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Video: A 15-Year-Old Invents a Test for Pancreatic Cancer. Cost: 3 cents.

Written by Gary North on March 6, 2013

It also works for lung cancer.

This will revolutionize cancer detection. It can be done in five minutes. It is 90% accurate. Existing procedures are 70% accurate and cost $800. His procedure costs 3 cents.

The Internet made this possible.

I wonder how long it will take for physicians to adopt it.

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37 thoughts on “Video: A 15-Year-Old Invents a Test for Pancreatic Cancer. Cost: 3 cents.


  2. under obamacare I am sure it will never see the light of day.

  3. I hope John Hopkins and other physicians will use this, but I am sure they will charge way more than 3 cents and that is a shame. Obama does not want healthy people, thus his death panels. He wants a reduction in the population so I am sure will not be covered under Ovomit care

  4. James Bernard says:

    I'm sure you are right. Reduction of the Baby Boomer is a must.That is where all the money is and the Feds now want it back.We Baby Boomers have been scammed.We played by the rules and now Obama is going to break all the rules! The Baby Boomers control the direction the Country goes.

  5. Myptofvu says:

    Mayo clinic might use this…in my opinion the only well run health organization and one thing they strive to reduce is unnecessary and expensive tests. We could've solved the healthcare probs just by switching over to there business model.

  6. Good for the kid! We need more bright self motivated kids to use their brains for something, other than playing video games!!!!

  7. and they voted for this a**hole

  8. It will NEVER be used. The money is in the medicine it is NOT for curing anything!

  9. Don't blame the baby boomers. Blame the newly educated mindless sheep being produced by our colleges.

  10. awkingsley says:

    Wonderful inspiration! There is a way to change the entire medical system, so that it becomes very inexpensive. So far no one is listening, even though we can cure mental illness and stop the shootings by changing the medical system. Now, I realize that I am not working hard enough at getting the job done. The fact that this 15 year old sent out 200 letters, in order to find a lab, lets me know how much effort I must put into the job.

  11. BlueViolets says:

    I'm sure some company will buy it from him and bury it so deep you won't hear of it again until you grandchildren are grandparents. Health care today is not about keeping you healthy but about getting you sick and giving you medicine to make you feel better but not cure you or find the cause and eliminate it.

  12. This is what GOD and Jesus intended that man and the world in general should benefit through mans' ingenuity and control of the gifts with which he has been endowed. NOT that man should use these GIFTS to develop new ways to destroy and extinguish all life on earth nor to enslave each other for material profit and power over all the earth that would be greater than GOD the Father himself. Isn't that why he destroyed the " TOWER OF BABEL " and confused their languages and sent them to the far corners of the Earth??? This young man is truly one of GOD the Fathers' chosen special creations who should be encouraged to continue in his endeavor to end one of our greatest scourges and not be tempted by the greedy profiteers lest he be consumed along with them on judgement day; the day they are forgiven by tose who have suffered needlessly because of their greed. The sooner the better!!!

  13. Old Observer says:

    Which in the long run makes the actual responsibility ours–for failing to monitor what our kids have been–and are being–taught–not just in our colleges, because the brainwashing was started when they entered kindergarten—as we trusted and were more interested in the grades they got than in the content of what they were learning—that's why we ended up with a dictatorial vacationer/campaigner-in-chief instead of a real America-loving president–

  14. philippi says:

    Sharing this information with enough people will force the use of this procedure. It either has to be adopted, or dismissed as a failure. It has already been given the recognition and proven to be 90% accurate. So it must be adopted.

  15. I just want to know how do I obtain this 3 cent test?

  16. Well my kids didn't vote for him either…but again, they are smart, intelligent thinking individuals.

  17. Supporters of Obamacare would LIKE this sort of test. Early detection would solve a lot of problems with these three very lethal cancers.

  18. If I fifteen year old kid can discover an early detection for cancer then this fifty something can continue to contribute enough at work or to customers to keep himself and his people fed.

