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Gold Will Fall to $750 in a Year, Says Rodney Johnson. (Who?)

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2013

I had never heard of Rodney Johnson a week ago. But then I came across an advertisement link: “Gold will fall to $750.”

I am always interested in ads. Financial ads sell either greed or fear. This was a classic fear headline. I clicked. Here is what I read.

Gold Up or Gold Down? Why The Gold Price Will Fall to $750

By Rodney Johnson, Editor of Survive & Prosper

At that point, it was time to do some research. What is Survive & Prosper? How could I find out?

I searched for “Survive & Prosper.” I got to a website: www.survive-prosper.com. I did a cut & paste. Then I went to www.Alexa.com, a website ranking service. The larger the number, the lower the ranking. My GaryNorth.com site is ranked in the high 40,000s. My Tea Party Economist site is ranked in the mid-60,000s.

Survive-Prosper.com is in the mid-400,000s.

Then I searched for “Rodney Johnson” and “Amazon.” I wanted to know if he had written a book on gold. He hadn’t. He co-authored a book (as subordinate author) on the coming crash. The main author was Harry Dent.

We all recall Harry Dent. He is better known as Harry “Dow 40,000” Dent. We read on Wikipedia:

In 2000, based on his forecast that economic growth would continue throughout the 2000s, Dent predicted that the DOW would reach 40k, a prediction which was repeated in his 2004 book. In his book, he also predicted the NASDAQ would reach 13-20k. In late 2006 he revised his forecasts to much lower levels, estimating the Dow would reach 16-18k and the NASDAQ 3-4k. In January 2006, he predicted that the DOW would reach 14-15k by the end of the year. It ended 2006 at 12,463, 11% below the lower end of his prediction. It ended 2007 at 13,264, again significantly lower than Dent’s revised prediction of 15,000 by early 2008. Since then, the Dow crossed 14,000 in late 2007 before retreating.

Dent popularized the baby boomer spending wave theory. According to him, after baby-boomers’ children leave home, they begin paying down debt and saving for retirement, which means spending less. That means the stock-market would have plateaued between 2007 and 2009, and remain basically flat through the fourth quarter of 2011.

So, he made his prediction based on demographics. A booming Dow was a sure thing. He wrote book after book on this. Demography is destiny.

He got his head handed to him in 2009. So, in 2011, he began to re-position himself. He is now Harry “The Coming Crash” Dent. He got Rodney Johnson to help him. They now run Survive-Prosper.com.

On the ad’s page, we read that Mr. Dent is Editor-in-Chief. We also read this:

Harry identifies and studies demographic, technological and consumer trends so he can accurately forecast economic changes. He regularly speaks to executives, financial advisors and investors around the world, has appeared on “Good Morning America,” PBS, CNBC and CNN/FN, has been featured in Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Success, U.S. News and World Report, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, American Demographics and Omni, and is a regular guest on Fox Business’s “America’s Nightly Scorecard.” Harry has written numerous books including The Great Boom Ahead (1992) and The Great Crash Ahead (2011).

It should have added: “He is also a world-renowned expert in image re-positioning.”

We learn that Rodney Johnson is Editor. We are told this:

Rodney works closely with Harry to study how people spend money as they go through predictable stages of life, how that spending drives our economy and how readers can use this information to invest successfully in any market. Rodney began his career in financial services on Wall Street in the 1980s with Thomson McKinnon and then Prudential Securities. He started working on projects with Harry in the mid-1990s. He’s a regular guest on several radio programs and is featured on television where he discusses economic trends ranging from the price of oil to the direction of the U.S. economy.

It might have added: “He has not written a book on the gold market.”

Mr. Johnson’s ad says this.

Ultimately, the question is: what is gold worth?What should the price of gold be?

Typically, the answer is given in terms of a currency. An ounce of gold is worth so many dollars or euros. The gold spot price is delivered in dollars. But how do you know that the gold price is a true reflection of the value of the precious metal?

If price is not the indicator, I don’t know what else might be. He does not tell us.

He asks what the price will be in a year.

He tells us: “It’s not gold up all of the time. It’s not gold down all of the time.” A profound insight, and unquestionably true. But it does not answer the question: What will the price be in a year?

Keep reading.

By the way, the ad is not dated. Ads usually aren’t. But this raises a question: “A year from when?”

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

Continue Reading on www.garynorth.com

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14 thoughts on “Gold Will Fall to $750 in a Year, Says Rodney Johnson. (Who?)

  1. The cold currency war is going hot and expanding, and this guy thinks the US Dollar is going to get stronger? I take it he hasn't noticed that 48% of the world's population (18% of the world's GDP) just dumped the US Dollar as their world reserve currency in favor the Renminbi/Yuan? Or is the teapartyeconomist just trolling for activity?

  2. Cathy Weaver says:

    No link to click to continue reading….only Ameritrade ads!

  3. Lisa Kinney says:

    I’m happy someone checks this and gets the correct info.For me, I know there’s no credence to that type of sesationalist&fear ad,because as long as our situation remains as is the price of gold will, it would seem, only go up in reaction to it.

  4. Not a Paper Patriot says:

    Beware charlatans like rotten Rodney. He is a cabal shill attempting to separate you from REAL money, i.e. gold, and put you into fake fiat.

  5. I'll take a chance and keep my gold !!!

  6. MontanaMel says:

    Screwed up……no link! Just ad's…
    Feels funky… I'll keep my guns, ammo, and gold.
    The BIBLE remains in our home!
    Beware the end times.

  7. If it stays about where it is…no biggie.

    If it drops, buy more, because I'd be quite confident to say the drop will only be temporary.

