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How Wrong I Was! The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Continues

Written by Gary North on April 25, 2012

I thought that when Rick Santorum quit, that would get Ron Paul into the news. It is now a three-way race. I wrote that the media could no longer pretend that Paul is not running.

Google lists only three candidates in its reports. So, that would mean Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.


In Google’s algorithm, Santorum is still in the race. He was the lead story on April 25 at 8:30 a.m.

How can the media get away with this? It can’t. The Internet is making a mockery of the strategy among literate voters.

The media want to pretend that they can drop him down the Orwellian memory hole. But with YouTube and websites, there is no memory hole any longer.

The grass roots supporters are sticking with Ron Paul, even though they know he cannot win. That is what is most significant about his campaign now. The hard core is getting harder. And larger.

This runs counter to all previous Presidential campaigns. The campaigns always died, once a candidate for the party’s nomination had it wrapped up. Not this time.

Donors are still sending money. Why? To show support. They expect this campaign to have an impact after the convention. They are right.

It’s all about building a mailing list. Ron Paul has a huge mailing list.

On how much money is still rolling in, click the link.

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20 thoughts on “How Wrong I Was! The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is either amazing, or even more amazing.

    It would be amazing because a larger percentage of the Google employees are likely to be Libertarians than the general population.

    It would be even more amazing, because even with all those Libertarians working for Google, the story gets spiked anyway.

  2. Carol Goodwin says:

    Ron Paul CAN win this and that is precisely what the media and the establishment are afraid of. There is even word that Santorum is not 'out of it'. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is not 'super rich' and not being supported by any big corporations such as the likes of Goldman Sachs, etal. These consortiums pull strings on their candidates and therein lies the problem. They expect to get something for their money. Ron Paul is supported by We The People as all we expect to get is our country back with the freedoms and liberties we once had ……. "back in the olden days!" Before tyrants and wannabe dictators! Back before the word 'wannabe' was a word. If we all jsut go and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, it will happen. The primaries are in many ways more important than the November elections. Again, if you want tyranny go ahead and vote for Mitt but if you want freedom vote for Ron Paul.

  3. Administrator: Hopefully Joe (who obviously has no respect for God, righteous men, nor even women on this site) will be removed from having access to this site again.

  4. Amen.

  5. Blind Pete says:

    I have been praying for years that those in the major media who manipulate the voters with lies and the hiding of truth will themselves become irrelevant. We are seeing this prayer answered increasingly every year. I believe that eventually the major media will become the minor media, irrelevant, and unable to control the people any more. Meanwhile, the truth of Ron Paul's message will increasingly be heard and believed, and become the new relevant reality.

  6. Why wouldn’t main stream media shun Ron Paul? He’s an embarrassment to the establishment, both Democratic and Republican. Ron Paul actually has something different to say.

    Given 20/20 hindsight, if George W. Bush were running against Barack Obama this November, who would you vote for? You must admit the difference between the two is minuscule. Barack Obama's non-stop comparison of his presidency to that of George W. Bush is like Tim Tebow comparing his first year in the NFL to that of Ryan Leaf.

  7. Jstarusa says:

    It all seems to be about who raises the most money, not what the candidate wants or can do for the country!

  8. Jstarusa says:

    What a mess this country is in! And after almost 4 years this administration has done little to help correct it. Now they want 4 more years to do what? Sign more executive orders? Take longer vacations? All the American people get is lip service and riots destroying private property, etc. I think this president needs to earn his peace prize and show some leadership!

  9. We cannot unbiblically vote for non-biblical candidates into non-Biblical positions our way out of the mess we find ourselves. The last 224 years of constitutional voting demonstrates that America has only become less Christian and more ungodly with each and every election, regardless who’s elected. Instead, we must repent our way out of this mess, which means returning to Yahweh and His morality as found in His commandments, statutes, and judgments.

    This is not going to occur overnight. Most of modern Christianity is antinomian, meaning they believe that Yahweh’s moral laws have been abolished and have no practical purpose under the New Covenant. In short, modern Christianity (what in the 17th-century was Christendom) is saltless, good for nothing but to trampled under the foot of man, as per Matthew 5:13. This means that modern saltless Christianity is our principle mission field. They must be taught the truth concerning Yahweh’s law and kingdom as they pertain to us under the New Covenant.

    We must recognize that this a generational vision and that this generation must begin now in order that a future generation of our progeny might have the opportunity of doing it right this time – unlike our late 18th-century American forefathers.

    This is NOT going to occur by trying to save this nation by employing the current ungodly system’s means of doing things. Do you really think voting for anyone on the ticket today is going to fix anything? To do so only reveals our shortsightedness. By unbiblically voting for what they hope is the lesser of two evils, Christians and others are trying to save this present generation while sacrificing the next several generations in the process. Case in point, the last 224 years of voting.

