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9 thoughts on “A Nation of Disabled Collectors of Free Government Money

  1. SS Disability is very attractive to low-skilled workers, especially in these times (fewer people want to employ them).

    It takes years to get, but once you hire an attorney and wait for the process to complete you are guaranteed a modest monthly cash stipend for the rest of your life (unlike private insurers, no one from the federal government ever checks back up on you).

    You are then eligible for a whole host of government benefits, including Medicare and those 'free' cellphones so heavily advertised on TV.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Off topic a bit:

    I was ruled to be 80% disbled when I came out of the US Army in 2001. I was (and am) able bodied, college degreed, and willing to work, which I did and have. But, when I visited the VA and told them I was NOT disbled, they told me "if you ever get off disability you will never get on it later, if and when you need it."

    Got that?

    Once you're "disabled" on paper, you must never get off it. Ever.

    Now, I was not a Dr. North reader at the time, but I'm a pretty conservative guy, fiscally, so I took that $1,600 a month and bought gold. It was about $280 an ounce then. I've been doing it ever since… Lived off my wages, and invested the rest in gold, then silver when gold got too expensive. And guns. And food. And a Jeep that's EMP-proof.

    Just sayin'.

  3. The free ride is why Obama will win. Romney is right about the 47% who get a pass on income tax and they like it. Many would pay a little with a flat tax and oppose it strongly. Disability should be for a definite time period and then you have to qualify again. Many are temporarily disabled butc ontinue to ride for life. You want a real joke look at all the able bodies with handicapped license plates.

  4. The only real problem with being 'disabiled' is that a physical problem can prevent someone from doing lifting & carrying & such. But The BIG SHOTS think the problem goes all the way to the brain. That's why some people can NOT get a job.

  5. I used the same seach words….ears government bounty…..and didn't get anything similar whatsoever. I tried 3 times too and got nothing from a government.

  6. Ears government bounty???

  7. Nemesis of Empire says:

    The parasites are life unworthy of life. We know what to do with their kind. Think of all the jobs there are to come building and running the ovens.

  8. "no one from the federal government ever checks back up on you"

    You are wrong. I'm disabled and I get checked on every few years. Since mine is genetic and there is no cure, not sure why they spend money checking on me. Anyway, you get 'checked up on' pretty regular. I had to get on disability back in 1998. I have had 3 or 4 reviews since that time. Sometimes it is me signing a statement that my condition is the same but I have also had to go to a Doctor and have him document my condition.

    So, what you say is wrong and I know that for a fact. You do get 'checked on'. The people may lie and may even have a Doctor that lies but they do get checked on.

  9. If something ever happens and you can't take care of yourself, I wonder if you will feel the same way.