  8. Gold is a commodity. Therefore it always has market value. Documents (fiat) are not a commodity. It is often said that we're comparing gold with paper. Paper is a commodity, but that's not what's being compared here. That's a false analogy. The fiat is printed on paper, yes, but the essence of it is that it is a document. It used to be a document declaring that gold or silver was on deposit and could be exchanged for the note. It was a claim on gold or silver. Now it's a document declaring…that you're an idiot if you trust it to have value. The title to my car or house are valuable documents. They stand in the place of them and give me claim to them. What good is a document that doesn't refer to anything? This is the scam that governments and banks have pulled off.

  9. To further illustrate the difference between fiat and commodity, consider coinage. Modern coins are simply documents, printed upon durable base metal, rather than paper. But their message is not much different from that of the note. They are a claim to…nothing. There's a small difference, in that the metal is not degraded by the stamp as the paper is by the ink, and fetches a higher market price (usually) than paper anyway. Consider the nickel. Its market value is more than 5 cents. Therefore, it's a good move to put some money into nickels. It's a type of currency play. But in the pre-1965 days, when someone handed you a coin, you were getting value, not just a document. The coin was not a claim on value, it was value in itself. The silver (or even gold) totally extinguished the debt by the transfer of real value. Value for value was exchanged, not a promise for value. What a concept! Now, when we buy oil overseas, or any foreign-made article, we scam the sellers, by giving them a promise (of nothing!) for value received. This has been going on since 1971. What a great deal it's been for us…and what a sour deal for them. But they had no choice then. Now, they are beginning to have a choice. Our chickens are going to come home to roost with a vengeance.

  10. Everything is headed for a big bust: just look at the world population, and all the have nots out there wanting a piece of the pie..More and more people means more and more demands, wich means less and less resourses, to take care of the masses..
    The world is bursting at the seams..China alone can not keep up with their population growth, despite their, "one child per couple policy," Look at Chinas neighbor India, what about them? take other nations like, Brazil, or many third worlders getting into the act..
    Gold will not buy you a loaf of bread if there is too much hunger(et/al too many mouths to feed) and very few loafs…
    It's a panecea for people to think that everything is going to go on like the world is our oister, without it ever drying out..
    I've read the book of life (the bible), and everything there shows the conclusion of this dillema and what to,expect..
    There will be, "multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of descision, at the end of the age."
    The time is a lot closer to deciding for this world..Not a question of if, but "when.!"

  11. Bible Thumper says:

    What you think of as GOLD is really gold-plated titanium. Do a little research and you will begin to think the thoughts I am thinking. They didn't have the technology to explain this in so many words in the BIBLE but the idea is clear. Your gold is sick and your silver is rotten, is the basic idea. AND, it is straight from the Bible. If you don't have a spiritual perspective informed by the Holy Spirit of the Holy God, I suggest you do a little soul searching and find out what is REALLY going down. A LOT is what is going down. Maybe not gold prices over the next day, week, month or year, but you don't really know, now, do you? I certainly wish you the best of health, wealth and success, but everyone must ultimately deal with REALITY and for many there is a huge reality gap. That is my opinion.

  12. Yes gold is a comodity, like corn etc but who does it benefit really? the gold miner, that's why i like it to go up, just like the farmer.
    Or the farmers bank manager, who deals in fiat , Latin for let there be, like fiat lux . The very first words of the good book.
    Once i heard joke, why was the Irish currency named the punt? Because it sounds like bank manager….
    Bank is Latin for bench . An attorney , turns and twists. That's why we love to hear about who's been screwed. A farmer , a miner, and a bank manager have allot in common with each other we are screw drivers. Unless you take the conventional view which is all the kings gold cant help everyone ,let alone himself, so he decided to let us try for ourselves. Fiat current cy meandered along the bank and even that's why the dock signs you're birth certificate as an assurance rather than insurance since the 14th amendment.. not to mention article one section ten.
    The difference between the declaration of in depehdence and the gettys burg address is prepositional pro nouns or the lack of whichever one you read.. compound interest is why social security doesn't work anymore.
    Fractional reserve banking works when you deposit with a goldsmith .
    Otherwise you haven't just thrown away the yardstick , you've lost the matching yardstick.
    It appears that the world's reserve current cy is spilling out into oceans of poverty and islands of wealth and you are all guilty.
    A happy poorman .

  13. Sons of the American Revolution says:

    There is no way that any entity, be it private, public or both, is going to manipulate away the debt situation faced today.
    There is no way that the US is going to become a net exporter of energy in amounts that could even slow down this rate of growth in the debt.
    There is no way this flat line recovery is going to turn into a boom in business.
    There is no way that the unemployment figures are going to have a sustained improvement short of all the unemployed giving up hope and shifting to the underemployed list.
    There is no way that you can set such records in increased liquidity and not have explosion inflation regardless of business activity.
    There is no way that the Fed can liquidate its holdings of treasuries in an orderly manner without collapsing the Treasury market.
    There is no way the Fed can liquidate any toxic paper it took on from banks internationally in the crisis of 2008.
    There is no way the Fed can step away from QE which would mean higher interest rates without collapsing the flat line so called economic recovery.

  14. There is a way for everything you say there is no way.
    Check out the trillion dollar law suit with Winston shrout.
    Debt is a fiction.
    You are a fiction.
    There is 21 million tonnes of gold out there and ample sound money for all.
    Not even this tea party site will cover this or gata .
    You are all to insecure of you're assurity .
    It's just what Marx would of drea med of this hegilian argument 100 years after the fed started.
    It's just class struggle for y'all.