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Pastor Goes to Prison for Preaching Spanking

Written by Gary North on May 31, 2012

A pastor who recommended using a wooden spoon to spank children has been sentenced to two years in prison. The judge said that child abuse must be stopped.

The pastor is Philip Caminiti, 55. He was pastor of Aleitheia Bible Church in the town of Black Earth, Wisconsin.

It was my understanding that preaching something illegal is not a crime in the United States. It is illegal only to commit the act. Otherwise, the First Amendment does not apply. But my view is clearly old fashioned. Preaching a criminal act is now a criminal act.

Obviously, spanking a child with a spoon is a criminal act. A judge says so.

No legislature has passed a law to this effect, because of what would happen at the next election: lots of public “spankings” of very naughty politicians. It’s called “time out,” and incumbent politicians hate it. “Go to your room and stay there,” voters say. “Stay there for the rest of your life.”

So, judges decide that this is the meaning of laws against child abuse.

The female judge said this: “What is important to me is there was and continues to this day no expression of remorse or repentance for the consequences of those actions, or what the whole chain of events has led the family and the community through.”

What was his crime? Eight counts on conspiracy to commit child abuse. Specifically, he preached eight times that the Bible must be taken literally for imposing a punishment required by the Bible.

In Black Earth, Wisconsin, the authorities let you commit a crime eight times before arresting you. They tell you that you have committed a crime only after you have committed it frequently.

The judge tells you that what you did was criminal only after you did it. This is an ex-post-facto law. Such laws are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. But it does not apply in Black Earth, Wisconsin.

“The children were beaten for of all things doing what children do,” the judge said.

He will not be allowed any contact with members of his church, except for family members. This applies to the six years after his prison sentence. He may have no pastoral job in any church during this time.

The Assistant District Attorney had tried to get him sentenced for five years, plus 15 years of extended supervision after the sentence.

The judge is some sort of liberal, I guess. Two years plus five will be enough, she says.

I found a Web article on the Bible’s view of spanking. It was written by Betty Miller. It is on www.Bible.com. Mrs. Miller had better stay out of Black Earth, Wisconsin. So should the people who run www.Bible.com.

I know I plan to avoid the town. That’s because I wrote this article saying that what Pastor Caminiti’s interpretation of the Bible is correct. Betty Miller’s is, too. I think I am covered by the First Amendment. But I’m old fashioned. Pastor Caminiti thought he was covered, too.

Silly, silly man. He believed in original intent. That’s gone with the wind.

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96 thoughts on “Pastor Goes to Prison for Preaching Spanking

  1. I can still remember wooden paddles with holes in them in school.

    Pro 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

    Pro 10:13 On the lips of him who has understanding, wisdom is found, but a rod is for the back of him who lacks sense.

  2. T.Jackson says:


  3. If anyone does not understand the term 'judicial activism' please read the above article. NO LAW WAS BROKEN.

  4. Bronson says:

    By what Law is tis judge operating? What law has this Preacher broken? Can you say Dictatorship?

  5. HAS to be more to this story! You can't be put in jail for saying something like this. It's not like he screamed FIRE in a crowded movie theatre.

  6. There is a fine line between spanking and abuse. It depends on the parent being wise in not overdoing it and not for petty things. Discipline without love is Abuse and if it's abuse then the parent should be punished.

  7. The judge should lose her job and go to prison for violating the pastors constitutional rights!!!

  8. Quacks exist in every profession. I would say this judge is Gay as they are not/can not be/will never be rationale thinkers as long as they are in a sex cult or other simiar organizations like Islam. Their minds are elsewhere.

  9. I agree that no law was broken. The judge said, "the children were beaten….". No where did I read that "fact", as she, apparently, sees it.

    My husband and I spanked our 3 children when it was necessary. They now tell us that they deserved it every time. Since they are now in their 40's, I think the statute of limitations will let us off the hook for being jailed!

