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Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2013

Gary North’s Reality Check (Jan. 3, 2013)

This evening, Ron Paul will no longer be a member of Congress.

It has happened before. At the end of this day in January 1977 he was no longer a member of Congress. He had lost by 268 votes out of over 180,000. At the end of this day in 1985, he was no longer a member of Congress. He had resigned to run for the Senate. He did not get the nomination.

Twice he came back. There will not be a third time. He has other fish to catch.

I was on his staff in 1976. I saw Congress close-up. Once was enough. I explained why in 1977: “Confessions of a Washington Reject.”

Ron Paul never fit in on Capitol Hill. There are reasons for this. Four reasons.


The ruling triumvirate on Capitol Hill are the same as in every other political capital in history: money, sex, and power. But there is one more: booze.

The problem is, these four are almost universal in their appeal. In what way is Congress different?

Because power is the biggie. If you get power, you can get the others.

The phrase “money, sex, and power” reflects a commercial sequence, not political. It is more Wall Street than Capitol Hill.

I searched Google for “money, sex, and power” as a unit. How many hits do you think I got? Guess. Go on: guess. To find out, click here.

Amazing, no? The phrase is universal, because the lusts are universal. They are a package deal on Capitol Hill more than anywhere on earth.

I searched for “power, sex, and money.” That’s Capitol Hill. The hits were 88% smaller.

But here’s the deal: booze is #4 on both Wall Street and Capitol Hill.

In 1989, former Senator John Tower was nominated by President Bush as Secretary of Defense. Paul Weyrich of the conservative Free Congress Foundation vocally opposed this. Why? Because Tower was a heavy drinker and a serial adulterer. Everyone in town knew it. No one was supposed to say it in public. Weyrich became hated for this stand. But the Senate eventually refused to confirm his nomination, 53 to 47, on close to a straight party vote. It was the first time in U.S. history that an incoming new President had seen his initial nomination rejected. In his autobiography published a year later, Tower quoted Senator Barry Goldwater: “If they had chased every man or woman out of this town who had shacked up with somebody else or gotten drunk, there’d be no government.” He was telling the truth.

Then why booze? If you have money, sex, and power, why do you want booze? If you have scored big on the Big Three, why do you crave the fourth?

Here we get to the heart of the political matter. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. A lot of women are attracted to it.

I grew up among the most beautiful women on earth: the Southern California beach scene. I lived two blocks from the sand. The best-looking women in the region got on bathing suits and headed for the beaches on the weekends. Unattractive women tended not to do this. The curves on the beach are not bell-shaped. It was not until I worked on Capitol Hill that I saw that many good looking women in one place. They weren’t there for the sunshine.

Congressmen have made it to the top in the realm of power. It does not satisfy. They can hire good looking women. They can meet good looking women. They cannot help but meet good looking women. The Seduction of Joe Tynan is a movie on this this. Maybe they are not rich, but they can get rich at any time by quitting and becoming lobbyists. They live as though they are rich. They have entourages of young people following them.

And they drink.

Something is missing in their lives that money, sex, and power cannot fill. Yet if the Big Three don’t work, they wind up singing along with Peggy Lee to “Is That All There Is?” Musically, it’s not much of a song. The message is unforgettable.

Those of us who are content to live outside the Washington Beltway find it difficult to connect with those on Capitol Hill. The longer they stay there, the more difficult it is. And I think it works both ways. They do not want to leave.


Ron Paul never had any power. His ideology guaranteed that he would not get any. He never did.

He had left a career that pays well: obstetrics. He did not go there for money. He did not even sign up for a Congressional pension.

He was happily married.

I never saw him take a drink.

He could not be seduced by Washington.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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24 thoughts on “Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill

  1. The morals of most Congressmen and women are in the toilet!

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    The Sub-Culture of Washington Decit is not conducive to Godly, virtuious, people because of power, greed, lust and self indulgence; this is why we, the American People have lost control over our so called "representatives". Or maybe more to the point, that is exactly why Washington is exactly the way it is; that they are a mirror representation of who and what we have become as a people. Albeit through their prompting by legislation in some cases.
    Why else would we see the Sub-Culture of Hollywood aligning itself so closely to Washington?, or the various media types who clamor for a peice of the power through their association to "tell / sell" Washingtons wishes, dictates and cover story? Not to mention the convincing of the people to go along with so-called "trends" in the general culture. Those that debase women, virtues, values, and above all, faith and beliefs in standards and principals of moral structure.

  3. Rabelrouser says:

    Yes Ron Paul bought into none of this, and was ostricised because of it, villified and marginalized because he stood firmly on those faiths, principals and standards, and would not compromise.
    And there in is the real reason why too many would not consider his message in the public arena of the past elections. they bought in too to the narrative against him. They could not understand his platform because it had become forgien to them. His Constitutional outlook had none of the big, overpowering government trade marks that they have accepted for years, and allowed to manifest in selecting their "representation". It was based on the simplicity of the Constitution, limited Federal Government and States Rights, not to mention fiscal restraint and sound fiscal policy.
    So we still have what we wrought as a people, we still complain just as louldy, but only to those who dont stand for anything but their own self indulgent, power hungry positions based on their own pride and greed.
    We got just what we asked for because it is exactly what we have become.

  4. Nothing moral comes out of Washington anymore. There is a fear that suggesting that things like premarital sex, gay marriage, abortion and pot smoking be avoided will infringe on someone's religious beliefs. People are growing up with the idea that these things are good and if they result in something bad we do not have to responsibility for our own actions.

