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23 thoughts on “Psychotic Tea Party, Says “Lincoln” Screenwriter

  1. Lincoln needed to be shot. He was a tyrannt and completely ignored the constition. Sounds familiar to today doesn't it.

  2. charles jones says:

    i concur,plus a liar,propagandist, anti-southern,and a waste oh humanity in my eyes

  3. It’s called “author’s license.” There's many huge lies that we've been taught to believe that are called "poetic license".

  4. But at least he got rid of all those nasty vampires and zombies! Oh, wait. Those were different movies…

  5. Another example of the snobbish, elitist lefties and their sick, twisted ideology.

  6. Wanting to be free is psychotic? Why would anyone waste ink on this hack?
    Not only are the racists out of the closet, so are the communists.

  7. too true. that man more full of lies than the liar in chief. of course, "theortically" as a screen writer. yes, you are a screen writer, not a political analyst. and your "based on a true person Lincoln was more full of untruth and lies then well an obama policy. I am so sick of these crazy lala land types, who haven't got 2 brain cells to rub together deciding they are "all knowing" and this belief in the welfare system is a sickness.

  8. Right on! the only problem I have with Wilkes Booth is that he chose the wrong time to do the deed – several years earlier may have worked out better for the Confederacy! Unfortunately, bringing it forward to today would only create another Arab/Black Muslim Martyr! He needs LEGAL removal from office – and, yes, Revolution is legal, and warranted, under OUR Constitution!!!

  9. Albert Maslar says:

    All Presidents are not equally commemorable as a matter of fact, they all have the proverbial feet of clay, as certainly the current President has. However, even Abraham Lincoln should not be held in as high esteem as he is universally held. First of all, Lincoln did not free the slaves until the third year of the Civil War, and then only freed the slaves in the rebelling South that he had no power to enforce. Slaves in the North where Lincoln had the power, were NOT freed. Secondly, would today's America tolerate 640,000 casualties out of on-tenth of today's' population that is appalled at 6,400 casualties in the two Bush II wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Add to that the civil strife that has lingered to this date.

  10. But THEY believe that they are right just as strongly as we believe WE are! That would seem to preclude either side from finding a place for compromise – tho I'm sure the RINO GOP will try to find some way to do it! We have for decades been compromised by RINO's, who WE elected to represent US, into allowing poisonous snakes to live in close company with us. The snakes are finally biting us in the butt!

  11. 100%! Been saying this for years! The ONLY reason Lincoln freed the Southern slaves was to sow confusion to the Confederate cause! Blacks are worshiping a false martyr when they sing praises to lincoln!!!

  12. dieselpop1 says:

    It's not widely known, but a few years before he ran for president Lincoln expressly stated in a campaign speech that he supported the right of states to secede.

  13. jmsmaxwell says:

    Unfortunately who ever wins the war writes the history and excludes things they do not deem important nor necessary to
    further thier views. As in the case of ever president their autobiographery is written by the party in power at the time
    and always cast them in the most favorable light. Historians will eventuall dig down and discover that none of them
    are perfect and not always as great as they are portrayed to the public.

  14. Blanket generalizations targeting ANY group of people with no evidence whatsoever…. is the tool of fools!

  15. Idolatry of Lincoln is a manifestation of "psychotic individualism". Worshipping a marble bust covered in 150+ years of mythology and disinformation is a sure sign of dementia.

  16. I get hives—virtual, of course—anytime anyone begins to talk about Lincoln or a book or movie about same.

    William Wilberforce, a true hero, spent 30 years of his life fighting the slave trade in England. After 30 years, his efforts were well-rewarded with the end of British slave trade. Amazingly, no one died.

    Then comes the "great emancipator," who managed the death of 600,000 to 750,000 (could be a million—no one really knows for sure) men, woman and children, including freemen and slaves.

    Lincoln's main agenda had nothing to do with slavery—his own words. He was determined to preserve the Union at all costs—whether slavery was abolished or Not! When it appeared that Britain and France would come to the aid of the South, Lincoln then made slavery an issue to ground off any support to the South. Of course, it worked because neither Britain or France wanted to be viewed as pro-slavery.

