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The UN’s Agenda 21 Is Officially Losing Traction

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2012

Agenda 21 is a global land-use planning proposal of the United Nations Organization. It came into existence in 1992 as part of the global warming agenda. George H. W. Bush signed it, but it has never been introduced to the Senate by any President for ratification.

Bush, Sr., was a great proponent of the New World Order, a phrase that appeared in numerous speeches. Agrenda 21 is part of the NWO grab-bag of world bureaucratic planning initiatives.

It was a flop as part of the UN. Note: everything the UN does is a flop. It has no power that the US government does not give it. It cannot tax people directly. It relies on handouts from national governments. Its agents possess no sovereignty outside of the grounds of the United Nations operation in New York City, other than diplomatic immunity. They do not pay parking tickets.

The Republican National Committee earlier this year took a stand against it. The Tea Party is hostile. By attacking Agenda 21, which is a symbol of UN intentions, the RNC may buy some support. It costs the RNC nothing. Most Americans ignore the UN, and know nothing about Agenda 21.

I am happy to announce that an unknown journalist with the magazine Foreign Policy is outraged by the RNC’s decision. He respects the UN. He respects UN treaties. But UN treaties are rarely ratified. The organization is widely ignored. This upsets him.

His tirade indicates the futility of being an internationalist these days. The Tea Party is a “fringe,” he says, but on the question of UN treaties, the Tea Party has clout. Foreign Policy does not.

The author is beside himself with fury. This is the fate of liberals generally these days. They are in Rodney Dangerfirkd mode. They get no respect. Neither does the UN.

The “Sovereign American Leadership in International Organizations” section of the draft GOP platform released by Politico today, not only explicitly rejects these treaties, but veers pretty close to black helicopter territory:

Fact: we black helicopter types have blocked Agenda 21. He and his internationalist cronies in two decades could not get Agenda 21 sent to the Senate for ratification.

The Times reported in February that Tea Party activists were increasingly referring to Agenda 21 in local debates on issues ranging from bike lanes to smart meters on home appliances:

In short, the Tea Party has pushed Agenda 21 onto the political radar. This is bad for internationalists.

The once fringe movement has been going mainstream this year. The RNC adopted a resolution condemning Agenda 21 in January and Newt Gingrich made frequent reference to it in his presidential campaign, calling it “part of a general problem of the United Nations and other international bureaucracies that are seeking to create an extra-constitutional control over us.” He promised to block the initiative as one of his first executive orders if elected. Given how vague that actual text of Agenda 21 is when you read it, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would notice if he did.

I love those words, “once fringe movement.” It means “fringe movement no more.” It means the Tea Party has killed Agenda 21 as a treaty. For 20 years, Agenda 21 was a non-starter in the Senate. It was invisible, but it had no voter support. Now it has active opposition.

The main problem with Agenda 21 is this: the federal bureaucracies connected with land-use planning do use Agenda 21 as a guide. They pursue its goals under the radar. This is why counties, operating through their sheriffs, should oppose all federal land grabs. They should force federal agencies to prove every land grab in federal court. Counties should assume that the federal agencies are overstepping their constitutional limits.

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10 thoughts on “The UN’s Agenda 21 Is Officially Losing Traction

  1. dAVID IN ma says:

    "The UN’s Agenda 21 Is Officially Losing Traction"

  2. I'm with you David in ma. Not until this government is dismantled and a new government installed should we beleive anything to do with national policy. A one world government was never intended to be, and never will be

  3. Maybe there is some truth to this, but we MUST NOT

    drop our guard on Agenda 21, the UN gangsters and

    the global criminals who want to take over America

    and steal our vast oil, coal, and natural gas reserves.

    TRUST BUT VERIFY, as President Reagan used to say.

    AND we must stay vigilant from now on!

  4. Agenda 21, a one world order, spread America’s wealth to third world nations. Do not use our own resources.

    Remember the Oil for Food Scam in Iraq before the second war with Iraq/ Do youremember how deep the United Nations, main Leadership was involved in that scam? We are a Sovern Country. We are in charge of our own people as a Ntation. And what really gets me, we help countries, with their hands out, then they vote against us in the United Nations. You can’t buy freindship. Not in your private life, not as a country. Agenda 21, a enslavement of our country by European Bankers. By the Bilderberg Group. What we should do is simple. You want the UnitedStates to help you defend your country, with American Lives and equipment, then you pay us the cost or defend yourself. We have defended countries in the Middle East, only to see them turn on us. We should be drilling our own oil and natural gas. Exporting Gas and Oil. Do you have any idea what that would do for the economy, jobs, the National Debt, the Trade Defecit? Take a look at Opec Countries, or Russia , and then take a look at us.

  5. How long is the U.S. going to tolerate this do-nothing, money hungry bunch of idiots? WE NEED TO GET OUT and tell them to get out the the U.N. building and build one somewhere else. What a bunch of leeches.

  6. It is beyond absurd that we give money and aid to those who spit on us, burn our flag and then also vote against us at every opportunity. Keep our dollars and assistance home until these blood suckers quit the UN agenda!

  7. We can never let our guard down again. We need to inform everyone about this un-American power grab. We have to keep exposing it. Then we have to get out of the UN once and for all

  8. Amen to that, Dean. The U.N. is useless. They won't even enforce their own resolutions.

  9. Tired Lady says:

    Bill from Laos: I would say "DON'T TRUST AND TY TO VERIFy". I don't trust ANYTHING I read or hear these days, when it ome to the UN and Agenda 21.

  10. I'm sorry to criticize, but the main message of this piece is incorrect — and somehow, in the very final paragraph, the author begins to admit it.

    Please read up on such matters as how Agenda 21 is being implemented through:

    – Executive Orders
    – ICLEI
    – BIS and "triple bottom line financing"
    – pervasive use of smart meters
    – high-speed rail
    – infiltration into education
    – infiltration into planning agencies
    – and last on this list but not final nor least, as the article refers: zoning and land use regulations

    See: http://gulagbound.com/tag/agenda-21