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GPS Tracking Continues, Despite the Supreme Court’s Ruling

Written by Gary North on June 7, 2012

Maybe you read that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in January that the Department of Justice does not have the authority to plant a GPS tracking device in your car unless it has a warrant.

The Department of Justice has issued a ruling that the Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t apply to the Department of Justice.

“What’s that?” you say. “You mean the Supreme Court’s word is not final? That’s correct.

You see, the Supreme Court said that the GPS tracking devices were unconstitutional. But that didn’t mean that all GPS devices are unconstitutional. Only the ones that the FBI does not install. Those are clearly unconstitutional, but not the ones that it does want to install.

You may not understand the law, as interpreted by the Department of Justice.

A lawyer for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on May 31 defended the use of GPS tracking bugs in cases where no warrant has been issued. This negates the January Supreme Court ruling. In oral arguments in the Ninth Court of Appeals, the Department of Justice made it clear to the Court the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Jones did not require warrants for all GPS tracking situations, because the search could still be reasonable in certain situations.

The Supreme Court said that warrantless searches are a violation of the Fourth Amendment; therefore, so is warrantless tracking. This seemed like a comprehensive ruling, but not according to the Department of Justice.

The Obama administration has argued in that was submitted to the Ninth Circuit that “requiring a warrant and probable cause would seriously impede the government’s ability to investigate drug trafficking, terrorism and other crimes.”

That should settle it. The government needs this information.Therefore, it should be allowed to get it.

The government doesn’t need no stinking warrants.

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13 thoughts on “GPS Tracking Continues, Despite the Supreme Court’s Ruling

  1. Problem:
    The government doesn’t need no stinking Constitution.

  2. gunner48 says:

    You wnt to Dept of Justice to Follow WHAT?????? Rules af6ter 3yrs why should they start NOW?????? Look who's in charge! God Help Us !

  3. jammin2011 says:

    You're right, they need to uphold our Constitution. but perhaps if there is Probably Cause? A suspicious person, perhaps a serial killer? I guess I wouldn't mind that.

  4. sean murry says:

    They better put one on my car i will take it and give it back to them.

  5. boomer8 says:

    That's right! In fact, the Constitution doesn't apply to the DOJ either. IN FACT> WE ARE YOUR MASTERS! BOW TO US YOU INSOLENT SLAVES!! HEIL HOLDER! HEIL HOLDER! HEIL HOLDER!

  6. senior viking says:

    Sean –

    No, don't give it back to them. Sell it on Ebay.

  7. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    Just one more reason to either impeach the Attorney General or vote this administration out in November so that he can be fired. And then he can be charged with the crimes that he has committed as AG. He is causing all but black Americans to lose faith in our system of justice, or should I say that under Holder and obama, the system if Injustice.

  8. jammin2011 says:

    Worst head of DOJ ever.

  9. Rooster says:

    What if they decided you're the serial killer they are looking for. Good luck with not minding.

  10. Rooster says:

    This is the lawless government that the liberals, welfare recipients, and hollowood wanted—the lawless Obama, Geithner, Holder, Sibelius, Wassermann and the rest of his czars. All of these characters are felons, including the Obamanation. And his fascist police are part of his gaggle. If Congress and/or the Supreme Court would take his birthplace and conditions of birth seriously, he would have already been gone, and everything he has said, written or decreed would dissolve into nothingness. To be betrayed by Democrap liberals is expected—no surprise. So it's no surprise for the DOJ to give the Supreme Court the big middle finger; it doesn't matter that it's illegal and treasonous. Holder should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town—out of the country on a rail along with his boss—the old fashioned way.

  11. jammin2011 says:

    I guess I would mind.

  12. The DOJ. The frickin' a#*@o&$s.

  13. TRUTHTELLER says:

    Don't give it back. Do what my neighbor did when, while his car was being serviced on a lift, he spotted a magnetically attached tracking device under his car. He removed the device and placed it on the back of a bus, stopped at the bus stop, on the corner.

    He heard nothing more about it, but it must have been a halarious sight to watch those cops, computer tracking a city bus, round and round on the same bus route.

    I wonder how long it took them to wise up.

    Poetic justice.