justify deep cuts to OUR military,while funneling billions to our enemies militaries? I smell a treasonous rat.

  32. The gun laws of Bummer will have an effect on crime. There will be more crime and fewer criminals killed making the death by gun toters higher and fewer to resist.

  33. Calvin Sibert says:

    It's amazing what a person can accomplish when they own the mainstream media…….too bad he doesn't use it for something that would actually be good for the country.

  34. deniseandros says:

    Of course he's an oath breaker; can we reasonably expect anything righteous from that son of Allah? Obama despises America and the G-D that we once reverenced. We are paying the price for allowing Satan to gain a foothold in our country.

  35. Eddy Fudd says:

    Too bad you couldn't smell the dirty, treasonous, illegal alien rat in 2008, and help prevent his being illegally elected!

  36. OUTSTANDING! I hope Mr. Obamanation takes it to heart and sweats a bit!!

  37. darylj46 says:

    From what the idiot president said that it should be clear that he is nominating the wrong people. Amazing for a person that is supposed to have so much education and yet be so dumb. Obummer is a fool and an idiot communist and to bad some people don't take the blinders off and see it. Miller said it correct last night on O'Rielly about O'Rielly not excepting the facts about Obummer. Like so many in the media that they don't want to see what this fool is really doing and they don't want to except history. We (true Americans) are loosing our great country and fast. Never in the history of this country has it ever been this bad. We Americans better s to the battle field and honestly really bring war against what is in our government. This is not a party thing but an unconstitutional thing. I have been around for many years and have never seen it this bad.

  38. Tom Cook says:

    It is about time that this queer little Kenyan prick stated getting whacked. I am in hopes that even the disgustingly racist blacks who voted for the scumbag will start to grow up and realize what a complete fraud and disaster he is and he will go down as the most despised jerk who ever scammed his way into the White House.

  39. Bob Marshall says:

    Why not hold drone manufacturers guilty for all of the innocent men, women and children they have maimed and even killed.That would make more sense than what this lawyer is proposing. "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." Thomas Jefferson.

  40. Bob Marshall says:

    George Soros has ties to 30 of the major main stream media. Many of which millions watch and listen to each day and night. The White House propaganda machine will continue to influence millions of citizens.

  41. johnbbbb says:

    Remember, Commiecrats never give up. Conservative MUST continue to block them at every level.

  42. Pegg Swanson says:

    AMEN, Jim!!! Thank you!

  43. Pegg Swanson says:

    Would that be Rand Paul ?

  44. Nice! Very Nice!

  45. I was refering to MYTAKE8 "Sent to the President"

  46. Pegg Swanson says:

    The only problem is that this Communist-In-Chief isn't an idiot…He just doesn't care about love of country, or that we Americans believe in our Republic. He's doing exactly what he is being told to do by the Communist Party & George Soros. Obumma hates us and wants to spend us out of existance. He is a puppet for this Communist Marxist Party.

  47. If he would stop nominating obviously activist judges who will not interpret law, but try to make it, this wouldn't happen.

  48. John Detwiler says:

    I love it. Sharp and apt comment.

  49. Pegg Swanson says:

    First…Thank you very much for your service to our country! I think all we can honestly do is pray! This Communist will be hard to stop….for a while!

  50. John Detwiler says:

    True, but that is why she was nominated her unconstitutional anti weapon stance. We have to many acvitist judges now that create their own laws, and ignore the constitution.

  51. Victor Landry says:

    I heard Obama locked himself in the Oval Office, laid down on the floor, kicked his feet and stuffed beans up his nose because he couldn't get his way on the nomination of Halligan.

  52. John Detwiler says:

    And the only one who demonstrated how to cut spending, with his $600 thousand saving from his office budget, that he returned.

  53. Crybaby Obama blames the Republicans for this no vote. Guess he forgot, that the Democrats control the Senate. Sounds like his popularity within his own party is going down the tube.

  54. It should be painfully obvious by now that the does not care about this country or it's people! He has been born & bred to despise everything this once-great nation ever stood for. He is also a devout muslim and will do everything in his power to subvert our constitution and allow Islam to take hold in this land. We must stop it now or our Christian way of life will be gone forever.

  55. profitup10 says:

    Let us understand he attacks the R Senators and then has dinner with 14 of them – BIZARRE? Let us do this and then Obama and his care will be gone with the Summer winds . . make this go viral . .

  56. Make that limberger cheese.

  57. Larry Schwarm says:

    Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States……………….Someone takes it seriously enough to cut 'em off at the pass.

  58. Don't forget Zerobama's Chicago – it's worse than Wash D.C.

  59. I saw the clip too. Reminded me of Nixon saying hea was not a crook.

  60. An oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution means nothing to progressive Marxists. Especially one who wears a ring proclaiming
    "allah is great".

