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Cops Must Personally Pay Restitution to a Victim

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2012

Once in a while, justice is upheld.

A pair of New York policemen arrested a teenager, forced him to take off half his clothes, kicked him, and and dumped him in a swamp. Then they drove away.

Does this seem excessive to you? It didn’t to them.

They have pled guilty. Each of them must pay the youth $5,000.

The two cops were assigned to new duties.

What had been his crime? He threw eggs at cars on Halloween.

The teenager has been arrested repeatedly since the incident.

So, what have we learned?

First, the police should find better ways to deal with goof-off teenagers.

Second, the courts should treat repeated crimes as serious.

Third, parents should be help financially responsible for their children’s infractions.

Fourth, the money should go to the victims, not to the government. Fines are the wrong approach. Restitution is the right approach.

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8 thoughts on “Cops Must Personally Pay Restitution to a Victim

  1. Dean Jensen says:

    This is a very poorly written piece, extremely difficult to decipher.

  2. Cops should be fired for this. I guess the force had sense, and decided to spare the families of these men by not immediately terminating them.

  3. While poorly written and difficult to decipher , the gist is that the two officers acted A / with poor judgement and B / with callous disregard for public safety . The personal fine is justified for sure even though I am almost certain it will be squandered by the victim . As to the officers , they should be terminated as police officers never to be employed as such again . Perhaps they can be employed by the Department as janitors or errand boys in order that the mens families not suffer for their mistake to much . But again , I suppose the union came to their defense

  4. Dr. Barbara says:

    They probably have a place on Barry's gestapo force already.

  5. r Wheatley says:

    The parents of these kids should be filing lawsuits gainst the cops, the police force, and the city! Huge sums of money should be paid to these families!

  6. Stripping a child under the legal age is considered rape. Male or Female. It is stil rape. The two cops need to be fired, then put in prison for statatory rape. Last I heard in NY it was 99 to life.

  7. Rape is a penetration of a male or female with a human organ or some other device such as a bottle, etc… Stripping is not a rape.


    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: FIRST ,number 3. in the above article should be chaqnged and made number 1,Changed to what you ask< Changed to the Parents given back their rights to dicipline THEIR CHILDREN,without some do gooder without any children telling them how or taking away their rights, when you take away the rights of the parents the Children have NO GUIDANCE or CONSIQUENCE for their actions,hence they wind up arrested and in front of judges, Judges in most cases that DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about children. 2.nd When the People of New York get the BALLS to remove little HITLER from the mayors office maybe the Jack booted troops will think twice and maybe really realize they are Human beings also instead of just a cog in Bloombergs machine . 3.rd most repeat offenders as children are looking for the attention their Parents are NOT ALLOWED BY LAW to give them. "Think about that"