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Atheists Challenge America’s Tax-Funded Religion: High School Football

Written by Gary North on August 24, 2012

I love to hear stories like these. They reveal the utter cultural otherworldliness of atheists.

There is an allegation — one that has reached all the way from Georgia to Wisconsin — that a varsity high school football coach allows local churches to prepare pre-game meals for his football team. It also alleges that the coach prayed with his team.

A tiny atheist organization in Wisconsin has formally complained to the school district. It has sent a letter of complaint. The letter was signed by a Wisconsin lawyer. It says that such practices violate the principle of the separation of church and state.

In the United states, the only established church is the public school system. The chief creed of this church is not “no child left behind.” Rather it is this: “Pray to God that our football team wins on Friday night.”

The religion of America is high school football. It has been for at least 90 years. And the South is the Bible Belt.

Back to the amusement story.

The Wisconsin outfit is the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It has sent a letter to the Superintendent of Walker County Schools that the practice of letting churches — rotating — feed the football team on Friday night is unconstitutional.

Here it is: a formal challenge to Holy Communion itself. In Georgia, when a varsity football team meets for prayer and a meal, it is assumed that God is present in a special way.

That’s the whole point. This is the church at prayer.

The fact that local churches want to play a small a part in this communion service bothers the atheists. But they have spiritual cause and effect backwards. It’s not that the churches are trying to get the players interested in the true religion. It’s that the churches are trying to get a place at the table. “Please, let us in!”

The Wisconsin organization says that its purpose is to “protect the constitutional principle of separation between state and church.” Then it ought to be calling for the closing of the tax-funded schools. That’s where America’s religion is practiced. And Holy Communion is on Friday nights.

Any coach of a high school varsity football team in the South who did not invoke God’s blessings on his team risks being fired unless his team is 8-3-1 or better for the season.

“Taking public school football teams to church, even for a meal, is unconstitutional,” wrote FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel. “This program is an egregious violation of the Establishment Clause and must cease immediately.”

Seidel said taking school children to churches and having ministers “present the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and having the food blessed “shatters the protections the First Amendment put in place.”

Andy, do you know what you are saying? Do you seriously expect a varsity football team in the South to go onto the field without God’s name being formally invoked? That would be like sending troops into battle without chaplains. But it’s far more serious than that. It would give a psychological edge to the other team.

What if the team has made the playoffs? Are you out of your mind?

Boy, don’t you want the team to win? Don’t you take high school football seriously? You are in Wisconsin. Think “Green Bay and the Packers.” Multiply that by a factor of five.  This is serious!

The FFRF said a local individual complained about a longstanding tradition of local churches providing meals to the teenage football players on game day.

I can tell you one thing. Whoever complained grew up in the Bronx.

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, and a national commentator on social issues, said it’s time for Christians to stand up against the attacks from the FFRF.

The First Baptist Church in Dallas is the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Vatican in the South. It is at the very center of regional piety: deep in the heart of Texas. Here is where the true believers take their religion seriously, especially during the playoffs.

As I say, I love stories about out-of-touch atheists. It reassures me that they are not a threat to the spiritual heart of this nation. What would threaten the faith of the masses? A season in which every game in the league ended in a 0-0 tie. People would fall to their knees. “It’s the hand of God!”

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81 thoughts on “Atheists Challenge America’s Tax-Funded Religion: High School Football

  1. These folks should be categorized as terrorists. They could spend some time at GTMO. I think Simon has it right. They are afraid they are wrong, but are too stupid to admitt it.

  2. Are there atheist chaplains in the Army to help atheist troops with their self-worship? Seems only fair.

  3. Patriot1776 says:

    The most serious violators of the 1st Ammendment is the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They righteously march uninvited into communities and attempt to trample our right to freedom OF religion. The question is, what is their basis? There is no Constitutional grounds for their charges. It is time to dust off the Constitution and hold it up against the tyranny of the left.

  4. Mike Bortnick says:

    This is, far and away, simply the best, the most perceptive and original commentary on US church/state that I have ever seen.

  5. Simon Bolivar says:

    Why are atheists so afraid of religion? Are they concerned they may be wrong?

  6. Back in the 1955 to 1965 years when I was in High School, graduated in 1960, my school had one hour per week where the local churches would come to the hgh school and minister to the students. That is what this country used to be about. WHAT HAS HAPPENED????

  7. They're not afraid they"might" be wrong! They " know " they're wrong! And they're bucking against God himself. But, going after his children to do it. It's time we remind them that "our Dad's bigger their dad!"

