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Twitter: Police Requests Increase

Written by Gary North on July 4, 2012

If you post it on Twitter, it’s public. If it’s public, it can be collected by the police.

The company says that the vast majority of requests for users’ information comes from police departments.

Of the 849 total government requests for user information during the period spanning January 1 to June 30 this year, 679 — or 80 percent — took place in the United States, typically for use in criminal investigations, Twitter said.

Japan was in second place: 98 requests. There were 11 requests from the United Kingdom, and 11 from Canada.

It is clear that the American police are the big users.

Twitter is being pulled into criminal prosecutions.

The day you post on Twitter is the day you lose your privacy. What’s on Twitter stays on Twitter. It’s not Las Vegas.

On Monday, a New York judge ruled that the company must hand over tweets published by Malcolm Harris, an Occupy Wall Street protestor arrested during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge in October. Twitter had fought to dismiss a request from prosecutors seeking the tweets as evidence, arguing that they belonged to Harris under the company’s terms of service.

Most people will never get targeted. But you should bear in mind at all times that a post on Twitter or any social network medium can spread far beyond your original intention. They are public documents.

There are teenagers who are posting information themselves that will stay with them forever.

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8 thoughts on “Twitter: Police Requests Increase

  1. sean murry says:

    I dont use facebook ot twitter.

  2. PELICAN1001 says:


  3. I use Facebook, but only sparingly. Evreybody and his brother will ask you to "friend" them, but they are usually just looking to use your Facebook profile page as yet another outlet to carry the trash they post on their sites. Friend someone, and everything they are into will almost automatically pop up on your site. My rule of thumb is never "friend" anyone on Facebook whom you do not see face to face on at least a weekly basis. If you "like" a comment, the ENTIRE thread, obscenities and all, will pop up on your Facebook page, even if you only "liked" one single comment in a multitude in the thread. And just about any thread on the internet contains obscenities, because the frustrated low IQ mind can't think of anything else when it runs out of specious arguments.

  4. fighting grandma says:

    I would not use FB or Twitter for anything, even a homemade lemonade recipe!!! I'm sure eventually that could be used against me…

  5. J.D. Schmidt says:

    It seems that privacy is dead in the U.S.
    It’s a brave new world, so why are most of us hiding in corners? Because of FB & Twitter!!!

  6. Funny how the police can ask for the info…too bad they don't respond to citizens needing their help. That is why I have decided to be prepared to defend myself.

  7. You can keep both of them. Mark Zuckerburg is an overgrown brat who snookered people into investing in Facebook.. I have no desire on Twitter to tell anyone what I am doing. I can pick up fhe phone,

  8. I loved twitter for its simplicity. Recently it's becoming more and more like facebook. They're trying to fix something that wasn't broken. They had their promoted tweets set up a while back which were fine and understandable as a source of revenue. Twitter Page Design Services