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Gun Owners Boycott a Huge Outdoors Show. Show Shuts Down.

Written by Gary North on January 25, 2013

The good guys have won a big one.

The annual Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show normally attracts 200,000 visitors. It earns money from 1,000 exhibitors.

Last week the  British firm that owns it decided to ban all visible references to assault weapons, so called. No sales, no advertising, nothing.

A boycott began. The NRA canceled. Then hundreds of exhibitors canceled. There were lots of stories about the boycott, as you can see here.

The politically correct Brits who thought they would jump on the gun control bandwagon have announced that there will be no show . No show, indeed!

Here is the official announcement. This will cost the company a pile of money. I detect a whining tone. Maybe you will, too.

Reed Exhibitions has decided to postpone, for now, the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show given the controversy surrounding its decision to limit the sale or display of modern sporting rifles (also called ARs) at the event. The show was scheduled to take place February 2-10 in Harrisburg, PA.

“Our original decision not to include certain products in the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show this year was made in order to preserve the event’s historical focus on the hunting and fishing traditions enjoyed by American families,” said Chet Burchett, Reed Exhibitions President for the Americas. “In the current climate, we felt that the presence of MSRs would distract from the theme of hunting and fishing, disrupting the broader experience of our guests. This was intended simply as a product decision, of the type event organizers need to make every day.

“It has become very clear to us after speaking with our customers that the event could not be held because the atmosphere of this year’s show would not be conducive to an event that is designed to provide family enjoyment. It is unfortunate that in the current emotionally charged atmosphere this celebratory event has become overshadowed by a decision that directly affected a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits showcasing products and services for those interested in hunting and fishing.

“ESS has long been proud to participate in the preservation and promotion of hunting and fishing traditions, and we hope that as the national debate clarifies, we will have an opportunity to consider rescheduling the event when the time is right to focus on the themes it celebrates.”

Reed Exhibitions will feast on a plate full of crow this year. It may eat another plate full next year. I hope so.

Reed Exhibitions made a big mistake. It blew up in their faces like a rifle with a cork in the barrel. At least 1,000 exhibitors show up, at $1,000 each, minimum. Reed can kiss all that money goodbye.

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181 thoughts on “Gun Owners Boycott a Huge Outdoors Show. Show Shuts Down.

  1. The power of the people to respond cannot be taken for granted. We stood for our principles and spoke with our wallets.

  2. Typical British and liberal reaction. Notice they stated they banned the weapons since the want to place the emphasis on hunting, camping and fishing. They don't realize the 2nd admendment has nothing to do with those activities.

  3. Once again the Brits failed to learn from the Smith and Wesson debacle in Clinton's time. Only reminds me of the words from the movie Forest Gump….Stupid is as Stupid does….and no slam on Forest; he went on to win the Medal of Honor. Perhaps the Brit owners will win the IQ award and realize that America IS different from England.

    Lets start with who won the American Revolution and lets start with Brits are subjects (unarmed) per their passports and we Yanks are Citizens (armed). What a concept !! Duh !!

  4. My favorite part is how they narrowed the allowed exhibits in order to broaden everyone's experience. It seems the Britons would have a better command of the English language.

  5. Correction – the NRA was one of the last organizations to back out…

  6. chieflover says:

    If I recall correctly there were three shows recently which were highlighted by "accidental discharges." Could it be the Brits were perfomring a Public Service?

  7. Fadgewicke says:

    Please lay off, my American friends, we have to live with crap like this every day !

    At least you may observe what happens when the abiltiy to defend oneself is taken away from a population,
    and just to rub it in, Birmingham City (UK) is just on the verge of having White Britons as a minority !

    Watch and learn my friends . . .

  8. Who is Reed Exhibitions and what other events do they have that can be boycotted? Someone needs to list the vendors/exhibitors who cxled so that they can be supported for doing the RIGHT thing (assuming they have any product left to sell) . This is the reverse of rules for radicals, we need to start relentlessly pounding these libs in the pocketbook where it hurts. Only pressure will thin the RINO's from the herd or turn them back in and force the rest of the Republicans to wake up and meld with the TEA Party to ensure a survivable opposition to the mainstream Far Left Social Democratic Party now in power. Power to the Productive People God save the Republic.

  9. Elaine Connelly says:

    No they were not. chieflover you are incorrect. Three shows huh? More people are killed and injured by hammers, lightning, and explosives every year, not firearms. You are really quite the idiot.

  10. Please site references. As a gun show participant it is utterly IMPOSSIBLE for "accidental discharges" to occur because every gun has the action open, they all have breech plugs or breech safety tags and NO AMMUNITION is allowed in the same area or on the same table.

    I think you are not only incorrect, but a TROLL.

  11. Bippy Bellito says:

    I humbly suggest that the next step would be to boycott cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington, L.A. and S.F. as well! The Chieftains (Mayors) of these fiefdoms insist they know best when in fact they are the most dangerous of cities because of their mayor's lunacies. States like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut deserve the same fate. Take your vacations in places that are safe. These locales are not. No trips to the New Jersey Shore Towns since most are overrun by thugs and gangs both in and out of government. Let clowns like Cuomo, Christie feel the pain of their mistrust of our Constitution. Do not forget these Ass Clowns

  12. Maranatha Mark says:

    That is a great first step, now let's hope this gains momentum and all the anti-2nd Amendment elected officials get the boot, Dianne Fienstein, Barb Boxer and Chucky Schumer, just to name a few. You folks on the Eastern seaboard states need to put on your big boy & big girl pants, write yourselves a note, so you don't forget by 2014, and vote those who have failed to uphold their oaths to defend and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Again, kudos to those vendors who participated in the boycott of the show! It would be great to have a list of those folks who participated so we can support them by doing business with them!

