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Border Patrol: Bean Bag “Bullets”

Written by Gary North on November 5, 2012

Did you know that Janet Napolitano, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, has issued a rule prohibiting American border patrol officers from firing the first shot at illegal immigrants? They must fire a bean bag first.

It has cost one border patrol officer his life this year.

Larry Pratt, the head of Gun Oeners of America, has offered his insights into this policy. Think of this policy as “Benghazi with bean bags.”

Consider that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet — the southern border “has never been more secure than in recent years” — Napolitano imposed the rules of engagement that contributed significantly to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010.

Namely, Napolitano’s “wisdom” required our warriors on the front line of our southern border war to fire a bean bag round before firing a real bullet. Evidently a real bullet might destabilize the “never been more secure” Mexican border.

On Brian Terry’s last night on this earth, his team encountered an armed cartel rip crew out to steal the cargo of rival smugglers. Terry’s first shot was his bean bag round. The next shot was from a smuggler, and Terry ended up dead.

So much for Napolitano’s kinder, gentler border enforcement rules of engagement. . . .

Whether bean bags or understaffed protection details, United States policy has emboldened murderous thugs whether they be invading across the Mexican border or assaulting the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Since the requested enhanced military protection had been denied, asking us to believe that more U.S. military personnel for protection of our embassy and consulate would have been provocative does not pass the laugh test.

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33 thoughts on “Border Patrol: Bean Bag “Bullets”

  1. AlabamaSouthernBelle says:

    If Ms. Napolitano thinks fake bullets are sucha a great way of defense, the next time she needs a body guard, let her take a mannequin along with her to protect her, same difference.

  2. Someone needs to bounce a bean bag round off Janet's thick skull. Might knock some much needed sense into her.

    Another guy that ticks me off is NYC Mayor Bloomberg. He travels with armed security, but doesn't want his citizens to be able to protect themselves.

  3. This administration is inept and must GO.

  4. Great idea to make the point !


  6. Hey Janet ! What are you saving those 400 million rounds of ammo for? Is your HS dept going to fire beanbags at American citizens when they come for you?

  7. They must be using bean bag rounds in order to save the millions of rounds of ammo for something more important, like shooting Americans.

  8. The same type of rules of engagement were put into place during Vietnam. While on guard duty, we were told to call out "halt who goes there", three times if there was no response on each attempt to engage the enemy. If that did not work, we were instructed to fire a warning shot before a final shot to stop the perpetrator. ALL on guard duty agreed that we would call out "Stop, who goes there and then fire a warning shot after we had stopped the enemy with our FIRST shot.

    I would encourage our border patrol to shoot "FIRST" and then use the "Bean Bag" approach. As we have so often heard, shoot first and then take names.

  9. She should be charged with crimes including aiding in the murder of Terry and others. Next they will be telling citizens that before they can shot a 45 slug at a home invader or rapists, we must read him his miranda rights and then the first shot must be a bean bag.

    It is time for Americans to refuse to follow the illegal and unsafe orders of this idiot elistist. Sarah Palin, where are you.

  10. CrustyOldGoat says:

    He kept the National Guard from distributing food and water because bloomingidiot stated that he di not want any guns on the streets other than HIS cops.

    80 million plus gun owners and no statistics to show any of them committed a crime.

    If 1% committed a 'gun crime' it would be 800,000 crimes, or 'accidental shootings'.

    1/10% would be 80,000

    1/100% would be 8,000.. still no supporting data to show that PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of guns is the problem.

    1/1000% 800 'gun crimes' committed by law abiding Citizens. still no data.

    On the other hand, Privately OWNED firearms stopped or prevented well over 1.5 million crimes.

    Thats a lot of RAPES that were not committed.

    A lot of murders that did not happen.

    A lot of robberies that did not happen.

    The list goes on.

    The problem seems to be the politicians and political appointees that would have the American people believe otherwise.

    Maybe it's time to hold class?

    "Mr. bloomberg? do you have a moment to spare?"

  11. where is all the 40 cal. rounds they bout all i forgot they are for us

  12. It wasn't 400 million, it was 750 million. so they can kill every American twice and that includes them.

  13. so why all the ammo that was purchased?????