  8. Why don't we remove everything that has a religious taint? We would then lose everything we hold dear…here is a partial list:

    Laws: If they are based in any way on the 10 commandments, then they MUST be removed.
    Morality: By what standard can ANYONE agree about right or wrong?
    Weekends: The week is based on a 7-day period in which God created the world.
    Days off: Saturdays and Sundays are set aside by whatever religion for worship.
    Holidays: Many religious holidays are the basis for the time periods we take time off–Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Halloween (All Hallows Eve), Thanksgiving (Prayer)… I suppose we could still have April 1st.
    Equal Rights: The Bible tells us that there is no longer Jew nor Greek.
    Taxation: In response to the question "Is it lawful (under God) to pay taxes?" Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's."
    Government: Governments are established and ordained by God.

    What have we left? Anarchy!

  9. US Citizen says:

    There are no atheists in fox holes. <;)

  10. Just had to add 3 more:

    Hospitals: Many were established by religious organizations.
    Universities: Same as hospitals.
    Philanthropy: Most aid for the needy comes from religious organizations or religious people.
    Aid for the poor: This is condoned by Scripture.

  11. Do I detect the dripping of sarcasm? Way to go. I like the one about the judge who dismissed a suit trying to get a holiday for atheists: he decided they already had their special holiday: April 1. Praise G_d for those who take a stand for Him. Our church did and He has greatly blessed us.

  12. Very good except for halloween, which is NOT in the same category as the rest.

  13. Of course, Halloween is celebrated by a religious group AS a religious holiday and, therefore on the list. Mother's Day and Father's Day are not "religious" in nature, but are celebrated in churches and are honoring to our parents, thus on the list. Memorial day began as a day of prayer, therefore, by invoking God, places it on the list.

    Of course, I left off Independence Day and Labor Day–Holidays that have zero religious roots unless your religion is patriotism or unionism.

    Glad to be of service.

  14. There is no such thing as a dead atheist. All atheists become believers after death.

  15. Pissed off Vet says:

    How long before we are arrested for saying prayer over out food in a restaurant I really feel sorry for the one who tries to do that to me and my family they will be calling God before I am through.

  16. every one has eternal life it's just that some in one place and some in another

  17. Davidus Romanus says:

    Guys. It's not the prayer meals itself that's the problem. It's the state funded school that participates in that is the problem. If all schools were private, then each school could have churches feed their teams or not and no one could complain. If atheists don't like it, choose another school. One thing not mentioned here is whether all the churches in the feeding the team rotation are Christian or not. I'm guessing they are. So what about any Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist kids on the team? Are there mosques and temples in the rotation? All this could be fixed immediately by the separation of school and state. As long as education is public and funded by taxes, there will be objections from tax payers. As soon as all education is private, people will vote with their dollars and choose a school to their liking.

  18. Religion has no place in government-funded ANYTHING. All of our founding fathers have explicitly stated as such.

  19. — That being said, if a bunch of kids want to pray because they think they'll have their silly "God" on their side during a silly football game, let 'em.

  20. There have always been atheists. Just in the past they kept their opinions to themselves. Now they are nothing more than a bunch of bullies who are angry at the world and themselves all the time. Typical libs……….always ticked off at something they consider "not fair". I guess they didn't get invited for the free meals.

  21. James Fletcher says:

    Where in the constitution is the law seperating the church and state ?? The constitution specificaly Guarantes the the government will pass no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. And that it cannot require you to follow any specific religion period ! Again here is the first amendment ; "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" . Where does this say anything about seperating church and state?

  22. They're not ticked off, nor are they angry. They just want our First Amendment rights respected, and forcing God on people is not respecting their rights, it's violating them. Portraying them as whiny brats is pretty childish, and they could say the same exact thing about religious people whining that not everyone is worshiping God and that society is falling apart because of it – which it obviously isn't.

  23. The word is spelled "God" nor "G_d".

  24. El Kabong says:

    God is not silly.

  25. James Fletcher says:

    In God we trust, Indowed by their creator, ?
    I can show you hundreds of referances to God and the church made by the founders. The first amendment prohibits the Government from stoping you from practicing your religion, and stops the government from making you follow any specific religion. You are sorely mistaken in your statement. Do you know that congress opens every morning session with a prayer ? The churches were an integral part of the founding and comunities were built around them.
    I will quote one of the Founding fathers, "I always consider the settlement of America with reverence and wonder, as the opening of a grand scene and design in providence, for the illumination of the ignorant and the emancipation of the slavish part of mankind all over the earth.
    John Adams
    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
    John Adams
    He went on to become the third president.