  13. "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." George Washington, 1790

  14. AND….. Was anyone hurt???? Were they really accidental firearm discharges? Would not surprise me that someone could have smuggled in live ammo and put it in a gun to test fire it…..

  15. QUOTE FROM "THE MORNING CALL" NEWSPAPER, ALLENTOWN PA … "Within two (2) hours of Reed's initial announcement on the ban of weapons and magazines for the Harrisburg show, the National Rifle Association (NRA) issued a statement condemning Reed's decision. Almost immediately, 15 vendors jumped on boar, and the list grew daily with celebrities such as Lee and Tiffany Lakosky and top sponsors like Cabela's withdrawing from the show. The list continued to grow to more than 270 by Wednesday night, including manufacturers Hoyt and Ruger, before the bottom fell out on the show exactly one week after the initial announcement.."

  16. chieflover says:

    Name calling indicates a certain degree of instability!!! Or perhaps you are just having fun…..

  17. Actually, here in NC, a visitor unwrapped a shotgun and it went off. Seems he brought it to the show to sell, and it was loaded. I agree that the exhibitors did not allow it, but it was an attendee.

  18. chieflover says:

    Not quite sure what a "troll" might be, but if the name fits I will wear it………

  19. I agree, we need to unite not in words only but focused action.

  20. Your wasting your time and more importantly….mine. Sale it to the libs moron!

  21. Steve you got that right WE AMERICANS are citizens and a sovereign PEOPLE not subjects like those in England and Obamanayshon will not make US SUBJECTS to his dictates ! ! ! !

  22. Be Reasonable says:

    Sometimes it is hard to believe people can be so stupid. Can we have a reasonable discussion ever again?

  23. chieflover says:

    Thanks for citing the source of the incident. You have a fair and balanced view of this very emotional issue……you have my respect!!!!

  24. Who needs these twinks in this country anyway? We had to bail them out of two world wars, or they would be speaking german and saying hiel hitler!

  25. Gun owners should also be boycotting manufactures and suppliers that sponsor anti-gun programming including biased news.

  26. The corporation that owns Reed Exhibitions is Reed Elsevier. The “Elsevier” component used to be one of the largest in academic / scientific publishing.

  27. Fadgewicke, well it seems you are one of the few across the pond that has a grasp of our concept to bear arms, and why. We will be watching your demise, unfortunately, hopefully to avert your same mistakes. But as you know, humans are generally stupid, we don’t learn from history and the same outcome repeats itself again and again. Good luck Fadge, oh, could you do us yanks a favor, please call Piers and tell him to come home, Thanks (in advance).

  28. Never forget the Tony Martin (Norfolk, England) story. It says all that needs to be said about stupid laws and lawyers.

  29. We have the power, they don’t. Underestimate us, and see who we really are. We are Americans, we have rights to own guns. This is a breath of fresh air for a change. The stink in Washington was getting to strong.. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Thank you to everyone who canceled. May God continue to Bless us and keep us strong….

  30. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Liberty is hard won by brave, courageous souls. It can be lost, bit-by-bit, by succeeding generations if they are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to maintain it. This is precisely what has transpired as the political class has assumed greater power over time. Our present leadership has deemed that the time is ripe to trample the Constitution completely and rule by dictate.
    It is heartening to see that people are beginning to stand up for their rights. It will, unfortunately, take much more time, and possibly blood, before those in government realize that overreach will not be tolerated. And, we will require brave, courageous souls to stand up again before this point is driven home.

  31. PreventTyranny says:

    I was present at the show in Ohio where discharge occurred. First the owner brought a loaded weapon (full magazine) with the gun he intended to sell at the show (first mistake). Weapons were being checked at the door by local police and strapped but per reports the strap was improperly installed so this is the second and biggest mistake in my opinion since had the weapon been properly strapped, the officier SHOULD have seen a round already chambered. The dealer saw the round and attempted to remove the round and fired the weapon (third mistake since he should not have tried to unload the weapon given the crowded conditions). Personally I think some if not all of the events may have been staged.

  32. I am so sorry the Brits are dealing with the things they are. I hope we learn from this and don't allow ourselves to be overrun (wan hope, I fear) by folks who leave their country and then try and turn ours into something just like the one they left (yes I speak of Muslims – one example here is Dearborn, MI). The firearms debate here is ridiculous in my mind. The real problem is mental health — which has been sloughed off since the mid 80s. No one wants to talk about it, but there is no place for the mentally ill except for those who are criminally insane. That said, I'm glad people spoke up and expressed their displeasure in a boycott. Maybe the company will think first next time. I live in hope!

  33. Doesn't it warm you from the inside out to snap the shorts of those who insist on being PC to the tune of $1million plus USD? I guess they forgot who booted their asses out 200 plus years ago. Bet they recall now, don't you think? More of this will bring the PC crowd to it's knees in pretty short order. I don't care who you are or what your belief may be, the one thing that gets undivided attention is huge losses of money! The Brits just found out and perhaps a few American wussie companies need to as well. I can think of nothing dumber than to decide against the very customer base that supports your your sales. Let this be a warning to all firms who choose to lie down with the dogs in DC against gun owners. Ultimately they lose!

  34. Interesting contradiction by Reed Exhibitions:
    "Reed Exhibitions has decided to postpone, for now, the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show given the controversy surrounding its decision to limit the sale or display of modern sporting rifles (also called ARs) at the event."
    Hmm, that sounds like a restriction on sporting/hunting rifles.
    "We (Reed) felt that the presence of MSRs would distract from the theme of hunting and fishing, disrupting the broader experience of our guests."
    Yet in this sentence Reed states that they do not want to distract from hunting! I would have thought that pistols, which are generally used for self defence and protection would have been a "bigger distraction" from the "hunting experience" they seek, than the semi-automatic rifles they banned.

