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24 thoughts on “Why Social Security Will Go Bust Before You Die

  1. Texas Chris says:

    All of these programs are unconstitutional. "But what about the old people"… Unconstitutional. "But healthcare for the poor"… Unconstitutional. "But seniors need to see the doctor"… Unconstitutional.

    The constitution was a flawed document from day one. Each and every violation of the limits placed on government by that document further erodes the productive capacity of the American people, and lowers their prosperity, and brings us closer to collapse of the federal government.

  2. You are correct, however, the bus won't stop until it reaches the bottom of the ravine. Because these things are political proximity bombs, no one will touch them, since getting reelected is far more important than the welfare of the country.

  3. Medicare and Social Security have already been paid for by the American workers, whereas Medicaid and Welfare are total giveaway programs to people who never had any intention of working. Therefore, Medicaid and Welfare are the programs that should be eliminated. The leeches in our society should have to do without things employment brings, but instead they're getting the fruits of the working man's (and woman's) labor. Obama's "redistribution" plan is only making things worse and needs to be stopped. "Those who will not work should not eat."

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    It wasnt the Constitution that was flawed, but it was the creation of the Federal reserve which allowed "programs" like SS to be formed. Cause and Affect.
    These programs were formed with only one thing in mind, to create increased spending / borrowing by the Federal Govt that would eventually lead to this nations economic collapse, Nothing More.
    The Federal Reserve then created, as the inital debt started growing a "program" called the Uniform Comercial Code to "paper over" the Constitution in a means of taking the average citizen and making them co- debtors with the govt in the debt owed. The first step of this was the SS program, which created a means to register each citizen by an "account number" ; and also created the "paying into the government" for the "Program". The "SS Program" was sold as "for the good of the citizen" as all these "programs" have sence been promoted by the government to the people.
    But what good have they actually been? Only to the good of the Federal Reserve.

  5. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! The shiftless and unruly denizens are not only taking advantage of every possible thing they can get from the working class (including free cell phones), but they now have carte-blanche to kill us at will without fear of repercussion thanks to Obama and Holder. The foxes are now guarding the hen houses and the white citizens are toast.

  6. Rabelrouser says:

    And the "DUMB AMERICAN" keeps buying into these programs! The "lets get something for "FREE" from the government; How STUPID have the people become?, besides VERY!!!!!!!!!
    The People dont understand the Constitution, and they certianly are not smart enough to figure out when they have been DEFRAUDED by the Ponzi scheme of the Federal Reserve! They cant fathom the concept of "Debt / Currency"; money that is actually debt created by borrowing nothing more than a "Credit" which is nothing more than a ledger mark. There is no "backing" of the money, so the "money" has no value. Thats why the bills say "NOTE", as in: "evidence of DEBT".
    Untill the DUMB AMERICAN can smarten up long enough to figure this out, this nation has NO Chance of ever recovering, in any means. But most who I meet have the attention span of a gold fish anyway, so depending on them to understand is one major reason this problem will never be solved.I am sorry, but, someone has to stand for the truth; even if I am the lone voice in the woods.

  7. Rabelrouser says:

    Your right about the violation(s) of the limits placed upon the government, Those in power find ways to subvert those things which restrict them. But it will not just be a collapse of the Federal Government, it will be a financial collapse of the nation as a whole, because of the debased "Debt / Currency" they allowed to be created. But that will also be their way to have absolute control and power over the people.

  8. vietnamvet1971 says:

    When the DOO- DOO hits the fan and they STOP sending SS checks then people will Rise up and the Crap will really get started. There are 80 Million of us Baby Boomers now PLUS the Millions of other Seniors that will Fight this Regime.

  9. I wish the baby boomers would have come out and voted Obama out. If we SENIORS are not wise enough to save our Country for our children and grandchildren, then we are lost. The fact that Obama won re-election, shows the uninformed, the ignorant and the apathy that our future holds. I am sorry we are no wiser then the ones who put Obama in office.
    All I can say: Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me……………………….
    God Bless you and America.