    The end of the War of Northern Aggression did not really free the slaves. Rather, it split the country in two, and condemned the country to 100+ years of hatred and bigotry. The black man remained "inferior" in the eyes of many Americans, both in the South and the North. Blacks who escaped to the north found themselves as subservient as ever and confined to ghettos in the largest cities like New York, Chicago and Boston. It wasn't until the Civil Rights movement, integration laws passed by a Republican-controlled Congress, and enforced by Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican president—while being virulently opposed by the Democrats—that the country began to see a real change.

    After fighting tooth and nail to stop integration, Democrats decided to co-opt the Civil Rights movement because they saw a new voting block. They continued to stir the pot of hatred and bigotry, instead of allowing true healing. So, now today, the black populous has become nothing more than a voting block for Democrats. Any black man or woman who decides to exercise his or her freedom by refusing to vote Democrat is vilified and demonized—even by fellow blacks—who once again have accepted the chains of slavery, this time to politics.

    Thus, Lincoln's heritage.

  17. Excellent post, Wes! I guess the reason you only have 3 thumbs up is because the average reader doesn't get this far–I notice that early postings always score higher.

  18. Looks like a lot of these libtards are regurgitating the Radical Libtard Standard Revised Version of History as fed to them in our dumbed-down gummint operated public schools by the commie union teachers. You have no knowledge of true history, but you are quick to barf up the perverted, anti-American version preached to you over your 10-12 year (longer if you went to a state college or university) brainwashing period. Of course, that's the end of your "learning experience". How you just spend all your time leeching off your parents, playing video games and watching the idiot box, using up air that could be used by productive people.

  19. I prefer to call the action of the 1860s "the war AGAINST the States", and the States lost. But not as badly as the slaves lost, for they were merely transferred from their personal masters (where they were often considered part of the family) to the impersonal Master in Washington, guaranteeing a permanent slave (welfare) class, in turn (with universal suffrage) guaranteeing a permanent voting bloc, as illustrated by the current Kenyan squatter.

  20. If you are going to "share" your take on history — then get all the facts & get them straight before you cherry-pick what suits your purpose. That goes for all no matter what they choose to "share". Your comments reminds me of somebody else who never should have been elected were it not for the illegals, the uneducated, the "undereducated"…those who think the USA owes them something for nothing. Even the patriots who fought and those who continue to fight for our country — like my father (one of the first of those to ultimately be called Navy seals)– and those who died for their country — understand. Dirty "hands"…well, history demonstrates (if you take the time to read and research and read and research) that tyrants get to where they do because the citizens quickly & willingly sink into the "comfort zone" of somebody else will make sure we do not loose whatever we happen to hold dear. The USA was meant to be an example…not the "savior" of all other countries. So don't get me started on the greed that has such a firm grip in spite of the examples of patriotism and service to God and country that has all but been deleted from "our" schools. Why do so few step up to truly stand against the tyranny that has all but overtaken us? Yes, I am active…this is rare that I utilize my time to do much more than read (scan) to keep a finger on the pulse of those who think this type of "activism" will make any true or lasting difference.

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Now we can see why America considers Conservatives Racist idiots.

  22. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Tea Partiers were duped into supporting the super Rich, That's just dumb not psychotic.

  23. Far from opposing slavery, in his first inaugural address Lincoln voiced support for a constitutional amendment to make slavery permanent. He was a white supremacist who believed that blacks and whites could not live together as equals. He even had plans to forcibly deport all blacks after the war. As a lawyer in Illinois, Lincoln represented a slave owner who was trying to retrieve a runaway slave under the Fugitive Slave Act.

    The impression most people have of Lincoln is that he went from a humble log cabin to the White House. It was quite the opposite. Representing railroad interests, he had been one of the most successful and wealthiest corporate lawyers in America. If ending slavery was a genuine intent, Lincoln could have used his considerable political skills to do so peacefully as had been done throughout the developed world during the 19th century. Instead slavery in America ended as a secondary consequence of a horrific war fought over high tariffs borne disproportionally by the southern states.