  10. barb patton says:

    I read this article with dismay and disgust and can only assume that the said judge was not brought up in any faith whatsoever – or, alternatively was brought up in a very strict Christian home was a difficult brat and her parents spanked her backside for her wrongdoings… Having said that, I am surprised that more Churches have not joined in the frey as well as the people in this town to try and get this person off the bench. It is little wonder that American children are out of control, have no manners, are successfully dumbed down at school, are filling up the Prisons at the rate of knots and then you have a smarmy mealie mouthed Judge giving a Pastor a heavy sentence for preaching the Word of God. What is happening to America?? little wonder the rest of the world is sitting on the side lines and laughing their heads off at the glaring mistakes that the ayatolla barack hussein obama is making together with his czars, unions and minions to destroy the very core of this country. Please America hang you flags upside down as a sign of A COUNTRY IN DEEP DISTRESS. This cannot go on. Considering there is a thug like Holder at the helm of the Department of Justice things will pretty much go from bad to worse..It is to be hoped that the next shooting in a school does not happen in Black Earth, Wisconsin and the shooter was brought up with far left, marxist, communist parents that did not follow the Word of God. WAKE UP AMERICA and WAKE UP THE BROW BEATEN WE THE PEOPLE…… Time is of the very essense.

  11. More fallout as a consequence of the framers failing to expressly establish the Constitution on Yahweh's morality as found in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-9). Not only is Yahweh, Christ, or His laws nowhere mentioned in the document, there is hardly an article or amendment that, in some fashion, is not antithetical, or even hostile, to Yahweh's morality and sovereignty.

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/constitutionsurvey… and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  12. i also believe the judge has seious problems but we were not there to witness.If she has twisted GOD,s word she will regrete for eternity!

  13. It’s not just the judge and legislature here to blame, but also the jurors. I’m surprised even in Madison, WI there was not even one juror to say no to this. Only one juror could have held up the guilty verdict. There are several You tube videos showing testimony from the trial.

  14. Is there no protection against judicial malpractice? This judge should be doing time for violation of the Pastor's civil rights.

  15. Kevlar Linc says:

    Just a guess: was his real crime voting for Scott Walker, last election?

  16. but there is no law against spanking. Who has the authority to declare a spanking abuse. There are free speech implications here as well as the issue of a judge declaring an act a 'crime' that has not been declared so by statute.
    There are multiple consitutional violations here.
    This judge should be impeached immediately. Just because a jury convicted doesn't mean a law has been broken.

  17. bless2live says:

    This Judge should be spanked and given two years in jail!

  18. S Knight says:

    These animals (left wing judges) forget who they work for. Their goal is to fill prisons with the likes of Martha Stewart ( I know I felt safer at night knowing she was behind bars) and other petty offenders. They need to feed the judicial machine. It’s BIG business.

    I bet that 2/3s of the prison population is unnecessary. Violent crime is down according to the national crime statistics. But cops need to write tickets to raise revenue and law enforcement needs to have asset forfeiture in order to compensate for a lack of real crime solving skills.

    Maybe if parents did not spare the rod so often we would see Juvenile crime drop.

  19. US Citizen says:

    When we were growing up and needed a paddling…..mom made us go out cut our own switch…..and you had better come in with a good one…..or she would go out and get the switch. Did not take us long to figure things out. None of us grew up as warped individuals. We learned to respect the rules in our home and to respect our parents and other adults.

  20. Kevlar Linc says:

    Let's see if Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi's judicial activism stops at the front door of any mosque in the county. What the imams are calling for makes Rev. Caminiti's admonitions to his flock seem quite innocent.

  21. One lesson here, stay clear of Wisconsin.

  22. Governor Walker, It is time for a pardon for this pastor. The Assistant Attorney General is the one who should be in jail for violating the pastors 1st amendment rights. DO THE RIGHT THING, GOVERNOR.

  23. The members of this Pastor's church should show up at the jail EVERY Sunday for services. If he was my Pastor, I would back him 100%. That knucklehead judge should be impeached, brought before the Judicial Review Board, recalled and / or shunned in the community. This Pastor's 1 st. Ammendment Rights have been clearly violated. The Judge needs a good spanking !

  24. S Knight says:

    Impeached?! She should be tried for TREASON. She took an oath of office and swore to uphold the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. The Bill of Rights, and ALL the Amendments are part of that oath. She DOES NOT get to pick and choose what parts she wants to defend or enforce. She, the police dept and prosecuting attorneys are all traitors for violating this mans scared right to speak behind his church walls and speak to his congregation as he sees fit. That is the cornerstone of our Founding Fathers ideal.

