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“Stand Your Ground” Gun Laws and Liberty

Written by Gary North on March 15, 2012

Laws that allow people to use guns to defend themselves are called stand your ground laws. They overturn the threat of prosecution based on “flight, if possible” laws. These laws are spreading. A majority of male voters want them. Gun control advocates resist them.

Iowa is considering such legislation. One opponent is Rev. Jayne. He wrote this letter to the local Des Moines Register.

It is clear that current gun laws are what helped Jay Lewis in his unfortunate altercation with two men in October where he found it necessary to use his weapon to defend himself. The jury declared him innocent after hearing the 911 tape. The law said Lewis was right. . . .

It is my contention that if House File 2215 had been in effect, with its inherent encouragement of carrying to protect yourself on a “shoot first, ask questions later” basis, the other individuals in the altercation might also very well have been armed, resulting in a real shoot-out.

Lewis was carrying and gave fair warning that he was going to defend himself. There are plenty of hotheads or persons affected by drinking (as the others were in this instance, it seems) who could escalate similar situations into real gun battles or massacres.

We employ law enforcement to protect the public and that should be our thrust. Provide them what they need to protect us. “Stand your ground” legislation is not the answer.

He worries about massacres. I don’t. I worry about thugs who are armed and who threaten my life. I worry that I may not have time to call the police. I worry about a 20-minute delay after the call. Most of all, I worry about a police state that disarms the law-abiding population.

He writes: “Provide them what they need to protect us.” We know where this concept leads: to a police state.

Freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment. Liberals defend this. Freedom of carrying weapons is defended by the second amendment. Liberals do whatever they can to keep this from being enforced by the courts.

The second amendment supports the first amendment, not because it foments revolution, but because it reduces the voters’ call to provide the police with what they need to protect us when we are unarmed. When people are unwilling or unable by law to defend themselves, they will call for ever-stronger police forces.

An armed citizenry is a citizenry that is not easily pushed around by thugs. That attitude and that ability is political protection against voters who are so fearful that they consent to a police state.

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29 thoughts on ““Stand Your Ground” Gun Laws and Liberty

  1. jettthemesh says:

    The Left treats our Constitution as if it were a menu, where they pick and choose which admendments they like, and they re-vile the rest. What a bunch of frauds!

  2. William 1 says:

    Hers another idiot-how long would it take Law enforcement to get to the mentioned situation? you IDIOT HE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED OR WHAT HE WORKED FOR STOLEN are you gonna reimburse him using your ridiculous concept? And if he is murdered what then are you and your idiodicy gonna do-put the guy in jail and feed him for the rest of his life thus rewarding him-you're an idiot and not a Rev!

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    i would stand my ground.Todays real men are over 50.

  4. Mr.M. Koczab says:

    Time to vote all these incumbent Politicians out of office for good.Get rid of all anti American Democrats for ever more.

  5. In conceal and carry states the bad guys have no idea who is carrying or not. Consequectly crime is at its lowest in these states. Most crime in these areas are with "bad guys on bad guys" or unfortunately family related. Good ridance to the first….the real danger the cops most face are "family disturbance" calls. Th perp in these cases will get a gun regardless

  6. not only do they pick and choose which amendment they want to enforce they even pick and choose how much of each amendment they want to enforce ie the first they want no established religion but they don't want "they shall pass no laws forbidding religion

  7. I, personally, do not have a gun, however, have been half-way considering. Would rather, tho', have a rifle is it didn't have such a kick. Guess for the present, will have to rely on a few other defense methods and there are some which are very effective.

  8. Glop, consider a 10 gauge or 410 shotgun. Not much kick and all the benefits of a shotgun.

  9. deathtononbelievers says:

    one can only hope that rev. jayne is set upon by armed thugs. while rev jayne asks the thugs to wait for the police while he dials 911, the thugs slash and shoot him and his family apart. i guess rev jane was right, calling and waiting for the police to arrive did prevent a massacre.
    our laws shd demand every citizen carry a loaded weapon at all times, the only exception would be to convicted felons.

  10. Bill McCroskey says:

    When guns are outlawed….only outlaws will have guns. One of the most effective slogans ever coined. Florida has a VERY good stand your ground law and as a earlier poster mentioned most gun violence here is gangster on gangster or drug related. As a burglar in Florida….your career will be short lived.

  11. David in MA says:

    You ever shoot a 10 gauge?

  12. David in MA says:

    When I read an article like this I remember this:
    "Seconds count when the police are minutes away"

    AND, I have read in the past that the SCOTUS has
    made a decision that police DO NOT have to protect you!
    (anybody know for sure?)

  13. Your DIGG button is not working. Please fix !

  14. wolfe probably meant a 20 gauge. I have one I can fire like a pistol. not much worse than shooting a .38 special.

