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Video: 30-Story Skyscraper Built in 15 Days

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2013

It’s almost all over for conventional construction. This was doneĀ 29% cheaper per square foot.

Watch this for 3 minutes. This is the future.

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17 thoughts on “Video: 30-Story Skyscraper Built in 15 Days

  1. What did you expect?? I have caught Gary North so many times blowing smoke to which he never answered to even one which strongly suggests two things:

    He is a mouth piece entertaining himself or he has no facts to refute honest and sincerely challenges which proves the first.

  2. I would correct this and say this was “put together” in 15 days as they are using pre-fab. How long did it take to actually manufacturer the “components” of this building. Not saying this isn’t the future but the headline is somewhat misleading I believe.

  3. Or, he is far too busy to respond to people on a free site. If you want to debate him, sign up at GaryNorth.com, that way at least you're paying for the privilege.

    Most people know that debating trolls on the internet is a horrid waste of time.

  4. jmsmaxwell says:

    Pre Fabrication can definately speed up the assembly process but how many actualy days were involved in the site prep,
    pre assembly of compenents and then on site assembly including the turn key operaitons. Regardless it shows what
    can be done with proper preperation and planning of a project. To see it actuall rise from the ground and be open or
    business in the time frame shown is astounding. It shows what can be done if you do not have UNION thunks getting in
    the way. Of course, he Chineese, have proven many times over that they have the manpower to compete a project and
    do so safely. This could never be done in the United States considering all the petty beuracrats, Unions and other delays
    such as permitting, enviromental studies and what have you blocking the way until they all receive their "special gifts"
    in many cases to approve the project.

  5. Amen to that, Joel.

  6. Don Rushing says:

    It should not take an act of congress to get buildings put up and doing it in a manner that is good for all the interested parties involved. Capitalism will work efficiently all the time except for the problems with unions, environmentalist wackos along with government red tape and the EPA.

  7. Cliffystones says:

    And is the final product "Home sweet home", or more akin to a rat maze?

  8. Texas Chris says:

    Gee, you must have at LEAST one hit website, right? Since you're so much smarter than Dr. North…?

  9. awkingsley says:

    Clever! Adult legos. In defense of Gary North, the component modules are already sitting there waiting to be purchased. This is a new business model for commercial buildings on which an entrepreneur or the state is capitalizing. It is clever. We build houses that way in the U.S. This is truly a 30 story building in 30 days.

  10. _Usually_ safely. There have been a number of bridge collapses, recently.

  11. The same company is supposedly building the worlds tallest building in 90 days. They should be well under way, but I can't seem to find any news on the progress. Do a search for Sky City in Changsha, China.

  12. …plus no american type unionized labor lol.

  13. You'd be right ONLY if the parts were CUSTOM BUILT for the specific site. Do we have evidence that this is what happened?

    If the parts were "generic" than they are being built for a variety of projects or as "off the shelf" items that can be inventoried for "on demand" construction.

  14. Capitalism in Action.

    Maybe we need the Chinese to come over here and re-educate us. Not in how to be good Marxists but how to be Capitalists?

  15. Yup. Darn straight. Been there, done that. Debating trolls is a HUGE waste of time. Might as well be hitting myself on the head with a hammer. It wouldn't be any less productive.

  16. Is this an example of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development?

  17. Gray2Hairs says:

    WOW, we were doing this type of construction in the mid 60's. We built the Watts Hospital out of 106 10'x10'x60' prefab units bolted together and a six story building in Brazil. The units were build on an assembly line in El Monte, California by Designed Facilities Corp. As for the construction of the modules, we built them at about the same pace as they were positioned so the entire building was built in a few weeks, not months. Our buildings were "green" by today's standards and used SIP technology including the largest styrofoam press available at that time.

    This process also included an octagon 3 bedroom, 2-bath home that could be raised in one day by a crew of 5 and ready to move into in 5 days.

    The only thing that stopped this in the US were codes and the EPA. Not to protect people of the environment, but for political reasons.