  19. geneww1938 says:

    I pray that you will get it to market. Do not let the Pharmaceuticals buy it. They will kill the idea for sure, but may make you rich.

  20. David in MA says:

    Good, then they will not need repeated insructions whle in the field hoeing potatoes on the obozo's communal farm.

  21. SapphireSpire says:

    This dispels the popular notion that patents do anything to promote medical research. After all the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical and biotech companies have spent over the last… what, 50, 100, 150 years(?), a 15 year old kid with some spare change discovers something useful.

  22. I would bet most of the votes obastard got were not from baby boomers but most of the members of the TEA party are in that age group.

  23. sc rednek says:


  24. My thought is…the AMA/pharma are an evil lot. Whenever an entity puts profit over life and death, they're evil.

  25. Hellooooo,

    I have pancreatic cancer in my family times FOUR!!! What is this test? How can I take it? How can my family take it? Why did we put this on the Internet? for fun? HELP!!!

  26. From one old observer to another. It would be great if everyone could understand what we do. You are so correct.

  27. geneww1938 says:

    Please send this to every doctor and friend… You know the AMA and pharmaceuticals will do every thing to eliminate this profit killer.
    Young people with great ideas should receive grants to do this type research in high schools and privately. Only 1 school in 200 accepted his proposal for the studies.

  28. Eileen Barayasarra says:

    The FDA will bury it in a warehouse somewhere under a stack of other cures. They have no idea what they have in their warehouses and THEY DO NOT CARE!! They are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES just putting in their time for the fat paycheck! NOBODY THERE CARES!!

  29. Old timer! says:

    In response to a 15 year old still ‘wet behind the ears’ youngster, listen to these old people! ‘Big pharma’ WILL try to discredit you, will try to bury your true results, and everything else they can do to stop you! They want to charge 1000 times what a discovery like yours is worth! They will try to smooth talk you into believing that they have your best interest at heart! But the truth is, they have to make their investors money! A LOT of investors! The reason that medicines are so high, is enough profit to invest into research like yours, so that there is ALWAYS enough coming in to satisfy their investors!BUT their investments is NOT for actual cures, but rather what can sell enough units to pay for ongoing research! A cure for the common cold? Never happen, because there’s too much money to be made in treatments that everyone buys every year! Ever wonder how much money is spent each year on Niquil? Or Vicks formula 44? Or even Tums?
    Make sure you patent your findings! QUICK!! They’ll have patent lawyers climbing all over you, trying to convince a court that YOU stole from THEM!! They’ll try to get their hands on this, just to kill it off! $800 for existing tests brings in more money! If they DID use your discovery, they would fix it to sell for $10.00 or $100.00! Get it patented and copyrighted fast!! Once a patent has been issued to you, it makes it difficult for their lawyers to steal your work! And you can now see WHY they charge so much for their products, can’t you? It took you MUCH longer than you thought to get a working product! (And make no mistake, it IS a product! A product of YOUR hard work)! Keep your attitude of wanting to HELP people, instead of just making money! Seek investors that will stand with you in your quest to lower the cost of medicine! Today’s doctors have forgotten their oaths, if in fact they still proclaim one!

  30. Dave Sanders, Sr. says:

    IN a nutshell what is the test…………..

  31. me too

  32. If this kid could patten what he learned and the whole process then it could potentially cost the same later as it stands now.

  33. brian hill says:

    This slipped by Big pharma! just wait, I bet you ANYTHING they try to buy it and discredit it! Same as the many inventions that increase gas mileage . No way will they let this ride. Anyone taking bets?

  34. Exactly. We will never see a cure for anything anymore. I was a Director of Operations for a hospital.


  35. Notajerk says:

    We're taking about a 15 year old kid inventing something cool. Please go away!

  36. Notajerk says:


  37. Fist de Yuma says:

    Many of you are taking the same path as the mindless Leftists. There is no big anything trying to stop progress and increase cost. If this works and is safe it will get to the market. Stop being fearful sheep.