    They forget who they work for.

  25. This not something that should have gone to a civil court. The parents who heard this also had the opportunity to speak with their pastor and did not have to follow his preachings if they felt it wasn't right. And as a parent I certainly wouldn't have practiced what he preached and told him so.

  26. yupikesk1 says:

    Twisted "God's" word?? She twisted, and trampled the constitution.

  27. we need to push criminal charges on the judge for treason

  28. yupikesk1 says:

    That being the case, "Judge, bend over".

  29. A LAW was broken! BY the Judge! How many times has a Lawman told a victim its not a crime to say I'll kill you,but when they do we will arrest them! This so called Judge needs to be Disbarred then tarred and feathered by the good people of Black Earth, Wisconsin!

  30. yupikesk1 says:

    Good mornin' Barb. The crazy woman is a descendant of Dr. Spock. Her idiocy has as much to do with common sense as it does with the Bible. Six killings yesterday in Seattle. It's not guns, it's nuts and the judge is one of them. Public school teachers could hellp prevent this, but whiney wieny superintendents and teacher unions are blind to the cause and only interested in doing less work for more $$$.

  31. yupikesk1 says:

    Thanks for the tip. I will try my sense of humor.

  32. yupikesk1 says:


  33. Patriot Diva says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how people with absolutely no biblical knowledge make these assumptions. Spanking is not the same as child abuse. Spanking is done out of love, and usually hurts the parent more than the child. Spanking is done only on the "fleshy parts" and done for specific things like willful disobedience or lying. Without discipline, people can grow up to be spoiled unruly brats. We have enough of those in our society. They're called liberals.

  34. yupikesk1 says:

    Sad, but true. And think of all the $$$ the state spent on tourism. I'm going to Utah's famous 4th of July celebration in Provo instead.

  35. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Nobody has alleged that any spanking actually took place.

  36. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Nope, probably just a Democrat.

  37. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Constitution? Ha, ha. We don't need no steenkin' Constitution in Wisconsin.

  38. seektruth says:

    Right Bill,

    and there is NO mention of abuse here. and the pastor is the one being punished for ONLY saying it's OK to spank a child.

    Jim, did you even read the story? No parent is jailed here. No report of actual abuse, by anyone. And the judge is jumping to conclusions that abuse took place and that a, "whole chain of events has led the family and the community through". OBJECTION!!! drawing conclusions not based on any evidence presented that abuse occurred by this pastor.

    It's a pastor for excercising the 1st amendment right of FREE SPEECH. That judge needs to be removed!!!

  39. A Guest says:

    It's a shame that these posters and the author of the article do not know the facts. Caminiti was not just preaching that you should spank your child, he was preaching that you should spank your INFANT for CRYING. An infants cry informs adults of various problems. You don't spank your infant for crying because he or she has a dirty diaper, is hungry, or is tired. Caminiti not only preached it, he applied serious pressure on parents to spank. It was not an issue of ex post facto (child abuse has always been wrong), nor of how many times he preached it. It was an issue reported to the authorities when some people in the church had had enough of that kind of foolish evil and left the church.

    Maybe the judge is a liberal, but forget the impeachment charges and cancel that request for a pardon.

  40. Robert Pickens says:

    When God says it, I believe it, and that's the end of it. He said it in Proverbs 13:24

  41. yupikesk1 says:

    I and two friends who had picked cigarette butts off a gravel road nearby were caught smokin' behind an old wooden back stop about 67 years ago. "He" saw the smoke from about 120 yards ascending into space like a Cheyenne smoke signal and when 'He" identified the unintended message, snuck up and caught us white handed. "Follow me boys", and we shook toehead to toenail as we were marched to the shower room and were instructed to remove our rags after which "He" ran some cold water on our bare buns. I was first to receive the black strap sting that resonated right through the shower room floor. I stood up with more water coming out of my eyes than was running down my bare legs and he said, "Warren, bend over , , ," and I took the second blow. Not for a second did I blame "Him". All I could think about was how dumb we were; but I never smoked again nor did our chldren have to put up with that awful stygian stink that has poisoned and shortened so many lives, When I see supposedly loving parents smoking with children trapped in their cars, I am thankful for "Him". To hell with the judge and jury.

