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Gun-Related Offers? Not on Groupon.

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2013

“Gun Deals ‘Rnt Us!” That is Groupons new motto.

Want to sell a course on firearms safety? Skip Groupon.

Groupon is “No guns, M’Lady.”

Why would anyone selling gun-related offers care? You don’t have to offer a discount these days. If anything, you can hike prices.

We are seeing the biggest gun rush in my lifetime. Shelves are being cleared of guns.

Anyone who sells anything related to guns has a gold mine. The lines of buyers are getting longer.

I don’t think this is a flash-in-the-pan. I think this is a tipping point. Americans who were not sure whether to buy a gun are buying them. But they have to line up. Gun owners are buying more.

The country is divided between those voters who own guns, and who are single-issue voters, and those Americans who don’t like guns, but whose political commitments are diffused. They are not committed to gun control in the way that gun owners are committed to the Second Amendment.

Every gun purchase reinforces the commitment of the buyer to his cause. There is no comparable reinforcement for gun haters.

Gun owners will win this political fight.

Groupon is politically irrelevant — a symbol of liberal futility on this issue. This sort of thing simply reinforces the gunnies’ commitment to stand firm against symbolic knee-jerk responses to the Brady Bunch.

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22 thoughts on “Gun-Related Offers? Not on Groupon.

  1. They have the right to do this. Just as we have the right to Boycott them. The only way to make them understand, is through their earnings. When the earning go down someone will ask why. We just have to hit them where it hurts them the most.

  2. I'd like to hear when this policy went into effect since I am signed up for a handgun class that I bought through Groupon in December. Maybe this policy is not valid in Texas?

  3. Screw Groupon. If I want a Groupon deal, I just contact the merchant directly, and 9 times out of 10 they give the same deal without Groupon involved. It’s a win-win. The merchant gets all the money., and I get the deal. Well, I guess it’s a win-win-lose…if you consider Groupon being cut out of the deal. But now that Groupon is going anti-gun, I hope they fail. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO BUY GROUPON DEALS DIRECTLY FROM THE MERCHANTS. Keep your money local! AND PAY CASH!

  4. We need to follow the tactics of all the activist's and spread the word to just UNSUBSCRIBE from Groupon. Their deals are not that great anyway and as someone stated above, just contact the merchant directly.

  5. i am making a list of whose naughty and nice about the gun issues and I WILL be checking it before i go to buy anything or use any of their services! THAT GOES FOR WHOM I WILL SUPPORT AND VOTE FOR ALSO!!!

  6. angelhouse1 says:

    Actually Groupon Did have CC courses Since December, then must have Recently pulled them b/c they were there & I was considering one.

  7. jmsmaxwell says:

    It would be intersting to see how widespread this becomes among gun owners and supportors and how it effect their
    bottom line. I suspect that if they start to lose business and we start boycotting their customers it will be evident in
    short order. Personally I do not shop for cupons on the internet. I check merchants and shop around for the best
    deal on what I want. It keeps them competitive in the market place. Many time the coupons cost is added into the
    cost of the item like taxes and other expenses. If the dealer doesn't have to pay the coupon company they make more
    profit for them it is a win win even if they give you a discount on the items you purchase.

  8. I don't like being referred to as "Gun Nut" or "Gun Culture". I prefer "We the Second Amendment People". That says it all.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    Most gun owners have the "come and take it" mentality, now.

    I have met ZERO gun-grabbers who are willing to die to come and get them. Zero.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    Every person is pro-self-defense. Some just haven't been assaulted, yet.

  11. Not all gun owners are gun nuts. Just the batshit crazy ones threatening to kill people if someone tries to take their guns. If you can't stop someone without killing them, you're not a very good shot.

  12. guest on this planet says:

    Just deleted groupon from all my e mails , if everyone does this they will not be in business

  13. how about just "we the people"? thanks to the wisdom and foresight of our Founders, simply BEING one of "the people" includes the right to arms.

  14. this is amazing….. SO true. Thanks. I will remember this one.

  15. Oh, so it is true then. I heard about it to an alternative newsite and decided to DUMP THEM and I did asking them to remove me from their mailing list.

    I wasn’t taking any chances. I’m deciding whether or not to DUMP my Bank of Amerika card too. But they said the story was a hoax. Have not heard anything yet.

  16. Lets boycott all the dealers that are on the groupon site. Since they don't believe in the 2nd amendment then we don't believe in their bargains.

  17. I "unsubscribed" to Groupon,it's that easy

  18. I treat Groupon as spam… hear that Groupon your nothing but spam!

  19. I wrote them an email to confirm that they did stop accepting adds for gun related activities and, indeed they did. I then informed them that I would no longer be using their services. I suggest everyone else do the same.

  20. This policy just took effect a week or two ago. I too live in Texas and it is valid here and everywhere else Groupon services.

  21. Boycott…. er, ah… WHO???

  22. Everybody!! send a STRONG email to Andy the Obamabot Idiot who made this decision at: support@groupon.com We need to FLOOD their email box, because i talked to somebody in that dept and they said that the Obamabots are flooding their emails with Anti Gun comments! This is a Fight!