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9 thoughts on ““Ship Them to Asia!” Germany’s Solution to Care for the Elderly.

  1. When politicians say government should be run like a business, rest assured the business will end up in Chapter 11.

  2. Jerald Peterson says:

    They put fish sauce on ther rice in Vietnam. I hope the obama people do not read this. Repeat after me ¨Chao ong, Ong Man yoi khoung? P

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Although care for the elderly is a major problem everywhere, this seem a little cold.

  4. Morton Friedman says:

    Not much difference with the dear old USA. Retirement facilities here are not cheap. I expect we will be seeing even more voluntary ex-pats when Obamacare really kicks in. I, for one, am seriously considering that move myself, although SE Asia and Eastern Europe are not on my list of desireable venues.

  5. Did the much the same for my mom – moved her to Mexico in early 2001 for treatments that had had success in Europe (but were not yet approved in the U.S.)

    While the treatments didn't work, we were very happy to leave her there at the private clinic, in a private room with an orchard outside her window.

    It offered double the staff/patient ratio for less than half the cost of any shared room at a nursing home here locally.

    The most important part for me was that grandmother was very happy with mom's care down in Mexico until mom passed away nearly six years later.

  6. I have already done this. I am in the Ukraine since my wife is a Ukrainian National. I recommend Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, The Baltic States. Also take a look at Thailand.

    Cost of living is hugely cheaper and medical costs are 40% of the US or LESS. Had an umbilical hernia repaired using a laproscopic procedure for $1,000 COMPLETE, hospital, staff, room, surgery, surgical mesh (from Poland), etc in a private clinic!!!!. Try that in the US.

  7. Texas Chris says:

    Hello! It's Germany!

  8. Texas Chris says:

    FYI, it's cheaper to live on a cruise-liner than it is to live in a retirement home.

  9. A little? Where did "Respect your elders" go too. They were born here and I imagine they want to stay here, not be thrown away like so much garbage. I constantly hear all these countries that have no human rights. I think we may become like them with our seniors. Reach certain age, you are no good, get out, or in Obamas world, stop their medication or medical care all together. Of course Obama and his ilk do not ever have to worry about any of that for themselves, do they?