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Republican Governor Cuts State Income Tax

Written by Gary North on March 4, 2013

Kansas has cut its state income tax to 4.9% at the top and 3% at the bottom. The top rate had been 6.45%.

The governor, Sam Brownback, is now pushing for another cut at the top to 3.9%. His long-term target is 0%.

The state’s constitution prohibits a deficit in the budget. So, he has to make up the difference. He wants to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction.

The state has turned over most of its Medicaid funding to private insurers.

The Democrats are opposed to more cuts. But he may have the votes.

He thinks it will be better for job growth if the state’s income tax goes. He says the younger families move to Texas and Florida, neither of which has an income tax.

A judge has said the state must provide more funding for school districts. This means that one man has decided for the voters. The governor is appealing this decision.

This battle is in contrast to the unfolding disaster at the federal level, where the deficit is $1 trillion a year, and the President is pushing for higher taxes on the rich.

The federal government is heading for the Great Default. Kansas is not, at least at the state taxation level.

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3 thoughts on “Republican Governor Cuts State Income Tax

  1. Joseph C. Moore says:

    Like most ignorant, anti gun zealots, Feinstein has no concept of the safe handling of a weapon, as she holds it pointed at people level with her finger on the trigger. What a dangerous, idiot a**, she and her cohorts are.

  2. I don't disagree with your comment, but it has NOTHING to do with this article. Please make comments that are related to the article, or to prior comments.

  3. Why is it only the Republicans and Tea Party folks seem to understand it's entirely possible to live without a huge government deficit & tons of welfare programs???