Exodus Out of Tax-Funded Schools in Major Cities

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2012

Parents are pulling their children out of the government schools. This is happening across the USA. In city after city, enrollment is declining. This is not a recent development. It has been going on for a half a decade. It has taken place in half of the nation’s largest districts. The trend looks irreversible. As […]

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Why Ron Paul Should NOT Run as a Third Party Candidate

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

National politics is a loser’s game today, unless he is building a mailing list for post-election uses. Ron Paul is building such a list. Third party politics in a non-parliamentary system is the leprechaun’s lure of gold at the end of the rainbow. Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 was the last serious candidate to run on […]

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