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Microsoft and NBC News Divorce

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2012

The programmers at NBC news now get to go after their cable TV audience all by themselves. Microsoft has split after 16 years.

NBC News always forced MSNBC to use only NBC News programming. NBC News is liberal. NBC News was trying to appeal to liberal viewers. They are trying to catch up with Fox News on cable TV, which has a far larger market share.

Microsoft wanted off a visibly sinking ship. It wanted to run programming from other news sources.

Liberals can now watch NBCNews.com. Not many people will.

The no-cable networks’ TV evening news audience is around 21 million viewers: NBC, CBS, and ABC. NBC wanted Web presence. It will still have this, but without Microsoft’s support.

Microsoft will soon have its own site. It will have its own news team. So, this will offer more competition for NBC. NBC’s cable audience will shrink even more.

The evening news shows are in a holding pattern these days: up a little from 2011, but not by much.They are losing to multiple Web sources. Drudge Report has about 2 million hits per day. It has many competitors. The networks are not going to disappear soon, but their influence is being diffused by Web sources. There is no unified view any longer. This is bad for the Establishment.

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7 thoughts on “Microsoft and NBC News Divorce

  1. NBC are Obama liberals. There going to have to sell advertizement to keep going. It is time to short thier stock.

  2. This is the reason that the communistocrats and their leader comorad Obama wont to regulate the internet… they are terrafied of free speech and opinions not theirs…….

  3. BSDetectorNow says:

    Obummer will give them all our money they need like he has done all his supporters and donors. I wonder how much of a thrill Chris Matthews had running up his leg over this news? Bet Rachel Madcow wasn't thrilled either.

  4. the alphabet stations know where the viewers are that's why they advertise on fox

  5. That is funny Alex. And so very true. LMAOROLF

  6. That was LMAOROTF

  7. LOL what difference will it make if MSNBC gets its news from NBC, the White House, media matters, etc. Microsoft was created by eugenist Bill Gates who the press touts as a philanthropist…what he's actually doing is buying up large tracts of land around the world in partnership with Monsanto. When bill S 510 was sponsored by Lamar Alexander it could make home gardens and saving heirloom seeds illegal and giving Monsanto control of the world seed supply.

    Yeah, I want to get my news from people that think like that…