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How Obama Sucker-Punched Arlen Specter

Written by Gary North on March 16, 2012

Some news stories are a delight. A recent example is ex-Senator Arlen Specter’s public complaint that Obama promised to support him in his bid for re-election in 2010 if he would just vote for Obamacare. Specter voted for it, providing the crucial 60th vote. He then found that he got no support.

To add insult to injury,  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had promised to give him seniority on the Senate Judiciary Committee if he switched parties. He switched. Reid then got amnesia.

First, who cares? Not the voters of Pennsylvania. He lost, 54% to 46%, which in politics is a rout.

Second, Obama is not to be trusted. Who knew?

Third, he lost his bid to be re-elected. So, who cares about his lost seniority?

Fourth, anyone who would sell his vote to Obama deserves just what Specter got.

Specter was a turncoat. He left the Republican Party in 2009. He expected kissy-kissy responses from the Democrats in the Senate. He forgot the first rule of politics as it applies to someone without clout: “You play ball with us, and we’ll smash you in the teeth with the bat.” He was a visible loser in 2009. He was looking for an umbrella in the Democratic Party. The umbrella had holes in it.

Specter laments that Obama and Vice President Biden did not do more to help him in the final days of his primary race against former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), who beat him 54 percent to 46 percent in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary.

Specter writes that Obama turned down a request to campaign with him in the final days of the primary, because the president’s advisers feared he would look weak if he intervened and Specter lost.

It gets even better.

The snub was made all the more painful by Obama flying over Philadelphia en route to New York City a few days before the election and then on primary day jetting over Pittsburgh to visit a factory in Youngstown, Ohio, 22 miles from the Pennsylvania border, to promote the 2009 economic stimulus law. The painful irony for Specter is that his vote for the stimulus legislation, which was instrumental to its passage, hastened his departure from the Republican Party.

Reid stripped him of all seniority. He did it in an underhanded way, which makes the story even more delightful. “Reid stripped Specter of all his seniority by passing a short resolution by unanimous consent in a nearly-empty chamber, burying him at the bottom of the Democrats’ seniority list.”

Specter found out about this is a press release.

Arlen Specter’s whining is not exactly a re-creation of Jimmy Stewart’s role in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

So, the next time you read about the latest discovery about the fine print in Obamacare, think: “Thanks, Arlen. I hope you are enjoying your retirement.”


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40 thoughts on “How Obama Sucker-Punched Arlen Specter

  1. Hey! You wanna Dance with the devil! You get what you deserve…..LOL

  2. Victor Barney says:

    Ex-Senator Arlen Specter, YOU DESERVED IT! p.s. You're personal hell still awaits you when the Hebrew-inspired set-apart Scriptures prophecies come to be! WATCH, especially starting this coming September 16, 2012 on the Annual Israelite Feast of Trumpets(war)! when Revelation's chapter 11's two-witnesses first appear to destroy u.s.! Only 144,000 Israelites will survive them, less the tribe og Dan(Irish) as written! It also is written that more gentiles survive that Israelites! How many more? That remains to be seen! Again, September 16, 2012 is the Hebrew FEAST OF TRUMPETS(WAR)! WATCH!

  3. Victor, Victor, Victor, never try to predict God. He will prove you wrong time and time again. WHEN it's is time, God will let us know. We just need to be prepared today, for tomorrow.

  4. jim28threg. says:

    Doesn't Specter a kind of evacuation port on the body?? Something along that there line.

  5. Fritz329th says:

    This just goes to show you, " there is no honor among thief's", and that is on both sides of the fence.

  6. EHeassler, USN Ret. says:

    As they say, lie with dogs, expect fleas. Goodbye Arlen, you rat dastard , hahahahahaha. Doesn't justice just suck sometimes?! Hahahahaha. More seriously, this really shows what a double-dealing creep that Harry Reid is. It doesn't speak well of our Senate that it would elect to have a person of such low character and morals to its highest position of "leadership". Reid has been the most destructive Speaker of my lifetime and personifies the poisoned atmosphere within Congress that is instilled by our current administration.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    I had two thoughts immediately – It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy – and, who knew you couldn't trust Obama.

