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Obama’s Email List: The Most Powerful Political Data Base on Earth

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2012

President Obama’a campaign has sent out a survey for his supporters to fill in. It has two dozen voter characteristics. His supporters are asked to identify their memberships/commitments.

“White” is not on the list. Well, generally it is not. “Jewish American” is. That classification probably has more to do with fund-raising than race.

This updated lost will be the most demographic-rich political data base in history.

This is a major move politically. He will own these names. He can rent them. He can use them as fund-raising tools. He can find out what issues grab his supporters.

His list is huge — like no other political data base in history. Now it will be far more powerful.

He has understood from day one the power of names in a data base. He mobilized his followers.

All of the analyses of Republicans about Why Romney Lost should begin with Obama’s data base/Facebook names. I see this as the #1 factor in his re-election. The deciding factor was not money. It was about names. I have seen no articles on this, however.

Obama’s handlers understand the power of the data base. Now he will have the most powerful one in history. This will be worth millions of dollars. My guess is this: the IRS will not assess him any capital gains tax when this very valuable asset gets transferred to him personally, assuming that it has not been transferred already.

This tradition goes back to William Jennings Bryan’s three campaigns: 1896, 1900, 1908. His brother Charles assembled the first modern political data base. In 1924, Charles was nominated for Vice President by the Democrats.

Click through to see the various factors.

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15 thoughts on “Obama’s Email List: The Most Powerful Political Data Base on Earth

  1. With all of the information coming throughWith all of the information coming throughWith all of the information coming throughWith all of the information coming through; can anyone think of any reason we should not be speaking on Salvation through Jesus Christ?
    All of the Middle East is "on fire"; plagues are rampant; floods and "acts of GOD happening everywhere; polution of mind and resources; diseases; earthquakes increasing in severity and mor places; corruption and … etc.

    Stop and think; before it is too late to think.
    Romans; 10: 9&10. Read what is next.

  2. barb patton says:

    So the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) has a huge data base – So be it – they too should be tried for treason and aiding and abetting the most dangerous man in American History.

  3. kirk Hogan says:

    The Prevaricator-In-Chief has a full name….that being Barak Hussein Obama. Research has determined that his CORRECT first name is NOT 'Barak'…but is, in fact FUBAR-AK.

  4. Shows you just what he has planned for 2016

  5. The children of darkness are more clever than the children of light. Be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves…The Master told us 2000 years ago, and it still is true. We need to be compiling the same database on our own supporters. It is an awesome thing, and frightening as to how people opened their hearts and souls to this campaign.

  6. As a dedicated, hardcore, albeit unadmitted marxist, obama is merely preparing the "soil" for planting the Boot of Marxism firmly down on the neck of freedoms and liberties of Americans. Due to its ever increasing "Ignorant Class," the next phase of the USA takedown will be lining up Americans against a concrete wall and executing them one by one. Can't happen you say? America is exempt from reality? Wrongo!!! America is on the brink of becoming a Marxist State like Venezeuala under Hugo Chavez. All that is left is the crying which is pending within the next year to two years. It will be ugly. It will be brutal. It will be bloody. The Boot of Marxism will have the bloody footprint on the neck of Americans in short order. It strikes when least expected. Just be prepared people. Just be prepared.

  7. Henry I agree with you. America is in its death throws. I fly my flag is at half mast in sorrow. I am still in disbelief that Muslims and Marxists would lead us to the end of the world. But it stares us right in the face. Will Americans really lead the attack upon Isreal? It all seems a very likely possibility today. When Christ returns which appears as very soon within the next 10 years prehaps, (If it is God's time for the end). I am not a prophet nor saying the timeis anchored in concrete because I do not know that as fact. Only God knows. Just a best guess given the signs of our times. It was a great ride believing in America.

  8. The barak I read about was a coward: Read the account.
    he would not fight unless Deborah would come with him:
    Read your Scriptures it is good for the soul.
    See Judges 4 and following Deborah starts in the 4th verse

  9. Yes, the children of darkness are more clever, sneaky, manipulative, cunning, and calculating than the children of light (who are too trusting, too naive, who don't have a clue, who don't seem to know "how to play chess"). We are in a culture war between the few Narcissists (psychopaths, sociopaths, politicians, bureaucrats, ad nauseum) and the many Normals (aka the humble, the meek). "Be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves," He advised. LORD grant to us Your wisdom and innocence.

  10. butterfly lady says:

    I never trusted this man from the very beginning…and people said I was crazy…they are now admitting I was righ all along..
    The white populatoin is almost now a minority….where will this lead? I dispise his ideas and thoughts…they are not what American was ment to be like…I fear for my grandson growing up and having to face what this evil man brought on to this country…time will come there will be a terrible upevil because of this life we are going to be leading..

  11. This could actually show how FEW people are his supporters. #1 who can read, #2 who can write, #3 who can get the gumption to actually DO IT and then mail it back ! IF Obumble PAYS for this information it may work. But he still has to get the lazies off the couch to either go to the mailbox or actually have internet capability if they're on welfare. This could backfire or give him a database of WHAT ? USERS ? The one's on welfare and food stamps don't have money to give him and he won't get taxes from them either. I will continue to pray that this "plan" folds up and collapses as his whole world will one day when God's hand comes down on it.

  12. The 2012 Republican Campaign DID send out a fundraising "congressional district census" to Texas residents. Mine was dated Jan. 6, 2012 but I didn't receive it via USPS mail until mid-October 2012, which is a huge discrepancy. Did the USPS hold it up on purpose, did it get misplaced for months, or what? But as a tech-savvy, privacy-prizing, conservative-libertarian-leaning independent who tries very hard not to get on anybody's databases, I would not have responded to it anyway. It is a issues- and policies-oriented questionairre and it does NOT ask aboout the respondent's race. Texas did go to Romney. While I would have much preferred Ron Paul or Gary Johnson to Mitt Romney, I would have preferred Mitt Romney over BO as far as domestic issues. Incumbents are difficult to beat. Both Obama and Romney stink regarding foreign policy, war, NDAA, etc. Our real problem, of course, is The Fed which has a blank check to fund dastardly deeds behind the scenes that citizens don't want but usually don't even know exist.

  13. his supporters don't have to know how to read or write. all they have to do is VOTE. even a monkey can push a button.

  14. awkingsley says:

    The most powerful tool in any election is endorsements. Fund-raising databases are important, but Romney did as well as he did based primarily on endorsements from every major newspaper but one. He even received an endorsement from one very unlikely source, former Libertarian candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, and other major endorsers who could pull votes. With all of the support, Romney still lost the election because he could not appeal to the Far Right Conservatives, the Libertarian-Republicans. Romney pulled Independents away from Obama by the millions, but the Far Right stayed home, voted for Gary Johnson or wrote-in for Ron Paul.

  15. There is no room for dispair, there is still time to make things right. Keep your guns no matter what. If the Jews had guns in Germany during Hitler's reign, 6 million Jews would not have been slaughtered and murdered ! There is no time for peacenicks, they will always become the victims.