  10. seniors paid in for 45 or more years to ss and medicare because they were not given the chance to invest their own money. they still pay into medicare after retirement. lets start with ss disability, drug abuse is a choice not a disability, stress is not a disability it is something you need to learn to cope with.there are disabled people who need help but the rules need to be changed to eliminate moochers. welfare needs to be changed to temporary aid,we cant afford people who want to make a career outof it. we need to eliminate the biggest welfare recipient of all-foreign aid. get out of the un why spend billions supporting an organization that works against us. bring our troops home from 160 countries,they can protect our borders and spend their money here helping our economy.

  11. OK folks, I agree with Virgil, Social Security and Medicare are not give away programs, most of you are far right wingers if you think they are ! I consider myself a true conserative. These two programs are insurance paid for by the workers and employers
    which was supposed to be run and protected by the Federal Gov.. Lets face the facts, The Fed's over the last 60yrs. have supposedly borrowed money from SS for the general fund but never paid it back, I call that stealing. It's been going on for
    many many years, and you complain about it going broke? The Federal Gov.is destroying SS and now taking almost a billion
    dollars out of medicare, they are destroying that too ! SS and medicare will survive as long as some corrections are made and
    put it in a locked box making it a serious crime for anyone that touches it !!!

  12. jmsmaxwell says:

    What many people do not remember is that back in the early 60's John F. Kennedy (D) raided the Social Security fund to fund_the Space Program so they could put a man in space and then on the moon. After he was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson (D) became president he signed the Social Security fund over to the General Fund. When that happened ever politican ame after the money like crack addicts. There was no stopping the drain they put upon the retirement_fund that people made deposits into all thier working lives. Basically Congress "borrowed and wrote IOU's" against what_they splurged with.

  13. jmsmaxwell says:

    Now the day of reckoning has come home and they have has so much fun blowing and going with _all the thier "give away free stuff programs" that helped keep them in office and there is no money in the till. The Seniors_and others who depend up this to supplement thier retirement are being cast aside and thrown out by the politicans who _stole the money for thier own benefits. When all the new tax programs and "Heath Care Plan" kicks in on Jan 1st there_will be even more wonder how they will make ends met. The current administration has increased our debt by increasing_thier "Free Stuff Programs" and increasing our National Debt by borrowing so much money that we may never recover_or if we do it will take serious cuts in Social programs and reduction in government excess. They will have to take a long _hard look at all the "free stuff" they have given away and realize they cannot continue along this vein. But since when have_politicans ever used any common sense and made difficult decision to cut off thier entitlement programs or to consider a_balanced budget?

  14. Rabelrouser, Pardon me? I was taught that when you call people dumb and stupid Than you have to look in the mirror, than you will really see stupid ! If you read my message maybe it will sink in ! The next time you wish to use dumb or stupid, try looking in the mirror if you own one !!! Mr. insult !

  15. Daniel from TN says:

    You can argue the futility of various federal programs as the reason Social Security is going broke all you want, and you would be partially correct. The REAL reason Social Security is going broke is because politicians, whether Democrat, Republican, or other, simply cannot keep their hands off the money. The problem started in the 1960s with Lyndon Johnson: He merged Social Security funds with the general treasury and everything has been going downhill ever since.
    It does not matter if a particular program is constitutional or not. The programs are not the problem: It's the people running the problems. Spending money is exactly like an addiction: The more money you spend, the more money you've GOT to have.

  16. They didn't because they were lied to by the liberals about the truth about social security and medicare and they are still in denial and only have themselves to blame, for buying the pig in a poke, it is no longer I got mine, no one is goning to get any.
    Not whites and Not blacks that depend on SS/medicare to survive, more so the blacks, they have been the lower earners and will bank on their SS for retirement.
    And we borrowed to give to illegal immigrants to get votes.

  17. That is correct. It is much more important to take the guns away and to flood the system with illegals and take God out of the Equation than to care for our Elders. Most do not have a pension to fall back on, so Social Security is all they have. Most have paid in all their lives only to be treated like second class citizens when they retire or health forces them to retire. Maybe the Seniors should go to the UN for help like this administration seems to do at the drop of a hat! Oh but don't worry Seniors, the death panels will take care of your problems, no worries. Don't bother those busy politicians who do not have a worry about the future benefits when they retire.

