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The Pentagon’s War Movie Director Speaks Out

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2012

Philip Strub is the Pentagon’s Director of Entertainment Media.

There had to be one.Why didn’t I figure this out?

Say that you are a Hollywood director. You want technical assistance. You want stock footage of things that go “boom” or “whoosh.” Or maybe you just want the images. Well, this stuff is trademarked. You can’t just use it any old way.

Officer Strub wants to read the script.

“Our goal, initially, is to give [filmmakers] news as quickly as possible as to whether the script is something we can support. There’s no question: I will plead guilty to bias in favor of the military. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror and go to work every day if I didn’t believe the military is a force for good. If a script comes to us portraying the military as a malign force, we won’t provide support.”

Some films didn’t make the cut. Independence Day made it look as though the aliens were better than the military. I mean, they had to get Randy Quaid to play a paranoid crazy guy who flew a crop duster to join up to fight the aliens. The Pentagon memo reveals that you can’t fool the Pentagon. “The military appears impotent and/or inept; all advances in stopping aliens are the result of actions by civilians.”

Then there was Forrest Gump. No help for that project. A Pentagon memo saw through that propaganda film, with its “generalized impression that the army of the 1960s was staffed by the guileless or by soldiers of limited intelligence.” The Pentagon also took issue with the scene where LBJ showed his backside to Forrest. “The ‘mooning’ of a president by a uniformed solider is not acceptable cinematic license.”

LBJ mooned the electorate for four years, but the Pentagon was not going to help remind us.

Still, if you can get past Officer Strub, you can get help really cheap. You can skip all those computer graphics. Think of the Pentagon as Open Source prop supply. It’s kind of like Linux for bombs.

Jerry Bruckheimer is a frequent user. Mr. Explosion says this: “In most cases with the military, they like what we’ve done and how we portrayed them, and that’s why we get the access and the military hardware.”

Battleship is mostly government issue.

Act of Valor uses actual Navy Seals.

But until computer graphics get a lot cheaper, we will have to wait for the movie version of Tora Bora.

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5 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s War Movie Director Speaks Out


    Forrest showed HIS backside to LBJ.
    LBJ just showed the COUNTRY his backside.

    Hope this clears things up.

  2. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Hollywood, a bunch of commie, spineless jerks. When was the last time any of them sent their children to war, taught them to respect our country, our flag, and the Constitution. If and when the Muslim dogs in this country are successful in attacking us again; my wish is that they take out Hollywood first, than New York and for a bonus D.C. It's a good start. Fed up with the left and the dumb masses.

  3. Charlie says:

    The Navy Seals movie should be commended for showing the selfless, courageous actions of our Navy Seals. Brave soldiers should be thanked, regardless of their branch of service, for their hard work and sacrifice.

  4. The Obama Government has just given two Hollywood producers the name of the lead Seal in the Ben Ladin episode., and who knows how much more information about these heroes This person and his whole family now have targets on their backs. All this because the creep in the White House is supporting the making of a movie about the Bin Laden story. New information is that Obama could have taken out Ben Laden a year ago. It was Panetta who pushed this forward against the advice of Biden and Valerie Jarrett. There is also a memo ready to be published if the effort failed which would put the blame of the failure on a Navy Admiral. Of course it is a coincidence that this movie is to be released in October — close to the November electon. For God & Couuntry — PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA.

  5. When did we elect Iranian born Valerie Jarret and possible Kenyan born Obama ,and what training do either of them have in military science? Maybe they know more then the highly trained knowledgeable Generals, who have spent their lives in capturing enemies like Osama Bin Laden.