  8. coolhand_1947 says:

    Laugh at Specter all you want and say he got what he deserved. SO WHAT, the truth is the no good bastard was a deciding vote for Obama Care. While Specter is retired with his pension and healthcare being paid for by you and me, we are the one who have to live under Obama Care. Remember he is exempt from it and his retirement is almost what it was when he was a Senator. He lost very little or nothing, while we lost our Freedom and Liberty.

  9. Navy Vet says:

    Hey Arlen. What do you expect when you jump in bed with the devil. Hitler said that he would never invade Poland. We all know how that turned out. When you cast the deciding vote in favor of Obama care, lost your re-election bid at that very moment. You have no right to complain about your "dumb ass" decision now because citizens in your state tried to warn you beforehand. You paid no attention to theeople who had put you in that office for so many years. Stupidity is not a trait that common sense voters
    Ike to see in a candidate. So long SUCKER.

  10. Arlen Specter was a useful idiot!

  11. SEAN MURRY says:

    that is what happens when you deal with crooks.

  12. Specter got what he deserved, and so did Stupak. Stupak was STUPID enough to accept a letter saying that abortion wouldn't be in the bill. If ANY of the morons in congress would have READ the bill could see that there was way more going on than just healthcare. Ohio congressman Kucinich got to ride in AF1, and since that is all he wanted in order to betray his country, he's happy.

  13. Specter was an obnoxious tool whose only belief was that he should be in office. Oh, and abortion. He did believe in that. The only downside is that he'll probably remain in Washington DC and hire out as a "consultant" or "lobbyist" and rake in big bucks.

  14. Erik Osbun says:

    Lesson: never believe Obama, because he is a liar.

  15. Arlene Spector should look up VI Lenin's term, useful idiot. The flea baggers in the OWS will also be kicked to the curb after they are used by Soros and Axelrod to usher in facism and death.

    Anyone remember the Philadelphia lawyer, Arlene Spector? He has a history of prostituting himself for 30 pieces of silver!

    When Ira Einhorn (a founder of EARTH DAY) murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her into a piece of luggage, it was the Philly sleaze-steak lawyer, Arlene Spector, who got the judge to lower Einhorn's bail. Good ole Einhorn fled to Europe for decades, lived well in France. Only recently was justice served, and the commie dirtbag Ira was extradited back and prosecuted for MURDER.

  16. Coolhand…I couldn't agree more.
    We laugh because Obama "got somebody we don't like," but he's also "getting" millions we do like. I believe there's somewhere in the Bible that talks about when the final days are beginning….there will be those who are "blind" to the evil. We have evil and we have a whole congress who is blind…and they represent us and there's not much we can do to make them see. We just need to pray, get involved, be seen involved, and be prepared for our own and our family's survival. It's not gonna be pretty. Checked your electric bill lately????? Obama said it would "necessarily sky-rocket." It's in the first orbit with many to go.

  17. Actually, Specter lost what he most desired: the power and privilege which goes with being a senator of considerable seniority. He'd made his pile long ago, as do most politicians after years of "selfless public service." But he still greatly enjoyed the deference his position demanded; it is his removal from all of this which rankles him the most and which, to me, adds to the sweetness of his defeat and permanent removal from office.

  18. Bruce D. says:

    I personally believe Obama is a pathological liar as most democrats are the farther left they go. The most recent example is the fabricated war on woman. However Obama did what most would do to someone like Specter who sells out to the other side in a time of war no matter how distasteful it sounds – use what he has to offer to keep from losing the war and then discard him before he has the chance to do the same to you. Everyone knows traitors cannot be trusted and politics is a war with disastrous results for the losers. Peoples can have a change of heart and change their viewpoint but this was clearly not the case with Specter. He embarrassed both the himself and the the human race in general for being a part of it by his actions.

  19. Glenn Beck is gonna love this one… HAHAHA …
    Just another piece of crap that got flushed down the toilet! Good riddance to Specter. Good riddance to this admin come November!

  20. AD Roberts says:

    Victor is just another arrogant full-of-self self-righteous wind bag. But you will notice that just like so many who have started their own denominations, he is convinced that he is RIGHT and everyone else is wrong.

    My own approach to prophesy is to read it and do my best to understand what it says to me. And then keep it to myself. Just like Victor, I am not the authority.