  26. How long have you been observing society? It is certainly changing and not for the better. How long have you been an atheist? Inquiring minds want to know all the answers.

  27. You tell me how believing in an invisible, vengeful, all-powerful-but-refuses-to-do-anything "God" is helping society. Enslaving minds to the idea that there's some magical being out there watching our every move, compelling us to do the right thing is ludicrous, especially when the majority of so-called "Christians" are incapable of following their 10 basic "Commandments" to living life. Maybe when Christians get their act together and start behaving like they SHOULD, will they actually become relevant again.

  28. As for how long I've been watching society – more than 30 years. That's not including research into previous decades and centuries, so your insinuation that I haven't been watching for long is just plain wrong.

  29. James Fletcher says:

    Independance day, it is in celebration of the declaration of independance that states "Men are endowed by their creator certain inaliable rights" and those words are a declaration that God wills it !
    And halloween is a coruption of the words Hallowed Eve. Hallowed meaning"Holy"

  30. Sorry, but my God is all-powerful, but He did not refuse to do anything. In order for man to fulfill his purpose in being created, he had to be perfect. Because man refused (and still refuses) to follow the directions provided by the Creator, man brought sin and death into the world. My God provided an alternate way for His original purpose for man to be accomplished: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16 NIV) It is now up to man–accept or reject.

    It actually takes more faith to be an atheist. In the face of all evidence pointing to a benevolent, creator God to reject Him and place his hope of eternity in that there is nothing after death–that is true faith. If there is something beyond death, wouldn't a benevolent Creator let us know? Evidence: Scripture. Our time on this earth is short maybe 80-90 years. Eternity is forever. Don't be wrong for the long haul.

    Read "Heaven is for Real."

  31. BTW, I agree that we Christians should follow the 10 Commandments, but at least we know where we have fallen short and accept that we cannot make it on our own.

  32. Separation of church and state IS NOT in the Constitution. Comes from a letter Jefferson wrote in the 1760's when he was asked by leader of a baptist sect if they would be free to practice their religion in Virginia. The First Amendment is very clear in establishing that one is free to excercise his religion WHEREVER AND WHENEVER he chooses. I would propose that this groupo of goofballs in Wisconsin should be countersued with infringing the rights of others to exercise their First Amendment rights. Maybe if they were on the defending end of a lawsuit or two for a change, they might learn to shut up and leave well enough alone. Let us prayn in peace and we will be more than happy to let you not pray in peace

  33. But there isn't any evidence pointing to a benevolent, creator God. Just a book written by man.

  34. I say let em sue. Let them waste their funding for such a frivolous case. First judge it comes up against should toss it.. you chaps in Wisconsin lack standing.. YOU are not harmed by what a team in Georgia do on Friday night, so shut up and go back home… AFTER paying the team's legal expenses.
    Second, that judege should, in discovery, demand to know what law CONGRESS managed to pass that "establishes" these Friday night communion meetings. Remember, the First Ammendment says CONGRESS shal make no law……. ao unless Congress passed some law establishing this practice, there is no violation of the First Ammendment. And even then, IF the Congress did pass such a law, it only might have established the Friday Night Love Feasts (with prayer) which are a far cry from establishing a complete religion.

    Gary, you're over the top on the satire scale.. this whole article is fairly dripping with sarcasm, satire, ridicule….. and puts things in a right persepective. You must have been raised in the South, and maybe even Roman Catholic, to have the whole system down as well as you do. Well done.

  35. Mike Bortnick says:

    None of the commenters so far seem to have read or understood the article. I imagine this is another result of government-run schools.

  36. The term ” separation of church and state ” was gleaned ,not from the constitution,but from a letter of Thomas Jefferson,and taken totally out of context.It was used by the SOTUS,that was supposed to use the constitution as their basis for judgement.There is no such phrase in the constitution,so the argument is a sham.By the way ,Horace Mann,the founder of the public school system ,was a secular humanist,and founded the public school system to ” rid America of the scourge of Christianity.”He ,being an atheist,is a prime example of the atheist.Tolerance ,apparently to the atheist,means you Christians WILL tolerate us,but WE don’t have to tolerate you,because WE are right.

  37. Dracula131 says:

    If I happen to encounter you some day I will personally knock you on your a** , because I just know God is too busy with really important “stuff.”. Cal

  38. Prime example of "Christianity", right there, knucklehead. Way to live by the tenets of your bullshit religion.

  39. Really? How would the prayer go? "God, thank you for this food. Excuse me while I go commit violence on someone that's annoying me."