  61. skipfoss says:

    I wish that more repubs would find their balls and pull back all of these illegal excutive orders this smuck has written to tie the hands of everyone against him,also I wish while they are showing male signs of existance they would put to gether and bring for a bill of inpeachment for all of the illegal acts that he has done,such as releasing illegal ciminals back out on the people while trying to take away our means to defend our family against said illegals,and while they are still showing signs of manhood they should demand that his "REAL" records be given to a independent investigator so that can be used to impeach him too,and they can use theproof to pull in those that coverd up his illegal status

  62. "My judicial nominees wait more than three times as long on the Senate floor to receive a vote than my predecessor’s nominees." WRONG
    The Bush administration had hundreds of judicial seats left empty because he could not get a vote for many of his nominees.

  63. Bill Smith says:

    Limberger cheese aged in a manure pile!

  64. Victor Barney says:

    Not for nothing, but why do you think that sociopaths are so successful in destroying both the physical & mental minds of women? It's simple: Sociopaths have NO EMOTION at all, but USE a WOMAN'S EMOTIONS TO DESTROY THEM & ARE USUALLY SUCCESSFUL 100% OF THE TIME! FACT! Just saying…

  65. SweetOlBob says:

    Obama will keep presenting communistic, islam sponsoring, ultra-liberals just as he has in the past. All of them, by the inattention paid to their leftist agendas, were confirmed by a non-attentive, or bought off Senate. It's time we did something to keep the SLITWH * from further stacking the deck. Evidence of a non-attentive Senate not doing their job is seen in the confirmation of the appointments of Holder, Kagan and Sotomayor. It's time somebody showed some gumption and slapped the little jerk down.
    * Serial Liar In The White House

  66. Your statement is so true. The recent govt acquisition of tanks to use on our streets, stockpiling of ammo along ,with gun control is a major concern. (think 1930's Germany)

  67. icemancold says:

    WELLWELL:: This is good we need to stop these OBAMA GUN GRABBERS. And as far as MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA THROWING A TANTRUM because he didn't get his way I say oh well get him a PACIFIER CHANGE HIS DIAPER PUT HIM DOWN FOR A NAP.

  68. Texas Chris says:

    That overhaul is going to happen with torches and pitchforks if they're not careful. Maybe even guns.

  69. bonniewheeler says:

    my money is on Rand Paul, not Ron. Ron would be dangerous.

  70. tellitlikeitis says:

    this is why she will not get in,because she is a communist believer,and obama saids he doesn.t know why the republicans are fillibusting her when most of the senate is ok with her,well maybe the constituents of some of these fillibustering senators have made their voices heard and if so these senators are doing what is right by their bosses,we the people are suppose to tell these politicians how its gonna be not the other way around,too many of these politician have forgotten that they work for us ,the people,not obama or anyone else,us the average american citizen

  71. Obama's a little B1TCH

  72. Funny thing is he says the majority support her, if that was true then why hasn't see been confirmed?

  73. Stand firm and tall and Never give an inch with the liberals,commies,democrats, idiot sticks,pinheads or what ever name they associate with when they back the Obama Admenstruation!!

  74. Gee isn't that just terrible? No it IS NOT! Every American is entitled to state their opinion as they please. Caitlin Halligan is no exception to that and I would fight to my death to defend her right. That having been said, One obvious fact seems to be missing. We who read her opinions and are aware of her activist intentions are just as entitled to regard her as subversive because of those opinions and reject her as a biased juror who, if confirmed would be nothing more than another Liberal activist judge. What is Obama's problem understanding that fact? Why is it Liberals cannot understand the concept that a judge, any judge at any level is not empowered to rein their personal opinions onto the general public.? They are appointed to uphold the law as it is written by Congress and the constitution as written by our founding fathers…not to enact law from the bench as their view wishes it to be. Yes, we will stonewall anyone who has that intent who wants a seat on the judicial bench – Period!

  75. Robert Gilson says:

    If she has a logical position, it should apply across the board. Hmmm! So the car manufacturers should be held accountable for every crash, the distillers should be held accountable for every episode of drunk driving…etc.

  76. Sorry it was only Rand Paul,not repubs,just him that has the guts to put the pressure on that ILLEGAL POS.

  77. It is time to move on. It is time for the House of Representitives to grow a back bone and impeach this non-american racist piece of crap.

  78. If this so called "Judge" capable person becomes one then what's next mr O? Guess you better get OUR checkbook ready to once again bail out the auto industry. Logically the auto industry also should be held accountable for the mayhem they cause. Where would it stop? Have you heard the old saying "shit happens" mr O? When god decides to bring people home, he does. He does it in many ways. Cancer, heart attach, car accident, or even at the hands of a deranged shooter. Shit happens.

