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Joe the Plumber on a Pro-Gun Boycott

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2013

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is not a household name. But his alter ego, Joe the Plumber, still is, over four years after he gained his 15 minutes of fame . . . and then some. Search Google for “Joe the Plumber,” and you’ll get over 1.4 million hits. All because of that one brief encounter with candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

Now he writes a daily column: joeforamerica.com.

His latest report in on the decision of a large sports show held: the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. The firm that runs it has decided to ban any displays of so-called assault rifles.

In response, companies that have always shown up to display their products are organizing a boycott of the show this year. Some of these protestors are mom-and-pop operations. They have relied on the exposition in the past to get publicity. Not this year.

About 1000 businesses show up. So do 200,000 sportsmen.

He is correct: a political showdown is building.

As the Obama Administration busies itself not letting the Newtown tragedy “crisis” go to waste and launching a campaign against law-abiding gun owners; our founding document is being steadfastly reinforced by a coalition of patriots, many putting their self-interests, finances and family’s well-being on the line.

People are taking up sides.

To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel: a showdown is a terrible thing to waste. People who were vaguely committed to gun ownership are moving into the “strongly interested” voting bloc.

People who were strongly interested are stocking up.

Demand for guns is rising. Supply will soon follow.

The gun-control lobby pushes harder. The Second Amendment lobby pushes back. The gun control lobby has forgotten the words of Saul Alinksy: “The action is the reaction.” President Obama was trained in Alinsky’s methods. He has forgotten his mentor’s #1 rule.

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20 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber on a Pro-Gun Boycott

  1. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    It's about time!

  2. You know, the reason Joe the Plumber is so famous *still* isn't because of that one brief encounter with the President. It's because of his followup insanity, attempting to be a "reporter" for Fox News, his idiotic remarks about the Holocaust and absolutely moronic comments about putting up a "damn fence on the border, going to Mexico and start shooting."

    His attempts to stay relevant are poor at best and no one cares about him anymore.

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    When the cretin Right Wingers of America saw a big White "skinhead" stare down the skinny smaller Black Obama, their joy was uncontrollable. Dumb, angry and deceitful became the hallmarks of the modern Conservative Movement.

  4. Slagmeister says:

    He got your attention!! Apparently, you have nothing better to do than peruse conservative blogs and report back to your commie handler. Since you have to distort the facts in your response, all can assume you and Seymour K can't find gainful employ and must spend your time being 'significant' in as truly adolescent fashion as your intellect may muster. Get a job and move out of your mom's basement.

  5. turfdoctor says:

    Who was more deceitful, BHO on redistribution of Joe? We have only begun to see what BHO's 'plan' for us is

  6. Boxerbuddy says:

    The show is now cancelled due a huge boycott and backlash against it. Americans are angry, Libs are pushing all the wrong buttons.

  7. Seymour, I hate to break it to you, but you're not that bright yourself…it gets really tiresome, the left's characterization of conservatives as being intellectually deficient. Use another meme.

  8. Cretin right wingers. Lol. One would imagine with your flare for imagery that you should probably move out of your parent's basement and get a job. Maybe, if you find a job or other pursuits your obsessive anger can dissipate and realize people can have an opinion without it being connected with racism, sexism or any other "ism". May you have peace in this life! I honesty think you will choose not such a choice. Most who are as bitter as you like where they are. It gives them meaning. Enjoy.

  9. Don Lobama says:

    It probably doesn't matter to you, but as soon as you lead in to your reply with insults, I dismiss your comments as childish and not worth my time. For all I know, you may actually be a child. Good for you – I'll print out your comments and put them up on the fridge. But may I ask that you stay out of this conversation? Grown-ups are talking now. Lives are at stake, and it's not pretend lives on some video game. It's the lives and fortunes of real human beings that are swinging in the balance, those which you so casually and ignorantly trample with your attempts to sound arrogant and educated.

    How is this: Change your "name" here to your real name, and then maybe someone will take you seriously. Or, continue using your made-up cartoon name and we'll continue treating you like a pathetic joke. Your call.

  10. Your first sentence made some sense. Your 2nd one & 2nd paragraph is pure horse manure.

  11. Joe the Plumber for President! He's way, way, way better than the one we have now!

  12. When those on the Left cannot win in the arena of ideas, they resort to name calling; how intellectual is that? Rather than cite facts and use relevant data, the global warming arguement comes to mind, those on the left would categorize those who disagree with them as dumb, uneducated, or fear mongers.

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Is Lobama your real name? Joe the Plumbers name wasn't even Joe! And he wasn't ready to by a plumbing business that paid him $250,000 a year. That's why the Right is considered dumb.

  14. Seymour Kleerly says:

    On global warming Righties are being totally deceived by Fox News and Talk Radio, who are defending the Polluters. It ain't rocket science.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Dumb may not always apply. Sometimes it's willful ignorance, or lack of curiosity. The results are the same though.

  16. And yet, here you are commenting about him. You seem to be showing yourself for how illogical you REALLY are. LOL

  17. My, who taught you such a big word? Cretin. Did you have to look it up in the google? But you did follow Alinsky's instruction. You could not talk substance of the debate. so you just CALL NAMES AND INSULT. LOL

  18. I only worry that they will eventually tire of it and go back to being sheeple. The real question: ARE AMERICANS READY TO DIE FOR THEIR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. Are we ready to stop giving money to lazy people who voted him back into office so they could continue to take money from the rest of us.

    Friends, it would appear that we have been in a race war for a LONG time now. The media does its best to NOT report the race of those who kill, rape and rob white, asian and latino people. Do you wonder why? If they called attention to it, we might realize what is happening and join the war. God help us. I don't want to be involved. Some of them MIGHT actually repent and turn back to God.

  19. RedWhiteAndJew says:

    Is Seymour Kleerly YOUR real name? We understand, you are a leftist who will grasp at any straw to attack a messenger, so you don't have to deal with the message. You characterize him as a "skinhead" because he's bald? I call you craven and a coward. I know what and who skinheads are. Joe is the antithesis of such. You, with your brownshirt tactics have much more in common with skinheads.

  20. These libtard morons are so stupid that they don't realize that there are 100 million private gun owners with 300 million guns. Who in the entire world is able to put 100 million boots on USA soil to take our guns. These fascist-democrap worshipers of the Mulatto Hitler are no more than a flea on an elephant's butt, but they don't see it. They're like a Yorkshire terrier that thinks he's a Pit Bull. Laughable.