  35. History has proven such antics in the government and blinded liberals leads to tollatarian and dictatorial regimes which start world wars and kill millions. So it is time people quit being sheep lead to the slaughter. We are standing up to the communist and liberals and it may just come back to another civil war. Go check the history in Congress during the 1842 to 1859 time frame and see the same idiotic nonsense which lead to the civil war, as it was not slavery of blacks as there were 5 times more whites in slavery in this country but called indenturement (same thing). Obummerization is about to be flushed with the lib Dems like Reid, Fienstein, Pelso, Schummer, and the rest.

  36. WE THE PEOPLE will not STAND DOWN like our wonderful leaders did in Lybia. Obama is to too stupid to realize what he is dealing with when he tries to take away any of our rights given to us by the constitution. HIS ATTEMPT TO DO IT IS TREASON.
    What part of the word "infringe" don't you understand, Obama? Learn your lesson quickly: DON'T MESS WITH 'WE THE PEOPLE'!

  37. We are , you just aren't smart enough to know it !!!

  38. We must defend the Constitution – or it will become too week to defend us. Obama and his crew are on a mission to destroy the 1st (by stealth and political correctness), the 2nd (by outrage "for the children"), the 22nd (so BO can run for a third term) and several others. We must stay vigilant and not let this course of action be successful. Keep your eyes and ears open, patriots!

  39. We have no need to watch and learn facts we have known for over two centuries. I'm sorry you have to be subjected to such lunacy but it is a choice your country has made on your behalf, misguided as it may be. There's plenty of room over here for good people who simply wish to exercise their God given rights. Get the hell out of Great Britain if it is so bad…we did and have never looked back!

  40. Dark Patriot says:

    Why does this make perfect sense?

  41. BINGO! You leave little to add!

  42. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Well. Well the colonials have spoken again and made thier voices LOUD and CLEAR. England is not gonna limit our posession of flintlocks or percussion arms anymore than the wicked witches of the west (pelosi and minions and grimy reid and the POS is the WHite house are gonna limmit our access to current arms. We fought one war to gai our freedom from the british tyrants and now it looks like we might have to fight another war to free us from home grown ogliarchs. co'mon lets play cowboys and indians again only this time the cowboys are on the side of the indians..

  43. chieflover says:

    Thanks for the respone……all I ever ask is for people to care enough to check out information, and don't blindly accept a post as simply made up…..or factual!!! I respect your response….so that is two so far, one in North Carolina, and one in Ohio. One to go….thanks for your post!!!!!

  44. chieflover says:

    Keep your reason, it serves us all well!!!!!!!!!

  45. Brian Johnson says:

    I've got something other than money they can kiss!

  46. Reed Elsevier exhibition and publishing group of UK. They do something called VisionExpo in NYC. This year March. Look it up or Google for exact dates…..Jacob Javits Center…another NYC rip off. I will not be attending this year. All these highly sensitive English haughty idiots should simply return to ENGLAND (not UK) where they can remain safe slaves while they forfeit the remnant of their "empire"lol.

  47. I remember attending this show 50 years ago — it takes place in the Farm Show Complex. The Farm Shows have been going on there for over 150 years. The Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show is not one of the new gun shows that have been popping up just recently — it is a tradition. When did the Brits take it over? I don't know, but PA is getting mighty tight with the Brits. The latest announcement is the PA Lottery will now be privatized and run by — you guessed it, the Brits. There are also attempts being made to privatize the State liquor stores and the PA Turnpike. Wonder if the Brits will also be running these enterprises?

  48. and of course it would have been a liberal any one else would be smart enough to not do that

  49. Good guys (1), whinos (0). Y'all come back when you mature.

  50. Kathyrn, it is actually the DRUGS that are prescribed to kids that shouldn't be. Medical doctors prescribe drugs to these kids who are still developing, brain-wise, without knowing the effects that they cause. The kids don't need to be on them, but because our public schools (indoctrination centers) can't handle the kids, and they get out of hand, the school psychiatrists refer them to drugs, to control them. The FDA has a Black Box warning on these drugs (SSRIs and anti-depressants) that state that they are not to be prescribed to people 25 and under, but they totally disregard the warnings. Each of these school massacres, mass shootings, etc., were inflicted by people in that age bracket, and either coming off the drugs, or just had their dosages doubled up, unnecessarily. Big Pharma, the medical schools, and the medical doctors themselves, gain a lot of money by prescribing these drugs. The FDA and medical lobbyiests do, too.

  51. Too bad all gun owners couldn't boycott the income tax

  52. Hear, hear! I've already told my husband, I'm not going to NY state, unless I absolutely have to, to pass through to get to Canada. Fortunately, I can get to Canada from my own state, so that is a moot issue! (My daughter lives in Canada, so to go see her and my grandson… 🙂 ) So, anywhere east of Illinois… forget it… I'm not going, unless I travel up from the south, to avoid Illinois entirely. Which is bad, since I have family that live in Illinois, but I won't go in it as long as idiots like Dick Durbin, Rahm Emanuel, and the like are in control.

  53. When will Americans ever learn that the Brits are our enemy's.Aways were & always will be! Hope their "UGLY QUEEN" drops dead…LoL

  54. Mark, good luck with getting the likes of Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, out of California's slate of approved representatives. With the idiot moonbeams that live there in the major cities (such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, where these three are based), willing to give up their guns for a measly $200 grocery gift card.

