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Beating Obamacare: Hospitals Across Borders

Written by Gary North on January 30, 2013

You are stuck with Obamacare if you need health insurance. If you can pay for treatment, you can get treatment far cheaper with no waiting period. Here’s how.

No rationing. No standing in line.

I like the hospital ship idea. Get on board, sail 200 miles outside the USA, and you get cheap, efficient care.

The envy-driven politicians will scream bloody murder. “The rich are getting good care! They can afford it. It’s just not fair!”

This raises some crucial questions.

How are they getting good care? “By not having to deal with America-licensed doctors.”

You mean foreign-trained doctors are as good as ours? “At these prices, yes.”

But that would mean that state-licensing is a fraud, a scam, a way to feather the nests of those with licenses. “True.”

But that would mean that we have not had a free market in medical care in the USA for a century. “True.”

But that would mean that we need more than a repeal of Obamacare. We also need the repeal of medical licensing. “True.”

But that’s not what licensed physicians are fighting for. They just want the repeal of Obamacare. “True.”

They want state-regulated medical care. “True.”

You are saying that a free market works better than regulation. “True!”

I have never heard this before. “I don’t doubt it.”

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23 thoughts on “Beating Obamacare: Hospitals Across Borders

  1. Where is the ship and how can I contact them?

  2. This is not just for the rich. The not-so-rich middle class can come to Mexico. Here in Puebla we have excellent hospitals and doctors, the technology its at most 3 years behind the most advanced in the US and both hospitals and doctors take dollar credit cards. In 2001 my wife had a serious accident, broke her left arm. Spent 6 hours in the operating room in the most expensive advanced hospital in Puebla with the elite of orthopedic surgeons, a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist and an operating room nurse. Total cost including the stay in the hospital, $5,000 US. At that time an operating room in a hospital in the US was at least $3,000 US per hour, this from a reasonably reliable source. Dentistry is excellent here too and so affordable that even with the price of airfare roundtrip to Mexico plus a few days stay in a hotel it's less expensive by a lot than the same treatment in the US.

  3. Does anyone hear Naval Blockade coming 🙂

  4. VoiceOfReason says:

    I have maintained all along since ObummerCare was rammed down America's throat by the Democrats that health care ultimately would be rationed in the US–death panels, if you wish. Americans needing health care, but unable to obtain it here, would cross over the border into Mexico to get it from high-quality health complexes that would be built to serve them. Today, we have lots of Canadians who travel into the US to avoid the long waiting lines (or unavailability) for that health care in Canada.

  5. When my grandson and I lived in Honduras ten years ago, he had a fall (his fault) and landed on his head on concrete. (Fortunately his head is the hardest part of him.) Bystanders took him to the hospital and came to find me. His care was totally free, and as good as he could have received in the US. Last month here in Texas he needed two stitches and a tetanus shot. His bill (for no more than 10 minutes actual care) was: doctor $749; hospital 1594. This was my first brush with US medical care since my youngest's birth in 1963. I now know what's wrong with US medical care. They can take their ridiculous bills and stick them!

  6. Dorsett Bennett says:

    This article is beyond counterintuitive – it is, at best, ignorant, and at worst, stupid. Medical care was expensive in the US long before Obamacare was passed. PS – medical care has been rationed by health insurance companies and HMOs, since they're beginning. And as far as medical doctors being against Obamacare, whoever wrote the article should look into the history of the battle of the law, and see the American Medical Association and the majority of American doctors supported its passage. There were doctors who were against it, of course. I continue to be astounded by what I read on this website. The following question keeps coming to my mind, "What is the color of the sky in your world?" And I am not a Democrat, but was actually a registered Republican from 1971 until 2005, when I went Independent. Both the Republican and Democratic parties gag me. Just like the majority of political commentary on this site. Mr. North has enough good suggestions to make keeping a membership worthwhile.

  7. My mother had all of her dental work done in Mexico. The quality of care and treatment were in every way equivalent to anything she could get here. Procedures that cost thousands here in the U.S. where a tenth of that cost or less in Mexico. There are hospitals in places like Thailand and Singapore where you can get major medical procedures done at a fraction of what you would pay in the States. In many cases, the recovery and care are similar to a stay in a luxury hotel. The savings is significant enough to pay for the round-trip air travel, hotels and food—with a nice chunk of change left in your pocket. It isn't just for the rich and famous. We've been conditioned by our government, the insurance and medical industries, and big pharma to believe that medicine in the rest of the world is still in the Dark Ages, when in actuality, the opposite is true.

  8. Several of the top-rated hospitals in the world are located in Bangkok. Take a tropical vacation and get patched up at the same time. Obamacare will do a lot to increase tourism, if only to foreign hospitals.