  40. Dracula131 says:

    I do believe in God. I also know my enemies. I, personally am sick of all you left wing gang of s***
    And know how to take out the trash!

  41. This minority is panicked and desperate!! They think they can control the American people with their incessant drivel. They remind me of the current administration!!!

  42. Pissed off Vet says:

    Even Jesus said sell your cloak and buy a sword to protect your family so when you come to harm or take my family then ill protect them now put that in your pipe and smoke it .

  43. Patriot1776 says:

    We closed our eyes and turned our heads and have allowed the liberals to overcome what is right and decent. We allowed them to remove prayer from schools, now we have shootings instead. We allowed them to teach sex ed, now we have public education in homosexuality. We allowed them to bring trash onto T.V., now we have pure filth. We tried to be tolerant, and in return we are attacked. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

  44. Just the Facts Maam says:

    Can someone please tell me since when did all public edifices and institutions become the exclusive property of the atheists? Public means that everyone pays for it! Everyone owns it! Everyone can use it! That includes Christians who have as much right to access as anyone else.

    A part of establishment of religion that is always left out of atheist arguments is "prohibiting the free exercise thereof". It is no less distressing for a Christian to be inhibited in expressing his religious beliefs than for an atheist to witness it. In fact it is much less so for the atheist as he is free to express his disagreement. If the Christian is to keep his religious comments behind closed doors only then let the atheist do the same! Perhaps every subject with two or more sides should be censored including all political speech. That would at least shut the divisive garbage from politicians, atheists and Communists down. But then we wouldn't really want a society devoid of free expression would we?

    These continual attacks are nothing more than an attempt to discredit and destroy the Christian faith and should not be tolerated. This should be a non issue and should never have been allowed to get to such a ridiculous extreme in this country in the first place.

  45. Patriot1776 says:

    What do tax payers have to object to? There is no legal requirement for the "separation of church and state." There is a Constitutional Amendment that says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of;…" In no way is Congress even involved in this, nor is there any establishment of relgion by the act of the school allowing a church to feed the athletes. It is the church reaching out to the students. There are no tax dollars being dispensed. It is an act of charity.

  46. Douglas V says:

    Well, a christian can't pray in school, can't mention christ to a friend (even when asked). It may not be that bad everywhere, but that's what organizations like freedom from religion wants.

    Plus, the public school system is a waste of money. They teach evolution and darwanism and don't want anything like creation even mentioned, no matter the religion that espouses it. I have worked in the public schools in AZ. If the constitution is taught anymore it is in passing. Boys can't be boys, and girls aren't really girls. But, boys can be girls and visa verse. The men that work in the system, especially the classroom, are basically told by rules and consequences that they cannot be men and teach the boys how to be men. You can't so much as look at a kid a wrong way without the possibility of molestation or some kind of abuse being levied against you. All the while teachers and staff are having sex with students and having children with these students for years. The children are dumber than ever before, even though these "tests" like aims say otherwise, but mostly say these kids are dumb. With fluoride in our water and no actual teaching going on, it's no wonder these kids are dumbing down.

  47. Thanks for the clarification….I guess I need to add Independence day to my list! I reeeeaally wanted to…

  48. Depends on what religion you belong to. Jewish people do NOT put the "o" in it. AND, "not" has a "t" and noT an "r".

  49. By your refusal to accept written evidence, we have to refute the existence of Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, John Smith, Napolean Bonaparte and countless other figures accepted in history.

    Beyond the written evidence, there is evidence in lives changed by personal experiences. Many men considered evil prior to a personal experience with this Creator God, have made a life/directional change to become societal benefactors instead.

    There is evidence in the creation itself. Without a Creator, the possibility of our existence would never be. Evolutionary theory (as well as creation theory) cannot be proven by empirical observable evidence. Physical "laws" are in place that cannot be suspended by human effort (i.e., gravity, time and space containment, etc.), however, there are things that occur outside these parameters that cannot be explained without the existence of a Supreme Being.

    It takes more faith and self-confidence to be an atheist. I can resolve many questions because I can attribute them to a being more powerful and knowledgeable than myself. I can also stand on a firm foundation of truth because I have a confidence in something outside myself.

    My prayer is that your heart will be softened just enough to review what you reject with an open mind. Read the Bible as a narrative of what a Creator God would do to bring His creation back to Him.