  55. Liberal bastions, the academic/scientific industry. It's where liberals are bred!

  56. I couldn't be more pleased. This cup of soured tea is exactly what the nosy but-insky Brits deserve. Stay out of our business! You've already ruined your own country.

  57. We the people all say that we will not let this happen here, but we don't realize that it's been happening for a while now , and we do nothing but whine !! I't's time to get up off our collective butts , and do something ! I/m an over 70 year old vet that can still (as my country taught me ) fight for my country , and I will!…………………………..DON

  58. Help me here….why is a NON gun toting/believing country hosting a gun show event in our country anyway? How about a US Company host this shin dig and let's feed our own!!! I am sick to death of giving our money to other countries; especially those who do not share in/support our belief system!! Oh – and…anyone keeping up with the crime rates for countries that RIPPED guns from the hands of their now defenseless population? We should take notes. Throw this gun show out forever. New opportunity for AMERICANS to host and make a buck.

  59. Edward Shick says:

    It's about time to get the Swiss involved as they know that if every home has a weapon in it you can remain free ,, For years every responsible Male has gone for training and taught to fire there rifle , they take it home with them and people do not often even lock there doors, I remeber when it was like that in Ohio ,, Congress and Capitol hill needs a lot of change several should be tried for Treason Freedom is not Free!!!

  60. My favorite part is that the Brits ,who have given up their rights to arms, thought they could brainwash Americans into the same thing…since they cannot have guns…who are they to put on a gun show to begin with??? What a bunch of idiots…I frankly do not care who pulled out first…I care that companies had the guts to pull out period…perhaps they will get a slight idea of what they have done…perhaps not…as they say "money talks" and it said NO.

  61. They also need to remember who came to see the devastation and promised all sorts of things and hugged people and sympathized with people and then went back to the State House and Washington and promptly forgot them…photo op over.

  62. Hit these tow rags where it hurts. The $$$. Time for the Sportsman show to be ran again by Americans who understand our freedoms. We must keep up the unity as we the people will continue to be attacked by the liberal left.

  63. Thanks for the info…it will be a help in researching other "events" and other boycotts.

  64. Freedom1st4all says:

    If you are intersted in knowing what events this foreign company is profiting from next, look here: http://www.reedexpo.com/en/Our-Events/events-list

  65. Edward Shick says:

    After the Hilary hearings , why did I not hear the answer to "Stand Down" , did that come from the Security Room in White House, who was watching it from the Drone and Why not have sent at least one F-16 to benghazi,, Lot of unanswered questions ??

  66. Texas Chris says:

    Americans are voting with their wallets, so later on they can vote with their bullets, because they no longer trust in voting with their ballots.

  67. The opposition is not against the British, only politically correct companies that feel a need to inject their will on law abiding citizens. Perhaps a boycott of Reed Expositions would be more appropriate. We are opposed to British and American companies that feel a need to express their politically correct progressive views (Sirius Radio is an example) NOT the British people.

  68. Texas Chris says:

    Move to Texas. We're trying to be more like the Swiss regarding weapons.

  69. That was unnecessary. That kind of talk is what the wacko libs use as an example of "right wing extremism". It does not matter that they say the same things and worse, but they use it against those of us who try to stand FOR our God given rights as afforded by our Constitution. It is right to stand up to them, but not at the expense of wanting others dead who have done nothing to warrant such a comment.
    Unless, of course, it is toward a certain cretin in OUR White House who is determined to take our rights away!!

  70. Texas Chris says:

    These jackwagons are convinced of their rightness. They're not for one second thinking that we've taught them a lesson. They're thinking of how backwards we are…

    Meanwhile, they're losing money, and their competitor will surely capitalize on that loss.

  71. Texas Chris says:

    I think Reed's knew it wasn't going to be a "hunting and fishing" show… It was going to be a GUN show, with a few other side booths…

  72. Texas Chris says:

    Wow, if you got a nickle for every thumbs down you'd be rich! Still stupid, but rich!

  73. Edward Shick says:

    When I was in the Service , we were right next door to MP's , it was not uncommon for them to pull out the clip and not take round out of there 45's , point it in air and bang,, We do all need more training and make it a regular thing to do,, Wehave to get ready ,, I know I have to go in and get more ammo!!

  74. Tom 78 and happy says:

    20 years ago we had a motor home and traveled for 7 years across the U.S. several times and visited all the cities you have mentioned and its a sad day when those great cities close up and hide, We enjoyed times square the jazz joints in NY now it sounds like a lot of those places are mostly or partly in shambles, I will stay on northwest coast and at 77 it may not be that long before we don't ebven have a country left.

  75. This show sponsor decided on their own to initiate their own gun ban even before the government has even taking a single vote on that question. I guess they now know how the American people feel about any kind of gun ban.

  76. So much for the effectiveness of the police to ALWAYS protect us.
    Fact is, you cannot always stop STUPID. In both of these, people broke existing rules – Lib reply? Make a new rule making it illegal to break existing rules maybe?
    But here's news you might have missed;

    Sledghammer used in Mexico killings, San Fernando, Mexico — At the largest mass grave site ever found in Mexico, where 177 bodies have been pulled from deep pits, authorities have recovered few bullet casings and little evidence that the dead were killed with a gun.
    Instead, most died of blunt force trauma to the head, and a sledgehammer found at the crime scene is believed to have been used in the executions.
    As many as 122 of the victims were passengers dragged off buses …."
    That would be 122 people dragged off of buses and EXECUTED. No gun involved. Talk about mass killings. Evil does not need a gun.
    NBC outrage? CNN outrage? Obama outrage? Laraza outrage? Nope. silence. Why? Don;t these people care obout Hispanics?

  77. Piston Head says:

    The American people have forgotten that there are more of us than there are of them.