  79. Whaugh Whaugh ! I wish I was a dictator.

  80. He needs to be spanked, sent to his room and not allowed to join the rest of us until he can grow up and act like a reasonable adult. What a spoiled child!!!!

  81. You represent why Obama is in office today. Read the 2A. Reread it.

  82. Poor lion came all this way for a heart and was turned away! Boo Hoo!

  83. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    Following the logic of Caitlin Halligan if a person commits murder with a knife, the manufacturer of the knife can be held liable. Or if a baseball bat was used, perhaps Louisville Slugger or Adirondack could be held liable. Murder can be committed with something as simple as knitting needles or pencils. Or rocks. In all cases, the blame lands squarely on the murderer. So far, none of these liberal democrat, progressive dimwits is willing to address the societal breakdown that is results in murder on the streets and is exacerbated by gang activity. Two ethnic groups, Blacks and Hispanics are the primary offenders, yet MSM, liberal talking heads, the Congressional Black Caucus, and other so called leaders within those communities refuse to lay the blame on the individuals for their actions. They would rather blame someone else and look to government programs to save them. Caitlin Haligan is just one more apologist for failed social policies and wants to blame gun manufacturers for their misuse. Or manufacturers of knives, knitting needles, pencils, bricks, rocks –oops,, I don't think you can charge and try God, but maybe you could charge the owner of the rock with a crime.She is nothing more than a well educated idiot.

  84. He probably figured that his "initiatives on Gun Control enjoyed broad public support" so he trundled her out for a second time and lost ground.

    There is a world outside of the JFK Expressway. Welcome to it, Mr. President!

  85. Sanity should be a criterion, and if she holds that guns are responsible for crime, she's insane and unfit to serve. For that matter, so are you, Mr. Obama. You're unfit, insane, and a danger to the public.

  86. He can well afford to buy his own cheese

  87. Where did you get the idea Obama is looking for fair? If that were the case, he would appoint candidates who adhere to the Constitution. This one would be another "bench legislator'…one thing we need far less of!

  88. He may not be an idiot but he is too smart by half as he is only beginning to find out. People are wising up but isn't it a shame they didn't do that last November?

  89. If she had failed to pay her taxes, member of the Muslim brotherhood, faked her law degree, taught radicalism at one of the liberal colleges, racist against whites she would have got all the liberal vote and old republicans.

  90. Mildred Fischer says:

    Caitlin Halligan is a legal activist who holds the belief that gun manufacturers should be responsible for criminal acts committed with their guns. How outrageous and stupid can one be. If there was such a law, would the gun manufacturer be held resposible for the use of their weaponry by the US military forces in enemy territory if that country declared our forces as criminal rather than military combatants.

  91. Agree. I wish the next subject for Rand Paul is "the illigibility of obama to be POS"; he will get millions of supporters including Donald Trump, I would die for it.
    Because obama got two lesbians: Kagan and Stolemyass nominated for Supreme court last time even both of these two lesbos never be a judge before. So, he thinks he can do it again, go traitor, get out of our White House, you're suck.

  92. When you got all the fools on your side, you can be elected to any thing.

  93. parklitch212 says:

    He will keep putting his progressive stooges up for Judgeships because they can't get unelected or impeached unless they REALLY are corrupt. This is the end run around the Constitution that they want to implement, it worked with the Carter appointments, who wipe their feet on the Constitution every chance they get, and now with the perfessor's Supreme Court appointments, two progressives who will bypass established law for their "interpretation" of what they think the law should be. The fact that Congress actually stood up to him for once is astonishing.

  94. You know it goes without saying when you tell the AMERICAN PEOPLE you are not a dictator you really need to decide whether you are on the right path of what the people want are you doing what somebody is telling you to do.

  95. Judicial activism has NO PLACE in OUR COURTS! Caitlin Halligan HAS NO PLACE ON THE BRENCH for that reason!

  96. That's ok we will take Ron, ty!

  97. PanchoGun says:

    Some here are crediting Rand Paul for this. How do you know he did this good work. I know he was involved in a previous filibuster, but was he involved in this one ?

    Any way, if he wasn't, he is still garnering my respect more and more.

    Again, how do you know he was involved in this filibuster ?

  98. PanchoGun says:

    Some here are crediting Rand Paul for this. How do you know he did this good work. I know he was involved in a previous filibuster, but was he involved in this one ?

  99. Palehorse58 says:

    obummer isn't educated his nickname was barry the stoner in high school and in college he did nothing but shove white powder up his nose. Makes me wonder how he ever got a top secret clearance to be Pres or Senator????

  100. Don,t forget his b**#h of a wife and the rest of his family you know aunts ,uncles and what have you girls will just have to go to social services and lets not forget to take his money and properties and put then toward our deficit