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35 thoughts on “The Origin of the Tea Party Movement

  1. Easier said than done. When your only income is the Gov’t “cash cow” it is next to impossible to live without it. When you are retired, in bad health, your social security and Govt retirement is all you have. Going back to work is not an option. What will sustain us?

  2. lilbear68 says:

    tea party WAS a good idea when it started and i said then that it wont be long before it will be copted by the GOP. the tea party now is just another irrelevant arm of the republican party and now Mitt Romney has guarrenteed Obama's reelection

  3. ProundPatriotToo says:

    lilbear68 This is true, same old, same old. Romney is nothing more than a white Obama (closet Progressive). I believe our country has gone over the cliff. It's too late to get it back, short of an internal civil war. God help us.

  4. ImAnIndependent says:

    Did we seniors pay into these sacred cows all during our working lives? Yes. Did government miss manage? Yes. I'm a former naval officer and love our militar, but do we need 700 bases around the world (let the many of the countries do their own protection)? Do we need the dept. of education when it should be the states job to monitor their states education? Do we need the dept of energy whose mission at its inception was to preclude energy shortages and high prices (what a wonderfull job they have done). In summation, lets cut ou the fat and then see where we are and there is beaucoup fat to cut out. Ron Paul has it right.

  5. Hyperinflation is a form of default; it just robs more people.

  6. libadvsor says:

    Ron Paul is no kook but he is made out to be one. The reality will come during convention. Though RP has not truly scored well during the GOP seeking a Presidential candidate and though conventional wisdom has already ordained Romney, there is my hope that something will happen during the convention.

  7. robert ackert says:

    My Dad died at 58 never got SS. I worked for 42 years in Oil/gas indus, no pension but did pay into SS for those 42 years. Now I'm guilty of living too long on SS. Kiss my Butt Congress.

  8. The situation will have to go back to what it was before, which wasn't as materially comfortable. And probably harder to acheive now. Seniors will have to move in with their kids creating multiple generation families. This has benefits of course, but has challenges as well. Challanges will be particularly felt when the senior citizen is sick. This will create stresses. You'll also have new social dynamics. It will be more difficult than before in situations where both of the younger generation (kid and spouse of the senior citizens) have to work. Will they forgo that income to care for parents or will there be give and compromise elsewhere? Unfortunately, you are probably going to have a lot of pain, suffering and death, particularly if there is hyperinflation. I wonder what the gov't will do when Seniors are neglected, but it doesn't have the resources to pay for their care?

  9. I don't think the establishment has anything to fear. I don't think anybody, not Ron Paul, not the Tea Party, is going after the real budget-busting spending items, i.e medicare, medicaid, and social security. I see too many people in the Tea Party with gray hair that I know it's still all business as usual, i.e. cut somebody else's spending, not mine.

    I'm not going to get excited until I see protestors holding up signs saying "Cut MY benefits". Until that happens, the establishment can rest easy.

  10. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Ron Paul=racist gas bag.

  11. robert says:

    we the people by me,haven,t listened to any media tv/radio/newspapers or any polls,we know there all in bed with the treasonous trader ovomit/devil and his band of treasonous traders,and that the media numbers or poll numbers are false and mean nothing to we the people by me.we know ron paul is winning big time,why do you think the media is ignored him,and the polls continue to misrepresent him,becauce they all really know he is winning,same thing with sheriff joe and cold case posse,we know the media and polls are all bought and paid for by the treasonous trader ovomit and his band of traders.but there ignoring ron paul,means absoluty nothing to we the people by me.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse and all american veterans and all american citizens.one nation under god

  12. Abigail Adams says:

    WOW…. cynicism will not help us. Mitt was not my choice either, but he is now. We can only choose from the candidates who are offered, and becoming cynical will result in paralysis. This is the time for Conservatives to be most active. Please actively support Mitt, because the other candidate is Obama. Please remember that our opponent is Obama.

  13. May you live in interesting times.

  14. The number of dependents under this utopia continues to grow whether it's the baby boomers retiring , welfare recepients birthing kids they can't afford, wasteful government agencies and bureaucrats that fill their ranks, returning military with no job prospects and some disabled, the list is endless with entitlements for so many different groups of people. It is not supportable. . Where are the jobs? Business is regulated and taxed out of existence to cater to everyone's whims and what they think they are entitled to, and the government is more than happy to oblige them. How many people are even still willing to work if they could find a job when you can sit on your butt for free if you know how to play the system? It DOESN"T MATTER who you elect to office in the hopes of holding onto whatever promise you bought into. There isn't any Get of Jail free card.. You can't spend more than you make. The sooner it collapses the better because the longer the vested interests allow it the worse it will be. That's what worries me.

  15. BalBurgh says:

    The enemy is ALL of government. Romney is as much a part of it as Obama, and will change nothing. Until you understand that there will be no progress at all.

    Privatize Everything!

