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Gun Sales are Booming. This Is Just The Beginning.

Written by Gary North on December 19, 2012

Gun sales are surging. This was an easy prediction.

There is no way that this will stop. The buyers see gun controls on the horizon. They are not buying assault rifles. They are buying handguns, hunting rifles, and shotguns.

After every mass shooting, politicians call for gun control. The media highlight this. The gun control lobby has support from the mainstream media. For an example, click here.

Then gun sales ratchet up. The mainstream media never figure this out. The more they highlight calls for gun controls, the more guns that Americans buy.

Gun show attendance will hit new records over the next eight months. This is easily predictable. “Guns for currency” will be a popular sales offer.

For details, click the link.

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31 thoughts on “Gun Sales are Booming. This Is Just The Beginning.

  1. Gun owners are ins for a surprise. the feinstein bill call for NO POSSESSION – so NO grandfathering, she gets the bill passed, you TURN THEM IN. She is going for the whole banana but will be satisfied with even the ban Clinton put in place. they will go from there next time towards taxing them out of existence, then confiscation.
    WHY do you think they want them registered?

  2. Simon Jester says:

    Sorry, They can't have mine.

  3. Please Gary…

    You are correct; no one is buying assault rifles (please see correct definition below) since they are categorized as a Class 3 item and are highly restricted. But at the gun store at which I am employed, AR-15 clone rifles (all of which are capable of semi-automatic fire only) are flying off the wall, as are high capacity magazines.

    Please get away from mislabeling AR clone rifles as “assault rifles”. This is completely inaccurate and only helps to demonize this category of rifles to the uneducated and misinformed; which is exactly what the anti-gun groups want.


  4. What I find most telling about the current Second Amendment "debate" following the latest convenient pile of dead bodies for the gun control lobby is, no one is talking about what prescription meds these shooters may have been on. The focus in the corporate owned media and Congress is always firmly on disarming everyone, never about whether their brains had been fried from overprescribed psychotropic drugs.

    I saw ONE reference to the fact that Adam Lanza was on an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt, but that reference has been orwellized from every other news story.

  5. My e-mail is redirected to a different story or 404 error. This happens a lot on controversial stories.

  6. This is not true.

    I've seen her interviewed on three different shows and she always emphasizes any bill she introduces would be "prospective, not retroactive."

    That eliminates many legal challenges that any outright ban on possession by current owners would face.

    If this ban is the same as the last one (1994-2004) only cosmetic features (e.g. no bayonet lugs) would be affected, not any actual function of the weapon itself.

  7. Texas Chris says:

    They can have mine… From my cold, dead hands.

  8. Texas Chris says:

    It doesn't matter what she want's. They'll never get a bill through the House, at least not for two years.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    Truth, while what you say is true, the term "assault rifle" to the average numbskull politician means "a scary-looking, black gun" and nothing more.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    Yup. So was the Aurora shooter, the Sikh shooter, and most others…

  11. ex ghetto nurse says:

    Inner city (you should know which demographic that is) has the largest amount and variety of gun crime. Sad as it was, the CT massacre equals three weeks in the Bronx (alone) or..Detroit, Miami, Newark, New Orleans, and and and.
    Recently, a Bronx judge released a mini gunner (yes both could be O's family members, at least in appearance and demeanor) even though found with a handgun, and a record of violent crime. Hypocrisy from the liberal left as usual.
    Increased sentence for 'inner city' (ghetto) offenders is a non event. All the more reason to leave, as we did, voting with our feet, wallets, ethics, culture, taxes and…great opportunities (health care in our case) for a better class of patient, employer, coworkers and neighbors.

  12. And the corporate owned media is not about to shift the focus away from "disarm-everyone-and-the-problem-will-go-away" because of all those lucrative ad campaigns for prescription drugs. Most ads I see on network TV are pushing the latest designer patented drug by Big Pharma. Not to mention those fat campaign checks to Congress.

  13. And all of these massacres take place in public arenas that explicitly boast of being "gun free zones". They might as well say, "Open Season On Humans – No Limit".

  14. 2WarAbnVet says:

    What it would do (just as the last one did) is cause the price of high capacity mags to skyrocket. Stock up! it's the best investment you can make.

  15. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Wow, there's an eye-opener. Criminals and crazies don't obey laws. Somehow this logic always escapes our elected officials.

  16. People are most honest when they're spending money. They figure "get 'em while you can".

    Breitbart figures that Mr. Obama is going to play "Kick the Can" with the gun issue. Perhaps.

    As I tell some people who think we need gun control – "when you can get drugs out of the hands of children come back and tell me how you're going to disarm adults".

  17. Remember the bills pelosi and feinstein are submitting prohibit POSSESSION – no 'grandfathering' like last time.
    they will make you turn in your firearms.

