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The Christian-Muslim Confrontation in Dearborn: What Nobody Wants to Admit

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2012

A group of Christians went into Dearborn to carry “Jesus” placards.

Placards have a place in picket lines, where confrontation is expected. They do not change anyone’s mind. They make a statement.

When it comes to Christian-Muslim relations, which have been bad since approximately 680 AD, placards convey no new information.

If the sign-carriers were trying to provoke an incident for media purposes, their tactic worked.

The police sprang into action when the crowd got violent. They were determined to keep the peace. So, they told the Christians to leave. Then they threatened them with arrest. One of them said that they did not have the manpower to protect them.

The mainstream media have ignored the confrontation. Conservative media picked it up. Here is an example.

When police leave the scene, the persecution begins again. Another officer then approaches and asks the evangelists to leave. He ushers one man, apparently a leader of the group, around the corner of a building and begins a discussion, all but threatening charges against the evangelists if they don’t leave.

The officer accused the Christians of causing a “disturbance,” saying it was “a direct threat to the safety of everyone here.” He demanded, “we’re going to escort you out. . . . You’re going to leave now.” Another officer poked in, “you are jeopardizing public safety.” He also added that he wanted the evangelists to leave because he didn’t “want the coverage”–presumably the media.

The first officer noticed blood on the man’s face, but blamed the evangelist: “you tell them stuff that enrages them.”

This indicates that an alien culture is running Dearborn.

Then I saw a video. There is now no doubt in my mind. This is an alien culture.

It is the culture of the American public schools in welfare check neighborhoods.

I had expected to see women in burqas. I saw teenage girls screaming obscenities. The boys were just as bad.

The crowd was young. These were ill-mannered brats. They are products of a really bad side of America culture: the welfare state. These are kids with no economic future. They do not know how to behave. No one is going to teach them.

These children know nothing of the long confrontation between Christianity and Islam, with dedicated armies on both sides. That war has been confessional, cultural, and sometimes military.

These children are not dedicated to Islam. They are not dedicated to anything of substance. They remind me of the teenagers in Northern Ireland in the years of continual violence. There, gangs of “Catholics” and “Protestants” shot each other, detonated car bombs (the unique invention of Irish violence), and plotted revenge. But could any of them recite a catechism? Could any of them give a history of Catholic-Protestant confrontations? No. They were poorly educated lower-class kids with no economic future.

I do not see this incident as the future of Muslim-Christian relations in the United States. These children will not grow up to become call group terrorists. They will grow up to be lower-class Americans, with bad jobs, welfare checks, low birth rates, and no hope for the future.

These are kids with a hostile attitude that invokes the militant side of Islam, but without the dedication to be militant. Someone could build a gang out of these kids. He could not build an army committed to a millennium of confrontation.

This was a local phenomenon. I do not think this country will have as many of these dysfunctional neighborhoods as France does. If it ever does, it will be the result of the welfare state, as it is in France.

David Goldman’s book, How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too) (Regnery, 2011), was a revelation to me. Islam in Iran is dying. The birth rate is down to German levels. College women are becoming prostitutes to put themselves through college. This is not Islam. This is secularism overwhelming Islam.

(To see the video, click the link.)

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19 thoughts on “The Christian-Muslim Confrontation in Dearborn: What Nobody Wants to Admit

  1. This is the direct result of Senator Edward Kennedy's 1965 immigration law opening the floodgates of immigration to third world countries with alien cultures. They have poured into America at a rate at which they cannot be integrated into American culture, and have been allowed to set up enclaives which exacltly resemble the horrible Islamic conditions they claim to have fled "in search of a better life." No one can have a better life if he insists on wallowing in the old one. Kennedy's legislation has been since modified, but the damage has already been done. America is going to resemble Koscovo before you kinow it..

    Funny how almost every overwhelming problem we have taces back ultimately to legislation passed by Democrats in the last 50 years.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    I place some of the blame on how the "christians" handled themselves. They went there looking for a fight.

