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Video: Chris Rock Tells Whites to Vote White

Written by Gary North on November 6, 2012

I had not thought about this before.

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32 thoughts on “Video: Chris Rock Tells Whites to Vote White

  1. chris rock is funny but he hates white people. any white guy who supports him is a jerk and the first to die when the communists take over. peace brother.

  2. lone ranger says:

    very dumb of you, kimmel

  3. chris rock is nothing but a filthy piece of dung

  4. singing cowboy says:

    This is extremely funny! Get a grip folks, I'm not sure why the strong anti comments on this particular comedy routine. (I'm sure I could find some Chris Rock routines that are bad/vile, but not this one!)

  5. the no talent Kimmel and the even less talented spewer of hate whitey, Rock-head do not belong before the entertainment enjoying public because neither of these guys are funny. Two freakin' morons, idiots trying to create controversy. I do not enjoy these azzh=les, and my good sense rejects their utterances. two JOs

  6. delmar Jackson says:

    In some parts of the country, whites do vote for white candidates. Alabama voters voted for mc cain by I think 86%. White Alabama voters may know something hew hampshire and wisconsin voters do not._Thanks to massive immigrtaion, tribal politics and identity voting will become the norm. the problem with voting for the person of your color is that you will be forced to vote for a bad candidate that has the right color, but the wrong ideas or morals. It is bad for the country, but once the country is no longer ours, do we still care?__

  7. Perverse humor just like the entire Obama administration. Wonder why Rock didn't mention the white Bill Ayers, Christine Dorn, George Soros or Saul Alinsky? Hmmmm, guess the white commies would have been a bit much.

  8. Are Muslims (pron. Moooslims) considered white ? . . . I predict that Obama bin Lyin' will jump out to an early lead and hold it all day long, into the evening when white Repiblicans and Independents get off work and go vote ! . . . End result : Romney / Ryan by a comfortable margin in both the popular vote and electoral vote ! . . . Laugh THAT one off, Chris Rock !

  9. Could you imagine what would happen if a white comic did his act like Chris Rock? The NAACP, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the liberal media ect. would be out in force telling what a raicist the comic is. But because he is black its ok to make fun of white people, just like its ok for a black person to be the president and not even have real proof of who he is.

  10. I've never thought of Obama as black. Several reasons:

    –He's half white anyway, by his mom;

    –His dad is from Kenya, not west Africa. The American blacks, descendants of slaves, are from west Africa. Anyone who knows can tell you that east Africans and west Africans are completely different peoples;

    –culturally, where it really counts, Obama is light-years from black American culture. Culture, not skin color, is the real dividing line, and as Rock says, Obama is in no way a part of the black community culturally. His "ebonic" accent that he sometimes uses is a total affectation.

  11. Our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud and corruption and you can't discount all the section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America be a 3rd world country Maybe Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices as nobody can be this stupid maybe after Dec 21st 2012 none of us will worry about it.

  12. Because it's typical of Hollywood, liberals, democrats etc to only attack conservatives and whites. When it's one sided that is joked about all the time then it's not a joke and certainly not funny because it is then being used for political propaganda.

  13. Ronald. R. Johnson says:

    Right on the money! Chris shows just how stupid he and people like him really are. I bet he like Obama either had no daddy at home or stupid worthless one! He like Obama Sucks!

  14. Ronald. R. Johnson says:

    If I think it’s funny, I Bet U were stupid enough to vote for Obama Gain!

  15. Ronald. R. Johnson says:

    I use to watch Kimble till I noticed how much he enjoyed making a fool out of his side kick and others, them jr topped it off by putting down white people in favor of black people. Makes me wonder if maybe like Obama his daddy too is Black and is why he too turned against White people!

  16. Chris forgot to mention that "Barry's" grandparents were dedicated communits.

  17. Ronald. R. Johnson says:

    I’m true Southern born and raided bit vote got who I think is the best for my country! Most blacks will vote for anything Black,dead,alive in prison for the tenth time or more over any white man! Look at what we have for a president or Attorney General or so many low life Racist blacks and just look at so many of the Black Racist Female Clowns and the waythey dress! Idling have voted for Colin Powel till I heard some of his Ads for Obama and saw like Obama he too only lies, if his Lips are moving! Guess he too remembered he too is Half Black!!

