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Atheist Files Complaint Against Christian Restaurant That Offers 10% Off to Church Attendees

Written by Gary North on July 13, 2012

Can the state force a business to give discounts to atheists if the business offers discounts to people who attend church? Not if an atheist named Wolff has his way.

Wolff has filed a complaint against a restaurant that offers a 10% discount to people who bring in a church bulletin. Where has he fled it? With the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Shouldn’t discounts be an issue left to the free market? Not in today’s regulated economy. The state must now decide.

Why should this be a church-state issue? Because anything can become a church-state issue in a world filled with bureaucrats and atheists who want to get their worldview shoved down the throats of Christians.

They are mot content with their right not to believe in God. They must be allowed to get in on any special benefits that Christians give to each other.

The state, whose officers share this hostility to Christians and also the private sector, makes it easy for atheists to bring law suits against Christians.

This will go on for as long as voters vote for politicians who think that the state should regulate businesses.

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19 thoughts on “Atheist Files Complaint Against Christian Restaurant That Offers 10% Off to Church Attendees

  1. Logical Bob says:

    This church bulletin is essentially a discount coupon, that the merchant didn't have to print — a brilliant idea to promote his business. If the unhappy atheist wants the discount, all he has to do is pick up a coupon. Any church in town will be happy to give him one.

  2. USA Born & Raised says:

    I think he should show up at the restaurant and everyone welcome him back in….with a pie in the face.

  3. Government won't tolerate favoritism in a polytheistic nation. Thanks to Amendment 1's freedom of religion provision, America is the most polytheistic nation to ever exist, outside possibly ancient Rome. It was inevitable that the First Amendment's provision for the freedom of polytheism (AKA: violations of the First Commandment) had to eventually take aim at monotheistic Christianity. This explains, in part, the Constitutional Republic's selective persecution against Christianity. Dr. North's book "Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism" is a must read regarding this.

  4. Wiliam 1 says:

    So mr atheist where is your concept of the lie about SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? Why would you want the "state" to be even involved in this and since you do not believe there is a God why do you continue to try and confront a God who doesn't exist thus you are hypocritical and a liar! You atheist are so—-laughable!

  5. Patriot1776 says:

    The restaurant owner has the right to offer a discount as he sees fit. He owns the business, he makes the rule. His discount does not exclude anyone. Anyone can bring a bulletin from any church and receive the discount. The atheist has chosen to exclude himself in his decision not to participate, yet feels he is being discriminated against. It is his decision not to obtain a bulletin. It is like filing suit against the lottery because you didn't win, even though you didn't purchase a ticket.

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  7. sean murry says:

    This guy is a doofus.

  8. ladybuglw says:

    Mr. Atheist,
    I'm sure there are other restaurants in town that don't have this policy. You are not forced to go to this one. This is just one more nudge by him to disrupt things and get his name in the news. In America majority rules and you are not it.

  9. let the iatolaovomit, have a crack at it, bet IT by God could get this law suit settled for this nincomepoop!!

  10. Typical Idiot. The church / state separation doesn't exist in the Constitution. Only the Gov't ESTABLISHING a religion. Next the Constitution is a restriction UPON the FEDERAL government and not the States. Next the 14th Amendment enforced the Constitution upon the States. But last I heard not upon PRIVATE BUSINESS.

    The guy crying foul has a choice. Go to another restaurant. I sincerely hope the court dismisses the case on that fact alone. Technically this guy has ZERO STANDING in a court. Only a very liberal judge would even let this pass his secretary.

  11. "Christian Constitutionalists often point out that the phrase 'separation of church and state' is found in the Constitution of the USSR, not the Constitution of the United States. This is true. Nevertheless, the mandate for separation of church and state is inherent in Article 6 on two levels: 1) The Constitution is declared to be the supreme law of the land, which makes any law (secular or Biblical) contrary to this 'supreme law' null and void and non-executable by the Constitutional Republic, 2) Religious qualifications for government officials are denied, which prohibits Biblical qualifications….

    We can debate the intent of the framers, but we cannot debate the effect: Christendom became merely Christianity – salt that lost its savor and good for nothing but to be trampled under the foot of non-Christians. American Christians have been under the boot of non-Christians and antichrists ever since 1788. We will continue to be the trampled until finally we throw off the current secular government and erect a government based exclusively upon Yahweh’s law."

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  12. Colonialgirl says:

    And PROBABLY NEVER eats there and has NEVER eaten there.

  13. Max Penn says:

    There is no hope for fools like him, miswired neurones in brain.

  14. Grumpy old man says:

    forget the poor atheist the real idiots are those who took the complaint in the first place.

  15. well, this poor guy is REALLY gonna be TICKED OFF when he's not let into Heaven!!!! How Unfair!!! WHAT'SUPWITDAT???

  16. THEY should make him a custom chocolate pie like in the movie "The Help".

  17. I believe my fellow atheists do not understand the implication of forcing a choice on others when atheism itself is the result of a free and voluntary choice to not believe. Talk about irony: People that should more than anybody else applaud religious freedom are so keen on stifling it.

    I am an atheist because I made a conscious and personal choice not to believe. This was my choice, nobody else needed to be participant of this choice, so why would *I* have the right to *force* everybody else to be participants to my choice? It would be arrogance from my part to expect people to accommodate me only because I made a choice. If I expect that, there's no reason then to not expect others to want ME to accommodate THEM.

    Many atheists do not understand this principle and do not realize that they're placing their freedom in jeopardy by imposing themselves on others through the actions of government. They don't realize this because of abject arrogance and stupidity, what we liberty lovers also call "Statism."

  18. madmemere says:

    Thank you, for being an "exception"! Hope there are others like you.

  19. With a little luck, this POS will be meeting Madalyn Murry O'Hair in whatever version of hell they have for scum like them.