  78. cottagemist says:

    Boycotts Do Work..all company’s that support oppressive gun control ,should be boycotted…American Constitutional Rights shall not be infringed..when Barry, and Bide come to indoctrinate,propaganda your areas Boycott it..and all corporations that support it. Represent Freedom…

  79. Shane,
    You display your ignorance magnificently. You know nothing about our Republic, nor how it is preserved. Guns are for perps and tyrants as we the people must preserve our freedom from time to time., and protect our families continually.
    So go back to your mothers basement, and let the adults continue to care for you.

  80. Now we need to boycott Groupon!

  81. Freedom
    We need a list of their exibitors in the USA so we can kick their A@#!s out Via their sponsers here.

  82. Technician says:

    .45 ACP self-loading pistols do not have clips. They have magazines.

  83. Liberal Shill!

  84. Don Rushing says:

    As I have said before, " The 2nd amendment is not for sale or to be infringed upon by anyone", especially the so called elected
    reps in all three branches of government.

  85. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    After all the flak that Piers Morgan has gotten, looks like they'd be more careful about running their mouthes!

  86. peakrunner says:

    The claim that this is a quote from George Washington is false. See http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/G... for discussion.

  87. Excellent quote, Dave! I'm going to use it in my letters to my representative and senators, and I hope others will too. The 2nd Amendment is about self-protection not deer-killing, as our stupid governor (Cuomo-NY) thinks. The framers of the Constitution felt that the right to bear arms was so important that they put it right after the 1st Amendment: freedom of speech, press, religion and petition.
    Unfortunately for me, my letters will be delivered to blind eyes (none are so blind as those who will not see), but I'm going to send them anyway

  88. Liberals and Obama admin TAKE NOTE! We gun owners will go along with any sensible measures to keep guns from mentally disturbed people or those on Psychiatric drugs, we WILL NOT be pushed around for any other ulterior motives GOT IT?

  89. Funny a few days ago Alabama also announced it will be selling it's state run liquor stores. Is something up we do not yet know?

  90. Seymour Kleerly says:

    We'll put on our "big boy pants" when you put on your "thinking caps".

  91. You have no idea how true your statements truly are! One of the worst experiences I have ever had in life occurred in Atlantic City, NJ on my 25th anniversary no less! My question is who are the actual thugs…police or the criminals they purport to engage and prosecute? My issue was with ta local Police Dept…one officer in particular! I refuse to disclose the name of the city as it makes no difference in the northeast…they are all much the same. That officer would do well if "it" never allowed me to see it again! I use the word it because that is my opinion of their police department in general, this officer in particular. Stay out of Atlantic City if you honestly wish to enjoy yourself. There are many better places to go without all the liberal bulls**t that is so prevalent in the NE USA! Atlantic City…UP YOURS! Biloxi or Las Vegas here I come!

  92. Korean War vet says:

    Well-said, Marine!! Thank you for your service to the Nation,SIR!

  93. I was taught in school that in 1782 the British government officially, yet informally, recognizes American independence. Evidently they have a difficult time remembering that it was we who won and it was we who gained our complete independence from tehse foolish idiots.

  94. Tell them to hold it in Britain and let Peirs Morgan be the guest speaker.

  95. chieflover says:

    Bill, I know you will not appreciate this idea, but can you accept the idea of friendly fire? In New York there is a court case involving a woman who was visting near the Empire State Bldg. While walking in the area she was witness to a man shooting a co-worker and killing him over a work related issue. The police responded and while shooting the man who did the shooting injured several citizens in the immediate area witth their fire….of course lawyers love these types of incidents, but the fact remains that while responding to the incident the police accidently shot several people in the area……just saying that it makes we wonder about all the talk about weapons being carried by teachers or other school staff. It makes me think that at times the knee jerk solution to the gun issues need time and thought. I respect weapons of all types, but it is the person with the gun who is the issue and even the most well intended circumstance can have an unintened outcome. Of that we both can agree. I cite the incident in North Carolina and Ohio as small instances…..just saying this issue has so many sides to it,

  96. FYI, they also ran January's The Shot Show in Las Vegas.

    From their website.

    Reed Exhibitions organizes 500 events in 39 countries.

  97. Finally!! Someone standing up for what is right ! We need a Congress with a backbone instead of the jellyfish we have !

  98. You're right, brkdrvr, conservative groups need to form a coalition party. But frankly, after watching the Republicans' sterling performance last year leading up to the convention and at the convention itself, forming any kind of alliance with those !@#$%^&* kind of sticks in my craw.

  99. What self destructive ignorance. When your targeted audience are gun people you don't attack your customers. Like chocolate benders deciding to omit chocolate an sell celery. Nonsensical.

    They got what they deserved. Hopefully they will deservedly bankrupt themselves.

  100. Outstanding – The Brits didn't get it in 1776, and they don't get it in 2013! Way to go fellow Constitution embracing citizens!!

  101. I don't think you're making enough of a distinction between NYC and upstate…Upstate NY is a completely different world from the city. Many, if not most, Upstaters would love to be free from the burdens imposed by that regulatory monstrosity that is NYC and choose their own destiny. Some have even talked of forming two separate state, but that's probably not going to happen. There are groups that advocate for upstate (90+% of the land area but only about 30-35% of the population) in Albany, but they're continually outvoted. Meanwhile, the flight from upstate to other states continues–businesses, industries, bright young people, talent. I suspect the same is true of Chicago and downstate Illinois.


  103. You couldn't help yourself, could you, Seymour? Just had to get in a snarky, condescending, contentless comment!

  104. SumerianMan says:

    The Most Recently Enacted Hate Crimes – "FREE SPEECH and TRUTH".