  18. Ronald. R. Johnson says:

    Ok, Now U can go vote for Obama!

  19. trader1221 says:

    Chris is correct : Obama has the racist vote in the bag from the get-go. When any segment of the population votes 85/95 % in one direction; that's an agenda vote (racist) black voters. if the same principle was applied by whites; Obama would still be back on the streets of chicago ginning up neighborhood trouble. aka Saul Alinsky

  20. You have that right, the moronic white people that patronize this unfunny, snide, smart-ass racist are the fools, so is that self-hating Kimmel who back's the leftist regime! I don't understand how sane thinking people continually subject themselves to such ridicule and laugh at it – what a bunch of A-holes! Now you can understand how the counytry got to be in yhe dire straits that it is in! BAA,BAA, WE WANT TO BE SHEARED – YOU WILL, BELIEVE ME!

  21. It isn't funny, cowboy, when the ill-mannered 'joke' uses a specific group of people as the target of hate and/or racism. We aren't stupid and recognize that chris rock's "routine" is meant to denigrate anyone who has 'white skin.' It is also a well-known fact that obammy has denied his caucasian heritage and treats that side of him with such disdain I'm sure would embarrass the Dunham side of the family. Quite frankly, I find the so-called skit to be rather disgusting and in poor taste.

  22. I think you would find your theory more accurate for the northern states, delmar, and not the South. We are smart enough to vote for the person, regardless of color–just because most Southernors saw through obammy in 2008 and voted against him doesn't make us less savvy about the political arena. Shame on you for saddling the South with your yankeeism; it seems folks like you will never give respect where respect is due because you believe that everyone in the South is so far beneath you, we may as well be in china. And one other thing, it's because of people like you that racism continues to exist.

  23. I was curious as well and looked it up. Most muslims are actually Jewish (racially, not the religion), while some are of Negro (African and Ethiopean descent) and Caucasian (Spanish descent). Why do muslims/islamists hate the Jewish people? Because they blame the Jews for the death of Christ—-now YOU figure that one out since most muslims are islamists!!

  24. I never thought of him as being "black" either…to me, he is a Mulatto (half Negro and half Caucasian). As for what part of Africa his father came from, what does that matter? They are all of the Negroid race; ethnically, however, region, tribal affiliation, community–all of that defines which ethnic group one belongs to.

  25. @David, You are absolutely right, about the fact President Obama is both one half White, and was raised culturally white. I am 60, and my father was born in rural Oklahoma in 1919. He was a good man in most ways, and his overt racism against black people, was probably more symptomatic of the time he grew up, than being an overt ass—-. And while I do not believe either of these two jokers is able and willing to make the hard decisions before we drive off the financial cliff, the absolute stupidity and racism of most of the posters to this list is appalling. And you can't fix stupid!

  26. Chris Rock is a racist, so where are the "hate crime" legislators, and why aren't they going after indictiments against the black racists?

  27. I too am Southern born and raised. I know first hand that white people aren’t interested in the most qualified candidate. They’re interested in anything white. It doesn’t matter how dumb or stupid the person is as long as he is white. I know this has been the case for the last 40 years and it probably was worse before.

    So before you ridicule blacks for being proud of someone who has gone to your schools, come up through your ranks, remained married to only ONE woman – search your own racist hearts and admit what is truly in there. As long as things are white, matter not how inept or bad, you’re ok. Where would this country be if George Bush had been allowed to remain in office for 12 years?

    We may have gone the way of Rome. But you would be ok because somebody white drove us over the cliff. This is hippocratic racism at its finest.

  28. This is the funniest thing I have seen in this election

  29. IamaproudAmerican says:

    Can't vote for Obama, he done such a terrible job and the country Is still suffering. Voted for Romney this morning!

  30. Agreed! Needs to keep his "black" mouth shut.

  31. Nemesis of Empire says:

    Global Total Racial Holy War is looking better and better, isn’t it? Pick up your knives. It’s time to AVENGE THE WHITE JESUS!

  32. And you be juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust BLACK!!!!!!!!!! Like our half breed presidents other side….You know, the side he RULES with!