  42. Robert Pickens says:

    Then you apparently don't believe God's word, Violet. Beware.

  43. AD Roberts says:

    This is exactly the kind of treatment the colonists were receiving prior to the revolution. The difficulty is that to launch a legal attack on this judge and DA requires money. So now we have the destruction of freedom of speech by another judge who is not accountable to the citizens.

    The article does not say but I hope someone appeals this to the Supreme Court before a conservative retires and gets replaced by another idiot like Kagan, Sotomeyer, Ginsberg and Beyer.

    By the way, these 4 judges should be impeached for treason. They blatantly refuse to defend the Constitution AS WRITTEN.

  44. A.D. Roberts says:

    James Dobson wrote a very good book many years ago. It is called DARE TO DISCIPLINE. It is very specific about what SHOULD be expected of a child. You just don't use ANY discipline unless the child KNOWS THE RULES and refuses to follow them. Then, you use the gentler actions at first. Spanking is reserved for times of extreme defiance.

  45. AD Roberts says:

    What do you want to do to the parent? Spank them. LOL

  46. Censored again.

  47. Add this judge's name to The List. Come Civil War II, she'll be on trial, along with many, many judges, politweasels, bureaurats,
    and other violators of the Constitution.

  48. barney1208 says:

    Has everybody in Wisconsin lost their minds? Now I know why they are called cheeseheads. This judge should be locked up, not the pastor. Why doesn't Wisconsin just secede from the country? It seems like they don't recognize any of the laws that the other 49 states do anyway.

  49. this proves to all americans that we need dramatic and bold reform, we need to reform the government, reform tax system, reform schools, laws, prisons,federal reserve,we need to get back to our foundations and stop allowing the liberal minority to rule over us.

  50. Anthony says:

    No law was broken except the violation of the preacher's first amendment rights by the judge. It is time to shutdown these bad judges. When justice can not be found through the judicial system, it must be found outside the system. The result is vigilanteeism. In this case the judge should be "terminated" in my opinion. Make an example of him and then maybe the corrupt judges will get a clue. If not, make more examples until they do get it that the american people are sick of liberal corrupt activist judges running roughshod over our rights.

  51. This is what iin store if democrats are elected and these totalitarian judges are removed their judgments voided and they serve at least one year in prison in solitary for each year they were on the on the bench perverting justice.

  52. That was my thought as well.
    Those famous words before the applied wooden paddle.

  53. ssh49tn says:

    Apparently your reply isn't too popular! However, you are totally right. The reason so many of the schools are having to have the police come in & handle disruptive children is because there is NO discipline at home, & God help the individual who actually punishes their little demons, even if it's just a time out. And, now, you can bet the next step in this war against the Bible will be ministers going to prison for preaching against homosexuality, or same sex marriage. All I can say is, God help us all!

  54. PrincessPhilly says:

    Do we even have a Constitution any more?

  55. ssh49tn says:

    Unfortunately, NO document is perfect, except for God's Word. However, our Constitution is the best document in the world for freedom or the people. Or it WAS til the Supreme Court, & various activist judges took it upon themselves to change the meaning that was intended by the framers.

  56. Both Sides of Story says:

    My first reaction to Gary North's words was disgust of the judicial system, or at the very least, with the judge in this case. Then I thought, "It can't be that simple. What is the other side of this story?"

    When I forwarded the link to my "list", I included: "Someone PLEASE tell me there's more to this story!!! Anyone know what it is?"

    I got two lengthy replies – each from people who have friends or relatives in that area of Wisconsin. Both of them condemn Caminiti and feel the judge was probably justified.

    I should also add that both of those replies were from very conservative and very religious people… so there's no sympathy with a liberal judge.

    I couldn't believe the situation was as simple as the author of the web page suggested. And it really irritates me that someone would so bias their words to condemn the judicial system for this problem. Yes, I'm not happy with legislating from the bench, and I'm certainly not happy with the direction the country & world are taking, but it certainly doesn't help by misleading those who don't question or search for the other side of the story. Gary North should be castigated for his trash! His words (at least in this case), just give the liberals ammunition against conservatives and believers.