  18. Hooray! Somebody sees the truth! Politicians will blame anybody or anything but themselves.Suggest taking Social Security out of the General Fund and see the reaction you get! From blank stares to downright anger at such a suggestion. But hey, 16 oz sodas and that spotted Owl is much more important, not to mention giving our money to our enemies….

  19. Rabelrouser says:

    Yes I have looked in the mirror, and wondered if I was the only one capable of researching and investigating these Frauds that were foisted upon the American People. But I have found over the past 35 years that there are others who were also willing to study and discover these frauds. But most came away with the same feelings, that even with the evidence in writing, including congressional records and state legislative records; the average America is unwilling and uncaring enough to allow this fraud to continue. That to me is stupid.
    Dumb reflects that inability to become educated, again when presented with factual evidence.
    Blaming the symptoms of the problem, without seeking the root cause, I also consider dumb.
    Do I use these terms in a directed manner in which people can be labeled for their inaction to the real problem? Yes.
    Arguing the structure of a fraud does not make it any less a fraud, now does it? So is it that the truth of being defrauded hurt so much, that is all the people can do, as you have so done?

  20. Rabelrouser says:

    But please understand, I do not personally direct my comments just at you, because by your individual efforts you can not correct this fraud even if you were aware of its depth and structure. That will take many outraged citizens, who also will need to stop arguing the "politics" of the fraud, and finally stand up against being defrauded. Once they are willing to seek and see the truth; then the real solution can be accomplished
    But given the amount of educating I and others have tried to do over the years to raise that hue and cry, too many are just unwilling to learn the verifyable facts
    So what would you call that?

  21. I just realize what Social Security was for. Another trust fund for our evil leaders to spend.

    I just heard they give the UN 280,000,000,000 billion dollars a year! Everyone in there hates U.S.

    The communist leaders in our government have done everything they can to bankrupt America, especially the last 50 years.

    For people who don’t understand communism is they have the same goals as liberas. TO BRING HUMAN MISERY AND SUFFERING ON THIS PLANET.

    If you don’t believe, me the founder of communism actually stated it was his goal to bring destruction on earth and walk this planet like God.

  22. As Capt. John Smith told his "professional soldiers" when the balked and said that is not in our contract (sound like the current unions??). You work at something and do it well and you will eat something,; Don't work and you will be banished to the wilderness and the risk it brings out there in the cold winter. And as Ben Franklin admonished those who do not save for the uncertain times, you will feel the cold winds and the hunger for lest you should have spent less irresponsibly. Anyone who ever thought that SS and Medicare was their sole source of old age pension failed to read in HS government class the intent and plan for SS when it was conceived and brought into being. It is a supplement, not your primary retirement. Failure to spend and save responsibly is a folly one should never pursue in their work life. Contrary to the TV advertisements, one cannot have everything you want in a house, car, clothes, vacations, etc. just because you want it all now. And to think one can not study and succeed in school first if they want to succeed in life is equally irresponsible. Your race, gender, religion, sexual preferences, etc. have little to do with your individual success contrary to the race mongers and "social scientist" out there. Check the mirror for the one to blame for one's own success.

  23. I'm sorry, but I think most of us seniors voted (and most not for Obama). At least I didn't! But it was a fraudulent election highjacked by the reigning Czar and his millions of minions and followers. We didn't have a snowball's chance in He!! of winning this sham of an election. Now we have to suffer with four more years of his doctrines and dictates! It makes me sick to my stomach. I fear for my children's and grandchildren's futures. It's a sad state of affairs when forty states out of fifty want to secede from the union because of one elected illegal thug and his henchmen and cronies usurping our freedom and our very way of life!

  24. larryfrom10ec says:

    Excuse me, Mr. Powell, you need to remove Bush 2 from your list of Presidents who did nothing. If you remember, he proposed a plan to allow younger people to invest their FICA contributions, much as Chile does. BTW, Chile has had amazing results with that. Remember Hillary Clinton leading a standing ovation at the State of the Union Address where Bush bemoaned the failure of his reform plan?