    This battle begins by accepting and teaching the literal truth of Psalm 19:7-11 and identifying our national idol that stands in the way of implementing Yahweh’s commandments, statutes, and judgments – that tragically most pronomians are still promoting. Like Gideon of old, our fathers’ idol must be destroyed before we can implement Yahweh’s law. If every Christian were putting the same effort and resources into this as some do every four years in trying to vote the “better” man into office, we would begin to see our way to some REAL progress in saving this nation from the precipice she now teeters on. I hope you will join the real battle, which has only just begun!

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh’s moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/constitutionsurvey… and receive a free copy of the “Primer” (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

  10. latinos_for_ron_pablo says:

    Note to Neo-Cons including the “Peace Laureate” and current Fed bagman – and Trailer-trash Twins : Afghan mercifully swallows empire. The largess and egesta are over.

    Secularizing and genocide only masquerade as patriotism; and Crony Capitalism that socializes debt – isn’t entrepreneurship.

    Because Chickenhawks only suckle for craven, Communistic power.

    They have a problem. That 800-lb gorilla and elephant in the room isn’t Anne or Michelle’s “back door man”, that’s the next President.

    A world statesman and America’s only statesman in a century of Progressive wh0res and psychopaths; his positions are simple truth. Only the healthcare tragedy is complicated – I think myriad subsidies should be unified under a single healthcare plan during the 5-yr interim it would take to return to a free market. However this is better than Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals not understanding their own speechwriters’ talking points plagiarized from Ron. Think “pro-Life” debaucherer, Bush the Younger – with earpiece – aborting fratboy love-child(ren) and blocking 5,6 state, anti-abortion measures : while murdering the sons of the politically non-connected, and followers of the world’s three, great religions (all Semitic in origin) — some for their oil, all for their industry;
    Shrub and Bolton playing musical chairs with National Guards, doctor-son Cheney on 5 yrs bed rest – Sambo deferred for “close and personal” punjis and point.

    Obviously they only give lip-service to Statesman Paul’s traditional Republican and true Conservative agenda of liberty and prosperity through Free-Market Capitalism [NOT protectionism]; because they’ll never be more than Communist demagogues.

  11. Let's not get angry. Instead, let's publicize the fact that the voting system in the united states is completely rigged. Let's publicize the obvious corruption for what it is and not get "outraged" or "preachy".

    That the government of the federal government of the united states is corrupt beyond measure is a simple fact. Let's stick to the facts and let the people decide.

  12. The Power Hour with Joyce Riley.

  13. Defender says:

    Hey Gary, sir! This is NOT about building a mailing list! It's about WINNING! Call me/us quixotic, I don't care. This is NOT about building a mailing list, sir! Again, this is NOT about building a mailing list! This is about WINNING! You are about to see a slugfest brokered convention, followed by multiple 3rd party runs with Ron Paul at the head of the ticket, and you're going to see a Ultimate Fighting Championship, in political terms between 3 people, one of them Ron Paul, with about a 1/3rd spread between them all. Ron Paul is GOING TO WIN THIS THING and yes, then be cheated out of the whole thing. But The REVOLUTION will then go TRULY VIRAL and VIRAL will no longer be hyperbole when you see what happens, sir! COUNT ON IT. TAKE IT TO Your gold and/or silver stash. and FLUSH the MAILING LIST CRAP TALK!

  14. Come on people…. Ron Paul is not mentioned because he is irrelative, just like he was in 2008. I live in his district in Texas and I like a lot of his views but he is a nut case on others. He would have a snowball's chance in Hell of beating Obummer

  15. Should be "Irrelevant'

  16. I wish Paul were otherwise, but I would have to agree. My "wishing" would never trans-mogrify him into anything truly electable and Presidential. What he DOES show is there are a lot of people who would vote for None of the Above given a chance.

  17. carol ron paul is going to win,everyone i know and i mean everyone i know is voting for ron paul,we the people by me haven,t listened to the media tv/radio/newspapers and any polls in a long long time.we know they are all bought and paid for by the treasonous traders ovomit and his band of treasonous traders.we know ron paul is going to win big time,and any thing the media or polls say.to we the people by me means nothing to us.and the media and polls ignoring ron paul again means nothing to we the people by me.we know whats going on around us everyday.and don,t need any treasonous media to tell us anything.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,ted nugget,pat boone and all american veterans and all american citizens.one nation under god

  18. Dr.Ron Paul 2012 to start to take back Our beloved Country !!!

  19. jim shipley says:

    In the end the election is still just about welfare or warfare.