    However, they were comissioned by Christ to "preach, teach, and make disciples", not encite a riot.

    How many of these brats would have heard Jesus' message for the first time if it had been offered in love? How many sould could have been won? How many lives changed?

  3. I agree with you.Idon't know what the 'intent" & I definately respect their bravery.I go to some of these rallies to try & tell Muslims that the G-d of Israel LOVES them.They worship a "god of WAR".THEIR god doesn't LOVE them.THAT is the ONLY thing that will change their hearts,like it did EX-PLO Walid Shoebat. I also think that the Christians(meaning followers of the Messiah) displayed self-control & love by not retaliating.

  4. Gary:
    How wrong you are when you said this is a local phenomenon. And as far as you think that "this country will [not] have as many as these dysfunctional neighborhoods as France does." is wishful and naive thinking at best. Dearborn is the first "no-go zone" city in America and these types of violent, criminal behavior have taken place in other U.S. cities. This is the first one we were able to capture on video. Turn your audio off as you watch the stoning of these Christians and you could just imagine being in some third world muslim ghetto.

    You also declare that these criminal muslim residents of Dearborn were the result of the welfare system and thus incorrectly imply that their behavior is due to economic circumstances. WRONG! Their behavior is due to the teachings of their religion and specifically of Islam. The multi-Billionaire, Osama Bin Laden wasn't a product of the welfare state. Nor was Nadal Hassan, nor was the underwear bomber. The ideology behind Islam is the driving force.

    The stone throwers in the Dearborn "Christian Stoning" event and the law enforcement pretenders need to be arrested, convicted and thrown in jail or better still ….. deported.

  5. MI Patriot says:

    I live in Michiganistan, on the west side of the state from Dearbornistan. Mr. North, I respectfully beg to disagree your premise. This IS becoming a problem in Michigan. Not only in Dearbornistan, but also Hamtramack where the christians cannot ring their church bells because it "offends" the Mulsims. There are foot baths in 2 PUBLIC universities. Where is the ACLU and Americans United now? In Allegan, within the last 6 months, CAIR successfully shut down a PUBLIC meeting where the featured speaker, a reformed Muslim terrorist, was told to go home and that the meeting was closed down. By the COUNTY SHERIFF, who is supposed to be the last bastian of freedom between us and the gov't. CAIR has successfully gotten a lot of things changed. Most of the cities in Michigan that have Muslims report these same problems.

  6. MI Patriot says:

    This is the rest of my previous comment. Evidently it was too long.

    If a Christian group had done to a Muslim group standing on the corner, the Christians would have been arrested in a heart beat. In fact, Dearbornistan just lost a freedom of speech law suit brought by a missionary group who did nothing more than hand out gospel tracts and talked to those who came up to them, not the other way around. They did less than this group did.

    I don't know why the Muslims present such a challenge for religious groups, and I am sure they DID go there for publicity, but once the cop told them not to use the bullhorn, they stopped using it and just stood there wtih their signs. If you look closely, you see mounted cops ride through, you see nothing happen. You also see Muslim parents sitting there doign nothing. In all reality, I am really surprised that somebody didn't pull out a gun and start shooting when the first milk crate started flying.

  7. junkbin says:

    the author is so wrong about this being an isolated city. El Cajon, California is the second largest Muslim city in the US and is starting to down the path of Dearborn. Whole areas are now Muslim and a major mosque is there. So major, some f the 9/11 hijackers lived and attended there.
    wE DO HAVE A SPREAD OF a 7 century religion and culture going on which is based on violence and servitude

  8. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    Coming Soon!!! End of Muslims in USA. The new American Revolution will not allow them to live here.

  9. Curtis Richardson says:

    Nicely said. What most accounts of this don't show is the "Christians" carrying a pig's head on a stick and signs vilifying Mohammed. These are "Christians" from the same mold as the Westboro Baptists.

