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Mexican-Bound Assault Weapons: Subsidize Just One Cartel

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

An arrested Mexican drug cartel agent is about to go on rtial in Chicago. He is already singing. He says that “Fast and Furious” was not a plan to find out where the drug cartel honchos were. It was in fact an operation to supply just one of the members of the cartel with enough weapons to wipe out the others.

In short, it was a strategy of destroying the cartel in order to create a monopoly.

I am not one to accept at face value the pre-trial stories of known felons, especially illegal immigrant felons — sorry, “undocumented drug workers.” But this one deserves some further inquiries by Congress. I don’t expect an imminent shut-down of any cartels as a result. But the entertainment value of such hearings would be worth plenty. Also, the hearings would tie up Congressmen from doing harm holding hearings on domestic economic regulation.

What if it turns out that Attorney General Holder gets outed as the mastermind of a deal to elevate one drug gang to supremacy in Mexico? What would be the logic of such a strategy? Economies of scale? More reliable negotiations for kidnapped American border guards? What?

Nothing comes to mind.


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9 thoughts on “Mexican-Bound Assault Weapons: Subsidize Just One Cartel

  1. delmar jackson says:

    Anyone that thinks the rotten stinking mess of corruption in Mexico caused by BILLIONS of dollars in drug profits will NEVER infect the USA and its politicians and government at ALL levels is a fool. We spent 6 trillion and thousands of american lives to fight wars for isreal in the middle east, while ignoring the nightmare on our border. Why are we involved with syria and ignoring cartels infecting our country?

  2. There will never be security in the US as long as our thousands of miles of borders are kept open by 'globalists'. There are many people outside the USA, and who have come to the USA, whose only purpose in life is to turn us into a third world cesspool. They are jealous when we win a gold medal at the Olympics and feed their hate. We in the US have learned to live with the fact that there is always some one richer than you – but they haven't accepted the fact that there can be a country more successful than yours. If your next door neighbor is poorly governed, rift with graft and unable to protect their own citizens, you either need to keep all those who think that way out, or accept that if you encourage 20 million of them to break your laws and live in your country in 'sanctuary cities' (or states as CA is striving to become) your country will soon become a third world cesspool. 20M criminal invaders will multiply and in 20 years, there will be 60M. Children of foreign criminals do not grow up with American morals and values.

  3. Sgt. York says:

    money talks and bs walks. Holder and o'vomit are not below being drug thugs. this is one way to take over the USA we must stand up and vote this mess of dummycratcommie thugs out or kiss the america as we know it goodby. Americans stand up now vote the R/R ticke or infact any ticket except theo'vomit thuggie ticket. god help Us

  4. No, Sgt. York, we ALL need to vote the R/R ticket. ANY other vote will be one less chance for R/R and one more vote for Obummer. With all the damage he's done so far, and will continue to do until next January, America can't take a chance on letting him back in office even by one single vote!

  5. Obomney won't do a good job.

  6. If this Mexican cartel & the Obama administration operated to arm and allow the free flow of drugs into the US, It is guarateed money was being paid to high ranking US officials, Holder & possibly O. Follow the money !!!!!…….. before the Chicago mobsters take out the "singing cartel agent"

  7. VT Patriot says:

    Mickey Mouse would do a better job than obozo. Get you head out of where the sun don't shine, and vote for Romney. The best possible choice?? Maybe not, but so far ahead of what we have now, At least he's not a mooslime marxist, race baiting, commie like obozo.

  8. This entire administration , evry last department annd agency , has only one goal under Obamass and the progressives that put him there , DESTROY AMERICA any way you can .

  9. Why support one cartel. I am guessing it would be the North American Union enforcer South of the border. They probably would have more integrity than the Mexican government.