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DHS vs. Free Thinkers in Tampa: “Shootout” of the Camcorders

Written by Gary North on August 31, 2012

There was a mini-showdown in Tampa this week. A group called Free Thinkers sent a camera crew to film the sights. (Note: we have no verb to replace the verb “film.” It’s a real challenge. “Shoot” doesn’t do it. We don’t try to shoot the Department of Homeland Security.)

Here is a report from the Free Thinkers.

While doing a walk through the downtown Tampa area we noticed something interesting. The TSA was searching citizens who chose to travel by way of Greyhound bus. We stopped to film this violation of free citizens rights and while doing so noticed we were being filmed by the Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Services. So we began filming in return and decided to cross the street to get a closer look.

It was a shootout!

The DHS officers demanded “papers, please!” and under the threat of detainment for 72 hours we relented. Make no mistake the officers were violating the rights of free sovereign people. Also take notice of the fact that the officers declared the entire street and essentially the entire state of Florida federal property. As our livestream died, Micah Jackson continued filming.

The Free Thinkers have posted videos of all this.

I have reported on the TSA’s harassing of Ron Paul as he tried to board a private jet after he left the Republican National Convention.

When a bureaucracy gets badges and guns, it starts acting in ways that reveal its authority over people without badges and guns. TSA members mostly just collect their paychecks for running people through lines at airports. They serve time. But occasionally¬† badges and guns go to the heads of members of a bureaucracy’s “special forces.”

“Your papers, please.” But there are no papers. There are only plastic cards. Some day, there will be RFID chips in official plastic cards. “Your ID card, please” will be the demand of the future.

To view the videos, click the link.

Continue Reading on houstonfreethinkers.com

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8 thoughts on “DHS vs. Free Thinkers in Tampa: “Shootout” of the Camcorders

  1. Billy Smith says:

    Try “record” instead of “film”.

    If you have old hardware, “tape” might also apply.

    Or even the more generic (and non-hardware specific “document”.

  2. vanguard7 says:

    "Record" could also work and it could apply to both the "old hardware" as well as the new "digital" formats.

  3. "Your I.D. card, please" will never happen as long as there are democrats around because the cards can be used to validate your vote. They can't have voter I.D. They would not be able to win any elections any longer.

  4. Indeed..tha mark of the beast is upon us…don't travel by plane, train or bus…wonder how long before the stop bicycles and pedrestrians?? /….and of course our private vehicles.

  5. TSA is useless. These are people who have never held any authority before and relish in it now. As a Police Officer the moment they see my ID they pull me out of line and proceed to search me, my carry-on and even luggage. This happens while entering the area of the gates and has even happened again at the gate prior to boarding on more than one occasion! As "I" am someone tey should want to have onboard should something happen it can only be becuse this TSA clown received a ticket or was arrested one time before. What clowns!

  6. Look people the TSA is doing what Obama wants. He is hoping that people will connect the harassment of Ron Paul with the Republicans. The same goes for anyone they stop on the street. The TSA is Obama’s Gestapo. They are the jackboots.


  7. TSA was created by Republicans and signed into law by the Shrub in 2001 in case you’re interested. Think it will get better with Romney? The GOP blocked Ron Paul delegates at every step. It’s record, not my opinion.

  8. …. kind of interesting that "Progressive" Barack Obama hasn't reined in the TSA. Heck, the DHS has started accusing "right wingers" of being "potential lone wolf terrorists".

    Most likely after a Romney victory the DHS and TSA will continue to seek out "lone wolf" terrorist types.