  57. ssh49tn says:

    Excuse me, BUT, what a person SAYS to another about spanking an infant, is NOT against the law. Whatever the pastor said is his civil right. Where's the PROOF that HE abused children? IF this judge is going to take this approach, then she needs to come down on the union thugs that are running rampant in Wi. these days. I've seen several videos & articles of their violence toward non union people. Or is she going to go after Farrakhan after his threats to take out American cities if we go after Iran? Or the New Black Panthers for threatening people at the voting booths who were against Obama? When judges decide what a person can or can't say, then we are in some serious trouble with our judiciary in this country.

  58. Someone please bitch slap the judge. She lacks common sesne.

  59. The people of Wisconsin aren't even doing the right thing for Governor Walker. This country has gone "nuckin futz" under Odumbo's tutelage. Everybody seems to be acting like brainless, soulless zombies. We need to somehow get back to the way thing used to be, or we truly are ready for the same fate as Sodom and Gamorrah.

  60. This is BS. My mother used a fly swatter on me – and I respected her for it. Apparently, it didn’t hurt my upbringing (no pain no gain). I’m now retired (engineer) @ 83 – no arrests no convictions.

  61. Has anybody noticed that this isn't America any longer? One thing you have to give the hippies credit for is, they took the lemons and made lemonade. They didn't get mad that the American populace despised them — they waited, got educated, got themselves placed into high positions, and GOT EVEN. Now they're running the country the way they wanted it run in the 60's and not paying any attention to the people who berated them in the past. Whatever's happening now, we did it to ourselves.

  62. "…As stated in the Preamble, another purpose of the Constitution is to 'secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.' From childhood, Americans are indoctrinated to believe that, thanks to the Constitution, America is the freest nation on earth:

    'The media … has played a key role in persuading people that we are the most free nation on earth. While this may or may not be true, most people have never considered this possibility: If all of the other nations were under 100% totalitarian dictatorships, and the United States of America was only under a 95% totalitarian dictatorship, it could still be said that “America is the most free nation on earth.” So it is a rather meaningless boast. (James Bruggeman, epilogue to Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government: A Revolutionary Commentary of Romans 13:1-7, by Ted R. Weiland, 2nd ed. (Scottsbluff, NE: Mission to Israel Ministries, 2006, 2nd ed.).

    'Suppose it be “the best government on earth,” does that prove its own goodness, or only the badness of all other governments?' (Lysander Spooner, No Treason, No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority, http://praxeology.net/LS-NT-6.htm#.)

    "Convinced the Constitution would fail to secure and protect liberty, Patrick Henry voiced his concerns to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788:

    ' …I say our privileges and rights are in danger. …the new form of Government … will … effectually … oppress and ruin the people…. In some parts of the plan before you, the great rights of freemen are endangered, in other parts, absolutely taken away…. There will be no checks, no real balances, in this Government: What can avail your specious imaginary balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling, ridiculous ideal checks and contrivances? …And yet who knows the dangers that this new system may produce: they are out of the sight of the common people: They cannot foresee latent consequences…. I see great jeopardy in this new Government.' (Patrick Henry, Ralph Ketcham, ed., “Speeches of Patrick Henry (June 5 and 7, 1788),” The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates (New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2003, 2nd ed.) pp. 200-08.)

    "In contrast to the federalists’ failed predictions, this and nearly everything the anti-federalists forecast about the Constitution has come true….."

    Excerpted from Chapter 3 "The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitut….

  63. A Guest says:

    You are absolutely right–what you SAY (unless it involves terroristic threats and the like) is not against the law and you don't go to jail for it. Did you miss that I said "Caminiti not only preached it, he applied serious pressure…"? It was a whole context of pathological control over his congregation. It appears the court considered that Caminiti's environment was coercive and Caminiti shared the blame for the actions of his people. What normal parent would spank an infant with a wooden spoon for crying because the baby's diaper is messy? These people were pressured and cajoled and warned that they were disobeying God if they didn't spank under such conditions.