    If only we can fire them all and start over fresh with completely new leadership in Washington.

  5. Gov Skeptic says:

    Perhaps I am wrong. But, I did not hear it put this way during the presidential campaign. It is too late, now, and a sad commentary. I maintain the opinion that the capital is populated by crooks and criminals.

  6. Paul was better than most pols, but that ain't saying much.

  7. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I lived in Texas in the early 80's, in a new Congressional district created after the 80 census. I think it was the 26th, but don't remember for sure. In the 1st election, the seat went to a local Dem politician with some name recognition. In 84 I was among those who voted to replace him with a "conservative" Republican, Dick Armey. I thought he was a good man. Maybe he was, but he didn't stay that way. He didn't say "No!"
    BTW, I also voted for Ron Paul in the Rep Senate primary that year. We ended up with Phil Gramm. 'Nuff said.

  8. the definition of a washington outsider is an american patriot who follows the constitution and the true intent of the founding fathers and the puts good of the country over his/her self

  9. awkingsley says:

    Ron Paul's brilliance – near flawless verbal logic is also a factor in both his moral decisions and his political stance. Ron Paul is one of the very few individuals in our country who can look at both the parts and the whole of the political landscape very clearly and understand the relationship as it applies to himself. His political ideology, a return to State's Rights and Constitutional Government solves all ills, especially Social Issues. Only if Evangelicals control the purse strings can they achieve their social goals, and that can only be done now through State's Rights. Ron Paul is truly a great man, and I fervently hope he will carry through on his plan to speak at colleges across our nation. Educating voters is the only hope for our nation.

  10. Southern Girl says:

    Exactly why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were ostracized and did not make it. They were too "good". Both happily married, family men and church goers. And, exactly why Obama and his bunch are in like Flint – sinful, greedy power mongers. In addition to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and most of Hollywood. America's general public are in the toilet for idolizing and voting for these scumbags!

  11. CaptTurbo says:

    Because there is no room for morality, honesty, decency, or intelligence on Capitol Hill.

  12. SHOES THROWER says:

    Paul was the man America needed.

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    This Liberal respected Paul and agreed with him more than not. His greatest moment was his plea to the GOP. in in the 2008 primaries to break with the Neo-Cons over their counterproductive and ignorant foreign policy. That effectively got him banned from the Fox News debate which needed to shield it's goofy audience from such dissent. If the GOP. had heeded his brave and obvious (to the rest of the planet) warnings, they would have avoided this historic collapse of credibility and viability.

  14. Ron Paul is an example of what America was once built upon: honesty and integrity and God-fearing. The people who now hold office are representative of and reflect what American has become by a large margin: morally corrupt, dishonest, lawless, and greed. The Bible states concerning anceint Israel and their leaders who were the pagan priests, ” They feared the Lord and made unto themselves the lowest of them priests….” and so by comparison we have done similar regarding our civil leaders. John Adams stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadaquate to the government of any other”. and William Penn once said, “Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by the bayonet”.

  15. Dr. North,
    I thought that Lew Rockwell's tribute to Ron Paul said it all. I was wrong. This one says it all. Great job describing a great man.

  16. BitterClinger says:

    Ron Paul will be sorely missed by those of us who were awakened by his non-stop preaching of the TRUTH…. Ron spoke of things that no other politician in recent memory would dare discuss, and because of this… because he will no longer grace DC with his presence… America will be worse off for it.

  17. Rand Paul for 2016

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Libertarians are good for our system.

  19. Maynard Merrell says:

    All these things that North presented are true, and our enedmies know it. They use information like this to blackmail politicians to vote for certain legislation and the people suffer as a consequence. People have said, "Where are the Lincols, the Washingtons and Jeffersons. Ar there any out thered?" Well, there was~ Ron Paul, but American voters were too damn stupid to see through all the negative propaganda. To them Ron was crazy as were all of us who supported him. Well, I don't give a damn what they think. If Ron ran again tomorrow, I'd support him again. If he were to go down again in a hail of BS, so would I, but like Ron, I wouldn't go down easily. He was a Constitutional Conservative, not some neo-conservative, ansd he believed in our Republic for which it stands, and for our freedoms. He stood alone and we stood together behind him. Ron, I think I can speak for others we continue tyo follow you. You are our Abe Lincoln, the Lincoln all others passed by. Constitutioal conservatives Unikte. Togetgher we can be an army and win back our Constitution, or Republic, and the God given freedom that He gave to each and ev ery oned of us at conception.

  20. Something tells me that Ron Paul's influence will increase, not decrease. He is not limited to operating in Congress. May God open up the doors of expression, where his quintessential integrity and wisdom can be absorbed by millions more Americans.

  21. One by one, who's next?

  22. … because he believed in individual freedom. newsandopinions dot net

  23. No! The capitol is not populated by crooks and criminals. The people who elect the people in Washington are the crooks and the criminals. Ron Paul was elected and re-elected by his district in Texas. In order to do be re-elected, he must have given them pretty much what they wanted. Like all good crooks and criminals, people vote what will line their pockets, not for the good to the nation or even their district.

  24. Mitt Romney is also the man that America needs. John McCain is also the man that America needs. Neither Mitt Romney, John McCain, nor Ron Paul could get elected in a national election. There must be a reason for this. It's beyond me. What is it?