  50. Separation between church and state does not negate the practice of religion, but rather it simply means that the government can establish no state sponsored religion. They continue to fight all expressions of religion, even on private land. It is time to stop this group. They are not the protectors of the Constitution, but a group so intent in their fervor to destroy any form of religious belief that have become close to being a religion themselves. Worship comes in many forms: religious, secular, money, power……

  51. Please inform us of chapter and verse of this epiphany you have uncovered. I'd like to know where it is because the First Amendment of the US Constitution says: Congress shall make no law establishing religion or restricting the free exercise, thereof. Then there are some after thoughts on free speech and assembly and some other apparently secondary thoughts.

    I'd say restricting the free exercise, thereof, seems to be going around quite a bit, now.

    I'm still waiting.

  52. Don't see or hear about these Atheists doing anything positive to help these kids.

  53. DALE BRIGGS says:


  54. Are you saying that public schools can't accept donations from a religious institution? What's the difference between a church writing a check or feeding the football team? No tax money is involved. Duh!

    I'm from Wisconsin and I find Annie Laurie Gaylor and her Freedom from Religion Foundation really disgusting. She and hers can't read and understand the constitution as written by our Founders. The 1st Amendment is meant to keep government out of religion, not religion out of government.

  55. I think atheists, believing that there is nothing but their life on Earth, after death should not be buried. They should be disposed of, their useless container (body) thrown in the rubbish pile since it means nothing at all.

  56. The problem with your concern is that Christian schools will demonstrate the love and fellowship of Christianity, while Muslims will saw your head off if you refuse to believe.

  57. Change your name, Shane, you don't deserve such a good name.
    Religion in any government funded place is not 'establishment of a state religion' which is what the Founders did not want to happen. Unless the Government says 'only Christian / Catholic / Protestant etc. religions may take part' then it's not 'establishment of a state religion.'

    I suppose the government is ordering us to all be gay or whatever with all their things favoring the unnatural insertion of body parts into other people?

  58. Atheism is a religion which is imposing itself on the rest of us.

  59. When then President Clinton was believed to have committed sex in the oval office of the White House room the Liberal Media and Democrats came up with a slogan stating "Everybody does it." Shakespeare much earlier gave us "Me thinks, the lady doth protest too loudly" which I believe most closely applies to feminine politicians advocating the need for abortion "rights"????? Where does one find such a hideous right? All meant to discredit their detractors. A more recent attack centered on a statement by the owner of Chich fil a when they stated they believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Administration and the President launched into an unbelievable diatribe in an attempt to discredit those having a predilection against “same sex marriage. Now we have an attack on high school football players from southern states eating a meal served by a church group. The best I can say to all of these detractors is; do you know how big a fool you make of yourself

  60. Finland, home to the world's best (and most progressive, small 'p') public education system, has very significant presence of Christian and Lutheran observances in their public schools. Nobody screams 'they are trying to make me a Lutheran!'

    If you don't like it, I say, fine. Sit down and pray to your smartphone. Stop imposing YOUR will on others.

  61. Thank you for properly using the term 'drivel'. Every time I see someone post it as 'dribble' I want to scream.

  62. Atheism is a religion being imposed on us all.

  63. Finland, home to the world's best (and most progressive, small 'p') public education system, has very significant presence of Christian and Lutheran observances in their public schools. Nobody screams 'they are trying to make me a Lutheran!'

  64. Shane, you like so many others are confusing 'religion' with belief in God. A person can believe in a higher power and not belong to any religion at all. 'In God We Trust' does not push 'religion', for example.

    Belief in God is no more 'religion' than refusal to believe in (a) God. Religion not only acknowledges God but tells you what else to believe and how to do everything, it is a framework. An Atheist does not have a religion, unless he goes around trying to prohibit or change others' beliefs and then he DOES have a religion. As you do.

    Please take your proselytizing of Atheism's religion away as it offends me.

  65. AAAAARRRRRGGGG There is NO separation of church and state ! The second amendment states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". This means CONGRESS can't establish a law that requires anyone to participate in a government sanctioned religion. ANY state in the union can host a church or advertise about a program or have a cross down at the court house as long as it is NOT required by FEDERAL law. You small minded little trolls called atheists are WRONG and IF you come to our town you will be SUED for violating our constitutional rights to practice ANY religion we so choose ANYWHERE we choose.