  15. ummm, I really hope you didn't mean that you cheer when a policeman gets killed

  16. Well, my Dad used to work at a state hospital and took us with him occasionally. Let me tell you, none were felons but I would NOT want to see any of them carrying a firearm and I'm all for and armed citizenry having a concealed carry permit myself.

  17. charles Smith says:

    I am so glad you can log in as a guest and give your comment. I think with moderators on some sites I know you will not get to express your true opinion or they will censor all but love notes to the ones you are directing your comments to. They are a poor example of free speech and I wonder who sponsers them, mayb Soros.

  18. Ineptocracy

    (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    I love this word and believe that it will become a recognized English word. Finally, a word to describe our current political situation.

  19. Police are an after thought, in other words they are in a way a prevention which is very weak when seconds do count, you cant get to a phone, you are cornered and about to pay with your life, no one wants to get involved. the are there to take a report as the watch the EMS load your body into the meat wagon to be cut open to say, "Oh, he was shot in the head when he was robbed in his own house, just like the rest of his family was." they are a show of force which is poorly trained in many cities, they are to young, does not respect our constitution, and are trigger happy. i know i was a cop and seen to many things like this.

  20. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Anti-gun vocalist’s seem to forget that the Federal Court System has ruled several times that your local Law Enforcement Officers cannot protect you 24/7 and don’t have to. There is no way that an Officer on the North side of your City can get to you in time, when you need protection, if you live on the South side of the City. The Police Forces of Cities, Counties, Burroughs, Parrish’s, or what ever, DO NOT have enough People to protect everybody, if they are ever needed. You know when this happens that it is time for you, as your own protector, to be carrying conceald or be one hell of a Martial Arts Expert. Remember fist’s and feet are no match for a speeding bullet. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  21. Rev. Carlos Jayne is a former Methodist minister, a liberal, bleeding heart whacko that is at the center of every anti-America demonstration, especailly anti-military and is first in line for arrest. He contends in his letter if stand your ground was in effect, those who accosted Mr. Lewis might have been armed. One was already a convicted felon so in Rev. (sorry he is not deserving of that title), in Whacko Jayne's world view, he would not possess a weapon anyway since criminals always obey the law.

  22. montevideoedificio says:

    Before I moved to South America I lived in Billings, Montana. I could walk down dark alleys after dark to the Merrill-Lynch building downtown and sit on their outside bench and eat cherries off of their trees (planted for esthetics–at least they planted bearing fruit trees!!!) No fears ever of anyone bothering us–and no one did! Almost everyone in Montana is armed in one way or another. Their car–their house–they may or may not be carrying, but you just never know. Wonderful place to live..

  23. DavidUSAF says:

    I live in the Southeastern plains of Colorado. Fortunately, we don't have a high crime rate. It has nothing to do with law enforcement. If you call 911, the average response time is 45 minutes. Almost everybody in the area has a gun. Nobody wants to commit a violent crime around here because they wouldn't get far. If you ask our local law enforcement (The Prowers County Security Guards) they will tell you that Colorado doesn't have the Make My Day Law. They tend to not enforce existing laws, but will make up there own.

  24. jerry1944 says:

    The rancher need some kind of law in arizona and parts of texas so the can stop illgal and keep them off there land. I dont plan on giveing up my guns They mostly for hunting and skeet and target shooting but you have to stay in pratice We need more gun freedom

  25. msgttbar says:

    When an atheist anti gun person hears the sound of glass breaking at 2 AM, they do two things: Call 911 to send someone with a gun and pray to God that they arrive in time to help.

  26. Libtards refuse to admit that for criminals, firearms are a tool of their trade. Since their entire trade is illegal, why do they care if their purchase of one is illegal? If the stinkin' gummint outlawed wrenches, mechanics would still own wrenches, cause they're a tool of the mechanics' trade. So outlawing or restricting legal ownership of gums is nothing but an unconstitutional victim disarmament program. It has NOTHING to do with "protecting" other citizens. It's all about protecting the tyrannical gummint from the people.

  27. SEVERAL courts have ruled exactly that way, Dave. The reason they found that way is to avoid lawsuits for not getting there in time and/or failing to save a victim's life. Cops exist to protect the gumming from it's citizens. If they happen to prevent or solve crimes, that's just to kill time.

  28. madmemere says:

    Obviously, Rev. Jayne has never had to "defend himself" – -someone needs to let him know, if we "wait" for the police to "protect us", we'll be "dead" before they arrive on the scene.

  29. madmemere says:

    Ken-Would that be "shovel"?? Sorry, couldn't resist – -please, "what" is a DIGG button?? I'm electronically "inept" and just don't know all the language!