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Cosmo Girls Have Smartphones. So, Cosmopolitan Is Dying.

Written by Gary North on February 8, 2013

Another print-based magazine is about to byte the dust. Women’s magazines have their biggest sales at supermarket check-out lines. But these days, women with money have smartphones.

Do they buy a women’s magazine to browse through while they are waiting? Not any more. They check their smartphones.

Cosmopolitan‘s print-based magazine sales fell 18.5% in 2012. That is not just a decline. That is over the falls.

It gets worse. This decline came in the second half of the year. This means that the old browsing habits are being abandoned at a truly revolutionary speed. This is a complete change in reading habits. This is irreversible.

It’s happening to all the check-out line magazines. The captive audiences of three generations are no longer captives. The single sales copies of four other women’s magazines declined at double-digit rates in 2012.

This decline is hitting all print-based magazines. Newsstand sales were down 8.2%.  But women’s celebrity magazines were hit the hardest.

The times they are a changin’.

This means that the next segment of print media is dying. The Establishment press is a dinosaur. It’s in the tar pits. It will not be with us for much longer.

Think of every smartphone as a gun aimed at the heads of print-based media. Think of this as guns without gun control, background checks, or the BATF.

My advice: “Pull the trigger! Put them out of their misery!”

This news comes from London’s Financial Times. It’s business news. (Note: when you click through, don’t leave the page. You get locked out if you do. You will then get a sales pitch — and no article — when you return to the page on the same computer.)

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5 thoughts on “Cosmo Girls Have Smartphones. So, Cosmopolitan Is Dying.

  1. Couldn't happen to a nicer publication. Instead of guiding teenaged girls how to get into science fairs and prepare for college, Cosmopolitan blasts out cover stories like "How to give your boyfriend a better b***wjob!" and "Secrets To Having Great S*x All Night!" Just keep the masses distracted with you-know-what.

  2. Got243kids says:

    It's not the smart phone… It's the regurgitated garbage content of the publication itself… Blame on the smartphone is denial at it's finest. The sleeping Giant has been awakened and we are not wasting time.

  3. Well kids, I hate to break it to ya, but they've been swallowing that regurgitated garbage for the last 40 years without a problem. Something's changed and I don't think anyone has woken up, I think the smartphone is the best answer.

  4. They're still getting the MSM garbage, just through a different medium

  5. The real loss was The Weekly World News, which printed my favorite political columnist, Ed Anger.