  64. ssh49tn says:

    Applying 'PRESSURE' on someone to do something, unless that person submits to the pressure is NOT illegal. I can tell you that you should go rob a bank, & really bug you about it, but hopefully, you've got enough sense to not listen to me. When the courts start telling people what they can say from their pulpits, then we are in some serious trouble. None of the liberal judges seem to have a problem with Eric Holder having a big conference with black church leaders telling them HOW they can safely campaign for Obama, & get away with it, nor does any of them seem to have a problem with Farrakhan threatening to destroy American cities, if we go to war with Iran, nor did they have a problem with that union official telling union members to go out & destroy conservative anti union people. IF they're going to go after one, then they need to go after all who make inflammatory speech. And, IF somebody decides to set off a bomb in San Diego, which Farrakhan specifically mentioned, will they go after him too since HE promoted it? IF the pastor had literally taken a child, & spanked it, then yes, he should go to jail. Just TELLING someone they should do it, is a totally different matter.

  65. Bill in NC says:

    Again, that's still speech.

    I find the 'Westboro Baptist Church' repugnant, but their speech is still protected under the First Amendment.

    Because of that, the appropriate venue for review of this case is federal, not state court.

  66. Prophet777888 says:

    HA, HA, Lol, the Lord Sovereign Omnipotent knows all about this now God Damned land named America! America is God Damned from coast to coast, from north to south and from east to west, she will not repent,she will not change her ways she can not repent she will simply be completely exterminated by incineration. poof. 4.000 American cities turned into smoke, ashes,vapors to blow away with the winds in one day, one 24 hour period of time, in one hour (Revelation 18) and she will have no infrastucture, no electrical grid, no communications, in one 23 hour period combined with the first 1 hour period mentioned America will have zero Navy,no Air Force, no Marine Corps, not even a Boy Scout Troop (Jeremiah chaps 50 & 51, read them) america has been made stupid by the Lord from coast to coast so that he can destroy it once and forever! Jesus exterminated old Jerusalem according to his prophecies and as such so shall he exterminate America, America the land of male and female whores! Read Isaiah chapter 3, Ha. Ha. Lol, Women Judges, Women Judges, Women cops, Women Senators, your doomed America with no possible fix, none! Prophecy is Prophecy, period, read it yourself and to hell with all the pastors that talk out of their rear ends! turn on the TV and you will find instant proof that donkeys can and do talk out of their ass! America is now a land of braying donkeys, male and female, amen, this is exactly the way the Lord God planned it, this is exactly the way the Lord God wants it to be, Praise The Lord! Russia and China are the weapons in the hands of the Lord he will use to exterminate the United States of Dementia! walk with Jesus, talk with Jesus and you will never fear death, your own or the death of others, its all good!, this planet is god damned from the beginning and even before it, this planet is not my home and it never has been, I have a New Heavens and a New Earth waiting for me, Ha, Ha, Lol!

  67. JOE TEE says:


    Proverbs 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

  68. Adults make their own choices, and they suffer the consequences of their own choices. If they can't figure out right from wrong, they've got big problems. "These people were pressured and cajoled" Hello? Was the guy physically threatening them or their children? If so, then he needs to tried for that, not for voicing his opinions (whether or not you agree with them). If not, then the people could simply have left the church.

  69. Gary always gives links at the end of his articles. Readers are free to read them if they want more information.

  70. MontieR says:

    The judge needs to be kicked off the bench and prosecuted for dishonoring his oath of office.

  71. A Guest says:

    People are so caught up in the supposed First Amendment issue here that no one seems to be listening.

    Caminiti did not go to jail for what he said. He was convicted of _conspiring_to_commit_child_abuse_. His actions to pressure people into criminal action are what put him in jail. No, he did not abuse any children.

    Yes, those people have a problem. Caminiti was not physically threatening anyone so far as I know, but he was, in effect, threatening them–with God's judgment for not doing what he said. That can be a powerful threat for some people. His church is a mini-cult centered around him and his evil false teaching (only one of which is concerning spanking). That's a powerful threat for people who can't see beyond the threats to the truth. Three families in his church face potential jail time for following him. All three are closely related to him and others with influence in the church. They are responsible before God and the government for their actions, but it was very difficult for them to see beyond his influence on them and to do what they should have done–left the church.

  72. rusureuwant2know says:

    The author got it wrong – spanking is not illegal – the pastor was not preaching anything illegal.