  9. The following question keeps coming to my mind, "What is the color of the sky in your world?"

    I guess it's all in how you look at it. My own personal experience bears out what is said in the article and it is not ignorant or stupid just because you do not agree. The AMA is not for lowering costs. Insurance companies and HMOs love to have laws that require people to buy their products.

    Democrats and Republicans gag you, but you want MORE of what they are dishing out? Sheesh.

  10. I have heard that some of your doctors and their cutting edge methods are almost legendary, and put America's AMA system to utter shame!!

  11. Texas Chris says:

    In international waters that's piracy.

  12. 1775Concord says:

    The AMA has nothing to do with pricing, nor do doctors (exceptions: concierge care, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and a few others who don't take insurance and work from their own offices). Doctors cannot negotiate (Federal Trade Commission rule), and insurance companies set f=the reimbursement values for what doctors will be paid. Hospitals, however, make out well as they negotiate with United Healthcare, etc., but not on Medicare nor (surely) Medicaid patients.

  13. 1775Concord says:

    Obama came to the AMA's annual meeting in 2009, offered no tort reform, and doctors there opposed it. When the bill pushed forward, the "executive committee" of the AMA sent a letter stating that they would work with Obama/Dems on the law. But they had no input. Whether the sense of the letter was that the AMA approved (which it hadn't) or not, doctors viewed it as a sellout by the AMA. Anyway, the AMA, which will not even support whistleblowing doctors as they are persecuted by the substandard hospitals, are held in such little regard by practicing physicians that only 15% of them belong to the AMA. So it iscertainly not the voice of Medicine.
    You are correct re. rationing of care by insurance companies…and Medicare is one of those. The majority of doctors were AGAINST Obamacare, not just those who voted in 2009. In fact, an Investor's Business Daily article in the fall of 2009 stated that doctors were so opposed to the law that over 40% would consider quitting practice if the law were to pass.

  14. As a physician, I hate all of the increasing control and regulation that is being implemented by bureaucrats in the field of medicine. Ultimately, it's not about better or cheaper patient care, but about control, money and power. Presently there is a debate brewing about MOC (Maintenance of Certification) for physicians implemented by hospital administrators and others in power. Without board certification, or the continuance thereof, many physicians may be prevented from having hospital privileges. This is just another example of the onerous burdens being placed on medical professionals in this country. Most of my colleagues I can guarantee you want less regulation and oversight of their practice of medicine, not more. As such, most physicians oppose Obamacare, MOC rules, higher malpractice premiums, more price regulation by third party payers (government and private insurance) and limits placed on their ability to practice by the federal or state goverments. Check out what the AAPS (American Association of Physicians and Surgeons) has to say about these issues; quite insightful. It's only a matter of time before the AMA goes down the tubes. And good riddance.

  15. sorry but this article is valid and good. and also correct. I had a bout of congestive heart failure and they told my son to get me to the hospital and to expect me to die on the way. I made it and they gave me constant and better care (government hospital) than the usa. No surgery, stents etc as would have been in US. in 4 days (2 intensive care in emergency room) i lost 39 lbs and left the hospital feeling better than in years in only 4 days. My Dr says they NEVER do surgery for this as it is easy to cure with medicine (i agree it was) cost under 15000. usa 300000 or more and recovery much longer

  16. So no regulations, no lawsuits if you die, they just conveniently dispose of your body in the ocean and let the sharks handle the rest.


  17. I call BS. Anyone can claim to be a doctor on here. And actually, most physicians are in favor of Obamacare.

  18. No, no it's not.

  19. Gary North has a history of being ignorant and stupid.

  20. not as big a fool as you for sure

  21. Unfortunatly, factored in to all bills now are the treatments for those on medicare, those who cannot pay (undocumented and persons who don't have insurence et al) Also for hospitals who have to pay excessive salaries due to labor unions, doctors who have to carry large policies for insurence and hospitals who do too. Cry as we want to about high medical bills, lawyers who promote litigation have not helped as much as hurt. I bet in countries outside of the US suits for doctors and hospitals are almost non-existant. Think about it.

  22. DisgustedDeb says:

    Mitch McConnell at CPAC – snivels that "We Lost On Obamacare"

    See http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2013/03/m

    No, McConnell, we did not lose. YOU SURRENDERED. There is a difference. Ya sniveling clown.

  23. DisgustedDeb says:

    If the House won't courageously DEFUND Obamacare — which is what most Americans WANT Republicans to do, there are still other individual options. Here is an entrepreneurial innovation, truly affordable Direct Primary Care membership plans.