  16. There are far too many who forget that SS is paid into by the people and it is NOT an entitlement. The only reason it is almost broke is because it was put into the general fund by LBJ and it was NEVER meant to be there.
    Also, if the Congress were required, as everyone else, to pay into it, it would not be as close to being broke as it probably is.
    I say "probably", because that is what we are told about it.

  17. Gordon says:

    OregonMuse I am a Tea Partyist and I have gray hair. But I also agree with you – not about your stereotyping of the Tea Party participants – but about the fact that everyone enjoys the rhetoric of cut the budget but just don't touch whats "mine". It doesn't matter whether it is unemployment, union pensions, or Social security. Everyone has the attitude of cut everyone's but " MINE". The big me! Everyone likewise have lived with an attitude of let the government figure out how to do it – instead of personally saving for retirement. Well, now we are paying the price. I was raised by parents who taught me that no matter how much my income I must first set aside a portion of my income – part for charity and part for retirement. But, now I face people in Washington who want to confiscate that which I spent 35 years saving because in their eyes I am "wealthy". It is all a matter of perspective. I do not consider living off $2000/month of my own saved money as wealth. Also, I constantly get petitions that I no longer respond to about "save our SS" "We deserve a cost of living increase", etc. Americans need to realize this nation is on the verge of financial disaster that cannot be corrected without EVERYONE suffering some financial hardship. And until we realize that and face it we are headed toward total destruction. I for one say I would rather face hardship than destruction. Although I enjoy the SS checks, I spent 35 years saving for a retirement in hopes of not having to be reliant upon SS. Others should have had the foresight of planning that way also. Instead they have become addicted to government hand outs. So, OregonMuse, if the Tea Party has a candidate that intends to cut spending – even if it means loss of a portion of "my" SS, I say bring it on! If you associate with Tea Party people, I think you will find a similar attitude as mine – instead of what the left and media has apparently inculcated you with.

  18. Gordon, that's the whole, point, I don't think your attitude is very widespread at all, even in the Tea Party movement. And I'll admit i'm wrong about this as soon as I start seeing "Cut MY benefits" signs at the Tea Party rallies.

  19. Dr. Barbara says:

    I would rather have a Mormon than a Muslim living in OUR White House. I'd rather have an American than a Kenyan, a successful businessman than a community organizer (what is that anyway!?). I'd rather have a patriot than an American-hating, white-hating usurper, I'd rather have non-racist than a racist narcissistic ego-maniac. I have changed my party to the ABO Party. Anybody But Obama. ABO! ABO! ABO!

  20. NoMoreTaxes says:

    lilbear68: The MAJORITY of Tea Parties do NOT like or represent Romney or any Republican. I'm an ACTIVE Tea Party member and I can speak for many others, I can't stand the Republican Party and I will NOT (and many others) be Voting for Republicans anymore unless we have NO Choice like YOU! We will VOTE for the Tea Party MEMBER's that are running. MOST Tea Party Members I know have turned toward Ron Paul recently. I don't know ANYONE that belongs to a Tea party accross the U.S. that's for Romney. I'm sure they have them but Romney is known as 'a Obama-like' with the Unconstitutional Healthcare he passed in MA. If the people in MA voted for it, then they Deserve what they got. The leader of the Boston Tea Party told me their TAXES went up 20% when RomneyCare when into effect. OF course Romneycare has been tweeked many times since the beginning.

  21. NoMoreTaxes says:

    Where do you young people get your info from? The NEWS Media? Don't you know they ALL LIE including FOX! Go to a Tea Party Meeting and find out the TRUTH about The Tea Party Movement. I Do know, none of them Represent each other. Their are a 'FEW' that endose and accept money. MOST Tea Parties don't claim them (that accept money) and MOST do NOT endorse or accept money from a candidate. There's just a 'Handful' (VERY FEW) of these types if tea parties in the U.S. That's NOT what the Tea Party is about. Mitt Romney is NOT the Tea Party CHOICE! It's ALL a Lie in the News Media to make people who don't belong to one and those who have NO Clue of what is happening THINK this!

  22. NoMoreTaxes says:

    The NEWS Media WANT ROMNEY NOT 'WE the PEOPLE". Even FOX employee's Families have been THREATEN and Jobs of the Employee's, that's why they have gotten "very soft" over the last 2 WHOLE years. Glenn Beck had to leave for SPEAKING THE TRUTH, so he resign and Built a Fortress in TX to protect his family from the THREATS to thier LIVES! Fox has been TOLD they MUST push ROMNEY. A whistlblower was FIRED at FOX leaking this out. Others at FOX have indicated it too, without saying it word for word so they wouldn't get Fired.

  23. NoMoreTaxes says:

    Abigail Adams: Why VOTE for Romney which is viewed by the Tea Parties across the U.S. as a 'Obama-like'? Since we are down to Obama, Romney or Ron Paul, I never thought in a Million years I would turn to Ron Paul, but's he the TRUE CONSERVATIVE who can save OUR COUNTRY. When it comes to his Foreign Polices that scare people, keep in mind, Congress has to approve, and they will keep him straight!