  10. Mr. North may have underestimated the threat posed by Muslims in N. America. In fact, in Chicagoland there is an organization called the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), and several years ago they held what was called a "Muslim ACTION! Day." Basically it was an excuse to transport Muslims, including many young ones, to the capital, Springfield, Illinois, for a day of mixing and mingling with politicians and bureaucrats. A motive of the first Muslim ACTION! Day should be obvious. Get kids interested in having political influence, not to mention a little experience rubbing shoulders with the powerful. Eventually this could pay dividends in the form of privileges sanctioned by the government.

    Two years later the CIOGC held held the third annual Muslim ACTION! Day. Now, if my memory serves me well, the first Muslim ACTION! Day was held on a Thursday in May, and the third annual MA!D was held on a Wednesday in February or March. You Christians may already suspect which Thursday and Wednesday those were. Could thEY have been Ascenscion Thursday or Ash Wednesday? Even if so, it must have been only coincidence. In fact, the 4th annual MA!D was held on April 17th, 2012. Look at all the smiling faces:

  11. Look at all the smiling faces:

    See? There's nothing to concern a wary skeptic of Muhammadanism. The Muhammadans weren't trying to send a loud message about the future of Islamic politics in Illinois by their choice of dates for the first and third Muslim ACTION! Days. (What happened to the 2nd isn't clear. It was supposed to be held on April 22, 2010, and that wasn't a Christian holiday. So you see? There's no reason for concern. The Muslims' political activism is purely honorable.)

    Now I'll leave you with a quote from The Institution of Zakat, written by the Central Zakat Committee of the CIOGC. Bear in mind as you ponder it that zakat is a pillar of Islam; it's utterly non-negotiable for a Muslim, sort of like the fact that payment of jizyah to Muslims is non-negotiable.

    "The establishment of the institution of Zakat is a function of an Islamic State. In the absence of an Islamic State, various Islamic organizations have taken it upon themselves voluntarily to collect and disburse the Zakat in the communities."
    <a href="http://zakatchicago.org/Downloads/ZakatBook.pdf
    ” target=”_blank”>http://zakatchicago.org/Downloads/ZakatBook.pdf

  12. Everyone knows Dearborn is West Mecca, infested and over-run by ragheads. Un-assimilated, un-American, anti-everything that isn't muzzie. Maybe the Medieval Crusaders had it right. Islam isn't just something to be quarantined and avoided, it's something to be eradicated from civilization.

  13. Siege of Vienna says:

    Nothing will be done by the authorities to prosecute this alien culture until they start burning down synagogues.

  14. I saw no such sign nor pig's head on a stick! Where's your proof?

  15. Cliffystones says:

    We'll call that program "Operation Pay-back's a Bitch!".

  16. AD Roberts says:

    The writer is just plain wrong. This violence was ONLY BECAUSE they are Muslim. And trying to tie it to welfare checks does not have any validity in rational thought. These are JUST MUSLIMS in their natural state. The religion is NOT about peace or getting along. They came to America without resistance because the Christians are not against other religions. But neither do they tolerate the demands of these violent Muslims for Christians to be stuffed and silenced.

    The very people who are so violent to Christians would, if given the chance, destroy all other religions and impose Sharia Law. That would prohibit ANY RELIGION except Islam. So if they continue, they should be jailed and/or sent back to their own beloved country.

    The police in Dearborn should all be fired. They were blatantly prejudiced as indicated by the assistant Chief who was obviously Arab. Fire him too.

  17. yupikesk1 says:


    One of these days someone is going to crack and all hell is oging to break loose, and some dumb cop, yep…like a sheriff is going to seek for a logical reason. This is America. No taking sides with Obama.

  18. yupikesk1 says:

    Unfortunately yes..

  19. It happened in an American city: Hundreds of angry Muslim children and adults rioted against Christians, throwing chunks of concrete and eggs at their heads, spraying them with urine and cursing at them – while police stood by and threatened the Christian victims with “disorderly conduct.”