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Obama’s Immigration “Law” Is Not a Law at All

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2012

President Obama signed an executive order — not a bill sent by Congress — to allow up to 1.7 million illegal immigrants to temporarily get legal residence.

Not being a law, this order can be reversed if a new President cancels it. Congress has nothing to say about it either way.

My guess is that no future President will stick his finger into the immigration hornet’s nest to reverse this executive order.

The immigration authorities expect 1.2 million applications.

These will be mostly high school students who were brought here illegally by their parents. Let’s hope they graduated.

They will still have to apply for citizenship. The order protects them from deportation.

Obama said that this will let the immigration bureaucrats concentrate on criminals. Last year, half of the 400,000 deported were either criminals or repeat immigration violators.

Probably, the people who identify themselves will not be deported, ever. This means that they will become legal aliens. They will be able to get jobs or go on welfare, whichever appeals to them most.

Let’s hope they get jobs.

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16 thoughts on “Obama’s Immigration “Law” Is Not a Law at All

  1. JohnWayne says:

    Another "decree" from the "annointed one". Let's make sure that he's out in November!

  2. We need to show Obother the highway. This man has done everything in his power (and he has a lot) to destroy America as we know it! If we want our children and grand children to not have to learn English as a second language we have got to stop him. You might not like Mitt but please consider the alternative. A non-vote is a vote for the big O. In other words, If you don’t vote its just like you pulled the handle for the O!!

  3. If I were the next president I would have NO problem reversing the Executive Order. The problem with politicians is that they are worried about the next election and don't give a darn about TODAY.

  4. Illegals have been sneaking across our borders for years and we have been catching them and deporting them . There is no penalty other than deportation and perhaps the loss of money they may have paid to the people who help them cross our border . Many come over at a legal check point as visitors and simply forget to go home . These people have broken the law , in other words , they have committed a criminal act . They are " Illegal " aliens . What part of that term does not this administration and , the Democrats , leftists and bleeding hearts , not understand . It is not a " Racist Hate Crime " It is a statement of fact ! We have people born in this country to parents who were either born in this country or came here legally that can not get jobs due to the fact that there aren't enough jobs as it is . Where do they go ? Welfare ! They drain our funds and tax dollars as they sit back and get fat ! Or their children join gangs or take to selling drugs and committing crimes to get extra dollars . Seems the left doesn't get this , or do they wish too !

  5. watchdogman says:

    If the new President doesn't reverse it "WE the People" should..

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Under Obama the government is no longer restrained by that "outdated and restrictive" Constitution. Executive decrees and thousands of regulations from unelected bureaucrats have created the new tyranny.

  7. u.s. citizen says:

    We the people need to speak loud and clear as we did in 2010. Remember in November. Save the future of our children and grandchildren.

  8. Erik Osbun says:

    Not only is his executive order not a law, but it breaks the law.

  9. So American citizens now have to compete with a potential 1.2 million illegal aliens for jobs which don't exist????? Isn't that a great way for the "president" to help the American people???? All for votes, everything he does is aimed at collecting more votes!!! We will expect Romney/Ryan to review each and every "executive order" and rescind all of them which are damaging to us…..we will certainly believe most of them will be gone!! The cesspool in DC must be cleaned out in NOVEMBER….Romney/Ryan can do it!!!!

  10. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    No, it's not. If you're old enough to remember ABC's Schoolhouse Rock, and America Rock, a bill can only become law if it's passed by Congress, and SIGNED by the President.

  11. Buvkaroo63 says:

    Executive orders act exactly like a law and for all purposes are law. Except for one thing. Article one Section one of our Constitution [The law of the land] says only Congress can make law. So Presidents, Bureaucrats and Justices of the Courts can not make law. And that means Obama broke the law of the land, [Article six.]. So did george Bush and others. Executive Orders can never be law as they are not made by Congress and they are not "PURSUANT" to the Constitution as all legal laws must be! [Article 6 again].

  12. We also need to get Obama out and demand that congress and the new President rescind this order. I don't want any backing down on this. I feel bad for them, but worse for the American people who do not have jobs and guess where my allegiance lies. Let them go back home and go about it the right way. After all if they are that age, they should have no trouble doing it the right way. However, we should not allow any more immigration until the majority of Americans are back to work. If O would somehow get 4 more years, then he will be saying it is inhumane to separate them from their families, so the older ones will get to stay too plus their cousins, parents, siblings and when will it all stop. Look up what it takes become a mexican citizen or living there. You sure wouldn't be getting any government handouts. I heard there is a bus going to the capitol with all illegals (which they proudly proclaim) which just shows me they are laughing in our faces.

  13. It shows why he took constitutional law at Harvard. He knows ways to get around it. The reason behind the executive order proves my point and why it was signed now. Only another sitting president can get rid of it and by November it will have accomplished its purpose with the new legals being able to vote for him. Doesn't take a Harvard grad to figure that out. Just think what will happen if elected again! Want to bet we won't be allowed on the net complaining about it? Anybody who will stop and just look around and think for themselves, will see what this president is up too. A change of wallpaper may not stop this race to self destruction of the country, but at least slow it down! Right now there's a rock on the gas pedal!

  14. Do not forget! Yes, they can probably get rid of the damage ones. But it all depends IF we are allowed to have an election! And can we trust that outfit in Spain to give a legal count of the vote? There are a lot of "if" about November. I go out all the time in my area and talk to people about voting. Right now I hear as many votes for Obama as I do for Romney. We can pray that all will go well and do our best to turn this country in the right direction. I'm not against anyone trying for a better life, don't get me wrong, but this country as it is now cannot afford to support aliens. If we were able to, I would be 100% for it. Now if the liberals are as smart as they think they are, find a way besides taxes to support them! Hows that for a challenge!

  15. What was the last Presidential Order rescinded by a subsequent President?

  16. Two items to consider: one, what does this do to the already overburdened unemployment problem and two, why would the majority of these ~2MM individuals not want to head home, where ever that maybe, enter the workforce and make a differance? But no doubt, the US is now "home" and defacto, illegal or otherwise, the pressure on wages will continue with a glut of new "legal" labor entering the job market. Then we have Medicare and CHIP to fund for those at less than 200% to 300% of the poverty rate ($45K or $67K depending on State for a family of 4). Anyone see where this is going with an average US wage of $41K? Forget 2020, $20T by 2018, bankrupt and chaos rules.