  14. Don Rushing says:

    The rules of engagement in Afghanistan are very similar to our border guards. Obama, Janet Napoly, Joe Bite Me, Hillary
    and others are giving aid and supporting our enemies and are guilty of treason and high crimes……

  15. I have a novel idea,lets buy our own ammo!

  16. jmsmaxwell says:

    Glad that I have a .308 and a .40 cal at home savely locked up. When the party starts I will be able to pick up ammo from
    many sources that will become available rather quickly.

  17. 2WarAbnVet says:

    "Incompetano" epitomizes the Obama Administration.

  18. are you kidding? The bean bag would break, first. Her actions prove she is a traitor to the USA

  19. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Janet Napolitano's body guard should also be required to carry a bean bag gun. In the military, people who make the rules from the haven of a comfortable safe office somewhere are known as Rear Echlon Pukes. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Janet Napolitano are all Rear Echlon Pukes. They make the rules that other people have to risk their lives for, rules that they themselves, if they had to do it, would be fearful to them and they would complain about it. What a bunch of phonys.

  20. Doug Rodrigues says:

    I would suggest adding a riot shotgun to your list. Aim for the face of anybody coming at you..

  21. Mrsgunnut10 says:

    AND THIS THING – Napolitano – is the top choice for the Position of United States Attourney General, when Holder decides to leave?? Surely there are even "Junior Grade" Lawyers that are more qualified than this Unqualified ?????, I didn't really know what to call her, you fill in your own letters. Someboy needes to throw a "bean bag" at her when she comes in to the Office every Morning. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  22. jmsmaxwell says:

    Good Pump 12 guage pump with extended mag tube. Plus ammo, rations and supplies buried in secure locations
    that are easily accesable if you know where to look to recover them. Have a very bad feeling about the next 4 years.
    Our borders are non existant under this administration and the security of citizens is in doubt.

  23. Janet Napolitano needs to go to the kitchen and cook up some pasta and gravy. Hopefully that wouldn't kill anybody.

  24. GrustyOldGeezer says:

    He kept the National Guard from distributing food and water because bloomingidiot stated that he di not want any guns on the s400 million?

    The total orders ended up at 1.5 BILLION rounds of .40 cal Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition for DOMESTIC USE.

  25. This woman has never had a job, she knew any thing about,She now may be the AG, it just gets worst.There seems to be no end.

  26. Larry E. Teboe says:

    How stupid! They are the same as the stupid rules of engagement that our military has in Afghanistan! Napolitano should be air-dropped into the worst place in Benghazi with her gun and bean-bag ammo.

  27. With Ester Olavarria, counsel to Napolitano and La Raza Gold Card member, what would we expect? She was also counsel to Sen. Edward Kennedy in her constant push for amnesty and immigration reform. This administration has been infiltrated with La Raza: Munoz, former VP and now Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Executive Branch dictating domestic policy; Solis, Labor Secretary who has made certain Mexican illegal aliens have the right to work in this country; Perez, Assistant Attorney General, along with the Mexican government has gone after Sheriff Arpaio and the citizens of Arizona; Salazar, Interior Secretary who has allowed tens of millions of illegal alien trespassers to turn our national border parks into the world's largest dump —millions of tons of trash and human waste and enough discarded plastic, backpacks, and discarded clothing and medical containers to stock several thousand Walmart Super Centers…

  28. janet is an unamerican ass wipe

  29. AD Roberts says:

    Driving the price of ammo up so it will be harder for us to afford it to defend ourselves against them. At the same time, it just increased the debt by millions more.

  30. Bless2live says:

    Just as well throw some white rice on the illegals and wish them happinessa and a great marriage with America while you duck for cover! PS: They could also shoot them with styrofoam balls or be real nice and hand them a box of condoms(free)from us tax payers! Good grief! Oh say can you see? si senor!Si si I see Janet Napolitano!

  31. No, someone needs to KILL Janet Napolitano along with the rest of the traitorss of this country.

  32. Sarah Palin has already been CRUCIFIED by the liberal IDIOTS in this country. If we want our country back, we're going to have to do more than BITCH AND GRIPE about it. We're going to have to SHOOT TO KILL in Washington, plus all of the liberals that put the trash up there.

  33. This napolitano has competely lost her stupid mind. Let her take her fat butt to the border and shoot a worthless piece of garbage and the return fire kills her. What would that tell you – LOCK AND LOAD – LIVE AMMO AND THE HELL WITH DC.