How Costco Avoided the Fiscal Cliff

Written by Gary North on December 3, 2012

The tax rate on dividends will triple on January 1. It pays to pay out dividends this year. Costco’s Board of Directors decided to pay over $3 million in dividends this year. To pay for this, the company will borrow the money. At today’s low interest rates, that is a savvy move. The Wall Street […]

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NATO Summit in Chicago: Forced Relocation Plans for Locals

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2012

There is a NATO summit scheduled for Chicago later this month. As a precaution, the city is planning to re-locate downtown residents to secret shelters outside in Wisconsin, where they will be safe from demonstrators. This plan came to light only when a local TV station found out. Residents of Chicago were not supposed to […]

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