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Feds Spend $133 Million to save $280,000 a Year (Maybe)

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2012

The U.S. government is spending $133,000,000 to renovate a government office building in Portland, Oregon. It will make the building “green.” It will plant shade trees — 18 stories of shade trees.

The savings are officially estimated to be $280,000 a year.

A critical story in the American Spectator reports that this will take 475 years to pay off. Wrong! The author divided $133,000,000 by $280,000 and got 475. This assumes an interest rate of zero for 475 years.

This boondoggle has been approved by the Government Services Administration.  The excuse:  “The idea is that the cost savings are in the energy efficiency,” says Caren Auchman, a G.S.A. spokeswoman.

This is how our government runs, all the time. It does not matter who is President. It does not matter which party controls Congress. This is standard operating procedure.

They are spending us blind.

There is going to be a Great Default. These economic idiots will finally bust the budget. The voters don’t stop them. Congress does not stop them. But the market will stop them.

When the Great Default hits Main Street, voters will seek revenge. They will listen to anyone who offers pain-free solutions. There are no pain-free solutions.

Crackpots will get a hearing. So will followers of Ron Paul.One thing is clear: millions of Americans who trusted the politicians to do the right thing will be wiped out.

Anyone who thinks that this year’s election will change anything has not noticed that this insanity has been escalating for 80 years. It never changes. It cannot change. The bureaucrats are spending other people’s money.

The article also reports this.

Last week the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on wind power. To the joy of environmentalists everywhere, the department concluded that it is “technically feasible” for windmills to provide between 20 percent and 30 percent of U.S. energy by 2024.

The only hitch is that it will cost $93 billion to expand the power grid to accommodate windmills. That’s only the grid expansion. It doesn’t include building the windmills or making other upgrades.

The benefit? At most, only a 4.5 percent reduction in carbon emissions, which even the New York Times labeled “modest.”

Modest, indeed. The taxpayers are expected to pay for this insanity.

Meanwhile, gasoline is almost $4 a gallon.

If you plan your future on the assumption that there is a pain-free solution, you will be in a heap of pain at some point.

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8 thoughts on “Feds Spend $133 Million to save $280,000 a Year (Maybe)

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Mr. North says the "economic idiots" will finally bust the budget. He is only half right. They will bust it, and they will bust it good, but the part about them being "economic idiots" is wrong. How do I know this? It's not because I have a degree in economics. That only confused me and made me tear my hair out for many years and wonder how these idiots could so assiduously run the economy and the nation into the ground.

    But one fine September day about a decade ago they slapped me in the face and woke me up. Now I understand. It's what they WANT to do. They WANT to run the economy into the ground. They are not economic idiots at all. They are crafty and calculating economic criminals, who have much higher ambitions than just running the country into the ground and grinding the citizens down to starving obedient slaves. Don't believe me? All I can say is watch out for that those 40 million hollow points that DHS is buying, and the drone mounted tasers that are coming. And watch what you say. The president can just shoot you if he thinks you're a terrorist now, you know. That's if he doesn't decide to just throw you in a prison somewhere to rot.

  2. This is a more obscene and sickening waste of our money. We must rid ourselves of these spending morons in our Congress and the WH in November while we still have our liberties!!! Please vote in all your local, state and national elections to remove liberal marxist democrats, RINOs and long-term incumbents who have kept their office for many years on the backs of American citizens. It's time we brought back the traditional values which made our country exceptional!!!

  3. Right you are. Not to mention the 300,000 rounds ordered for the USDA. Yes, the USDA. And it will be delivered to region 3 HQ, which just happens to be in the western US, where the biggest battles for states rights are being fought. Lock and load.

  4. Maybe I'm one of those crazies, OK, I say we fire everyone in the administration and start over. if you have a better idea, say it…
    yeah, we'll have a few screw ups but at least the ideas will be fresh…

  5. A SHOVEL READY job.

  6. sean murry says:

    Doesnt make sense.

  7. Public Citizzen says:

    From my perspective the purported abuses of the old patronage system for staffing government are looking more and more trivial as we plumb the depths of abuse capable under the civil service system.
    Under patronage you at least had a shot at getting rid of the worst incompetents before they did terminal damage to the entire system.

  8. We read stories like this every week and someone has to pay the bill for this idiocy. On January 1, 2013 a bucketload of new taxes will be added and many tax breaks and income tax deductions disappear.

    The Heritage Foundation has charted all the new taxes at their website:

    If he can do this now, what will he do if he gets his "flexibility"? ABO – anyone but Obama 2012.