  105. One of the key tip-offs to your liberal orientation is that you characterized posters to this forum as "stupid". Not any particular poster–that might have required that you refute something. Just a blanket "stupid" label. It's the easiest thing in the world. And it's the liberals' favorite ploy. But it's getting really, really old.

  106. Keith Mathison says:

    Now you're talking! This is a real boycott. The language out of Reed, what nerve! What insult to ALL exhibitors and the people that attend the show! Until Reed Exhibitions stops their political correct drivel and profusely appoligizes this boycott must continue in force. Better yet buy local! Get a patriotic American company to run an outdoor show. Competition is the American way. Reed you are fired! You have poisoned the show. Who would want to attend a show run by Reed? Not me.

  107. It seems the "national debate" HAS, indeed, clarified. The Free Market has spoken. People HAVE voted with their wallets. What these smarmy Brits have failed to "get" is that the root issue is NOT "hunting", it is protection. Hunting is merely one facet of protection.. typically from hunger, boredom, etc. The Pommies have been brought up against the Yankee spirit once again, and found wanting. Now their bank accounts will be found wanting. My guess is Reed and company are on the hook for the convention centre bills… it is too close now to find another tenant for those dates. The faciliy have lost opportunity by reserving ot to Reed. and Reed will bear the cost of that opportunity.

  108. By saying they wanted to place the emphasis on hunting, camping and fishing they no doubt hoped to duck the Second Amendment. Unfortunately for them, even if you accept that they have their collective heads up their arses (to use a British term). I haven't hunted anything smaller than elk with any other rifle for years. I shoot prairie dogs and gophers with a .204, coyotes with a .223, deer with a .243 WSSM, and hogs with a .50 Beowulf, all AR 15s.

  109. and don't forget the unsolicited rematch the Brits pressed just fifteenyears later. We call it the War of 1812. Of which I think the Battle of New Orleans is the most significant part. They just couldn't let go, could they? Come a cropper once more. Looks good on em. Silly femmie pommies. Soft and decadent… if a man can't defend his own home, how will he be able to go out hunting?

  110. part of how we've got to this state of affairs is taht we have not BECOME radicals yet. This sort of thing is a good start in that direction. The Colonials WERE indeed radical… they shaved all down to one line past which they would NOT allow the Crown to pass…. that of forfeitting their right to arms for defense. Everything else they tolerated, protested, pushed back against. sabotaged, ignored, snuck around…. but disarmement? NO WAY. They were radical. We MUST so become, else we are done for, as are the Brits. It seems this IS becomeing the issue of our times. WE THE PEOPLE are slowly awakening.

  111. Thank you !!

  112. in teh past two years I've refused to attend major events in Chicago and New York. Ones I really wanted to attend for their content. Fortunatly, one will be in St Louis this year, I'm already registered and its several months out yet. Some places I jost won't go any more… and moslty for the same reason. Most of Mexico, Chicago, NYC, anywhere in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and many places in California. Until those places are safe, that is, I can protect myself and those I'm with, they don't get no nunna my munny

  113. I believe you can find a list of exhibitors that cancelled out of the Reed show at http://www.clashdaily.com
    There was a BIG BUNCH of them that cancelled.

  114. Perfect,maybe the Brits could learn the english before they post stupid claims.

  115. if you use the current definition of "reasonable", that is, m way or no way, then the answer is HELL NO. Discussion implies facts, reasons, issues, from all sides of a topic can be brought to the table, examined, and those found wanting tossed, the strong ones remaining. You seem to have what passes for your thinking already cast in concrete. A BIG faux pas when "discussion" is the desired aim.

  116. correction.. the Constitution does not "GIVE" us the right to arms, or any of the others in the Bill of Rights. It merely names those rights, and declares them as from our Creator, and ours by our birth, and not to be taken without due process of law. careful.. if the Constitution "gives" is something, it can be modified to take that same thing away. Do not forget this. Even if this government totally collapses all of those rights in the first nine Articles of Ammendment stand as ours. They do not come FROM the Constitutioin. They are already ours, and the Constitution seeks to protect them as such.

  117. America1st says:


  118. They wanted to place the emphasis on hunting, camping and fishing ????? What the hecky-poo did the limeys expect people to hunt with? Sticks and rocks? Yep, this certainly is a typical British and liberal reaction.

    Read more: http://teapartyeconomist.com/2013/01/25/gun-owner

  119. I offer my condolences.

  120. Hank Harkey says:

    Golly gee whiz Wally, how did such "A SMALL PERCENTAGE" of this huge event overwhelm the larger whole of the more popular events & shut it all down? Hey, we love our Freedom & our Rights!

  121. Chances are that Reed, the exhibit promoter, had also already sunk many, many dollars into the show. I've exhibited at trade shows in the past and it's an extremely expensive thing to do. The exhibit hall would have collected a very large, at least 50%, deposit from Reed. That money's gone. They also sunk a ton into promotion and vendor management activities. This represents a significant loss for them, one which they richly deserve.

  122. One other item – in order to get an event-related discount at area hotels the event host has to guarantee a certain level of room occupancy. The hotels can bill Reed for the number of unsold rooms that were committed.

  123. Hucklebuck says:

    "ESS has long been proud to participate in the preservation and promotion of hunting and fishing tradition"

    By making this statement they clarify that they do not understand the Second Amendment. The "it's limited to hunting" line is part and parcel of the controllers' strawman arsenal.

  124. To this day my family will not buy a smith and wesson product. I will not allow a s&w product in the house.

  125. LostProton says:

    Yes, the United States is selling it’s self to pay down the debt. You need to check out the Obama Administration's deals with the Chinese to sell them businesses, factories and land to establish a municipality where the businesses and factories will operate. China will bring Chinese workers into the United States to run these businesses and factories and they will live in these municipalities. The Obama Administration will be skirting the worker Visa laws to permit these Chinese workers here in the United States without work Visas.