  21. AD Roberts says:

    Remember what happened in Romania. Chechesku(SP) did not even make it to trial.

  22. AD Roberts says:

    Sorry. I don't understand. USEFUL TO WHO?

  23. Arlen, The fact that you would sell out your integrity for Obama shows what kind of scum your are. I can see why you lost the election. Did you ever consider that your constituents did not want Obamacare?

  24. Useful to Obama!

  25. Dave Langdon says:

    Hence a greater call for term limits. This turncoat should be begging on the streets instead of getting retirement

  26. Baker1036 says:

    Obummer lie??? Noooooooooo!!! Say it ain't so!
    (only if his mouth is moving!!!!) LMAO

  27. DenofYork says:

    Here is another ironic morsel to add to this story… according to Wikipedia:

    "Spectre or specter usually refers to a ghost or other apparition. It may also refer to an optical illusion called a brocken spectre."

    His turncoat action pretty much made him disappear into thin air! BUT, we should remember this whenever anyone changes parties for their own political advantage, let us say he "pulled a Specter". That'll be his legacy.

  28. I believe Kucinich was told the end game is government health care which is what he wanted. But imagine his reaction if he had gotten a balloon and lollipop too!

  29. Obama lied……again. What a (yawn) surprise. Specter sold out the American public for his own political career and definately got what he deserved. He also deserves to be tarred and feathered for betraying his voters. Everyone who sees him on the street ought to go up to him and kick his butt for being a turncoat.

  30. Iftruthbeknown says:

    What a surprise…Obama lied. Alert the press…. Who knew! Everyone who sees Specter on the street ought to walk up to him and kick his a$$ for being a turncoat and a traitor. He ought to be spit upon.

  31. Snake Harris says:

    Anyone that trust Obama is an Idiot and I'm sad to say that there are millions of them and my brother is one of them. He is a die hard in the wool and nobody can change that. We had a history teacher – Trixie I. Johnson who was 100% democrat and she tried to "brain wash" all of her students, but she didn't "brain wash" me that I'm proud to say.

    Snake Harris in Virginia

  32. William H. Robinson says:

    He had been in the Senate long enough to know he was dealing with a Marxist and now he can stew in his own juice.

  33. Just for a short time.

  34. Hey Arlen, while I was glad to see you go, don't you realize HE LIES!!!!!!! Ask the Congressman who spelled that out at the State of the Union Speech!

  35. Vote O OUT says:

    Arlen Specter as a Republican was a anti second amendment senator who needed to go anyway unknowingly Obama and Reid did the Republicans a favor by getting rid of this idiot who wanted to sell his vote to the highest bidder, only the moron didn't realize he held no cards to play after the deals were done. This is the very reason I count myself as an Independent Specter was the very definition of a RINO back in his Republican days. There are to many of these RINO's in government right now who compromise anything even the Constitution to get in and stay in office just so they can lie cheat and steel their way to the top, of course we all know that the ship has sailed on the Liberal Democratic party long ago on that one. They see our Constitution as an impediment to everything they hold dear money and power. It's all about money and power, who can pay who off the most or give the most favors this is why your second amendment rights are so crucial. If they can't take our guns away then ultimately when it comes down to that final betrayal WE THE PEOPLE will have to defend ourselves and our Constitution with our guns and our lives if need be.

  36. Also You crazy person spector, its not just about health care! The EVIL ones have added other bills in the quest to hid these from WE the PEOPLE! How will taxing folks when they sell their homes help our health? And it gos up each year there after. 1% the first year, Do the math. We senior citizens cannot afford this. The higher the selling price,,,,,,,,, you get the picture. This is just 1 of many the evils have added to the so called obamacare. REPEAL every sneaky bit of this farce. As long as BO created it it is BAD for all of us.

  37. William 1 says:

    How can you tell whet this president is lying? Every time he opens his mouth!

  38. Hey, Karma 's a bitch, isn't it? You got a payback here on earth where we all could enjoy it and you still have to answer to our MAKER!

  39. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    I smile every time I read this, and I hope other republicans or democrats
    realize that comrad traitor obama, will do the same thing to them once he is reelected. LOL