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Obama’s Budget: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Written by Gary North on February 14, 2012

The Obama Administration’s proposed $3.8 trillion spending plan for fiscal 2013 is about the same was it was in 2012.

The Associated Press has released a summary of this budget. From the looks of it, there will be substantial cuts in the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Justice. There will be a small cut in the Department of Defense.

There will be a major increase only in the Department of Energy.

But the budget is slightly larger than in 2012. Yet the AP article announces huge cuts in several departments.  In short, the AP article’s numbers do not add up. The article offers no explanation for this obvious discrepancy: high cuts, few large increases, and no change in the spending.

If the problem the AP or the government’s summary? We don’t know yet. What we do know is this: anyone who believes these numbers is confused.

Agriculture: $154.7 billion. Up 4.8%

Commerce: $9.2 billion. Up 15.6%

Defense: $677.7 billion. Down 4%.

Education: $55.7 billion. Down 52%.

Energy: $32.3 billion. Up 41%.

Environmental Protection Agency: $8.1 billion. Down 2.1%.

Health and Human Services. $921.6 billion, Up 3.7%.

Homeland Security: $45.1 billion. Down 5.4%.

Housing and Urban Development: $44 billion. Down 21.3%.

Interior: $11.4 billion. Down 2.1%.

Justice: $30 billion. Down 15.3%

Labor: $89 billion. Down 35.7%.

NASA: $17.7 billion. Down 0.3%

State: $69 billion. Up 13.8%.

Transportation: $74.3 billion. Down 39.4%.

Treasury: $519.5 billion. Down 0.8%.

Veterans Affairs: $137.4 billion. Up 10.6%.

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4 thoughts on “Obama’s Budget: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

  1. They spend what they want to spend.. Their surfs can't count.

  2. Co-opted Confederate says:

    But No one knows or will say where or in whos hands all that money will endup ANd That folks is what should be the marrow of our bone of contention and cause or investigations on a daily basis. What will be done and what is actually done with every nickle and dime should be broadcast daily on CSPAN. now thats "transparency: at its best.

  3. Our government should be run as a business but it is not. Any business that was run like our government would not last long. Any CEO that would turn a budget like Obama turn in would be fired immediately. To bad we have wait until November.

  4. Anyone seriously believe there will be deep cuts in Fed (deficit) spending ? It has never been enough for decades.
    Conservative hawks have gone mostly silent or quietly "go along" with the liberals. It is sickening to watch.