  73. Then just what are they going to do with all the Islam religion and what they preach and dictate to their followers, all they preach is Kill, kill, kill, infidels and if you disgrace their family, your Beat, stone, whatever but either way your dead. Now just where are the courts and puting all of them in prision. They dictate by far worse then a spanking. JUST A THOUGHT, sound kind of one sided in a lot of things.

  74. i wonder if tar and feathering is illegal?

  75. Bill in NC says:

    Any state prosecutor can call it conspiracy, but since this concerns the limits of speech, a federal court is the proper venue for evaluating whether the state's 'conspiracy' conviction is an unconstitutional restriction of free speech.

  76. People go after this judge she is not fit to be a judge If you let her get by with this she will keep doing it and take away all your freadon get her she is un fit to be a judge

  77. I was raised under the era of "spare the rod, spoil the child" as were my siblings and we grew up as responsbile, respectful god-loving people. Additionally, we received "spankings" in school if we misbehaved AND received like punishment when we got home from school for the principal had called mother. In school today there is no respect for the teachers and they nor the principal don't have the punishment options they had when I attended school, therefore the decline in "education" and "respect". We didn't grow up to hate our parents nor our educators, but we loved and respected them..How, When and Where did we let this change and WHY? I have two Grand-boys whom I dearly love, but when they misbehave badly, they know the rod (switch or belt) will not be spared and they are NOT SPOILED BUT SHOW RESPECT TO ALL "GROWN-UPS"! Now let some LIBERAL, IDIOT JUDGE come and try to arrest me!

  78. Scott Todd says:

    Let me guess- you're a member of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  79. I'm constantly reading new things that defy that this is the United States of America! This is one of those things. Rogue judges seem to be the rule more and more lately. I WILL say that I completely disagree that a 2 month old BABY needs spanking…. not with a hand or anything else, certainly NOT a wooden spoon! If it's true that this pastor thinks that's acceptable then he needs a reality check. Having said that I smacked my own 'older' children with a wooden spoon on more than one occasion. It makes a point WITH OUT really injuring the child. It's utterly amazing that this judge can impose such a ruling on a pastor and THEN tell him that even after doing his 'time' he can't have contact with his CHURCH members!! WHAT!? This is insanity and SOME one needs to get involved and try to bring some common sense into that court room (and get RID of that activist judge!)! I wish this town had an online presence so we could all go there and let them know we WON'T be making the mistake of visiting THEIR lunatic town EVER! And I feel VERY sorry for any Christian living there for sure.

  80. Ernest T. says:

    At the local Mosque they teach Jahad and Sharea where is this judge then?

  81. The Preacher was teaching from the BIBLE which says "spank that child lest he be spoiled" That is why kids get into gangs and do violence and crimes, NO DISPLINE

  82. Cancelled my vacation plans to WisconSIN

  83. Both Sides of Story, please provide some details so we can have the other side of the story and not unnecessarily condemn the judge in this case. Thanks!

  84. jim28threg. says:

    You don't spare the rod whether it's a spoon or a willow switch. Anyone with half a brain can understand the difference between disapline and a beating. The congregation and all–ALL church congregations in the area need to drag this judge out and send him packing then refuse to surrender the pastor to athoritys .Mans law is slowly replacing GODS laws. ABORTION come to anyones mind? Why do you think we are being punished ? Try to remember what happened to Israel when they turned their backs on GOD and went by their own wisdom . You don't listen nor have association with the sons and daughters of SATAN .
    If you-WE-don't stand up for GOD do you think JESUS HIS SON will stand up for you ?

  85. Both Sides of Story says:

    For those interested, and since someone asked, the two replies I received were:

    Date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 7:45 AM
    Subject: Re: Pastor Goes to Prison for Preaching Spanking

    I actually do know a little more about this because I know some of the people involved. The primary one I know is married to Phil Caminiti’s daughter. He and his wife (and some others, one of whom is Caminiti’s son and one of whom is the son of a well-known author of Christian novels) are also charged and could go to jail for spanking their children. It’s not the town of Black Earth, it’s the county. The liberal social workers are real activists for The Cause.