  126. These companies that are taking positions prior to any legislation being passed is not good practice. They are alienating American Patriot Customers possibly forever. I have a list of retailers that have lost my business forever because they decided to take a Pro Government position instead of a Pro Constitutional position.

  127. It would depend upon just what happened while you were there. You didn't say anything, just complained. For all we know you got drunk and disorderly and caused a scene. We don't know. You don't sound too well-hinged to me. No details.

  128. Dave Payne says:

    I have already cancelled my Bank of America credit cards because of their hypocritical freezing of gun shops accounts, with a letter telling them that, and I am going to do the same with my Dick's Sporting Goods card for their cowardly act of discontinuing sales of any "assault" rifles. THAT is the way to get the message across-hit them in the pocketbook!

  129. was it sledgamatic or vegamatic, i always wondered where that guy went on vacation. (sorry, couldn't resist,Gallager, please forgive me,i'm sick)

  130. Maybe you guys can deal with my libtard sister in Mesquite, who not only blindly supports BO, but also supports a "law" passed in a Texas town near here banning teen boys wearing their pants low. Even tho I'd agree it's kinda stupid on the teen's part, why does there need to be a "LAW" about it? Sister also thinks that she has a "right to not be offended" so there's another can o' worms of laws about that. She rejects the idea to turn off the TV channel if she see's something that offends her, and thinks there should be a constitutional amendment of "non offense" or something. Like I said….."libtard". heh.

  131. I'm married to a Brit 33 years. She gets it.

  132. Poor Reed,indeed. You Britt's never got a spine, did ya? We gonna show you'ns one more time. Hope you get it.

  133. The Brits refused to admit that they made a mistake. Let's keep them that way. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, EVER.
    And then they whine about how the "{atmosphere' prevented people from enjoying the show. Maybe an American will step in and show them how it is done. LOL

  134. In Texas, Rick Perry is giving a major toll road project to the Spanish. Do you suppose they are buddies from the Bilderbergs? I do.

  135. Mandy, the power of the people is lost on you tea Party members, or else you would be fighting alongside us patriots on the front lines in Afghanistan and other hot spots around the world. As it is, the only thing you seem to know about guns is how to avioid using them in defense of your country, alongside the other Tea Party cowards who do nothing besides compalin they and you are not being fairly represented by your tax dollars.

  136. Sorry but it was the British that dragged into two world wars. If you think they were justified then go do some research outside TV and the government schools.

  137. Sometimes. In this case you're just getting the ridicule you deserve.

  138. Piers would just do more damage to Britain. How about just send that punk to Antarctica? Maybe he can preach to the penguins and cold water fish down there.

  139. Projection. So common idiots Mr. "Be Reasonable".

  140. That's because their government was stupid enough to get the British people involved in the first place.

  141. dannyboy53 says:

    The Brits have learned (or have they?) yet ANOTHER lesson from the Americans….HOW IT'S DONE IN AMERICA.

  142. The "accidental discharges" were with sporting firearms, the type that would have been at the show, not assult rifles that the Brits banned.

  143. Fadgewicke says:

    P. S. To those 'doubters' please note that guns have not disappeared from the UK, in fact they are very easy to acquire, anything from basic shot guns to machine pistols, there are thousands, if not millions, of them on the streets.

    The problem is that they are all in the wrong. hands !

    Now take a look at the following link; http://us.search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr

    Halfway down the page, on the right side, is a small screen, click on it very quickly before it is removed, it tells the story of how crime rates have sky-rocketed in Australia in the 2-3 years since guns were removed from the law abiding. . . .

    Also on those links will be seen a heading that states that the UK and Oz have greater rates of gun crime than the U.S.

    Worst of all, search the net under the heading of government conspiracies, before any government can subject it peoples to slavery IT HAS TO REMOVE ALL WEAPONS OF SELF DEFENCE ! !

    There is an adage that is very true and works wonders, it needs to be followed by law abiding people the world over, it is;


  144. ,,Gun ownership: American Exceptionalism" – the best ! ( In response to an attempt by a handful of liberal politicians in Congress to enact laws against the ownership of assault weapons, meaning semi-automatic AR-15's, we are seeing the most remarkable American resistance movement that I can recall in my lifetime.) Gary North's Specific answers


  146. Amen, you are so right on & someone that understands who gave we the people right to self defense.

  147. Mary Proulx says:

    I stand with you and the millions of Americans who REFUSE to have our Rights taken from us. Everyone involved in Bengazi and in their efforts to take away our Constitutional Rights that they swore to defend UNDER OATH, should be tried and prosecuted to the extent of the law. TREASON IS WHAT THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND TREASON IS WHAT IT IS TODAY!! I concur – to anyone trying to take away our freedom DON'T MESS WITH WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  148. We NEED a TEN MILLION MAN march on Washington DC with guns loaded as a show of FORCE that tell the message that WE WILL NOT ALLOW the COMMUNISTS to take away our Constitutional RIGHTS!!!

  149. What are you 'patriots' achieving in Afghanistan? 2000 young Americans dead. ask 4000 grieving parents if their sacrifice was worth it. For what? Glory? As soon as we leave it will revert to the 16th century again.

