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Fox News Ignored Intrade, and Gave Jon Stewart Ammo

Written by Gary North on November 13, 2012

Anyone who looked at Intrade should have known that Obama was likely to win. He had been ahead of Romney on Intrade from the day Romney got the nomination.

But the folks at Fox News refused to believe Intrade.

These were the same neoconservatives who had blocked Ron Paul from the Fox-televised debate in early 2008. The other networks had previously invited him to debate. Fox News was the first to close the door. Then they all did.

That made Jay Leno angry. He invited Paul to be on his show.

Paul came back four years later and did far better.

The people at Fox News simply don’t understand American politics.

Jon Stewart skewered them the day after the election.

This is a classic. It could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of blind people. It was blind man’s bluff right up until the bitter end.

When you provide canon fodder for Stewart, you are in trouble.

They blamed non-whites for the loss to “voters who want things.” Apparently they had not been informed of the outcomes of the presidential elections of 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948, 1960, 1964, 1976, 1992, 1996, and 2008.

These neocons fired Judge Napolitano before the election.

These people are really, truly out of touch.

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15 thoughts on “Fox News Ignored Intrade, and Gave Jon Stewart Ammo

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Napolitano 2016.

    President of Texas.

  2. Glen Litsinger says:

    The Republican neocons – RINOs all – were Ron Paul's worst enemy from the get-go. When Napolitano was fired a lot of people tried to tell me it was only because of ratings. Ha! Napolitano let everyone, from neocons to left liberals and all in between, come on his show, but his mortal sin was openly pitching for Ron Paul and letting people like Lew Rockwell (arch enemy of neocons and leftists alike) have a voice. GN is right, Fox got exactly what it deserved when first McCain and then Romney went down the tubes.

  3. fraud

  4. Admiral America says:

    Fox News, and the Neocon in Congress, and those in the upper echelon of the Republican party aren't clueless. They know exactly what they are doing. They are in bed with the Democrats. Both parties want a big government police state. Why else does it seem the Republicans have done nothing for years about Obama. They just allow him to take more power as if they're helpless to do a thing.

  5. I need to start boycotting FOX programs…I only watch them to see what outrageous b.s. they are going to come up with next in order to unbrainwash my friends and family

  6. Agreed.One party

  7. Bob Williams says:

    Ron Paul wouldn't get as many votes as Elvis. I have absolutely no use for Obama, but try and name one state that he would carry over Obama. Not one? I didn't think so. I think that most folks – including me – consider Ron Paul a crazy old fart. Sure he has some good ideas, but so do a lot of folks that we don't want as President.

  8. uh, and add Rand to that list!

  9. Rand and the NeoCons

  10. Merge them officially: Repugnicrats? Dimlicans? Let's come up with a party name here. Then, we can get honest and have a true second party: American? Constitutional? Liberty? Ideas?

  11. It is incredible for those of us who don't watch Lamestream Media. If you don't view Faux Snooze and then visit a home, as I have, of relatives, you realize IN SHOCK, how far, far left wingnut the supposed "conservative" news media is/are.

  12. Uh, Elvis would WIN and thus, so would Ron Paul, I will consider you a youngster with diarrhea…of the mouth

  13. Bob, so you went with Romney and won some states. Yippee for you.

  14. Ron Paul will never be President. Get over it.

  15. Intrade has a phenomenal prediction record. Why did conservative pundits think, "this time it's different"? Probably to avoid being called traitors. Rah, rah and all that.