  24. NoMoreTaxes says:

    WELL SPOKEN "ImAnIndependent". Never in a Million years I thought I would VOTE for Ron Paul, BUT he is the ONLY TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL Canidate left! Most Tea Party Members are currenly with RON PAUL, Not Romney like the New Media says which is a LIE! See waht happen in Louisiana. Theat was The Tea Party Members that VOTED for Ron Paul! I know cause I'm one of them! A VERY ACTIVE and CONNECTED one to Who's who.

  25. NoMoreTaxes says:

    I'm a VERY ACTIVE Tea Party Member. I do hear what you say Gordon all the time, but at 55 yrs old my Retirement of 20 years was lost Completely in 2002 (I was 45/46 at the time) after the ENRON and Wall Street FALL! I had only $500. stock in Enron. My Broker was Payne and Webber, a TOP INVESTMENT firm that committed fraud and NOT charge like so many others. Payne & Webber merged with another company, can't remember who. But the WHOLE POINT is I had Retirment and some of my Gerneration loss it due to FRAUD and have NOT been able to recover since. . Some of you people like you, GODON, do NOT take into consideration the WHOLE Picture and WHOLE HISTORY of OUR Country falling LONG Before NOW!

  26. NoMoreTaxes says:


  27. Gordon I am disabled and on SS disability only, as my job fired me as opposed to paying the bill for what they caused. I also had a lot of money saved up. Here's the story. My savings went up to 200k at least 4 times that I was aware of. It was invested with Merrill Lynch and they robbed it back down every single time. I moved it to get it away from those thieves and the next place robbed it (all this occurred during those high stock market boom years) until I had 40k LESS than I had saved. I have worked since I was 7 years old although not all of that was taxed. Didn't used to be when you were a kid. So I'm to be left with nothing?? Because congress has stolen it with their laws that protect crooks, stolen it by moving the funds into general accounts where they can steal it for their crony pals? This whole system is fixed every which way and now the congress wants to take every single thing else away. Let them have all their benefits and pay stripped and get rid of ALL welfare, corporate and personal. Take care of the elderly and the truly disabled – not the types now that get into it when their unemployment runs out.
    Then – clean out the lawyers and other crooks in our government!

  28. Stephen Cline says:

    You know why we defend Social Security? It's because we paid in to it all our working lives. Our so called representitives embezzed from it for decades. We do understand that it needs to be fixed and that every single one that voted to take from social security and use it for what it was not intended need, no, must be held accountable.

  29. hmora4358 says:

    Why do you say the tea party has been co-opted by the GOP. Is it because it hasn't accomplished all it wanted to yet? Do you think it would be able to get more things done as a third political party? Do you consider yourself a tea party member?

  30. hmora4358 says:

    So you are saying we would better off with no government. Are you an anarchist? You need to explain yourself better.

  31. hmora4358 says:

    I know it isn't the case, but it frequently seems like tea party members don't know that there are people in the country who think and vote differently then them. The tea party has significant numbers in a political party with a majority in one of two chambers in one of three branches of government. It sounds like if things don't change by the next day, its time to head for the hills. I agree that it may already be too late to change our country back to a responsible govt and a responsible citizenry, I'm not going stop trying. If it isn't too late, our country won't be brought back from the brink in a day or a year or even a presidential term. We have to start with the hand that we have been dealt.

  32. Spikeygrrl says:

    There is a clear difference between North's two "sacred cows."

    National defense is a Constitutionally enumerated power of the federal government (and one of the VERY FEW permissable powers of a "night-watchman"/minarchist national government).

    Social Security and Medicare — or any other type of government dole, for that matter — are never mentioned in the Constitution as powers permitted to the federal government, thus must be reserved for the States or the People.

    — Spike, military wife

  33. I'm 84 years old and I will gladly give up my $1,000 per month Social Security if they will put in a real patriot, like Ron Paul or Peter Schiff, as President.

  34. I've been part of the Tea Party movement since '09, and a supporter of Ron Paul since 2010. If only other Tea Partiers could see the genius of this man.

  35. Ray Mason says:

    I am perplexed. Here we are, the older generation, having paid into social security and medicare most of our lives and the libertarians insist that we are living off the government dole. Hello, social security and medicare are insurance programs that we paid for, it's our money, we invested in good faith even though we really didn't have a choice. So if you please, stop accusing me of sucking off the government. I'm retired military, signed up, pledged my life if necessary in defense of this country, the contract insured that I would receive retirement benefits, I accepted lower pay for 23 years so that I could have something in my older years. How many of you libertarians have invested that much into your future? If you want to do something constructive help us rid the system of fraud. I'm guessing that at least 30% of social security and medicare receiptors have not invested into the system that they feed from. As for me, you can take your Ron Paul talking points and put them in a dark place where the sun doesn't shine. Maybe you could check into the real porker Ron Paul and stop bashing the good citizens in this country that don't deserve you haughty attitude. Ray