  18. NO, it's NOT the 'same one'. You'd BETTER read it.
    It calls for prohibiting POSSESSION, that means you will have to turn them IN if she gets the bill through.
    And don't underestimate the power of the left to mobilize ll their shills to innate any politician NOT going along with it with emails and 'petitions'..
    they will browbeat ANY republican not going along. you have seen how the media assassinates any conservative in the media that doesn't go along with what they want.

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  20. Guns, check, Ammo, check…God gave me my right to protect…I just read that over 400 school aged children in Chicago have been shot and killed in 2012. No news on them and Chicago has the stickiest gun laws of any state. When will these idiots in Washington get that no matter what Laws they have will make no differences when someone wants to commit a crime useing a gun.. They seems to think themselves as Gods, that if they change gun laws to the already 250 gun laws already out there, that criminals will listen. The ones that suffer the consequences are us citizens that buy, sale and own guns for our own protection, sport and hunting. God gave us this right, it’s not Washington that gave it to us. They seem to think they did. I say, watch out, don’t go change Gods word, his word is the final word….

  21. Amen…Shows how much they Don’t Know. They go by looks of a gun, no the fire capacity. This only prooves the real motive that Washington wants us to not have any guns. These politicians have body guards and their own personal carry permits, and they do carry.. They feel by their mindset of changing policys is that they hold their lives to be more valuable to us citizens. The ones that voted all these idiots into office are cut form the same ignorant cloth.

  22. the Carpathian says:

    Don't fall for her smokescreen. What she says is an interpretation of what she actually writes. If and when it would pass, whe will say "I never intended it to go that far, but if that is a mistake that got pased, then so be it." She knows she is trying to outlaw possession … but will loudly deny that her printed word atually does that.

    Feinstein, Schumer and the rest of the gun-grab club know that the best way to get their objective is to write a bill in such a way as to defy common evaluation, then pass it so that they can find out what it actually says. THEY LIE AND EXPECT US TO ACCEPT THE LIES BECAUSE "ITS FOR THE CHILDREN."

  23. the Carpathian says:

    Soooo: have you taken the time to write a respectful letter to your member of congress and your two senators outlining the facts about what an assault rifle is — and how they have been outlawed to almost all civilians since the 1930's? Do they know the restrictions, taxes and "hoops someone has to jump through to buy a LEGAL assault rifle? Have you told them that NO LEGALLY OWNED TRUE ASSAULT RIFLE HAS EVER BEEN USED IN A CRIME?

    If not … what are you doing on the net when there is vital work to be done to secure your rights?

  24. Victor Barney says:

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  25. How are they going to do it ? Meanwhile, as the current regime tries to strip Americans of their gun rights, they arm Sirian rebels and supply Egypt with 20 F-16's. Who would arm American rebels if the roles were reversed? No one because thats the governments end game. Gun control works 6 million dead Jews can't be wrong. wayno do you actually think most people that own guns are going to lay down ther guns in trade for a free ride to a FEMA camp? I'd rather die on my feet than to live on my knees! (paraphrase of George Washington).

  26. Do you believe any politician? Please, GET REAL.

  27. Fine, post a link to the bill so we can all see what it says.

    Again, I'm deeply skeptical it would ban possession, mainly given the legal challenges that would delay its implementation.

  28. that's an excellent question – who's going to do it?

    as a federal law, state/local LEOs can't be required to enforce it.

    there's no national registry, and in most of the U.S. one can transfer rifles without any paperwork

    who knows where those 50 AR-15s Grandpa Bubba bought went when he died?

  29. "When will these idiots in Washington get that no matter what Laws they have will make no differences when someone wants to commit a crime useing a gun…"

    They know it makes no difference to have stricter gun laws. The government wants a disarmed population when they finally reveal what the "fiscal cliff" will mean to Americans' 401(k)'s, Social Security, pensions and retirement funds! You didn't think they were going to stiff Wall Street and our international creditors, did you?

  30. 325 Million fire arms in america private hands, several billion rounds of ammunition, are you going to knock on the door and tell american patriots your taking their guns,good luck

  31. To our spineless, self-serving moron politweasels any firearm that you can assault them with is an assault weapon. What they do know is that virtually any centerfire rifle with a scope can "reach out and touch someone" from a Loooong distance. AND, if necessary, we can use those arms to get military rifles–off the dead bodies of the storm troopers–domestic or UN blue hats. That's how guerrillas have armed themselves for milennia. As for magazines, they're metal boxes with a spring, and a middle school kid can make them. But confiscation is the ultimate goal. Our mulatto Hitler and his NWO owner-handlers can't get what they want until every citizen is under control.