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Video: How Does Creativity Like This Happen?

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2013

This video is amazing. It’s not just the quality. It’s the creativity.

When people are left alone to follow their hunches, wonderful things can happen.

Here is the division of labor in a unique application.

We never know when an idea will hit. When it does, we should be ready to pursue it.

These guys are not just masters of the piano. They are masters of YouTube marketing.

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3 thoughts on “Video: How Does Creativity Like This Happen?

  1. Love it! Absolutely love it!

  2. geneww1938 says:

    Synergism at its best … Wish they could capitalize on all that work.

  3. from the keynes/hayek video: "give us a chance so we can discover the most valuable ways to serve one another." free markets are just beautiful.