  66. LizzieGirl says:

    Wouldn't it be easier and more fun to just remove the crazy atheist. We don't bother them why do they keep bothering us? If the church wants to donate a dinner to these football players, then they can. If the boys families want to stop and eat there, then they can, they don't need approval from the crazy atheist. If they want to pray, they can. It's not an organized religious service..Let them sue you, they will lose. Church and state issue is only valid if someone has organized a church event or insisted player pray…etc..this is all on their on terms…I guess the team could go out to the parking lot and sit in thier cars and say a prayer before the game..

  67. LizzieGirl says:


  68. catchesthewnd says:

    A very good post but you left out the part where Jefferson wrote that there ought to be a wall between church and state to prevent the government from meddling in the affairs of the church.

  69. @MontieR, you got it right except it is the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of religion, press, speech, assembly and redress of grievances. 2nd Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms, to form a militia.
    This group in Wisconsin has a bogus basis for their suit. I think it is great that the young athletes get treated to dinner by all the different churches in their area. An excellent lesson for life.

  70. RHW, MSgt, USAF, Ret says:

    The fantasy of the term "Separation of Church and State" does not exist. The First Amendment mandates the Congress (the Government) shall be NEUTRAL as pertains to any thing Religious. Government has NO authority to make any law for or against Religion — any Religion or its symbols. This First Amendment (and most important one) was created to make sure Government would have no say in how WE THE PEOPLE choose to participate in which ever Religion we choose. Government must stay "hands off" as the people are Guaranteed "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" — the Constitution does not guarantee "Freedom From Religion" no matter how some people feel — they are only guaranteed the option to ignore anything religious.

  71. RHW, MSgt, USAF, Ret says:

    The fantasy of the term "Separation of Church and State" does not exist. The First Amendment mandates the Congress (the Government) shall be NEUTRAL as pertains to any thing Religious. Government has NO authority to make any law for or against Religion — any Religion or its symbols. This First Amendment (and most important one) was created to make sure Government would have no say in how WE THE PEOPLE choose to participate in which ever Religion we choose. Government must stay "hands off" as the people are Guaranteed "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" — the Constitution does not guarantee "Freedom From Religion" no matter how some people feel — they are only guaranteed the option to ignore anything religious.

  72. …football….

  73. This has gone totally insane and must be stopped! These Godless ghouls need their comeupance. The time has arrived for all Christians to become proactive instead of reactive. The communists have dictated enough of their nonsensicle totalitarian beliefs on a domicile and intimidated Christian nation. It is time that we stand up against these communist bullying cowards! I'll volunteer to lead the charge!

  74. This reminds me of another saying, "As long as school gives tests there will always be prayers in the classroom"

  75. richard holmes says:

    There is no seperation of church and state in the constitution. These dope smoking bird brained pukes need to crawl back into their cesspool and shut up.

  76. Bama Griz says:

    The Wisconsin outfit Freedom From Religion Foundation has recently been sticking their nose in all kinds of Alabama high school events down here. Alabama's motto is "We Dare Defend Our Rights". They may be biting off more than they can chew.

  77. People dont realize that separation of church n state was to protect the church. The Christians didnt want the government involved. People have twisted n turned the true meaning of church n state. Thomas Jefferson is one that stated he wanted to keep government out of church issues. Its in the Constitution. Another thing to all you atheists… George Washington, a secularist, prayed WITH HIS TROOPS because it was uplifting. He accepted Christians beliefs because it made them stronger. Rather you believe there is a God or not, understan. d that it is a wonderful story. Something great to learn from rather fact or fiction. If you have a problem with the Ten Commandments, there's something very wrong with you.

  78. As an athiest, I found this article interesting. Obviously I don't agree with the author on everything, but I'm not a bit worried about churches serving food to kids. I'd much rather the public schools didn't exist in the first place, then we would not only have a much better educated populace, but we wouldn't have to argue about such triviality.

  79. For all you Constitutionally challenged folks out there, separation of church and state is NOT in the first amendment, nor is it stated anywhere in the Constitution. Wake up and actually read the document before making an ass of yourself.

  80. Jim Jensen says:

    I liken it to the vegetarian who doesn't eat meat believing nobody should eat meat. The Prius owner who thinks everybody should own a Prius. Atheists are just as self-righteous (pious) as the Christians they accuse of being self righteous. Their god is however "humanism". If they do not believe in a higher power, nobody should believe in a higher power.

  81. The FFRF should go to the New England Schools that allow Muslim children to get out their prayer rugs during school and pray openly. Where is the ACLU and the FFRF when Muslims practice religion in State Schools. Where are these atheists when religion is practiced in State Prisons?