  150. Mary Proulx says:

    This is exactly what is being tried: If they can disarm us by using deception or the disgusting exhibition with the "children", which was nothing more than a photo op for him, he will stop at nothing to gain his ends, which are POWER and CONTROL. I do not say anything against the children and families of Sandy Hook. They are just being deceived into thinking that he truly cares about them and believes that Gun Control would help keep this from happening somewhere again, when he knows that is totally just the opposite reaction that disarming the American will achieve. The Criminals will get weapons any time they want them, we would be without any defense. DON'T BE DECEIVED AMERICA, DECEPTION AND LIES TO GAIN AN END FOR THE TOTAL CONTROL OF "WE THE PEOPLE" IS WHAT IS AFOOT HERE AND NOTHING MORE.

  151. My first comment to "Political Correctness" is leave that to the politicans,whom don't do their job anyway. The people need to HAVE Moral Correctness!!!

  152. the Brits forgot that the reason we have the 2nd is because they tried to confiscate the powder and shot from the armory a Lexington… They dont have a clue or even the slightest understanding of the culture of hunting and guns within our social structer. Good for the the US of A for standing up to the Brits again…

  153. And the media will play it up as being against guns, that will be what they have printed about it, along with a "massive" anti-gun rally. The liberal media being as biased as they are

  154. non compliance is a powerful tool

    ha ha ha….they ban guns in England and want to come peddle them here? What nerve.

  155. Are you daft? You aren't patriots you are useful idiots.
    I defy you to watch this and think you are accomplishing ANYTHING in the middle east, except maybe creating more terrorists.

    Best speech I ever heard….hit the closed caption button in the bottom of the video

    Boy does he ever nail them! We all are also victims. The result is putting more Islamic terrorist in power in these countries we "help" by destabilizing them. It's all about greed and power. That's all it is.

    War on Terror my arse ! I wish one of our congressman or senators had balls this big….and I wish the American people had enough sense to listen to him.



  157. Nothing personal Fadgewick. We have sympathy for British citizens. It's your government we can't stomach !

    Yes and thanks to Brits like you we did learn. I'm sorry for your plight. Immigrate here to Texas or Montana or some of the other Liberty minded states.

    you can look up your representatives and see the score on how often they voted WITH the constitution

  159. This goes to show that real democracy, the kind which brings about real change, is economic democracy – voting with one's money. Economic democracy allows each of us to vote every day not just once every two, four or six years as does the sham political democracy. It allows each of us to peacefully get what we want without being in the majority. Now that's real power to the people! That's why it is always hated by the hubristic world improving elites who want us to be dependent on them for everything.

  160. I can't. They haven't offered anything I wanted for so long THEY forgot my password.

  161. Your right. Elaine Connelly owes IDIOTS an apology for comparing them to you.

  162. A troll is someone that LIES to get a reaction, it DOES fit, and you already knew that.

  163. This is ONE incident, your claim of THREE shows is still a bold faced lie. Also note: The article makes it clear that the discharge occurred WHILE the gun was being CHECKED IN. This proves BLH557 was correct that weapons are NOT allowed into the show loaded, regardless of who brings them.

  164. I don't believe this actually happened, or that YOU have ever attended a gun show. It way the gun is strapped is THROUGH the chamber. It is PHYSICALLY impossible not to notice a round in the chamber while inserting a strap THROUGH the space occupied by the round.
    In addition, if a magazine, loaded or not, is found in the gun at check in, every show I have attended would kick the person off the property without even attempting to strap the gun.

  165. wikiANYTHING is not a trustworthy source. "What I Know Is', aka wiki, is BY DEFINITION, an unverifiable source.

  166. Looks like the video you mentioned has been pulled.

  167. Bippy – GREAT idea! The left initiated a huge boycott against Arizona for their immigration policies. I agree that the right should take a note from the left's playbook and boycott any city/state that implements the gun control laws like NY. Is your list comprehensive? How do we get this started/published/underway? Anyone have ideas?

  168. I would ask you if you were a veteran of the Afghan war but I know you would lie about it. Most of us Tea Party patriots are older veterans of past wars. The average age of the Tea Party is probably around 60. Of course you are too stupid to know that or you wouldn't have posted your nasty gram. You are nothing more than a stupid punk for telling a bunch of older veterans that they should be fighting in Afghan. LBJ was stupid also. He got us mired down in Vietnam but didn't have enough sense to know how to win it.

  169. Well simon, you must be a democrat seeing as you have no idea what you are talking about, or that you are lying like the carpet on the floor.

  170. There are a few other choice names I would call you if we were face to face or nose to nose but those names would not be appropriate here.

  171. I'm sure that you prefer the children have absolutely no protection whatsoever. Perhaps, just perhaps that even if a teacher killed one of the children with friendly fire while saving most of the rest that some people would think that it was better that the teacher had a gun. In Israel the Arabs used to take advantage of the Israeli schools being gun free zones. The Israeli's started armi9ng their teachers and the Arabs quit attacking the schools. Only a liberal would find problems with this.

  172. At least a million vets still call them clips. Only smartazzes call them magazines trying to make someone look small. I would guess that most reading your comment think to themselves they are glad they don't know you.

  173. Care to boycott these companies? How many more are there that give to "what's his name?"
    Microsoft, Walmart, Lockheed, Citi and PG&E to fund Obama’s OFA
    Home – by Cardigan – January 25, 2013 – 21:45 America/New_York – 13 Comments

    Corporate Cash Financing Obama 501c4
    Only in its first week of operation, the Obama campaign 501(c)4 is soliciting financing from major corporations like Lockheed Martin, Citi, and Duke Energy,Politico reports.

  174. clicked on…..can't find list6 of exhibitors which cancelled
    more help finding???

  175. Great catch George……such a foolish gaffe…..but sometimes someone of "higher" authority allows fools to show their true colors,….in this case colors of hypocrisy and rank deception

  176. Minor complaint Bill. These were not executions, they were murders pure and simple.

  177. Right On brother. Lets kick them in the nuts on the way down !!

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