    While the article is about spanking “children,” and I’m sure those social workers and judge are against that, the real issue is the age of the children whom Caminiti was virtually ordering his people to spank and the reason. They were spanking their infants for crying–especially if they were crying in church. I’m sure you know very well that infants cry. They cry for several reasons and at just about any time. Crying is the only way they have of informing adults that something is wrong. It’s blatantly wrong to spank an infant for having a dirty diaper, for being hungry, or for being tired. But that’s what Caminiti was teaching. You can imagine the pressure on a parent if your infant starts to cry in that kind of church.

    The article is misinformed and foolish to suggest that “In Black Earth, Wisconsin, the authorities let you commit a crime eight times before arresting you.” Caminiti’s preaching and the resulting spankings were reported to the authorities after the fact by people in the church who had had enough and left. They reported him because what he was doing and what was coming from it was wrong.

    The article also states, “They tell you that you have committed a crime only after you have committed it frequently.” As unfair as it may seem, the authorities are not under any obligation to tell us what the laws are and what activities are illegal. You’ve no doubt heard the maxim, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Again the number of times was the result of those who left the church and reported the activities to the authorities.

    The article shows real ignorance when it states, “The judge tells you that what you did was criminal only after you did it. This is an ex-post-facto law. Such laws are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. But it does not apply in Black Earth, Wisconsin.” The author of the article does not know what ex post facto is about. The principle of ex post facto (which means something along the lines of “after the fact”) is that you cannot be charged with a crime for something you did when that action was not illegal. For example, let’s say you called your state governor an “idiot” in 2011 and then in 2012 the legislature passed a law making it illegal to use the word “idiot” with reference to the governor. You cannot be charged for saying the governor was an “idiot” in 2011 because it was not illegal then. Child abuse is illegal. It has been for a long time. Caminiti was charged with conspiracy to commit child abuse by his preaching. It was not just the preaching, but the combination of his preaching and the oppressive environment he has developed in that church, an environment that applied what was to some an irresistible force to do what he preached. I’ve been aware of this church for a number of years. Caminiti is a pathological control freak. His church is a mini-Caminiti cult.

    Subject: Pastor Goes to Prison for Preaching Spanking
    Date: May 31, 2012 10:09:10 AM CDT


  86. Ditto!!!!!! Only at our house, if it was Dad, it was the razor strap, if it was Mom, it was the fly swatter, and for my own children it was my commercial rubber spatula. Our daughter says she still remembers it, every 3rd step "Kawap!!! My son and daughter felt just like I felt) if you had it coming take your medicine. Guess what!!? We all grew up law abiding, church going citisens. Doctor Spock be d____ at least we didn't commit suicide (thats more than he can say for his kids, so who had the better child raising methed????? Government KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF OUR HOMES, WE CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN YOU ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

  87. El Kabong says:

    Spanking should be done with your hand, not an object like a wooden spoon, belt, etc. When my mother used her hand, that was enough for me. Striking a child with an object can cause injury, maybe one that could cause lifetime problems. Spanking with your hand is not a crime, but using objects is assault.

  88. markkens says:

    Spank the judge!

  89. This 'Judge? is another village idiot on the loose.

  90. Texan Patriot says:

    I am definitely going to boycott that state for eternity. Obviously a fascist police state right there.

  91. This is a perfect example of how our First Amendment rights are being destroyed. This is the destruction of America as we know it. It starts with creepy episodes like this and insidiously gets worse and worse before it is too late.

  92. So, if someone killed ONLY seven [7] people it would not be a crime? OR does it only apply if it [the crime] was implied? Many people speak of many things, such as politics. Politics practiced are criminal actions. Nobody is accused of wrong doing for being a politician. So, where is the line drawn?

    Proverbs are words of solomon. No one else. I believe in jesus who said forgive and thou shall be forgiven. (If you want forgiveness, forgive unconditionally. or you are a hypocrite Robert.)

  94. Good. We really don't have to do what religious freaks are telling us to do. Their problem (this pastor's also) is that they don't have any sign of happiness in their hearts, and seeing others happy traumatizes them to no end. I am all about Grace when it comes to children. If this is wrong. I choose not to be right.

  95. this judge is already in jail. But I am not sure that he will get a good spanking. Or whether he will get out of jail angry and start raping children to get revenge.

  96. excuses. This freak deserves more years. Violence supporters shall not be tolerated.